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Found 24 results

  1. Hi All, I am looking at replacing the original set of keys that came with my K68 RGB with the CH-9000235-WW PBT Double-Shot Keycaps, but am not sure if these are compatible as the K68 has the extra rubber protection on each of the keys... I've had a look on here and also Amazon, but not seen a definitive yes or no.
  2. I have no "Power Management" tab for this keyboard in "Device Manager>Keyboards>...". Therefore my keyboard does not wake my computer from sleep. Is this right?
  3. I have a K68 RGB keyboard and after updating iCUE to the latest version I noticed all lighting effects lag or stutter while running any game. It doesn't happen while I'm on the desktop just in games.
  4. Hi there, I'm about to buy a K68 keyboard and I wanted to have the option of changing my switches in the future. I'm aware that it might require soldering and that it might void my warranty. I found this teardown: https://www.techpowerup.com/review/corsair-k68/4.html I just wanted to know whether this teardown is also true for the K68 RGB? If so, I can see that the rubber protection can just be removed in order to get access to the switches, or am I missing something? Can someone help me understand this? Thanks in advance!
  5. I was looking at reviews of the corsair PBT keycaps for my K68 and noticed one of them said it isn't compatible with the k68. Could someone from corsair clarify whether they are compatible or not as there is nothing on the page specifying which keyboards the PBT keycaps work on.
  6. The title pretty much says it all :( Been loving my K68 for the past year but then one day the RGB lighting just stopped working and i can't figure out why or how to fix it :(
  7. I got a K68 Keyboard yesterday. The lightning works but I can't type anything on it. I've tried diff USB ports and another computer but it dosen't work. I've also tired to soft restart it with no luck. HELP!
  8. I am having an issue when I boot my computer that iCue starts but fails to recognize my keyboard (K68). if i reach around back, unplug and plug the USB for it it will immediately recognize it, and load my profile. I have the most up to date Firmware and Software. It used to only do it occasionally, but as of late, its been every boot. I also had an issue where the profile I created would actually freeze my computer every now and then. I had it set so if the keyboard was idle for 15 seconds, the LEDs would fade out, and would come back on if a key was pressed. Changing it back to on all the time solved the freezing issue.. Keyboard works fine otherwise.. And I have totally uninstalled and reinstalled iCue Thanks in advance -Iggy
  9. My problem occurred when I turned on the computer, my keyboard is corsair k68 cherry red. It still shows LEDs but is completely unusable. It also cannot be detected on iCUE. I tried reinstalling Windows computer but the result is still the same. someone please help me ... Please...
  10. This issue only occurs when I have ICUE open and running. My keyboard functions 100% as it should when the program is closed. I'm on version 3.22.74, which was released a week ago. I've tried cleaning it, giving it a reset, changing my polling rate to all the available options, unplugging it and plugging into different ports, updating drivers, disabling macros, and I'm at the end of my rope here. I really don't want to download 3rd party software, or switch to an older version of ICUE to fix this issue.
  11. So I got the k68 and started using it just fine, but after a while it just stopped working. When I restart my PC, it says keyboard not detected, yet my keyboard is connected and the lights are lit. It started to wave flash. I don't know what that means, but can anyone help me with this.
  12. Hello, I am unable to save my profile with only static lighting to my K68. When I click the save to hardware button, it does nothing. I have tried reinstalling iCue and the keyboard's firmware. I checked if it saved by cycling through the static presets, but cannot find the profile.
  13. hello guys, I would like to ask something with regard to the K68 keyboard and its macro function. My purpose is create a macro to get one single action repeated constantly. I've kind of got it already but I dont know how to stop the action :) This action is meant to work with a game and if I enable chat in game it wont allow me to write since I just get the key I binded to the function, that's why I need to stop action before writting anything. Hope it's clear enough, Thank you so much in advance for you help. Greetings
  14. I bought my only red rgb k68 keyboard 2-3 months ago. Today keyboard just wasnt working and i cue app was saying please connect a device. I didnt do anything last night and i dont know why my keyboard stopped working all of a sudden. RGB is working but its weird. It has a wavy effect for like 10 - 15 seconds then turns full on then turns back to wavy rgb again. Its so weird what happend to my keyboard i cant support ticket because Turkey is not in country options for some reaason. Can someone please help i want my keyboard back :(
  15. Hi all! I bought a K68 RGB two days ago and right off the bat gave me some issues getting it to work but then after trying few things it worked for like an hour or two. Suddenly it froze.. keys weren’t registering but lights were on and device was not found in the Cue software. I again tried a bunch of stuff and somehow got it to work. Fast forward to today I turned on the pc loaded up a game everything was fine and mid game it froze again lights on and non responsive keys. I tried everything again but this time I had no luck... I then tried forcing firmware update and poof there was an error and since then my keyboard can’t be found on CUE... Any ideas?
  16. I recieved my k68 brand new a few days ago, since the first day i noticed quite a few issues. Mainly the fact that the keyboard does not turn on when my computer is turned on. The keyboard also stops working after a random amount of time, until re plug i into the usb port. I've tried evereything i could think of to fix it, i updated all my drivers, reset the keyboard, forced a firmware update, reinstalled icue(seemed odd but support sugested it lol), but to no avail. I found a few forum threads on the same issue but none gave a sollution. I tested the keyboard on several pc's with USB 3.0, but with the same outcome. Does anyone know why this happens and how to fix it? it really bums me out because its such a nice keyboard.
  17. Please help me! My keyboard doesn't work and when i plug it into the pc it gives me a file called "crd disabld" and even icue can't find the keyboard. I need help
  18. I've recently came home to my keyboard not responding to any input. When plugged in it will stay in a solid colour state then switch to a wave like effect and back to a solid on loop. Before I left, all was fine. Nothing has been spilled on, it hasn't been damaged, I haven't had any updates for my PC or iCUE. And iCUE nor my PC recognize or see the keyboard anymore either. I've tried reinstalling the drivers and iCUE but sadly nothing. Any help would be hugely appreciated.
  19. I don't know how to describe the sound, but I think it's crisp? Spacebar Is it normal for this keyboard?
  20. k68 rgb does not work. Instead, a storage device called CRP DISABLD appears, a file named firmware.bin New firmware is required to resolve this. I want a way to get into the k68 rgb firmware. I bought a keyboard in Vietnam :sigh!: I contacted a corsair center in Vietnam but they said they could not help me although I still have a warranty. Please help me, Model: RGP0055 P/n: CH-9102011-NA S/N: 025017474319
  21. Hallo, ich habe mir vor kurzem die Corsair K68 RGB gekauft und bin seh zufrieden, aber irgendwie verstehe ich das mit der Software nicht so richtig. Ich habe in der Software die LED Beleuchtung so angepasst wie ich es gerne hätte. Aber wenn ich den PC hochfahre, leuchtet die Tastatur erst in Regenbogenfarben, also genau so wie beim ersten Anschließen der Tastatur, und erst später so wie ich es eingestellt habe im Profil. Und wenn ich den PC herunterfahre leuchtet es auch wieder in Regenbogenfarben und geht dann erst aus. Woran liegt das und ist das normal ?
  22. I like silent keyboards and i just bought a K68 after read some reviews about that, I have just a doubt, is possible to put o rings on it? I notice the rubber band looks pretty tight and I never tried this before, if someone can relate It be awesome, thank you everyone
  23. Howdy, I have a K68 keyboard that doesn't work for my Dell thin client for work. When I plug it in the thin client sees inputs as odd letters an numbers for the wrong keys, and some keys do not work at all. All other keyboards I have connected to this thin client including my K63 Wireless works with the thin client, but my K68 does not. I started a support ticket an was immediately presented with let's RMA the keyboard. I imagine it is an issue with the firmware or possibly the thin client but hey who knows. Figured I ask if anyone else has experienced this before I go through the RMA. ATM I am using a crappy Logitech keyboard from best buy for work, then switch to the K68 if I'm gaming at my desk, then K63 if I'm on the couch, wish I could put this logitech keyboard in the trash where it belongs and use the K68 for work an play with my KVM switch. :sigh!: Thanks, Sparky
  24. I don't know if this is easily possible, but i would want to remove the 'water/dust resistant' rubber thing, for reasons like custom keycaps, they feel stiff like o-rings that i dislike. I got this idea when i was cleaning my kb and the rubber protector could feel like easy to remove. By the way the LShift's rubber start to rip easily.
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