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  1. Hi All, I am looking at replacing the original set of keys that came with my K68 RGB with the CH-9000235-WW PBT Double-Shot Keycaps, but am not sure if these are compatible as the K68 has the extra rubber protection on each of the keys... I've had a look on here and also Amazon, but not seen a definitive yes or no.
  2. i can't figure out how to delete my post
  3. Has anyone else had an issue with the packaging design of the K68? Just bought my first one, took it out the box and the wire is bulging and white near the top?! Anyone else had any experiences of this before and should I be worried? :confused:
  4. Hello, I have been using the Corsair K68 keyboard for almost a year now. I hardly use any other lightning profile except "Color Wave". Since, the iCUE software uses almost 200-300MBs of my system RAM and the startup is a bit slower because of this. So, I was thinking of uninstalling the software. (I am using a laptop) Few thing I want to mention: 1. Everytime I want restart without iCUE it loads the default rainbow color-profile. I have tried "Save static lightning and performance to device" but it doesn't load it for some reason without the iCUE. 2. I have tried reseting my keyboard, (hard reset, holding down the ESC key-unplugging and replug). It still didn't solve the issue. To add, I am using the latest version of the iCUE. Help I need: I am asking if there is anyway to save the lightning-profile into the device so that I don't need the iCUE software?
  5. Hello! Can i change my default profile on k68 from the spiral rainbow to something else ie plain white? I realy hate to see it every time when i boot up my computer or log out.
  6. as title says, number row isnt working tried out hard/soft reset flashing eeprom old drivers, no marcos set befor i used old drivers 1-7 changed the colours of the keyboard so no broken pcb either help plzzz im out of ideas EDIT: when pressing a number exactly at the same time together with FN it works, it doesnt when pressed after or FN first
  7. I only got this recently but whenever i plug in my keyboard I get an error message saying "CRP disabled" if someone can send me an updated firmware file that would help alot. :D:
  8. Hi Today I received my K68 RGB keyboard, when I received it i tried it on several computers/laptops, everything working fine using the predefined modes, (one of the computers i plugged the keyboard to, has Linux), I downloaded the icue software and started playing with effect/learning them, after a while I tried to connect it back to the Linux computer and hoping to use the predefined modes, and the leds are only on static red, I tried the combinations for the predefined modes, (fn + 1 -0) but the keys wont change and stayed static red, I also tried to do a reset by pressing fn + F4 keys for 5 seconds as the guide says, but wont do anything, it stays red, then when I plug the keyboard back to the device that has Icue, the leds show for a few seconds and then they change to the last profile I got selected, (also tried to do the key combinations in the computer with the cue software and it doesnt change to a predefined mode nor the reset), I dont know if the problem was trying to use the keyboard on a pc with Linux, I just wanted to use the predefined modes when i use Linux, also im confused about the moidel I received, as far as I know the K68 rgb comes with red or blue switches, mine came with cherry speed, the silver ones, I bought it from Amazon México, im guessing it´s a rapidfire version? the box wont say if it is a rapidfire, the sticker for the mx swtiches on the box shows Mx speed, same I got, just confused because the dust and spill resistance "ad/section" shows mx reds. I was actually hoping for blue switches, the description in amazon was weird, it had on the description: "rapídfire" and then "mx blues", prior to this I look at the K68 on Corsairs official website and it showed that the options are blues and reds. Has anyone experienced this issue before? Sorry for the long message.
  9. Hi there, I'm about to buy a K68 keyboard and I wanted to have the option of changing my switches in the future. I'm aware that it might require soldering and that it might void my warranty. I found this teardown: https://www.techpowerup.com/review/corsair-k68/4.html I just wanted to know whether this teardown is also true for the K68 RGB? If so, I can see that the rubber protection can just be removed in order to get access to the switches, or am I missing something? Can someone help me understand this? Thanks in advance!
  10. Compre el teclado corsair k68 rbg y al conectarlo al PC todo bien, pero cuando instale el iCUE la tecla FN + las opciones de iluminación del 1 al 0 dejaron de funcionar. Como puedo volver a activar el fn + 1, fn +2 ... ETC Gracias
  11. Greetings everyone! I bought a K68 RGB keyboard a few months back (July 2019 to be exact), and after a few months of normal usage, different keys began to register multiple times and occasionally missing inputs. For example, my "S" key will input 3 times in 1 press, or it may not even input at all. This gets in the way of gaming and writing online for my classes. Do you think it'd be possible to get an RMA for this? I've tried using those anti-key chattering programs, but it doesn't work too well for me, especially when gaming. Thanks, everyone in advance. Really hope I can solve this issue.
  12. Hi, I am currently experiencing a lighting problem with my Corsair K68 RGB keyboard. So I'm running on the default lighting profile (Spiral Rainbow), and when I start up my PC, the RGB works fine, but after a while, maybe 30 minutes or 1 hour, the green color and any other color related to it (yellow, orange...) just stop working, and I'm left with red, blue, and purple. If I turn off the computer or unplug the keyboard and let it "rest" for a couple of hours, then plug in again, the lights continue to work normally, again for a while, before the problem kicks in again. The longer I let it rest, the longer the keyboard works properly before encountering the problem. Here is a video of how when the keyboard works as it should: And here is another video of when the problem starts occuring: I've tried upgrading iCUE and the keyboard's firmware to the latest version, making a brand new profile and add the lighting effects in, performing a "soft" reset by holding the ESC key while unplugging and replugging the keyboard, but nothing seems to fix the issue. I'd appreciate any advice. Thank you all very much for reading.
  13. Heya, so a few days ago my k68 stopped lighting for some reason and I checked to see if everything was up to date and it was. I tried switching the usb ports its in but still to no avail. it only lights up when I start up my pc and plug it back in but for a second. If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  14. I was looking at reviews of the corsair PBT keycaps for my K68 and noticed one of them said it isn't compatible with the k68. Could someone from corsair clarify whether they are compatible or not as there is nothing on the page specifying which keyboards the PBT keycaps work on.
  15. I been trying to get my RMA processed but after providing all the info, I have not got any updates from corsair, even though I sent them the amazon invoice, picture of the back of the keyboard and confirmation of both my address and phone number. I have no idea if corsair even has read these as I been trying to get a advancded RMA since last thrusday.
  16. I got a K68 Keyboard yesterday. The lightning works but I can't type anything on it. I've tried diff USB ports and another computer but it dosen't work. I've also tired to soft restart it with no luck. HELP!
  17. Hi, Just got a new K68 Keyboard and the keyboard may not be detected when the computer startups. If I unplug and plug it back into the USB port on my motherboard it will light up and work properly. Any reason it can't be detected all the time when the computer startups? I have upgrades all the Corsair software that I can find on their site, not sure why this is happening? Thanks, turks1966 :)
  18. I've had the keyboard plugged in and working for 3 days, I set the lights to color cycle on the first day and today the two buttons next to the volume control, Brightness and Windows Key Lock started flashing. If I press one to toggle the control they flash out of synch for a while and then eventually synch up. Is there anything in CUE I should be changing? As far as I'm aware the K68 doesn't have a BIOS/Macro Use switch to toggle.
  19. when ever i press the esc, or the Fkeys the number keys are pressed as well i did a hard reset of the firm were and also tried a different corsair keyboard and the same problem the tech support was going to switch out the keyboard but thats not the problem its with the software.
  20. This issue only occurs when I have ICUE open and running. My keyboard functions 100% as it should when the program is closed. I'm on version 3.22.74, which was released a week ago. I've tried cleaning it, giving it a reset, changing my polling rate to all the available options, unplugging it and plugging into different ports, updating drivers, disabling macros, and I'm at the end of my rope here. I really don't want to download 3rd party software, or switch to an older version of ICUE to fix this issue.
  21. I saw videos on Youtube about the K68 RGB before I bought it. I had other Corsair keyboards with RGB in the past, but couldnt rememeber how bright they were. Got the K68 RGB and for some reason it feels like this keyboard aint very bright with the lights. Or is that just me ? Are there other Corsair RGB keyboards that are much brighter than the K68 ? Thanks in advance. Wolf
  22. So I got the k68 and started using it just fine, but after a while it just stopped working. When I restart my PC, it says keyboard not detected, yet my keyboard is connected and the lights are lit. It started to wave flash. I don't know what that means, but can anyone help me with this.
  23. This is my first post, so apologies if I am breaking a million rules, or asking something which has been asked before... Earlier this year, when I updated the firmware on my K68 RGB keyboard, all the default lighting effects were lost (amongst other things). The new firmware which caused these problems was v3.24. Can I not just revert to a previous firmware, and, if so, where can I download same? Thank you.
  24. Hello, I am unable to save my profile with only static lighting to my K68. When I click the save to hardware button, it does nothing. I have tried reinstalling iCue and the keyboard's firmware. I checked if it saved by cycling through the static presets, but cannot find the profile.
  25. Hi from a newbie. <shuffles feet, compares shoes, mumbles> I have a K68RGB - I'm sorry, but I'm not a gamer. OK, now that I have lost 95% of my audience, here's my question. I have a QWERTY kb and have programmed the F1 to F6 keys for French accented characters. I am talking to a company called maxkeyboard.com about having keycaps made to replace the F keycaps. So far, they are very helpful, but it would help us both if I knew which font Corsair used on the main character sets. The characters on the new keycaps will be lower case, and of course the main keys are capitals, so a certain amount of mismatch is inevitable, but I'd like to get the fonts as close to each other as possible. All help appreciated.
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