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Found 19 results

  1. Hi there, I have noticed that the keyboard on the rear right is warming up. Is this normal?:roll: Thanks!
  2. I have a K65 RGB Rapidfire with the MX Speed switches, which I use it extensively to play Tetris. I noticed that while playing, some of my buttons were squeaking a little bit, during very intensive gaming sessions. At first I thought that it may be caused by the wrist rest squeaking, but lately, I found out that either the k or ; keys (which I use for rotates in Tetris) seem to squeak in some situations. I cannot replicate it easily - after pressing the keys many times, it seems to occur only randomly once in a while, but it can be quite disconcerting when it happens. It's a bit hard for me to validate it, as it is very hard to replicate the situation, and sometimes it was from the wrist rest squeaking and making the same noise, and sometimes it occurs in other keys like enter, or other letter keys. So I can't really diagnose the problem easily. Unlike the bigger keys, like the Shift or Spacebar, which can be lubed, is there a way that I can fix this issue by possibly lubing the letter keys themselves? And if so, how can I do it? Thanks!
  3. My K65 RGB Rapidifre has stopped syncing with my ICUE Rainbow six siege RGB profile and is currently stuck on red I can't even seem to change the color anymore like the RGB controls are broken even though it worked fine yesterday. I've tried reinstalling ICUE which didn't change anything. Unplugging the keyboard results in a short flash of my rainbow six siege profile before switching back to red again. After this I've tried using different usb ports with no success. I have attached the ICUE logs, there seems to be some error there but no clue what exactly. Even though the rest of my Corsair RGB ML120/140, H115I and Corsair veagance RGB Pro are working fine with the profile.2020-12-17T17-20-56.log
  4. I have been experiencing a problem where the longer I hold down a button, the longer it takes before it registers me releasing it. I timed it and after holding down a button for 5 seconds it still inputs the button for 2 extra seconds. This gets very annoying and stressful when gaming or deleting text
  5. hello I have a problem with my corsair k65 rapidfire. it is detected as "CRP DISABLD" and it is not possible to use it .. I have also opened a ticket but I have not yet received an answer .. can someone provide me with firmware to solve the problem?
  6. I have just got a K68 RGB and as some have said the rgb lighting Isn't as bright as the RAM or mouse rgb it looks like. But is it similar to the other keyboards such as the K70 RGB. I haven't seen any of the others so not sure if it is that much dimmer or even the same as k70 or other Corsair Rgb keyboards.
  7. Hi all, My = key just stop working out of no where, but if I hold shift and push the same key it places's a + as it would. All my drivers & software is up to date and my ICUE is all up to date. I did a computer restart and unplugged/replugged into usb 2 & 3, I even had one usb plugged in. The ripple action works when I push the key as well. Any idea's?
  8. Any chance of the low profile speed keys comming to the K65 aswell?
  9. Hallo ich bin seit 1 Jahr im Besitz einer K65 RGB rapidfire und bin auch sehr zufrieden mit dem Produkt. Nur mir ist aufgefallen das manche Tasten andere Farbtöne von sich geben als eingestellt. Z.b habe ich eine gelbe statische Beleuchtung aber manche Tasten haben einen kleinen Orange Ton in sich oder die weiße städtische Beleuchtung hat einen leichten rosa Ton. Ist das normal oder sollte ich mir sorgen machen? LG
  10. I bought a K65 Rapidfire about 6 weeks ago, and realised a few days ago, that my C key is pressing twice at times. I'm currently using Key-chattering Fix software to see how common it occurs. I have cleaned it with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, and it seems to have reduced its chattering very significantly (before it, I got 5 cases in a single night, now maybe only once). However, it is still not fully eliminated. I know that the Key-chattering Fix software can rectify this issue, but the problem is that it seems a little like Autohotkey, which I worry about getting banned if I use it on games with VAC. It also interferes with my Autohotkey scripts for Tetris, which I play a lot, and must turn it off when I use AHK. Is this problem common? I'm thinking of RMAing my keyboard, but if I get another keyboard with the same issues, I might have to RMA it again and so on. If I had foreseen this, I would have just gotten another brand. After reading the forums here, it seems that a lot of people get it too. I'm getting very frustrated and paranoid over this keyboard.
  11. When we can find a k65 rapid fire in low profile version in the market? When do you esteem the exit? Please tell to we beacuse many people request it. A k70 without the numpad! :roll: :p: ;):
  12. I recently purchased a k65 rgb rapidfire keyboard only to find upon arrival, the spacebar did not seem to work. I have taken off the key cap and taken a look at the switches, everything seemed normal with that. The spacebar also seems normal when pressing it down, the only problem is. It doesn't actually type anything. Does anyone know what the issue could be, and if so maybe a fix?
  13. Hi there, My D key only goes red. I first noticed the problem today after a few months of owning the keyboard. I've tried to use it on another PC with iCUE installed, with no luck. Set to a static white colour, it looks like this: https://i.imgur.com/0PcnI7E.jpg On my default profile with a static blue colour, the D key is not lit up at all, but goes red when the ripple effect starts. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  14. Can anyone help me out in building a RGB profile to my specifications? If yes, Please PM me so i can tell you what i want to have done. After you have helped me with the profile, it shall be posted for everyone to download. Thank you very much in advance. BionicMcHuwer
  15. hi, i have a problem with my k65 rapidfire. althought the keyboard works, i cant connect it to ICUE, i cant change the lights (keeps on red with ASDW in white) and the top-right light keeps blinking (download icon). https://imgur.com/P9FwiAf what can i do? i need to manually update the firmware? where i download the firmware outside of ICUE? thanks
  16. Hi, I have corsair k70 rapidfire and I installed cue in my pc and I did some macros and remapping keys but it doesn't work on ps4 or my pc as well. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. The keyboard works fine with itself on both. Does k70 rapidfire have memory or something like that inside it to save any process done with cue after closing the program or I have to leave It open ? And should I use 3.0 hub or it is fine with 2.0?
  17. Dear Support team, A week or 2 ago we had to disconnect the electricity and when i turned the electricity back on the keyboard wanst connected anymore. I did had that issue once befour but that time i was able to connect the device again and now it doesnt. when i connect it a map opens with a file called firmware but i cant do anything with that. I hope you have a solution for me.
  18. Please make K95 Platinum with TKL version or reduce K65 Rapidfire price at Amazon. I liked K63 with red switch board but i want with RGB (Corsair logo included), Cherry Speed and volume wheel. Thanks.
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