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  1. hola y gracias por tomarse el tiempo de leer hace 3 dias me salia el bendito mensaje que hay una actualización disponible y hoy le di en actualizar atreves de icue lo que pasa es que no reconoce la pc el teclado vi la forma de solucionar pero necesito el firmware de la versión k65luxrgb SI ALGUIEN PUEDE MANDARME SE LO AGRADECERIA DEMASIADO estoy usando el teclado de pantalla
  2. Heya guys, I've just gotten my K65 lux RBG and I'm stuck with the firmware not wanting to update. I already made a ticket: 2004007174. I've also tried different ways to reset it, but it didn't work.
  3. 1.I don't use chrome 2.Human Interface Device Service is enable 3.FN+F9~F10 is working 4.test in windows 8.1 and 10 5.BIOS mode is 1ms 6.try reset keyborad but still not working https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025465031-How-to-Reset-your-keyboard 7.firmware update still not working 8.reset icue still not working 9.remove human interface devices (hid) and reinstall still not working 10.change BIOS mode to 125hz not work 11.change back to 1000hz not work I buy K65 lux in 2019/09/24 should I RMA? 3 month ago is working, I didn't touch mute key volume key up and down and Windows lock key for a long time today I try to install icue and found the keys not working if icue auto firmware update maybe is icue problem but I don't know sorry for my bad english
  4. Hello I just got my new keyboard today but can't find how to assign a key combination to an action. I want CTRL+ALT+e to print a euro currency symbol. Also, I have a sneaky suspicion it's not very easy to accomplish. I don't get what the purpose is of assigning something to 1 key and then lose that particular key itself. Would prefer not to use autohotkey when I just payed 145 euro for this qwerty board :o (yes in Europe everything is more expensive for some reason)
  5. I spill boiling hot water on half of my keyboard. I quickly try to dry it as much as possible. But I can't get into the inside because the last screw is under the logo. I turn the keyboard upside down on my heater. It seems like this is maybe the right step. The lights don't work, and there might be some input lag. Is my keyboard forever damage or will it work the same after being dry for 3hrs?
  6. Hello! I just got a used k65 pretty much for free, it's new and works great but missing parts. I need:Right arrow keycap, W key cap, And probably should get the A one as well if it's cheap. besides that, I also want to order the original Wrist wrest becuase it's also missing. anyone knows how can I order? Thanks!!
  7. Hello, my k65 will not work anymore, so I started looking on the internet and I came upon something called a firmware.bin, tried to look for it online but it was really hard to until I finally could find some! tried multiple ones but as soon as I plug my keyboard it takes me back to CRP_DISABLED and the file would be changed to an older version (from 2009). i found one firmware that makes the keyboard work but with no RGB and the capslock and scrolllock lights keep blinking, on ICUE the keyboard gets detected as K65 RGB LUX and it says it needs to be updated, but as soon as I press update the keyboard disconnects and the update gets stuck at 100% opened a ticket with corsair but it has been almost a week and still nothing :/ does anyone have a firmware file that works ? i would really appreciate that. thanks
  8. Hello, i have had this keyboard for quite some time without issues and i decided to clean it up and make it feel new again. Upon returning it to my desk and plugging the K65 in it seems to not be working. I have two lights that appear on it which I will link for evidence. I have tried: 1. Putting it into bios mode 2. trying to reset it with holding escape and plugging it in The keyboard no longer appears in my device manager either. edit: when I plug it into my laptop i get a notification saying the USB device has malfunctioned and isn't recognized. pic: https://imgur.com/kZ3UtPc
  9. I try to update my keyboard a few days ago, and now i receive the CRP DISABLD error. I found the original firmware but the file is for icue update K65 LUX RGB_App_v308.bin but i need the ISP_vXXX.bin can someone help me ? i have two tickets on corsair support: ticket number is 31592 ticket number is 2001082605
  10. Okay so i bought the k65 LUX RGB from ebay and the seller said its only been used for a day and then moved to the side till i bought it. Anyways when I plugged it in for the 1st time on my PC the default lights already werent working, but when i reset the keyboard by unplugging it and holding esc it started to work. The red/white default lights work now and I installed iCUE and just set up the 1st RGB lighting settings used the keyboard to game at night and that was it turned my PC off and went to sleep. Now the next day I turn my PC on and again the default lights dont work at all until i login on my desktop and let RGB profile from iCUE lights up the keyboard. Is this normal? Ive never owned an RGB keyboard and new to iCUE. I reset the keyboard again and made sure to not touch iCUE and just let the profile i already set up yesterday to do its thing, again the default lights work, login to my desktop and the iCUE profile kicks in and my keyboard is on RGB WAVE. After this I shut my PC off and waited a few mins and turned it back on to see if the default lights work (it did) when my PC is just starting up from windows logo to login the keyboard was lit, from my experience from my old k70 “red lights only” it was always and should be automatically lighting up to its default setting yes? And not being dead lights until i actually login to my desktop and waiting for the iCUE to power up the lights. This happened twice already so I am sure it will happen again and need help if anyone had this happened to them.. and how to fix it Sorry if it confuses some people i will try to get a video of it when if it happens again.
  11. Hi, Recently, my keyboard started to randomly show incorrect led colours and certain keys lights are flickering rapidly.I'm not sure if it's related to the latest iCue software, or a firmware issue. I've tried reseting the keyboard using the ESC method and reflashing the firmware, but it still persists. Here is a vid: https://imgur.com/a/oiGndte I'd appreciate if someone could help me on this, many thanks.
  12. Hello. I sent a ticket to corsair support around 3 weeks ago asking for the K65 RGB LUX firmware. After waiting around 1 1/2 weeks, I got a response from corsair that had a ZIP file attached. In this ZIP file, there were 2 files; K65RGB_app133_RC.bin K65RGB_BLD012_App113RC.bin I also got provided the default copy/paste of instructions about getting the CRP_DISABLD drive open and whatnot, except in the instructions it mentioned placing a file with ISP in it's name into the CRP_DISABLD drive. You may notice that there's no file name above with ISP in it. Nevertheless, I tried both of the files. During both times, nothing happened. After putting a reply to my ticket, I waited around another 4 days for a response. What I got what my support person asking me to try another zip file, except it was the exact same zip file that I had already tried and failed with. I still tried it, to no avail. (Could I have been missing something that wasn't mentioned in the steps like power cycling my keyboard for a minute or holding down a button as I plug it back in?) After responding and waiting another 3 days, my support person said "it seems we have exhausted the troubleshooting steps for this product, we suggest doing an RMA/replacement. Proceed?", but to me it seems that there has been no troubleshooting done at all. One observation I have made is the fact that both of the files provided have 'app' at the end of them, which leads me to believe that these files are not the firmware files for manual updating but the firmware files used for updating with iCUE. Am I right in thinking that the support person has given me the wrong files, is there an unspoken step I missed when manually updating the firmware, or should I just move forward on the RMA/replacement?
  13. Hello, I put in a ticket (Id #2000816073) for corsair support 2 days ago regarding my K65 keyboard, whose firmware has seemingly broke and needed a new firmware.bin file. I have been checking my ticket every day for an update, however I have had no response from corsair support, although my ticket's last activity was some time today. Further, my ticket previously had a section on it where it said who the ticket was assigned to, however now there seems to be no-one assigned to it, which makes me believe my ticket has been blown off or something since I didn't get any kind of response. In this situation, what should I do? My ticket seems to have no-one assigned to it, so how long will it take for me to get a response or will I not get a response at all? Also, on the chance my ticket does not get a response by the end of today, does corsair support respond on Saturdays as well, or will I have to wait until next week if I do not get a response today?
  14. Recently unplugged my k65 keyboard (P/N: CH-9110010-UK) during an update because I thought the RGB was glitching, and this ruined the keyboard's firmware. Now there's a "CRP DISABLD" folder showing up, and from what I've gathered on the internet I need a replacement 'firmware.bin' file to get it working again. Unfortunately, my corsair ticket doesn't seem to be going anyway as I haven't had a response for about 22 hours after submitting it now. Despite searching the internet for at least a few hours, I haven't been able to find a replacement firmware.bin file. Does anyone know where I could find the firmware.bin file for my keyboard without having to wait another day or so for my support ticket to even get a response?
  15. Hey guys, just got a new K65 Lux RGB. I like it so far, feels nice, but the Windows key doesn't seem to adhere to the iCue software's color settings, depending on the color. For instance, it'll stay red or green if I set it to those colors, but if I set it to white, it'll be yellow. If I set it to a deep blue color, the LED seems to just shut off. If I set it to pink, it'll turn red. Any idea what to do? I'd prefer my keys to be a soft white, and this windows key sticking out as a sore yellow on my brand new keyboard is bugging me. Thanks in advance!
  16. Hi there! I recently bought a k65 keyboard from corsair, the support seems to be bogged up and I figured who better to ask than a helpful community? so, here I am, in the manual it mentions that you should be able to hook up a corsair keyboard to a USB 3.0 using only the keyboard USB (the one with the keyboard logo on it), it doesn't specify whether or not the USB passthrough will work at that point but that is what I was expecting, that is not the case however, as I'm currently out a USB port on my computer, please note that I've got a decent MSI computer at home, but I'm out of town right now and therefore I'm using my Macbook Air, which I've verified is a 2017 model via apple support and then also through the actual computer, and made sure that it has USB 3.0, however it still seems to ignore that and does not accept input from my corsair void headset, FYI, the macbook air only has two usbs, both are USB 3.0 and yet neither work for the passthrough ports. any tips or solutions? I'd be grateful, thanks in advance, though I'm likely to thank you again at the time of answering!
  17. Im not sure if im just unlucky or corsair are just having a laugh. Christmas day so excited to open a new keyboard then being disappointed by a keyboard that pings and screeches when i press mostly all keys. So i understand products can have defects so i put a ticket up and went through the process of getting a replacement. It arrived yesterday the 10th and once again the keys a screeching and pinging but im over that now. The real problem is that the backspace and right shift button have a rough press like im scraping them on something making it like a workout to press with my pinky. overall disappointed with corsair and im not happy that i have to pay £11 shipping every time making it so im spending £141.99 for a k65 lux. Please for Jesus Christ almighty send me a keyboard that works. thankyou :)
  18. I usually take great care for my gear but there was a mistake and some spilled on my K65 RGB LUX keyboard which I think is a fantastic keyboard. I went online and read that a use of some alcohol with some ear stick cleaner will do. so I uncapped the key (caps lock) and start working on it and it helped. then the stickiness came back so I opened the keyboard to see further along and used an air blower to clean the keyboard from dust and particles.. My main problem now is that although all the lights are working while I plug the keyboard, the top part, volume controls, RGB, Windows disable etc, do not work. I tried to reset the keyboard 15 seconds with pushing Esc while plugging it in. does not work. tried pressing the inside button didn't do anything either. Can this be helped? Thanks.
  19. EN/US I am having problem with only one Switch / LED I can not solve this problem, I am already using Ports 3.0, Software updated, Keyboard updated, but nothing solves. I have this problem for about 1 week, I do not know what I do more than leave in a single color, it's something that bothers a little ... PT/BR Estou com problema em somente um Switch / LED não consigo resolver esse problema, já estou usando portas 3.0, Software atualizado, Teclado atualizado, porem nada resolve. estou com esse problema a aproximadamente 1 semana, não sei o que faço mais alem de deixar em uma unica cor, é algo que incomoda um pouco... https://imgur.com/a/k8akbEw
  20. Hi, some of my keys are very low light and sometimes when i clap on the backside of the keyboard the low lights key goes brighter, butnot for long. It looks like that the some leds are shaky. Exist an teardown video of this keyboard?! I want to change the keys by myself.
  21. Hello, I bought a K65 LUX RGB keyboard from UK when I was studying there and now I bought that keyboard back to India. It was working fine for the first few months and then the spacebar key started flickering. It's so bad that I can't even type or game on this keyboard. I've used corsair products before and nothing like this has ever happened. Is my warranty still valid and can I get a replacement if the keyboard can't be fixed. Regards.
  22. Ive had this keyboard for years and its served me well, and im not trying to get rid of it now... In iCUE (and on the older firmware i was on before I decided to update) sometime this month, the lights just decided to not show at all. Besides from the start up white and red, and the scroll/caps lights, Its pitch black. Even in the software, with every configuration and changing the switch on the front the lights simply will not come on. Apparently no-one has this sort of problem or im missing something.. Thanks!
  23. I bought this keyboard this summer and I've been enjoying having this so far! Really a lightshow, love it! But there is something bothering me all the time and this always happening. When I use a custom preset (like a custom rainbow wave), some keys always get out of sync after a while and this is really bothering. Really need help, asap!
  24. im currently using a K65 Lux RGB Red switch, but i've open the keyboard before to clean the dust inside due to my previous smoking habit, a lot of ash stuck inside of the keyboard, what im trying to ask is i've removed the back sticker(serial number sticker) and recently my down arrow key rgb is different colour with other as i always use static in corsair link, will my warranty void cause i removed the sticker to clean the dust in the keyboard before? But i still kept my keyboard box( i keep all my pc boxes )??
  25. Hi, since I've updated to the latest iCUE and firmware, the keyboard has been flickering mostly in these keys: TAB, Q, W, E, A, S, D, F, G, H.. 1. I've tried to install the firmware again multiple times, but the issue is still there. 2. Ive also installed old versions of CUE and the latest iCUE again multiple times and it didn't work. 3. I finally did a clean windows install with no other related software from other companies installed in my rig and the issue is still is not solved. 4. Without iCUE installed, in default, the keyboard doesn't flick at all. I have a ticket (#767358) on this since August 15th, if someone can adress it in coirsair thanks in advance.
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