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Found 13 results

  1. Hello! My K57 Wireless RGB keyboard stopped working wirelessly. I have iCUE installed and have attempted to update the firmware thinking that could be the issue. Unfortunately, the firmware is up-to-date and even forcing a firmware re-installation did not fix the issue. From what I can tell the dongle wont power up or be recognized by windows when plugged into any USB2.0/3.0 port in my PC. In iCUE the dongle firmware version shows a "?" and the dongle polling rate is greyed out. I even tried the method of resetting a wireless keyboard found on your support page. I did see the lighting on the board flash, however, the dongle issue remained. I am at a complete loss here, as I even un-installed every keyboard driver VIA Device Manager from within Windows 10. I restarted my computer knowing Windows would automatically fetch and re-install the device driver. As expected, windows did re-install the driver, but the dongle issue persists. I have owned this keyboard for about a year now and have never run into any issues using it on multiple computer systems. I paid $100.00USD for this keyboard on amazon brand new and there is no sense in having a wired up wireless keyboard. It is entirely redundant. Below I have attached a picture of a Screenshot of my iCUE software showing how the dongle cannot be recognized or is dead entirely. This has me baffled and I have reached out VIA the Support System. --- I have also responded to a previous thread in which the original poster and others are having the same issue I am facing. The thread however was at least a year old. So I am posting my own thread in hopes of receiving a faster response. Link to my reply in the other thread is here.
  2. Hello, Is it possible to remap a key only when a toggling lock key (e.g. block, caps or scroll) is in a certain state? For example F1 is remapped to F13 only when scroll lock is off. Regards, Claudio P.S.: Some of us want to use Corsair products for work, to increase our productivity, not for gaming or aesthetic purposes, please help us with this task.
  3. The problem is that the media keys(stop, prev, play/pause, next) don't work with in-active media windows. Means, I've got VLC or Potplayer playing music in the background and I want to use the media keys without taking them out of the background. But it only works when those players are currently active. (For example, on Mac, the media keys will work with the active media sessions regardless the window is active or not.) I'm using K57 keyboard, and on Windows 11. Thanks!
  4. I love Corsair, I really do. I've had many wired products of theirs throughout the years, and they've always been great. But their wireless products are SO wonky and unreliable, it's actually amazing that the reviews are as good as they are. I got the K57 keyboard and the Harpoon RGB mouse a few months ago (same time), and noticed that they'd disconnect at random times and then automatically reconnect again. Eventually they both stopped connecting to my PC at all, and I had to get tickets for warranty (dongles, specifically). I received both replacement dongles at the same time and I've been using them for 8 days now. But, these replacement dongles have the very same issue. They disconnect and reconnect at the most random times. Sometimes force quitting iCue works, but most of the time it doesn't. Turning the keyboard/mouse off and onto again does nothing either. I just have to pray that the keyboard connects for a short period so I can pause my game; if I haven't already died from unresponsive peripherals. I'm currently on version 4.12.214 of iCue, but the issue seems to persist regardless of version. If I exit whatever game I'm playing and take a peek at the the hardware tab in iCue during one of these disconnects, it'll usually say "UNAVAILABLE" in the status/battery info in the device settings. Most often it's the keyboard that's affected, but it definitely happens to both. I've tested so many keyboard and mice, wireless and wired, but only these two particular Corsair products have issues. I am absolutely certain that all the USB ports of my PC are working as intended. I should probably add that the disconnections don't occur when I'm playing wired, but... who buys wireless peripherals if they don't intend to use them as such. I have no idea if the Bluetooth connection suffers the same problems, but I'm have issues connecting via BT so dongles are preferred anyway. I keep seeing threads about this, but never any real solution - is this just something I'm gonna have to deal with forever?
  5. Hallo Corsair Community, ich bin seit ca. einem halben Jahr stolzer Besitzer einer Corsair K57 Wireless Tastatur. Leider habe ich seit letzter Woche das Problem das sich diese nicht mehr Aktualisieren lässt sowie sich nicht mehr mit dem K57 Dongle Koppeln lässt. Sobald die Aktualisierung startet geht die K57 aus und muss erst vom USB Kabel getrennt werden und dann Aus und wieder Ein geschalten werden damit sie wieder an geht. Ein Soft Reset und die Versuche diverser Foren Einträge haben auch nicht geholfen. Das ganze wurde auf 3 verschiedenen Systemen getestet, mit iCUE 3 und iCUE 4 (auch mit Clean Install) und mit verschiedenen USB Slots (USB 2.0 & USB 3.0) jedoch ohne Erfolg. Der Dongle wurde ohne Probleme aktualisiert. Derzeitige Versionen sind folgende: iCUE v4.9.350 (Aktuell) K57 Dongle v2.2.71 (Aktuell) K57 Tastatur v1.1.164 (Veraltet) ---> v2.2.71 (Neue Version) Ich denke das der Dongle und die Tastatur durch die Software Unterschiede nicht verbinden können. Kennt jemand das Problem oder hat einen Lösungsvorschlag? Ich habe bereits Anfang letzter Woche ein Support Ticket (2004197933) geschrieben jedoch noch keine Antwort erhalten. Grüße
  6. Hello. I want to know if it is possible to assign a key sequence (or combination) starting with a G key to emulate another key not available on the keyboard (K57). For example I would like to press: G1, then F1 and that would be equivalent to pressing F13. G1, then F2 and that would be equivalent to press F14 and so on. It would also be useful if I had to press: G1+F1 and that would be equivalent to pressing F13. G1+F2 and that would be the equivalent of pressing F14. and so on. From what I read in the forums the latter doesn't seem to be possible. Is it possible to do something like this with iCue? Regards, Claudio
  7. bonjour j'ai acheter un corsair k57 qui fonctionnais parfaitement ! malheuresement suite a la mise a jour du clavier il ne fonctionne plus avec le dongle donc en sans fil ! et je ne peut meme plus forcer la mise a jour ! ansi que le reset j'ai tout essayer ! pouvez vous m'aider ? merci d'avance !
  8. HELP! My K57 stop working, indicator lights are blinking. They are described in manual as F, G, H (1,A,winlock) are pulsing in white color about once per second while keyboard is on, pc dont see keyboard both on usb cable and bt dongle. Soft reset doesnt change anything, also not working with other pc or laptop. I have no idea what to do, please help I need keyboard for work asap
  9. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could help me, I have just purchased the K57 wireless keyboard and i have set up the lighting link in the Icue software, it is linking up with the other devices Until I started to play a game and then the keyboard lighting effects either went blinking faster than normal or the colours would just freeze all together, I haven't even had the keyboard less than 6 hours, and was wondering why this is happening straight out the box. The other products that I have linked up with the K57 keyboard are; the M65 pro mouse and the MM800 mouse pad. Some advice or even knowledge would be greatly appreciated, Thank you, IClueless
  10. Bonjour, alors mon problème ici est que j'ai récemment acheté un clavier Corsair K57 (sans fil) et au moment ou je le connecte soit avec le cable usb ou le dongle, ma souris se met à se déconnecté toute les 10 secondes un peu près accompagné de mini freeze du curseur. J'avais déjà cherché des solutions mais ça n'a abouti à rien. J'ai testé: - la technique dans le gestionnaire de périphérique ou il faut enlever la deuxième option dans Gestion de l'alimentation - brancher le dongle tout en appuyant sur la molette (??) - vérification des pilotes Et le bug de la souris ne survient que quand le clavier est connecté. Ma souris: Corsair Ironclaw RGB sans fil Merci d'avance :rouler des yeux:
  11. Hi, it seems that my keyboard doesn't have lighting link mode when in wireless mode. I bought this keyboard a month ago and I could use lighting link on all of my devices when using wirelessly. Today I updated keyboard firmware and iCUE and lighting link seems to be only on wired mode. How can I bring it back? I attached screenshoots how it looks in iCUE. Wireless mode seems to have only predefined lighting modes.
  12. I just bought the K57 yesterday, and it seems to potentially have a problem. Are the lights supposed to turn off when it's connected through Bluetooth or with the dongle? I guess I don't recall reading it would do that, and was under the impression that they would be active regardless of the the connection type. As of right now, they only light up when plugged in with the cable. The keyboard firmware and iCUE are both up to date, and I haven't seen any settings to turn them off or on while not plugged in.
  13. Hi folks! So I'm at a loss of what to do with this now, the windows lock key, scoll lock and caps lock key all flash. And the ICUE software detects the keyboard but has a big red button next to its status/battery (its plugged in via USB cable). I cannot get the flashing to stop adn the RGB to come back. Firmware update on ICUE for the keyboard constantly seems to "fail". I've tried different USB ports (3.0 and 2.0) Front and back. Tried the FN + F5 & Escape Key hold in and the FM + F4. I've tried resetting it (located under the right stand up foot) which infact needs a replacement firmware that I cannot seem to locate. Reinstalled EVERYTHING from the ICUE software, drivers. Made sure USB power wasn't shutting off. Uninstalled and reinstalled those drivers too. Tried it in another completely different PC and it still keeps doing it. Hope someone can help with this... Thanks Fraser
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