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  1. Bonjour , Depuis quelques jour le rétroéclairage de mon K55 RGB ne fonctionne plus c'est a dire quand je le branche tout le clavier s'allume mais 1s après tout s’éteint et impossible de le faire revenir .. Avec le bouton de luminosité ça ne fonctionne pas , en branchant le clavier en appuyant sur page up et page down ça ne fonctionne pas , je me suis baladé dans le logiciel ICUe pour essayer de faire revenir le rétroéclairage mais j'ai rien trouvé ... pourtant mon clavier marche très bien mis a par cela .. Du coup c'est assez embêtant dans le noir quand je n'y vois plus rien pour écrire :(:
  2. Is there a way to put this keyboard into BIOS mode without having to unplug it? I found that unplugging the keyboard, holding down the B and S keys while plugging it back in ill put it into BIOS mode. Is there a way to do this without unplugging it? WinLock + F1 does nothing.
  3. En el pasado, adquirí un sistema de refrigeración líquida h100i V2, y en su momento me daba problemas en cuanto a que el iCUE no era capaz de configurar la velocidad de la bomba, poniéndola al máximo desde que se daba el mínimo aumento de temperatura. Era molesto, así que recurrí al software Corsair LINK, con el que pude gestionar correctamente este problema. Sin embargo, recientemente adquirí un teclado Corsair K55 RGB Pro, y para configurar la iluminación y las teclas de Macros, he vuelto a descargar el iCUE. Según he instalado el iCUE v.4.18.209, el software ha tomando control directo tanto del teclado como de la refrigeración, volviendo a poner la velocidad de la bomba al máximo. Me gustaría saber si existe una manera de desactivar la gestión del dispositivo h100i V2 en el iCUE, para que este sea gestionado exclusivamente por el Corsair LINK o, en caso contrario, si existe algún software alternativo al iCUE que me permita gestionar el teclado sin causar interferencias con la bomba.
  4. my keyboard shift key isnt working..i tried everything possible sticky key unistalled driver and installed it bk ,fn plus f4 reset thing , even esc reset thing,, its still not working., help me..and how much warranty it has,, i need help in it
  5. I got the k55 RGB keyboard around a week ago and there are some issues with the macro keys. I have followed the guide on the instruction manual that came with the keyboard. Here is a link to a copy of the instructions online. I have followed all the instructions on page three to set the macros, and when I go to press the macro on the keyboard it does the key press/key presses but along with that, lots more key presses. For example if I press the g1 key assigned to the windows key, the start menu appears but along with that the pause/play music button is pressed and oddly microsoft powerpoint, settings and around 10 tabs at http://www.office.com are opened (probably related to powerpoint opening), and occasionaly random letters are typed into the start menu search bar. I have tried resetting the keyboard by holding the function key and f4 while plugging the keyboard in. It worked because the macros were reset. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the keyboard driver which hasn't fixed the problem either. I know it isn't OS specific either because I have tried this in my linux installation and I still get the random text being typed and music being paused. Edit: I think this might work using the iCue software but I would prefer to not use iCue because it uses a lot of cpu usage and I would like to be able to have the macros saved when I switch to a different computer or operating system
  6. Hi everyone! A little over a month ago I received the K55 RGB Pro keyboard. Absolutely loved it but a week later the left arrow key seemed to be pressing down on it's own. I've tried looking on Google for a fix but nothing seemed to work. I had to disable the left arrow key in the iCUE in order to use the keyboard. Then another week after using it, the down arrow key started doing the same thing. So again, I had to disable that key in the iCUE. Luckily, I don't really use the arrow keys that often so right now it's not really a big deal, but I'm worried the other keys will eventually start to do the same. Just wondering if there is something I can do to fix this issue? Or is the keyboard garbage now? I know absolutely nothing about computers and stuff, so any help that's 'dumbed down' for me is appreciated! :biggrin: Thank you!
  7. I just got the k55 keyboard today, updated my iCUE launcher to the newest one. Keyboard, mouse, and headset all working great!! Put all three items on the same theme of Rain, where it rains random rainbow colors. After a few minutes the keyboard just freezes in the middle of the theme. The lights are still on just not moving like they should be. Keyboard still works just fine, just the lights are frozen, how would one fix this? Thanks for any help!!
  8. Hello all, so I've been searching for a keycap puller to help aid in cleaning my keyboard. I have found keycap replacement kits and other things along these lines but nothing where it's just a keycap puller on its own. Where can I find/buy them? Are they not available separately? Also, keycap mod kits go for $55 here in AUS, it's a bit much since I only want the keycap puller, not a whole box of keycaps that I won't use I ask this because I'm trying not to spend a lot of money right now (about to sink like $750 into my car for repairs).
  9. Bonjour, j'ai acheté aujourd'hui un clavier "K55 RGB PRO", j'ai installé la dernière maj de Icue software, et quand je lance j'ai la possibilité de modifier pour ma souris et mon clavier, cependant pour mon clavier ca reste rouge (sur le logiciel) peut importe les réglage et IRL il reste éteins
  10. I got my K55 RGB two days ago from reputable Greek store due internet order. Product picture at the store this demonstrated a regular double in size left Shift key. Carton box pictures are also demonstrating the same. And the actual product this is different with a tiny single Shift key and next to it a useless key that this is actually a duplicate of dedicated for arrows (> < ). Single Left Shift key this is USELESS for gaming. I am now seriously considering that I am victim of CORSAIR FALSE advertising and to return the unit back for refund. Does CORSAIR feels the obligation to intervene? Why the store and consumers to get in to such trouble due CORSAIR FAULT ?
  11. I have a Mac with the Corsair K55 RBG and every time my machine is inactive for a while, and I log back in, the keyboard doesn't respond for about 10 seconds. Previously I was using a Microsoft keyboard (also connected via USB) that didn't have this. I've tried Googling, but can't find any information on this. Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can disable this?
  12. Hello all, this is my first post here, sorry if I'm doing anything wrong. Recently, I purchased the K55 RGB keyboard, and I was very pleased with it. However, the macros have suddenly returned to real time. The first few times I used it, the macro would type out whatever I assigned it very, very quick. But now for some reason, it types it out at a real time pace. How do I speed it up again, and why did it slow down? Thanks! :biggrin:
  13. This should be pretty much it for the Basics of the Game. Let me know if there could be any updates or suggestions. ;):DualUniverseProfile1.cueprofile
  14. I tried programming macros on the G1 - G6 keys for my AMD RAdeon game recording software. It works but also each time the key is depressed, it brings up the Microsoft log in page to Powerpoint and various Microsoft screens. Am I missing something? Why does it do that? Corsair K55 RBG keyboard Windows 10 Pro 64 bit operating system AMD Radeon Software
  15. So I usually unplug my keyboard at night to prevent my cats from turning on my computer, and it usually works fine the morning after. But today, when i turned on my computer, my keyboard stopped working. It still lights up and I can still use the numerical keypad, but i can’t adjust volume or use any of the other keys. It also won’t restart/reset, I held the escape key for 5 minutes and it didn’t start flashing. What should I do? Is my keyboard broken?
  16. I have a Corsair k55 RGB I have had it for almost 2 years and was working fine. iCUE was not seeing the keyboard at all so I followed the Reset Directions on the support site by unplugging the keyboard than by Holding (PageUp/PageDown) While Plugging the keyboard back in and got the (Memory, NumLock,Caplock,Winlock) lights to flash together I also Tryed the (FN/F4) key hold while Plugging in. Now iCUE sees the Keyboard But says it needs firmware but when I click on the update I get a "The Firmware updates not avalilable or failed to load for k55 RGB" message. I have looked all over the net for a standalone firmware for the K55 RGB but can't find one. I have found Standalone firmware for other Corsair Keyboards not one for the K55 RGB If anyone can help me please let me know
  17. I have a Corsair K55 KGB keyboard, which contains three RGB zones (left, middle, right). I want all three zones to show white. On page three, the manual states FN+F8 should cycle through the same color on all three zones. I'm sure this has worked in the past. However, FN+F8 is now basically acting as though it's sending F8 alone to the computer (e.g. it hides the toolbars if I'm in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC). I can successfully use FN+F1 to change zone one, FN+F2 to change zone two and FN+F3 to change zone three to white separately but when I turn off the PC from the wall, the next time I turn it on, the keyboard resets to its animated color mode. I can not install iCue on this system. Any ideas?
  18. I have the option to update from the 30.06 firmware to the 30.08 firmware in iCUE, but the update fails immediately after clicking "update" and never getting past 0%, then the keyboard is removed from my list of devices in iCUE until I either restart the computer or unplug / plug-in the keyboard. I've tried following the soft reset procedure found on the support website without luck and further filed a support ticket, but have not heard back from Corsair yet. I'm hoping someone here can give me some suggestions on how to go about fixing this issue. Thanks
  19. I notice that it's executing the macros very slowly. I use them for power point, and I can see it press every letter one by one, isn't there a way to make it instant? For instance I want one of the macro buttons to insert an image. Instead of pulling up that menu instantly like my old keyboard, with this one I see it going through the button sequence one by one, quite slowly.
  20. Hello, I can record macros with K55 RGB using all G keys besides G2 G3. The keys seem to respond - the light starts blinking faster when I press them during recording. The process that I do for recording macros: 1. Press MR - the light by "M" starts blinking slowly 2. Press a G key - the light starts blinking faster 3. Enter contents of a macro 4. Press MR again It works with G1, G4-6 but not with G2,G3 - there is no response when I press them to trigger the macro. If I record via iCUE, G2,G3 keys work fine. The problem persists afrter firmware update and reboot. I want to be able to record those macros without iCUE so they are remembered on the keyboard
  21. I have a corsair 55 rgb keyboard and I am not using icue since it is very heavy and drives my system unstable. I've assigned 6 sohrtcuts to my g-keys, all of them are specific paths to my working folders. Whenever i press a g-key i can see the windows run command and the explorer.exe specific path writing themselves.After 2 or three seconds i have the specific folder opened. Is this normal? The process is slow. Shouldn't this be instant?
  22. Hi guys, Does anyone know if the K55 is available with English/Cyrillic keys? I've searched the forum and checked out the web shop but can't find an answer.
  23. [EN] Hello everyone, Owner of a K55 RGB since May 2020. Never had any issue with it before. But now my problem is that it is stuck with red backlight and I can't change it from iCUE. It just won't change. I tried to reset EPROM + update but the problem remain the same. It is stuck in red backlight no matter why... I can reduce it and stop backlight but cannot change color. Is there any solution about this or it does need an RMA ? Best regards, [FR] Bonjour à tous, Je possède un K55 RGB depuis début Mai de cette année. Je n'ai jamais eu de problème avec auparavant mais à présent il reste bloqué sur la couleur rouge et j'ai beau essayé tout les paramètres il ne veut pas changer de couleur de iCUE. J'ai fais un reset EPROM + maj du micrologiciel mais rien à faire il reste bloqué sur la couleur rouge. Je peux réduire la luminosité ou l'éteindre complètement mais pas changer de couleur. Y'a t'il une solution à ce problème ou doit-il être envoyé en garantie ? Cordialement,
  24. Okay so I think this will make me turn crazy. So I just built a new pc, everything is new, including keyboard (K55 RGB) and mouse (Dark Core RGB Pro), and a fresh Windows 10 Pro installation. At first everything seemed to work perfectly fine. Until I opened iCue and started to configure lighting effects. I created lighting effects for the keyboard and for the mouse, trying my best to make these to match their colors (idea for a useful feature here: the possibility to save frequently used colors so you don't have to manually copy and paste every value every time). When the mouse is plugged with the USB cable, all works perfectly fine. But when I unplug the mouse, using either bluetooth mode or the Corsair dongle, the keyboard loses the customized light effects, and instead show a static full red that I cannot change in any way. From there, if I try touching anything in iCue, a lot of weird things start to happen : - Most of the time the mouse goes in static red too, just like the keyboard... But only on some parts (the wheel and the corsair logo), while others ("side accent" parts) keep the customized effects ; - Very often iCue just crashes and I have to relaunch it manually ; - Even worse, sometimes iCue seems to block the left click on the mouse, then it's a nightmare to just click on anything. And restarting iCue changes nothing. Logging off windows does not either. I have to restart my whole pc just to have the left click working again. If I plug the cable back into the mouse nothing changes : the red color stays. The "workaround" I use from there : I have to manually close iCue from the task bar => then the keyboard sets himself to the default "rainbow wave" and the mouse to the custom hardware effects i stored => then I relaunch iCue => then the keyboard have custom effects again. So yeah, everything works fine with this brand new hardware, except that if I want to unplug my mouse I have to accept that the keyboard lighting (and maybe the mouse lighting too) will just go to full red, and that if I want my custom lights back I MUST plug the mouse again and relaunch iCue as explained above... Seriously iCue seems a piece of garbage software. I cannot count the times when it crashed since I use it (a couple of weeks). It makes me wish I didn't put extra money in these "gamer" crap. A good old basic keyboard and a good old basic mouse would not have cost me so much time. I have better to do than spent HOURS on that kind of nonsense, and yet I'm still there, looking for help, creating an account with a custom password, clicking on the confirmation link in the email, writing that post... Soooo much time lost for nothing :[pouts: A mouse and a keyboard should be the simplest pieces of hardware you have on a pc build. Thanks to Corsair that's now rocket engineering. Sorry everyone for the rant part of this message but I had to let it go. If anyone here can help me with that it would be like a dream come true. Thanks. Edit : I forgot to mention that I already try to uninstall and reinstall iCue. Nothing changed, I have the exact same problems and bugs with no difference.
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