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Found 6 results

  1. I just got the k55 keyboard today, updated my iCUE launcher to the newest one. Keyboard, mouse, and headset all working great!! Put all three items on the same theme of Rain, where it rains random rainbow colors. After a few minutes the keyboard just freezes in the middle of the theme. The lights are still on just not moving like they should be. Keyboard still works just fine, just the lights are frozen, how would one fix this? Thanks for any help!!
  2. So I usually unplug my keyboard at night to prevent my cats from turning on my computer, and it usually works fine the morning after. But today, when i turned on my computer, my keyboard stopped working. It still lights up and I can still use the numerical keypad, but i can’t adjust volume or use any of the other keys. It also won’t restart/reset, I held the escape key for 5 minutes and it didn’t start flashing. What should I do? Is my keyboard broken?
  3. [EN] Hello everyone, Owner of a K55 RGB since May 2020. Never had any issue with it before. But now my problem is that it is stuck with red backlight and I can't change it from iCUE. It just won't change. I tried to reset EPROM + update but the problem remain the same. It is stuck in red backlight no matter why... I can reduce it and stop backlight but cannot change color. Is there any solution about this or it does need an RMA ? Best regards, [FR] Bonjour à tous, Je possède un K55 RGB depuis début Mai de cette année. Je n'ai jamais eu de problème avec auparavant mais à présent il reste bloqué sur la couleur rouge et j'ai beau essayé tout les paramètres il ne veut pas changer de couleur de iCUE. J'ai fais un reset EPROM + maj du micrologiciel mais rien à faire il reste bloqué sur la couleur rouge. Je peux réduire la luminosité ou l'éteindre complètement mais pas changer de couleur. Y'a t'il une solution à ce problème ou doit-il être envoyé en garantie ? Cordialement,
  4. Hello, I've had my K55 for nearly 3 years now, cleaned it every few months and generally have had a great experience with it. Yesterday iCUE prompted a firmware update (30.8) and since that update the keyboard has been nearly unusable. As of now a multitude of keys are either unresponsive or acting as multiple keys (e.g pressing the number 4 key with result with "54" been typed simultaneously, ctrl acts as a brightness control key for the keyboard lighting, tilde and 1 will when individually pressed both input `1 together as one input) I don't have much money to spend on another keyboard of similear value however I'm running my very old el cheapo keyboard backup. - I have: Replugged and held FN+F4 for 10 seconds then did an iCUE update - Deleted the corsair composite driver in Device Manager, replugged the keyboard whilst holding Page Up + Page Down to fully reset the firmware and update it through iCUE (When replugging the keyboard with said keys held, the 4 indication lights in the top right corner will flash together in sync and all backround key lights are off.) - Plugging the keyboard into a USB Type 2 port then updating firmware, vice versa with USB Type 3 When updating the firmware the update percentage would sit at 100%, I let it sit for atleast an hour for each method yet it has not finished and I'm unsure of what to do about it. My iCUE version is 3.34.170 I've found no alternatives to fixing this, help is greately appreciated.
  5. I've been having the issue that my keyboard is not detected by any device I plug it into. Initially the only thing that I was able to do was change the color of the LEDs, however, now nothing works. When I plug it into a device, none of the LEDs light up and nothing happens when I press a key. I'm not really sure what to do at this point because everything I've read says I have to hold down certain keys to reset, but that obviously doesn't do anything if none of my keys work. Even iCUE doesn't detect it. It appears my keyboard is a brick. I reached out to Corsair support, but they told me to reset my keyboard by holding down a pinhole that the K55 doesn't even have.
  6. bought a new K55 RGB keyboard and the RGB backlights won't turn on. tried it with icue installed and uninstalled still facing the issue. tried manually resetting the keyboard using Fn + F4 method still not working. did I receive a defective keyboard?
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