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Found 7 results

  1. Recently bought myself a few corsair products including; 5000D Airflow, h100i capellix and some SP120 RGB elites. When plugging the sp120s into the cases RGB controller they do not light up. I have the Capellix plugged into the controller and that lights up fine. The cases controller doesn't show up in ICUE, so not sure if that is the problem. I have tried switching the usb headers but issue still persists. Only way I can get it to work is plugging the fans RGB into a separate lighting node core. Is there anyway to get this working with the cases controller to avoid using a separate one? thanks
  2. What I was able to find (very old thread) was that the reason the "DIY" devices are not recognized or supported is an issue with the firmware on the Lighting Node Pro? Has this been resolved? Workarounds? ...am I missing something?
  3. Would it at all be possible to put in the following items, namely a flow meter speed and a level sensor? At the moment I have to use EK loop connect software to check my flow and coolant level, but would prefer if it was just integrated into the commander pro, or that the commander pro and the EK loop connect would talk to each other can you tell me if this is possible, and if you will look at incorporating the flow meter into commander pro?
  4. There seems to be some traffic on this topic. Still no 'prefix' for this new keyboard. Experience with the K100 has been great! :sunglasse Learning curve is acceptable. Everything is working and integrated with iQue. K100 refuses to wakeup after sleep. Opened iQue and it is not even shown?! :bigeyes: Only solution is to unplug USB and re-connect. :sigh!:
  5. So i got obsidian se rgb case with 3 LL fans and i just bought from amazon 3 pack of QL fans (CUZ I NEED THE RGB HUB THAT COMES WITH IT INSTEAD OF BYUING 3 LL FANS + RGB HUB IT WILL COST ABOUT THE SAME) to put on front, and the LL put 2 above with the AIO and 1 on the back. i saw a video of a guy claiming that it is possible to mix them if we connect the QLs first or something to the RGB HUB, and in the Ique softwear change to 6 QL fans. my question is if this will actually work with all the effects or only the rainbow effect will work or static color.
  6. Specs: Intel Pentium 6600k, Gigabyte Aorus270x G7, 32GB Adada XPG Sectrix D60G 3200, Gigabyte 1070 g1 Gaming 8, Sun Flower LeadexIII 750W, 6x Corsair LL140 Hallo Leute, ich bin absolut neu hier, bis jetzt habe ich versucht mein Problem selbst oder mit einem Freund in Griff zu bekommen. Ich habe das Problem, dass meine Lüfter sich beim Spielen immer aufhängen. Es ist nur ein Lüfter, der seinen Modi Ablauf einfach einstellt. Ich habe den Lüfter HUB und auch den Lighting Node PRO schon einmal ausgetauscht. Das gleiche Problem. Der Kanal 6 macht immer Probleme. Manchmal auch der 5te, aber das nur selten, bzw. nur die Hälfte der Beleuchtung. Nach einem Neustart, bleibt der Lüfter meist schwarz. Erst wenn der Rechner einige Zeit ausgeschaltet wurde, geht die Beleuchtung wieder normal. Ique Software ist aktuell, wurde mehrfach neu installiert. Auch das BIOS ist aktuell. Windows neu Installation, nix hat geholfen. Ich habe auch Probleme mit meiner RAM RGB Beleuchtung, aber das nur am Rande. Hat jemand noch einen Tipp, was ich noch tun kann? Ich bin mit meinem Latein am Ende. Besten Dank schonmal im Vorraus :-)
  7. Only see old threads with a resounding no from my searches but hope there is something i'm missing. I can set individual led by control clicking but as soon as you click a new color they all change. I could of sworn somebody figured out a way to at least partial achieve what I am looking for but cant find the post.
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