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Found 7 results

  1. As the title says, it simply stopped working after a Firmware update happened, just the wireless at least, wired works 100% fine. I think it might be a pairing problem, but I'm not too sure, once the head set is set to wireless it stays blinking red, IQUE doesn't detect the headset, and the USB also blinks red, but it is being detected by IQUE, in device manager and Sound (for picking/disabling audio) the USB is being showed as "Corsair Virtuoso RGB wireless SE Gaming Headset" and whenever any audio is on, I.E Youtube, I can clearly see some audio is being "tracked" I've tried finding old firmware for the headset online, but I couldn't find any at all. I've updated both the receiver and the Headset (with USB) many times, and no update fixes it. I've had the headset for about 6 months now, and wireless stopped working within the 2-3rd month. The attached image on device manager shows the wireless headset and microphone being detected, but the IQUE image clearly shows that the headset it not being detected, so does the Sounds Windows has no problem with finding the headset, so it should clearly work, it just... doesn't Ive uninstalled drivers for the USB, and the headset many times I've also let the Headset die and fully charge, didn't work (saw that it might be a solution) I've also, also, reset windows, a fully fresh install. changed From IQUE 4.?? to IQUE 3.?? back to 4.?? a few times Thank you.
  2. Moin , hab ein kleines Problem mit den beiden Commander Pro die ich verbaut habe , bei beiden leuchten die LED s beim Start kurz auf und gehen dann wieder aus , ich kann mir nicht vorstellen das beide defekt sind da alles andere funktioniert . Hat jemand dasselbe Problem und eine Lösung dafür gefunden ? http://lunde24.de/01upload/pc1.jpg
  3. Whenever I press the profile switch button on my Dark Core Pro SE all the lighting controlled by iQUE switches off. To make it work again I have to force quit iQUE and then open it back again. I used to have no problems with this on my last PC and i used the button in games. But sinse I upgraded my PC yesterday this problem arose.
  4. Im new here, so bare with me. I am having a problem with my K70 RGB MK.2 LP keyboard cancelling out the button keybinds that I hold on my Scimitar PRO RGB. I will use Destiny 2 (the game) as an example since this is where I found it happening. I would hold my grenade in my hand using the keybind that I have set on my mouse which is "N" but when I would press the space bar on the keyboard or any other key, it would cancel it and throw it. With my Razer keyboard, it doesnt do that. I tried blocking in the game using "C" as the keybind to my mouse and it does the same thing, just cancels it. I have reset the keyboard, cleared all onboard profiles, restarted iQUE, restarted the computer and I still have no idea how to fix this. Hoping that someone sees this and has a solution to my very annoying problem.
  5. Hello guys, I need some help with this Ever since the most recent software update on the Lightning Node Pro, all six of my LL120 fans, just suddenly began to flicker/flash. I've always had my lighting effects running on Rainbow Spiral mode and sharp flashes of these colourful lights just all of a sudden began shooting into my eyes and I have no choice but to switch around to other modes. I think the issue happen whenever the colours change to Green/Blue and maybe Red but when I click [update] on the Settings tab and the software reinstalls, all the lights are fine (for the short period during the installation) and it goes back to the issue again. I have the fans set to a white now and I suspect it is a software problem. Can anyone help me resolve this? Thanks in advance
  6. Ever since I got my K70 low profile MX Speed keyboard it has caused me nothing but problems with the iQue software. If I ever bring the software to the foreground it only detects my lighting node and not my keyboard until I unplug and re-plug the keyboard again. If I press the profile or brightness button the custom lighting effect I created goes back to default. I can't find a way to delete the three default lighting settings and permanently replace it with the custom one I created. I'm forced to set it once and never touch it again or open the program or it resets and I have to unplug and re-plug it again. Every time I launch iQue it only finds my lighting node. As a side note I have the lighting effects of my keyboard active under the same profile as the Lighting node because I can't find a way to get both to be active at the same time otherwise. Also I have 2 of these keyboards, one at work and one at home both with the same issue on 2 different computers. Can someone help me out with making sure my keyboard is always detected and to keep my custom profile?
  7. My Vengeance RGB memory is too bright for me. I really need iQue to control it. Can it? Can anything else do it? If not, are there plans for it to do it? I really hope so.
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