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Found 2 results

  1. This is an Issue because I cannot connect using slipstream. Keyboard is version 1.1.164 and the dongle is v 5.0.84 . I cannot update the keyboard without connecting to the dongle and I cant connect to the dongle because I need to update the firmware
  2. Greetings Corsair Team, I am loyal corsair buyer and fan who lives in Canada. I wanted to contact you and expecting your answer as soon as possible. The subject is about your Hydro X Series Custom Cooling. Do not misunderstand because you guys are completely In line with other premium cooling brands such as Alphacool / EKWB / Bitspower etc but the thing is many things are lacking and needs to be fixed asap or else you won't be able to truly compete and gain market share that fast. Here are some tips that have to be done and I hope you guys at least respond with even the slightest information. I will buy all of your Custom Cooling components once this is done and believe me it's not just about me it's about many of your customers around the world including me. 1) Cpu Blocks: Your XC7 and XC9 Cpu blocks are the same the only thing that distinguish them from each other's is the color which is super lame considering there are many platforms including the mainstream and the HPC ( which is becoming more popular than ever ) and each one of them consist a specific design to fully dissipate the heat effectively without any issue in the long-term user experience. Your HPC blocks need to be bigger and hide more surface than ever, for example, the Xeon W3175 or the Threadripper 3960X/3970X or the upcoming 3980X/3990X are huge chips and need a consistent surface area and a bigger CPU blog to make full contact with the chiplets and do its job effectively. Those chips truly consume a huge amount of power when pushed and things get pretty toasty if you push them way harder than expected. Your mainstream Cpu blocks are okay but not perfect. You need to change the design a little bit more and yes please keep the RGB it's the trend and the future portal to the next decade. Your Cpu blocks need a new design and a revision asap and make it fast. 2) Gpu blocks: You only have one type of GPU block which is the XG7 which is super beautiful but won't appeal to everyone at least add another type which is like the XG9 for the enthusiasts who are willing to overclock their GPUs and change the design a little bit don't make the edges rough and all black as it is at least make like the XG7/XG9 with the same aesthetics and color and like the XG7S/XG9S with a see-through design like EKWB or Bitspower does in their GPU blocks. Many people want to see their components. And for the love of god keep the flow meter there. It is the best choice you've ever made and maybe making your backplates RGB will add some flavor to some extent and everyone will be amazed at how far your products have come. 3) Pump-Reservoir combo: You only dispose of one pump reservoir combo which is the XD5 which is pretty good PRC overall BUT have its issues like a little bit of high pitched noise coming from the pump. Added to this the reservoir is not big enough especially for huge Builds like building in your magnificent 1000D case or for overclocking lovers the reservoir is not big enough. Make at least Pump-res combo like the XD7 and the ultimate XD9 which is double at least the size of the XD5 and the XD7 is in between. Oh and for the love of god fix the noise issue and we don't care if it's loud when pushed too far but at least make it reasonable. Make the flow higher and the RGB a little bit brighter. 4)Super important note: Your fittings are one of the best in the market if not the best overall. We are super impressed by those and we have nothing to complain about. Your collaboration with Bitspower on those had a huge positive impact when it comes to the design choice and reliability of those fittings. When it comes to the radiators we have the same opinion as to the fittings great design choices overall and very good performance and heat dissipation from those rads. 5) Your GPU blocks compatibility need to be better well rounded in the next-gen of GPUs either on Nvidia or AMD GPUs. Excellent choice of supporting several cards like the FE and the RTX Strix 2080Ti for example. Do the same strategy again and again. That's it overall I hope I get an answer very quickly from you guys and I hope or rather I wish and you have to make those changed in order the win the already crowded market. Corsair needs to shine 2020 will be your year so do not make your fans and customers disappointed Corsair. Yours truly.
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