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  1. K70 RGB PRO | iCUE4 I'm trying to make a profile for a game that has a default lighting on the keyboard but when you click a certain button it turns black and an 'explosion' effect plays over the blacked out keyboard. To do this I've been using the key assignment macro, making it so that when I click "z" the keyboard fades in a black gradient and the second assignment is set to play another macro that should play the explosion effect, however, whatever I do the second macro never activates. The lighting works on the second macro as I can activate it by itself but for whatever reason it never plays as the second assignment. I've tried changing the assignment type to see if it was just the two lighting effects not working together at once but it wont even open an app or type text as a second assignment. Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong or am I misunderstanding the second assignment action?
  2. Hello everyone, I'm running into problem with my new Commander Core XT as iCUE doesn't recognize it. The Core receives power the fans are spinning and the LEDs are working too, but I have no control over it and the fans are always going full speed which is quite noisy. I have the latest version of iCUE (4.32.129), tried both usb headers on my mobo (parts list bellow), checked I have all my drivers and BIOS up to date, rebooted, reinstalled iCUE etc... Nothing seems to do the trick. I don't think it's a faulty devise as there is power and light but I'm running out of options. If anyone has an idea... Parts list: NZXT H7 Airflow B650 Aorus Elite Ax (rev 1.x) Ryzen 9 7900x Corsair H100x Gskill Trident Z5 DDR5 6000mhz 16go x4 (non RGB) RTX 3080 FE 6 LL 120 Corsair RGB fans
  3. ICUE keeps randomly crashing. This is annoying me quite a bit because my inputs get lost when I am playing competitive games and lost me a lof games already. The software just closes down at random times. I already did a clean install 2 times and this didn't fix the issue. I don't have any software that should cause the crash like Asus aura sync or armoury crate. Can we please fix this?? My whole setup is Corsair and it is withholding me from buying new gear.
  4. TL;DR: as the title states, my Vengeance RGB RAM starts to lose signal with iCue after my PC goes idle and turns off the monitors (think Screen Saver mode). A few minutes after signal gets rocky iCue will completely lose signal with the RAM, giving the little red triangle warning, and rebooting my PC is the only way to get the ram signal back. The RAM never stops functioning, like doing its job as system Memory. So no BSOD or PC crashes or anything, just loss of communication with iCue so lighting and temp monitoring stops. I've been trying to Google search and forum search, but the only results I'm getting are really out-dated and usually are issues with their PC coming back out of Sleep, like PC mostly powered down Sleep or Hibernation, which I don't use. Okay, I know this'll get pretty long, but I've been troubleshooting this and chasing things for a long time now and I want to give you guys as much detail as I can up front. Windows 11 Pro (v. 21H2) Asus ROG Strix B550-A (BIOS v. 2803) AMD Ryzen 5 5600X Asus ROG Strix RTX 3080 Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL 3600Mhz 32gb- 4x 8gb (v 0.06.36) CMH32GX4M4D3600C18W iCue (v. 4.32.129) Asus Armoury Crate (v. First off, Armoury Crate is the ONLY RGB software I'm running besides iCue. I am ONLY running it to control the lighting on my Graphics Card via iCue, it is set up per the instructions by Corsair. I never have it actively running, just whatever automated launch stuff it does in the background. I have disabled everything possible in AC that has anything to do with lighting. I already have Armoury Crate Service set to Delayed Start in Services.msc, but this didn't change anything. Long story on what's happening and what I've tried: I have my Windows Power Settings set to turn off my Monitors after 10 Minutes of inactivity, everything else stays powered on and running (full power on, if you will) I'm NOT talking about Hibernation or Sleep. Whenever I come back to my PC and "wake" it up I can see that the RGB on my RAM starts to pause every now and then and when I open iCue and look at the RAM in the Dashboard view, #1 will have random temperature spikes down to 0 deg. After a few minutes (never the same amount of time) iCue will completely lose signal with all 4 RAM sticks. SOMETIMES I can get the signal back by Locking my windows session (Windows Key + L) and then logging back in, but the signal will still be inconsistent (temps dropping to 0 deg) and will eventually drop completely again. Completely rebooting is the only "fix". Purposely Locking windows (Win Key + L) before the issue starts, instead of letting windows automatically shut off my monitors has the same results- windows still shuts off the monitors, but only after 1 minute with the session locked. Closing iCue before I walk away, or before Locking my session does not prevent this. When I open iCue back up, RAM signal will immediately be dropping. Even if not, I shouldn't have to constantly be manually closing and launching iCue any time I walk away. When signal is getting inconsistent, 99% of the time it's just on RAM stick #1. Very rarely it'll be #1 and maybe a 2nd or 3rd stick. These label #'s are what iCue has them labeled as on the DIMM Setup page. In reality, #1 is slot A1 and #4 is slot B2. I have moved RAM sticks around, multiple times. I have, at any one point, had all 4 sticks in the A1 slot and the issue stayed with slot A1, not following any particular stick. I would assume this rules out having a faulty stick of RAM? To my knowledge everything is completely up-to-date, and I have always kept things as such. Mobo BIOS is most current, same with iCue and AC. Every time there is an iCue update I COMPLETELY remove iCue via the "Clean Uninstall" instructions from Corsair. Then I make sure Armoury Crate is completely up-to-date, then I install the current version of iCue. SOOOO, "do a clean uninstall and reinstall icue" is not a solution here....I've done this at least 20 times or more. When I noticed this problem, I started doing all different clean installs in different methods and orders of all the softwares even if there wasn't an update. "Force Update" on the RAM doesn't help, and usually doesn't even work once signal is lost. I am making a backup and then Copying the CUE4 Folder (from ...AppData\Roaming\Corsair) back in every time I reinstall since that has all my custom curves, lighting, etc. all there rather than tediously Importing and setting up every profile everyt time. Since the CUE4 folder only has user settings and stuff in it, I don't think there's any issues with doing so? Restarting iCue does not fix it. If signal is already completely lost, I can close iCue, relaunch it, close it again, then launch it a 2nd time in order to get signal back, but it will immediately be inconsistent until eventually completely drop again. If I change my Windows Power Settings to always leave the monitors on I have no issues, even if I use (Win Key + L). If I'm in a game or anything for hours, even walking away and leaving the game running for hours, no issues. Very rarely, sometimes (usually while gaming) iCue might crash and close itself completely. When I relaunch it, I have no issues with the RAM signal. So....this issue seems directly related to windows going into a standby mode that shuts off signal to the monitors. I don't like leaving my monitors on when I walk away for a lot of reasons, so just disabling that in Windows isn't really an option.
  5. Hello, I recently bought 2x16GB VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 6000MHz C40 and wanted to adjust the RGBs on them via the iCUE4 Software. I did some research regarding its usage and decided to only roll some simple Hardware Lightning settings (classic rainbow wave), as I got no other adressable RGB devices for now. To my understanding the Hardware Lightning settings also apply when the iCUE Software is not running etc., but when I close the software, restart my computer or just change the window within the software the effect vanishes and some default(?) RGB setting gets applied. Therefore the simple question: What am I missing out on, or did I misunderstand? Thanks for the coming help!
  6. Hello, I have a problem with my mouse (SABRE RGB) ,It is really recurring , when I move it ,it sometimes freeze ,can't control the cursor, the last click clicked stay clicked even if I do not click on it (sorry my English is not perfect but it stays understandable) and on my ICUE (v.4) there is a red triangle that says alert triggered. I have already tried reinstalling my mouse by clicking 10sec on the left and right click... Here are my pc spec if this is needed ; -Rx 5500 xt -ryzen 5 2600 -Aorus b450 elite I already tried looking on the internet to see if smne had the same problem as me but it seems that Im the only one 😞 THX for responding
  7. Well, all this time i thought it was beta iCue, but now that v4 is here i get the same bad results with my k95. When the computer reboots, the Glave mouse stays lit but the keyboard goes dark except for the three lights in the upper left. Then I get a conflict error when icue opens and I say ok, reload it and all is fine till the next reboot OR I am logged out on the home screen of my mac. Very annoying! Thx for any help...
  8. I bought a H100i, i installed it and already had vengeance rs ram so i already had the software, i am able to connect the pump but not the fans, everything is plugged in accordingly on the commander core (not showing up either) FAN: port 1, 2 RGB: port 1, 2 (tried 2,3 and 3,4 and 4,5) PUMP RGB: plugged in THINGS I HAVE TRIED: reinstalling icue, manually setting up the fans, reinstalling icue again, moving ports, downloading other icue software OTHER SOFTWARE I HAVE INSTALLED: logitech ghub, obinskit rgb keyboard software. please help i want these fans lit up.
  9. I don't know about you, but when I spend almost $200 on a keyboard, I expect a first class product. Both the hardware and software need to meet a high bar. I purchased the K70 RGB PRO with the Cherry MX Brown switches. I was excited about this keyboard because of the onboard memory and the advertised capability to store macros directly to the keyboard. When gaming, I want the ability to program keep-alive type actions which would be undetectable by “anti-cheat” checkers. Specifically, I don't want software running on the computer. If this is your use case, you might want to look elsewhere. After a day of frustration, here is my (incomplete) list of deficiencies for iCUE 4 and the K70 RGB PRO. For reference, I'm using iCUE 4.26.110 and keyboard firmware 1.2.18 (both current as of 8/12/2022). Initial confusion using “Lighting Effects” and “Hardware Lighting”. One would expect that you would configure lighting profiles within the app and then copy these into the hardware. But that's not how it actually works. There are 2 different and mutually exclusive sections to configure. “Lighting Effects” controls the keyboard lights while the iCUE application is running. “Hardware Lighting” is a completely separate configuration which controls the keyboard lights when you completely quit from the iCUE software (and exit the dock icon). You can't copy configurations between these sections. There is a “Lighting Library” that indicates that it's “for sharing Lighting across profiles and devices” - but you can't share between the hardware and software profiles! So once you set up your “Lighting Effects” (software) then you need to completely recreate the same thing in “Hardware Lighting”. If you look at various postings, you'll find that many people are confused about this. Example: configure something in “Lighting Effects” - then use Device Settings to copy the profile to the onboard memory. When you quit out of iCUE - the keyboard goes dark. Why? Because you didn't configure “Hardware Lighting”. The same (odd) technique is used for key assignments. There is a section “Key Assignments” - this is only meaningful while the iCUE software is running. There is a separate section “Hardware Key Assignments” which is only meaningful when the iCUE software is NOT running. You can't copy between the sections. So, when trying to program a hardware macro, you need to program in iCUE (in the “Hardware Key Assignments” section). You need to use Device Settings to copy the profile to onboard memory. Then you need to completely quit iCUE in order to test your macro. You'll need to re-open iCUE to edit the macros. Programmable delays. We want to build a keep-alive macro. Every 5 minutes, hit the spacebar. Delays are programmed in milli-seconds. So 5 minutes = 300,000ms. But the text input in iCUE only supports a 5 digit number. So, your maximum delay is 99,999ms. That's annoying, but we can always create 5 delays of 60,000ms each. Random delays. I was very excited that the keyboard supported random delays. A macro that activates every 5 minutes exactly is too obvious. I'd like to wait a random time between 3 and 6 minutes. Unfortunately, the random delay is also in milli-seconds and also limited to 5 digits. It is impossible to create a random delay of 0-3 minutes. Mathematically, stacking 3 delays of 0-60,000ms is not the same as a single delay of 0-180,000ms. Repeating macros. A keep-alive macro must repeat. iCUE provides “toggle” macros. With a toggle macro, you hit the key once to start the macro and hit it again to stop. Perfect, right? Unfortunately no. A “toggle” macro does not imply repeat. You hit the key to start the macro and you can hit it a second time to stop it before the end. Once it hits the end, it stops regardless. I was trying to define a HARDWARE macro for keep alive. After fighting with this for some time and coming to the conclusion it was broken, I tried to define the same macro in the SOFTWARE key assignments section. There is an option in the SOFTWARE section to repeat continuously. This feature is not available for hardware macros - hardware macros can't repeat. If you're thinking you can cut/paste, to repeat, software macros can be quite large - but hardware macros are limited to 256 steps. The K70 RGB PRO boasts 8MB of onboard memory - but it's divided such that you can't create a single macro with more than 256 steps. Lighting and Macros. The keyboard has lots of fancy lighting. It is pretty nice to be able to light only the keys used by a specific game, allowing the rest of the keyboard to go dark. But what would REALLY be useful? How about lighting/flashing a key while there is a toggle macro active? But that's not an option. The best you can do is change the lighting when the key is pressed and pressed again - but remember, the macro can be shut off by another macro (or might simply end without repeating). So you can't be sure that the macro and lighting are sync'd together at the keypress. It's all too easy to get to a point where activating the macro shuts off the lighting and vice-versa. There is absolutely no visual indication that a macro is running - and no mechanism though lighting to create such an indication. Macro Editing in iCUE. The macro editing window in iCUE shows 7 steps. It's not resizeable. You can't scroll using cursor keys. You scroll with the mouse wheel or by dragging the small/imprecise scroll bar. The mouse wheel scrolls a maximum of 10 clicks/steps of the scroll wheel. So if your macro is 1000 lines, 1 click of the scroll wheel is 100 lines (with only a 7 line window). Given that a single key press is 3 lines (key down, delay, key up) - this is nearly unusable. There's no ability to cut/paste the macro sequence into an external editor. There's not even the ability to cut/paste a command between 2 hardware macros; you can only cut/paste within a single macro. You can't run multiple macros at the same time. Let's say you define 2 toggle macros. Macro 1 hits the “1” key every second. Macro 2 hits the “2” key every 2 seconds. It would be nice to independently toggle these macros. However, once you start macro 2, it silently terminates macro 1. In this post https://forum.corsair.com/forums/topic/130429-macros-simultaneously-working-possible/?do=findComment&comment=788802 a Corsair employee describes this as “an OS limitation”. Really? Corsair either owns the keyboard OS, or simply isn't using it properly. Doing multiple things in a single-threaded process is a problem that's been solved many times. And I'm being kind, assuming that he was talking about hardware macros and the keyboard OS. There really is no excuse for this limitation on the Windows-side using software macros. These last 3, I'd classify as would-be-nice. Subroutines. There aren't any subroutines. If you want to wait 15 minutes, you have to code 15 delay statements. I thought - “Hey, I can bind that to another key and invoke it!” - but no, that doesn't work. Assign a delay macro to F1. Create another macro on F2 that hits the F1 key - it doesn't run the delay macro, it actually hits “F1”, ignoring the macro. Comments. There aren't any comments. A macro with a few dozen steps is pretty hard to read. It would helpful to have the ability to add comments/annotations to the sequence of keystrokes. The sequences are especially hard to read because keydown-delay-keyup is represented by 3 steps. Of course 3 separate steps are required if multiple keys are involved, but for a single key, this could be represented as a single command (even if it gets executed as 3 distinct steps). Another reason for comments is the 7-line editing window. It's very difficult to know where you are when editing a large macro. Random conditionals. It's hard to call it “programming” without conditionals. But I guess we've already established that (in hardware mode) we don't even have the ability to repeat. A “stretch feature” would allow the ability to include random options. Example: 20% of the time, execute sequence A. 80% of the time execute sequence B. I honestly wasn't expecting this, but I'll toss it in as a “would be nice”. Summary. If you're looking for a keyboard with a solid build, nice keys, and impressive lighting, Corsair keyboards will fit the bill. However, if your primary motivation is for macro programming, especially hardware macros, then I'd suggest you look elsewhere. I haven't decided if I'll return it yet, but it clearly hasn't met my expectations.
  10. Olá. Percebi que as mudanças no software tem prejudicado os aparelhos mais antigos? seria essa uma deixa para utilizar somente o legado?
  11. I have been thinking about switching my system to a full custom water cooling loop. I currently have a Corsair Commander Core XT as my iCue controller and would like to use just it. My case is the Fractal Design Torrent Nano and it has a built in 6 LED ARGB strip on the PSU shroud. I have currently been using a 3-Pin adapter to have the Core XT control that strip. If I get a Hydro X CPU block, GPU block, and pump I can no longer use the strip by the looks of it. What I was wondering is why? Why could I not just have the strip before the CPU block (that has to be the endpoint) and set the number of LEDs in the strip? Why are both of these options not available? So TLDR could ARGB strips be added to the Hydro X configuration in iCue. And could we please be allowed to set the number of LEDs on a strip.
  12. Hi, I just build a new computer. An all new fresh install. After installing iCUE v.4.31.168 and Nvidia Broadcast, nothing happen when I check Noise Removal and/or room echo removal. I already tried to reinstall iCUE and repair Nvidia Broadcast but problem is still here. Windows 11 22H2 Intel Core i7-13700K RTX 4080 (MSI Ventus 3x OC) Virtuoso XT in wireless mode Is iCUE and Nvidia Broadcast integration compatible with the new RTX 4080 ?
  13. Hey guys ! I Have a problem with my iCUE app for new product that I just buy H100i Elite LCD. I can't have any settings for my LCD screen on iCUE. I uninstalled and installed again the iCUE but it didnt change anything as you can see in the attachment. Can you help me please ?! (I'm sorry btw if the same topic was already opened, I didn't see it) Thank you !
  14. Hello there, I'm working in IT. Today my iCUE 4.31.168 stopped working after I woke up my PC from extended standby. Here are all the fixes I tried : uninstall + reboot + reinstall 4.31.168 + reboot uninstall + clean AppData (local and roaming) + reboot + reinstall 4.31.168 + reboot uninstall + clean AppData (local and roaming) + clean Windows register + reboot + reinstall 4.31.168 + reboot (as explained here) uninstall + clean AppData (local and roaming) + clean Windows register + reboot + reinstall 4.30.162 + reboot (as explained here) I also disabled auto start but nothing is working. It opens as "not responding" and after a few minutes just closes/crashes : Any idea ? I searched for logs location but didn't find much, I just found a crash event in Windows Event viewer (translated from french with DeepL) : Tigerblue77
  15. So I've seen bits and pieces of information on this topic around the forums. But I've yet to see an actual definitive answer on why the difference exists.. What is the reasoning for the difference between the "CORSAIR Audio Visualizer"(CAV) and the standard "Audio Visualizer"(AV) options in iCUE lighting effects? From the info that I've gathered: CORSAIR Audio Visualizer requires you to run your sound through the ST100 headset stand. CAV can be displayed by the keyboard (K70 MK.2 SE) and the RAM (Dominator Platinum RGB white/gold). Audio Visualizer displays your selected audio output's volume level and can be displayed by the fans (QL120) and the Hydro X watercooling equipment through the Commander Pro. So the question is, why? Why does the keyboard and RAM absolutely HAVE to go through the headset stand? It doesn't make sense to me as to why they would limit the capabilities like that? Is there some hardware reason? Is that the only way to allow microphone input to the system? If so, could it be made to be an optional setting for people who do not use the microphone input for the lighting? I feel like it makes more sense for the Audio Visualizer setting to cover as much as possible. That's what people are going for when they are using it. There is third party software that already does this kind of thing specifically for iCUE products. Maybe integrate everything, with a "Lighting Link" setting? You can already apply effects that are not on the products lighting list (example: Rain Lighting Link applies to the mousepad and headset stand, and the effect isn't on their respective lists of choices). If anyone has a real answer to this, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance :D
  16. Hello guys! Is there a way to reset default names from sensors? Thanks in advance!
  17. Hello, I have been stuck since yesterday and need help. Wanting to upgrade the RGB of my H150i Elite Capellix for the LCD Elite Display I noticed after installation that it only displayed a panel with this cursed exclamation mark. Also, when the PC is launched, the panel is still there and the pump does not work, same for the RGB. So I decided, while waiting to find a solution, to return to the initial system with the RGB. BUT, now that everything is reassembled as before, the RGB of my pump no longer works AT ALL while the pump does work. On top of that, on iCUE, my pump no longer appears and has been replaced by the Commander Core of my case. Now, I can only control my 6 fans connected to the Commander Core: the pump has disappeared. Despite that, I have the pump temperature sensor and I can hear it working. I'm desperate, help! For information : - Complete uninstallation of iCUE carried out according to the Corsair site and total reinstallation --> Pump still not lit - If original pump --> No RGB, functional pump but inoperable manually and invisible on iCUE - If LCD Elite Display plugged in --> Panel with (/!\) but LED's off, no red flashing and non-functional pump + only 2 out of 6 fans are working.
  18. Bonjour, sur les différentes image ci-joint, on peut voir mes lt100, mon tapis de souris ainsi que mon clavier et ma souris de la marque Corsair... Bref je suis un très bon client de Corsair, j'ai découvert la fonction murals en version beta que j'affectionne particulièrement. Mais, depuis que j'ai mes LT100 (dans le but d'avoir un setup immersif lorsque je joue ou regarde des vidéo) il ce trouve que mon logiciel ICUE (toutes mise a jour faite) ne reconnaît pas mon écran (j'ai débranché mes deux autres écrans, car lui les reconnaissait (bien qu'une fois sur deux)) je ne sais pas quoi faire pour les faire fonctionner, j'ai acheté les LT100 grâce à cette fonctionnalité et je me retrouve à avoir cette fonctionnalité sur un écran qui est pas du tout bien placé pour une ambiance immersive. Comprenez-vous que c'est assez frustrant de ne pas pouvoir faire ce que l'on veut lorsque on sait que c'est possible et que d'autre y arrive. Que dois-je faire ?Merci de votre réponse.
  19. Hey I hope to find some help here, I have a problem with my Saber RGB Pro Wireless. 1. The I cannot run the mouse in cable mode via a USB 3.0 connection, it is displayed to me like a USB stick in the taskbar 2. Actually the main problem: I have the feeling that the ICUE shows me the wrong battery status. I can charge the mouse overnight ICUE shows battery = low. However, when I plug in the cable to charge, it lights up green and does not flash, which should mean that the mouse is fully charged. I think I have a software problem here. Would be grateful for your help 😉 Greetings Feilo
  20. Bonjour, j'ai un pc portable avec 2 moniteurs autre que celui du portable, j'ai une RTX3080 et j'ai remarqué que je ne peux pas changer la connexion de mon moniteur principale, il est sois connecté à un Intel(R) UHD Graphics sois sur le pilote de base de microsoft, mes deux autres écrans eux sont connecté à ma RTX 3080. Lorsque je suis sur mon logiciel ICUE, que je veux mettre l'effet murals (ou même via l'effet ambiant avec les LT100) et que j'active l'écran du Moniteur, les lumières fonctionnes seulement avec mes écrans connecté a ma 3080, lorsque je désactive le pilote de ma 3080 alors (déjà, mes deux écrans ne fonctionnent plus.) ici les lumières avec mon moniteur principal fonctionne à merveille.En conclusion, je pense qu'ICUE, lorsqu'il s'agit de "l'écran de moniteur" il ne prend en compte seulement la carte graphique externe en premier. Ma question est: est que dans les prochaine mise à jours ICUE pourra prendre en compte plusieurs carte graphique ou je devrais me contenter de désactiver ma 3080 lorsque je veut jouer et regarder des vidéo en plaine immersion ?(mon écran principal se trouve au milieu).
  21. I just updated my iCUE (v.4.30.162) and noticed something different. It works just fine but with the older version I was able to click on the iCUE icon on the taskbar and make the selection to open the window on the right side of my monitor. I could keep it open all the time and monitor everything at a glance. Now I'm not able to do that. It just opens to the main screen. Is this the way it is now or is there a setting that allows me to put it on right side of my monitor as before. Thanks for reading.
  22. I recently bought a Virtuoso XT headset and the experience has been a disaster. Especially with the the software. iCUE 4.29.203 is installed and im running Win 11 21H2. Yea, I cant upgrade Windows 11 since then the equalizer won't work at all. When the headset is connected via the cable, the equalizer works just fine but when I switch over to the wireless mode, it does not work anymore. If I got into the sound settings in Windows and enable Enhanced Audio for the wireless headset then the equalizer works. Also, I double checked, with the Virtuoso USB device in Sound Settings, the Enhanced Audio is off. Any idea how to solve this? I cannot have enhanced audio enabled as this causes random small lag spikes in the the game I play and I want to use the headset in the wireless mode.
  23. I am having an issue with ICUE not properly reading CPU usage, it hangs around 0 - 2% at all times while Task Manager reads proper. Also an issue with MSI Afterburner OS display to. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  24. Hallo, liebe Corsair Freunde! Ich habe folgendes Problem: Ich starte ICue und nach ungefähr 5 min schließt sich es wieder (die Beleuchtung meiner K100 geht dabei aus). Ich habe es schon mit Triber updaten, ICue neu Insterlieren und Standart Szene verwenden probiert. Leider weiß ich nicht mehr weiter. Außerdem wird meine Ironclaw RGB Wireless nicht mehr erkannt.
  25. Been using iCUE with no issues the past few months and upgraded my CPU today to a i9-13900K. Updated BIOS and now upon starting iCUE no longer functions. My DIMM's were locked in a static pink, my case fans aren't registering properly, my LCD display is stuck on a gif I can't change and my GPU disappeared from the software. Tried reinstalling iCUE with moderate success, my GPU now appeared and I could change some LED's, but LCD still broken even if I can get some of my case fans and my DIMM's to update and properly light up. Not sure what to do but this should be a software issue, right? Anyone got an idea on something I can do to fix? Would really rather not flashback my BIOS at this second but...if that's what needs to be done... System specs: CPU: i9-13900K Mobo: MSI Carbon wifi Z690 (BIOS version: E7D30IMS.191) GPU: EVGA 3090 FTW3 RAM: Corsair 64gb Dominator DDR5 5200 (2x32) CPU Cooler: Corsair 360mm AIO w/ LCD Display Edit: Added DIMM's in specs
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