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Found 8 results

  1. I'm fairly new to iCue but have managed to get most things working right. I have an Asus x99-S and updated my ram to Vengeance RGB Pro 4x8GB. I have it in quad channel mode, in slot A1, B1, C1, D1. I had to enable SDP write in bios but iCue can only find 2 out of 4 stick. C1 and D1 are not detected but if I place all for slots in Dual Channel (A1, A2, B1, B2) all 4 sticks are detected and everything is good. Does anyone know how I can get it to all sticks to be found in Quad mode? and what would happen if I got another 4x8 kit and populated the other slots?
  2. Bonjour, j'ai regardé toutes les réponses que vous avez donné sur le forum, mais je n'ai rien trouvé en rapport avec mon problème... Lors ce que je clique sur "ICUESetup_4.18.209_release" ça me met une erreur : https://imgur.com/YNJeJi3 J'ai bien cherché à régler le problème mais sans résultats... J'ai forcé la désinstallation de ICUE dernièrement car le logiciel ne reconnaissait pas mes barrettes 4x8go corsair vangeance rgb pro 3200mhz, et après ça j'ai essayé de le retélécharger mais le problème est apparu. (j'avais déjà installé le logiciel il y a longtemps pour mon clavier k65 rgb mini)
  3. Bonjour, Je vous contacte afin de trouver une solution à ce problème, J'ai un gros souci d'utilisation de mémoire dans mes processus concernant le Logiciel iCUE, le processus ce nomme ''Corsair.Service(32bits)'' J'ai essayé de fermer le processus en faisant ''Fin de tâche'' cela le remet en faible occupation de la mémoire genre 20 Mo ensuite le programme revient et cela remonte jusqu'a 800 mo au bout d'un petit temps genre 15 - 20 min. Si je ne fait pas ''fin de tâche'' le processus continue de monter jusqu'a 800 mo d'utilisation de mémoire ! Donc à chaque fois je dois faire fin de tâche pour qu'il redémarre tout seul et redescende mais ça règle pas le souci qu'il remonte tout le temps et utilise beaucoup trop de mémoire ... Auriez vous une solution s'il vous plait ?
  4. I'm trying to use Aura sync to sync all RGB lights including RAM.And I also need ICUE to control the RGB lighting of my mouse, keyboard. But I cannot run these two software together. I called Corsair support. They told me to disable SPD write .And it's disabled. I don't know what to do.
  5. Hello everyone and Corsair, I am having a really annoying issue. My Vengeance pro ram (32GB DDR4 24000) is detected in iCUE just fine, LEDs work fine, but AS SOON as MSI Gaming App is installed, it hijacks the LED setting, and removes the RAM from iCue. I have disabled "Enable SDK" in iCue and in the MSI gaming app I disabled "ControlBYMSI" in the LED tab, and STILL my RAM does not show up in iCUE, and will not reappear until the gaming app is uninstalled. I have uninstalled and reinstalled iCUE and the gaming app in different orders and makes no difference. I understand this is an issue with MSI, but simply not using MSI software is something I would not like to do. Is there any solution out there? Thanks for any help you can provide for me...
  6. Hey everyone. I don't know if anyone have already suggested these features, but I would like to be sure that these features have been suggested. So here we go. :) I think that the iCUE software is somewhat missing a few features, that shouldn't be to difficult to add (I'm not a programmer so they actually might be). 1. I would really love to see the Vengeance RGB RAM being added to the Lighting Link channel. Yes I know that you can't use all of the different lighting modes on the RAMs, but there is three mode that already are implemented, Rainbow, Color Pulse and Color Shift. Would be great if you could have just those three modes as Lighting Link modes. Personally I'm a Color Shift/Pulse kinda guy, so that's all I really need. And I don't really want to go out and buy the Vengeance RGB Pro RAM, just to have this. I mean, the RAM I have now works and looks great. 2. There is this lighting button on your keyboards, that by default changes the light levels/turn lights off, I would love to see that it could do the same, but for all lights connected in iCUE that used the Lighting Link. I have an older K70, and I'm not sure if this is possible or if this have been added on newer keyboards, but the button should be fully programmable so maybe it is. Personally I haven't been able to figure out a way to make this work within the software, or find anything or anyone on the internet that have done it. I'm not sure if any Corsair employees will see/respond to these kinds of forum posts, but I really hope that someone sees this, and thinks that these two ideas would be great additions to their already good software. And that it is actually possible to add them.
  7. It always start off perfect on first reboot, Icue detects all hardware with no problem but on second reboot theres always something it looses My AIO, most frequently my RAM and now this time my lightning node pro which lights up all my 6 LL 120 fans I tried replugging and rebooting but with no luck :/
  8. Hello, I update ICUE to the latest version (3.3.103) and one of my stick does not work, it isn't detected by ICUE. I have only one display which I can modify. I start searching on internet but I found nothing. I think probably it's due to the software which is not stable at the moment ! By the way I reainstall the software and I have the latest version of Corsair Link Thank you for your time !
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