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  1. Volume control via K70 RGB works perfect for all on=board systems, even until the game menu screen of ME. However, when entering the game itself, I cant use the volume wheel on the K70 anymore. No response. Same for the iCUE shortcuts on the KB. Only in-game buttons work. Something is creating a bug - and unable to find the solution. Advice?
  2. Hello, iCUE software losing control on my h100i v2 fans randomly. I have a custom fan profile on performance area but from time to time its loosing control and working like idle. I mean i cant get control back. Default profiles quiet, balanced extreme and also my custom profiles dont work. Sometimes it happens after i started my computer in 3 - 5 hours sometimes in 12 hours , sometimes after a day. I couldnt find any solution. Cables correct. All usb and other drivers updated. Bios updated. Using windows 10 x64 1809 updated. Bios settings : i closed everyting about cpu and fan settings motherboard is not controlling anything. i checked it million times. :evil: If I use Corsair Link software + Corsair Utiliy Engine 2.24.50 everyting work perfectly never losing control. If I use iCUE losing fan speed control. If I re-start my computer ı can get control back on icue for my fan speeds but couple hours laters losing control again. Please help me out here im really tired of this problem. Since corsair created iCUE software i am dealing with this problem no solution. my system asus ranger viii maximus motherboard 32 gb rams gskill ripjaws 3000 + CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB PRO LED ddr4 core i7 6700K skylake cpu no overlocked asus o8g strix 1070 gpu corsair carbide spec alpha case sound blaster z creative sound card Corsair Force LE SSD (SSD) ST1000DM010-2EP102 ST2000DM006-2DM164 Samsung SSD 860 EVO 250GB (SSD) thanks a lot waiting for help from users or corsair support ... similar problems on reddit corsair :
  3. Hello guys I'm new here, Whenever i start iCUE service it makes ntoskrnl.exe System consume more cpu and power. The power usage remains very high no matter what i do. If i close the iCUE software and stop the Corsairservice and CorsairLLAservice manually the problem goes away. But then i can't manage rgb in my harpoon mouse. Here are the screenshots: Any one facing the same problems? If any one have the solution help me out. sorry for bad English. Thank you
  4. So I've got an h100i platinum with two LL fans on it, 4 QL fans in the case hooked up to a Corsair RGB Fan Node which is hooked up to a Corsair RGB Node. And I've got 3 Phanteks RGB Neon strips hooked up (with a custom made cable) to the Corsair RGB node. I've also got 4 dimms of RGB Vengeance. That's all controlled by iCue. There's RGB on the MB but that's controlled by the worst program known to man... RGB Fusion 2.0. I was really disappointed with how poor the quality of the RGB was on the QL fans (the ones hooked up to the RGB Fan Hub), and even the LL fans on the h100i didn't look as vivid as they should. But basically, all 6 fans looked very washed out, too bright, not vivid at all. This was in rainbow unicorn barf mode btw. The Phanteks Neon strips, the 4 RAM sticks, and the Pump RGB were displaying very vivid nice-looking color. So I do a test to see what the individual colors look like. With red, green, and blue, everything looked okay, maybe the green was a bit off on the QL fans, but not by much. But when I selected Magenta... The four QL fans looked completely different from the rest of the set up, it was much more blueish and not vivid at all. And the magenta on the two LL fans though the right color this time wasn't as vivid a magenta as the very pump that they were sold with... I don't understand why this is. And it was the same story with the orange, yellow, cyan. The Phanteks Neon Strips and the h100i pump were consistently closer to the correct color, a much more vivid color than the two LL fans and especially the 4 QL fans... EXCEPT for white. I don't know why, but when I picked white, the Neon Strips and the pump were YELLOW... and the LL fans were a solid white, and even the 4 QL fans were white, but a much darker white. This isn't a question of the QL fans being bad either, because I plugged them into the h100i and they were much closer to the correct color just like the LL fans were when they were plugged into the h100i. What is happening? Is the Corsair RGB Fan Hub broken? Whatever is plugged into that shows the worst washed out color. The two fans that can be plugged into the h100i show slightly less vivid color than they should. And for some reason, the Neon strips and the Pump show white as a gross yellowish color. Is there any way to calibrate this? Why is everything so messed up? Do Corsair fans just not show very vivid RGB? I've tried plugging things in one at a time to different controllers and it still doesn't help. Whatever's in the fan up looks like crap. Whatever is plugged into the h100i looks better but still not very vivid. When I plugged in the Phanteks strips into the Motherboard and used RGB Fusion2.0 to check if it displayed white correctly, it did. But for some reason, when I plug it into the RGB Node, it shows the exact same colors as the h100i pump and they both show white as light yellow. And the RGB RAM is always showing the right color and is also vivid. Why can't it all look like that? Why isn't there a way to calibrate the colors in iCue? How do I go about fixing this?
  5. I'm trying out the iCue automatic profile switch feature, but I can't seem to use it for Minecraft, Halo mcc, or Victoria 2, I can only link it to the launcher but it auto switches back to the previous profile once the actual game launches. Any help here?
  6. Hello, I am having a problem with my HS60 headphones. I have been using them for around a month or so. I wanted to try surround sound recently and I downloaded ICUE. Through tests, I found out that after I installed ICUE, in most games if any sound was played there, it would play the normal sound for whatever action BUT have static in background always. Main game I tested on was Minecraft walking on wood planks; static played when I walked on it, stopped moving (no other sound played during this time). I disabled surround for stereo and found out the problem was more or less the same. I uninstalled ICUE and the sound has no background static. So from all this I'm quite sure it's the software with my headphones. Extra details: I am using the USB adapter in USB port (duh) to use mic and headphone audio. TL;DR: With ICUE download, either surround or stereo, any sounds played as background static in most games. Corsair HS60 headphones.
  7. First time here hoping someone can help me with my problems. I recently made a new build with a number of parts from Corsair. My build is: Corsair Obisidian 500d RGB SE case AMD Ryzen 3700X Gigabyte Aorus x570 Master Corsair H115i Platinum. Corsair RM750x The problems I have are with the Commander pro that came with the case and the H115i. These two are connected to the USB 2.0 ports on my MB but I cannot find them both in Device Manager or in iCue software. i have tried different setups both separately in a usb2.0 port. Also tried with the H115i in the commander pro and the Pro on the 1 of the 2.0 ports tried without success. All fans are connected to the commander pro excluding the fans of the H115i which I connected directly to the pump itself. All fans are running and so is the AIO. The RGB lighting also works on the standard rotation. I just can't find them in ICue, so I can't change them either I did read that there were problems with the USB 2.0. in combination with AMD and Corsair is this still playing is there any other way to get this working?
  8. So. My Corsair k95 just arrived recently, after battling with the software for over two hours, I have come to one of two realizations. either the software is ridiculously broken, or I am inept. Here's my most aggravating problem: It kind of bundles into two slightly separated problems. 1. My current profile with switch to the default profile without prompt, even though i've cleared all of the "Link profile to a program" options. 2. Importing other peoples profiles flat out doesn't work. after importing a .cuefolder file, ICUE crashes. once it's rebooted it loads the profiles i'm trying to import, but once I open up the list of profiles, I see this: The three profiles with the sd card looking icons are just the default profiles that the keyboard comes with, and whenever I try to switch to them, within 10 seconds the profile just switches back to the default one anyway. I really need some help, I'm really unhappy with my experience so far. I really hope its just me and not the actual software that's just that inept.
  9. Ever since I downloaded the iCUE software, I've noticed that it causes this issue for me. All my peripherals disconnect for 5-10 seconds and then reconnect right after in 5-20 minute intervals. I really want to be able to use the macros and rgb on my k95. I've tried uninstalling, checking for updates, and resetting windows. Thanks. PS. this is my first thread and I'm quite new to this forum
  10. I purchased a CORSAIR Scimitar Pro RGB and was forced to install iCUE to use my side buttons. The only issue is after installing iCUE my computer black screens every 10 minutes. I have verified its the software causing the issue. I could care less about the RGB stuff, not being able to use my side buttons makes the mouse worthless. My question is there any software or another way to use my side buttons without the iCUE software? I love my mouse but that software is kind of garbage. If there's no other way to use my mouse buttons I'll have to return the mouse for something that wont cause my PC to crash every 10 minutes.
  11. I noticed yesterday when I went in to iCUE that my H100i v2 was not showing up at all. I plugged it in to the MB directly ( I run it through a commander pro normally ) and it still did not show up. Did a quick google search and found that my drivers where the problem. So I remove them and windows reinstall them and after that my H100i v2 is back in iCUE. But now the fan RPM is showing 0RMP. So I reinstall iCUE. I remove all the old paths in the registry, and still nothing. After reinstalling, rebooting 2-3 times Im stuck. I did try installing link ( with iCUE not installed on my system ) but it's the same there. I can see the h100i v2 but the RPM is getting reported as 0. And yes, the fans are spinning and if I run them through the commander pro they report back there speed. I also have tried to change the RPM in iCUE on the H100i v2 it does not change the speed of the fans so it's not a UI bug. I have zero control over it. My Commander pro and Scimitar pro RGB works without problems in iCUE. Before I reinstall Windows to really exclude that it is a software problem. Do anyone know what more I can try or have a fix for this?
  12. For a couple months i've been experiencing this issue that you can see on image or video (in zip file). Issue is iCue doesn't work when i open it, when i scale it, it generates that black area. I cant see window buttons(eg fullscreen, minimize, close), scrolling doesnt work. First i thought it was an issue about my windows 10 but today i made a clean format and i was suprised to see same problem again. That is the only program i'm having this issue. My cpu is i5 4460, mb is msi h97 gaming 3, gpu is msi r9 380 4gb and have 16 gigs of ram. I'm using iCue for hs70 and planing to buy k70 pro mk2 but afraid of this issue. My other periphials are logitech g700s, steelseries apex 350 keyboaed and razer orbweaver chroma, all have their apps installed. Windows 10 is updated to the latest. By the way, i'm using dual monitor setup. 1080p main and 720p as a side monitor. Been using this way all the time. Untitled 2.zip logs.zip
  13. I've notice that after installing icue software onto my system my computer monitor will not go into sleep mode anymore after x amount of idle time or even if I force the display to turn off it will just turn back on. Why I am saying that it is icue that is causing this is when I turn corsair service off in my system and reboot, once the system is booted back up again if this time I force my display to turn itself off it turns off and stays off until I move my mouse or hit a key on my keyboard. does anyone know of a fix for this or is corsair aware of this problem and is trying to fix it? Thanks
  14. Alright so pretty much the EQ and Surround/Stereo functions aren't working and the only way to fix it is to remove my headphones (HS60's) from devices and printers after each reboot/restart; I've tried uninstalling all sound drivers, reinstalling iCUE, installing older versions of iCUE, and quite a bit more. Pretty sure this started after some Windows 10 update since it was working flawlessly for about 2-3 weeks. So if anyone has any ideas on what to try I'm up for suggestions.
  15. My recent gaming build has a lot of Corsair RGB Products and when they don't function properly, I second guess myself for buying them. The issues I'm having are relatively random but I have noticed that they happen when opening applications (especially games) and un-sleeping the PC when it has applications open(also sometimes during none of those). 1. The H100i Platinum cooler RGB, from the pump and fans, glitch, then shut off for about a second, then come back on. This happens anywhere from 3-5 times a minute and does it a good amount before stopping. 2. The same issue happens but prior to it happening, the ML radiator fans spin up to about 3000 rpm (according to iCUE), plummet, and then the glitch occurs but the rgb animation stops across all other iCUE devices. I've done debug logging and everything looks pretty normal but once when the glitch occurred, the logging read that the CPU temp was -127^ 0 C and the either fans the pump or fans were spinning at 48,000 rpm :sigh!:.When the rgb glitch occurs I've also noticed a faint noise that comes from the pump.
  16. Bonjour, Impossible de télécharger la mise à jour pour ma souris sur iCUE (Glaive RGB 3.14) j'ai désinstaller/réinstaller le logiciel, changer de version j'ai même essayer de changer la langue mais rien ne marche J'ai ce message d'erreur : http://www.noelshack.com/2019-09-1-1551050169-sans-titre.png De plus, iCUE ne reconnait plus ma souris après l'erreur.
  17. Bonjour, J'utilise le Corsair h115I Rgb Platinum et je rencontre un problème. Quand je lance Far Cry 5 ou dernièrement la démo de The Division 2, je n'ai pas d’effets de lumières sur mon kit h115i. Cela se produit dé le lancement de Far Cry 5, le h115i et les ventilos s'éteignent et restent dans le noir total. Bref, j'ai réinstallé icue mais cela n'as pas résolu le petit soucis :[pouts: Des idées ou conseils? Merci et mes excuses si sujet déjà existant :sigh!:
  18. Sorry, tried to keep this short but it not so much… Never had luck using the Corsair software starting w/ the keyboard. This has gotten worse trying now in 2019 adding a mouse and headset. Need to have this resolved whether it be a technical fix or an economic fix. Would rather a technical fix though so looking for help/advice. _____________________________________________________________ 2014 Notable Peripherals: Keyboard: Vengeance K70 RGB MX Brown - SKU CH-9000065-NA (preordered back 2014 on Newegg and have had since launch.) 2014 Notable PC specs: OS: Windows 8.1 Pro Board: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. P8Z77-V LK Rev X.0x Processor: 3.40 gigahertz Intel Core i5-3570K Video Card: Geforce 780 GTX 2014 Notable Problems Included: 1. Need to leave on polling option 8. Switching to 2 or 4 did not function at all. Switching to 1 would work OK but when turning my PC on machine would get stuck on POST forcing me to unplug, wait for Windows to load, plug in. Both 8 and 1 would break Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock lights. Keys would work, just not light up. 2. Never able to run firmware update on keyboard. Every time I would try it would fail and the keyboard would stop functioning to the point where I would need to unhook, uninstall software, reboot, etc. Notes: I've tried every combination of polling switch + 1 or 2 USBs plugged in + USB 2.0 and/or USB 3.0. 1 USB is using USB 3.0 or both if USB 2.0 is how I've always understood it but have tried all combos anyway. Uninstalling the software has always been the only true fix. _____________________________________________________________ 2019 Notable Peripherals: Keyboard: Vengeance K70 RGB MX Brown - SKU CH-9000065-NA (same one) Mouse: M65 RGB - SKU CH-9000070-NA Headset: VOID Pro RGB Wireless - SKU CA-9011152-NA 2019 Notable PC specs: OS: Windows 10 Pro Board: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. P8Z77-V LK Rev X.0x Processor: 3.40 gigahertz Intel Core i5-3570K Video Card: Geforce 980 GTX (stepped up in life :D) Problems I'm now experiencing: Keyboard: Same problems, had a complete meltdown. Got it to the point where just the Lock lights are broken. Not even showing in ICUE software anymore. Mouse: Mouse 4 and 5 stops working intermittently Sometimes they work, sometimes not w/ no known changing occurring (I’ll be actively in the middle of something). Firmware up to date Headset: 1. Battery drops noticeably faster. Went from 72% to needs charge within a single game of League of Legends, so about 1 hour. 2. Muting and unmuting both with the nice lady voice and just the beeps are intermittent. Often must raise and lower a couple times to get mic to click on/off as needed. Formed a habit of checking to make sure the mic is muted before doing what I need to do. Had to disable lady due to her never even able to complete her own sentences before cutting herself off. Firmware up to date The Biggie: I started having random disconnect issues in League of Legends. Sometimes the game would lag to the point where it would seem like a network connectivity issue, yet TeamSpeak and other internet tools would be working fine. This happens at least once a game now consistently. A couple times the game would crash without any error or notable lag/problem, crash to desktop so smooth and quick as if you just clicked the X on an open folder… That’s when I realized this same problem happened to me back in 2014 too… and was the reason I originally gave up/uninstalled… Common Denominators: Keyboard Corsair Software Motherboard (Latest available BIOS and drivers) Processor _____________________________________________________________ Between 2014 and present day I’ve moved 4 times, have new SSD, new OS, newer, more beautifuler me, even the software is a lot more polished than 2014. Not sure where to go from here. Would be happy to provide info from a Belarc Advisor run, pull event viewer logs if there are IDs to look for, etc. I just uninstalled the software and already noticing a difference. Unmuting and muting the mic via raise/lower is smooth and consistent. do DOOT - DO doot, over and over, without issue. I’m about to play a round of League while this post stews. I love Corsair but need to adjust DPI. I’d rather invest in a new motherboard than new peripherals if I can get some evidence suggesting the replacement. Don’t want to change brands. :/
  19. Hallo, seit kurzem habe ich das Problem das meine Tastatur nur noch nach dem Start Rot leutet und sobald die Software startet geht die Beleuchtung an der Tastatur aus und lässt sich auch über die Software nicht wieder aktivieren. Alle anderen angeschlossenen Geräte leuchten so wie eingestellt. Sobald die Software deinstalliert ist leuchtet die Tastaur zumindestens in Rot also kann es eigentlich nicht an der Tastatur liegen. Gibt es ein bekanntes Firmware Problem oder stimmt etwas mit der aktuellen Software nicht ? Meine aktuelle Softwareversion ist: 3.10.125 Firmwareversion Tastatur: 2.05 Würde mich über eine schnelle Hilfe freuen.
  20. Hallo Seit einigen Update´s habe ich das Problem das sobald Icue aktiviert ist das mein pc einfach ausgeht.( Habe bei jedem Update gehofft das es von alleine weg geht). Also die Lüfter drehen weiter, die Beleuchtung bleibt auch an aber bekomme kein bild mehr und kann ihn nur noch über denn Netzteil Schalter richtig ausschalten. Kann mir da bitte jemand helfen das es endlich richtig läuft. (PS Win Ereignisanzeige Sagt mir Kritischer Fehler :Das System wurde neu gestartet, ohne dass es zuvor ordnungsgemäß heruntergefahren wurde. Dieser Fehler kann auftreten, wenn das System nicht mehr reagiert hat oder abgestürzt ist oder die Stromzufuhr unerwartet unterbrochen wurde.)
  21. lorsque le logiciel ICUE est lancé le jeux tels que fortnite ou overwatch, le jeux ne détectent plus les boutons latéraux de ma souris M65 pro RGB. si il n'est pas en tache de font les jeux détectent ces boutons. j'ai déjà réinstaller le logiciel, supprimer le dossier dans appdata. rien ne change.
  22. As the title says: I bought a shiny new H115i Platinum to round out my system refresh and was happy when I first turned the system on to see that the LEDs and the AIO were working well and showing up in the iCue software to control RGB. Fast forward to approx. 2 days later when I turned my system on in the morning, to my surprise, the AIO had vanished from the iCue software AND from Link4... Naturally I'm VERY tilted about this for a few reasons: I spent a good chunk of money on this AIO and I expect it to work because of the investment; I've been trying just about every "fix" listed on the forum here for a week with no success; and I also tried a fix that Corsair support sent me and even this did not remedy my problem to get the AIO showing up in iCue. I'm at wits end here and I just want an RGB AIO that works without having to go through a process of back-end user fixes. I'm tired of the slow responses from Corsair support. I don't want to have to take out the H115i Platinum to RMA or anything of the sort. Please help anyone :[pouts:
  23. As I cannot find the right answer and after trying my self I'm asking without luck I'm asking for your help. So, when I builded my rig, I made a various profiles, now I purchased a K70 mk.2. Already made various profiles for my keyboard one for FPS another RTS and so on... But how can I merge this only keyboard profiles with and the previous ones that I have for my fans, AIO and RGB strips without redoing all my work? I tried to export the keyboard profile, that's fine, but icue only have the IMPORT action, so selecting this and import only get back my keyboard profile. I cannot find any merge/combine action. Any help?? I'm using iCue 3.10.125 thanks
  24. I think this is a problem with the software, rather than the mouse pad, but I'm not completely sure. For some reason, the LEDs in the mouse pad like to completely ignore the iCUE software. If I have it set to a rainbow wave, it'll just stay static red. And in the software it shows that it's a static red as well, even though the lighting effect is set to a rainbow wave. And usually when I first open the software it's completely fine, but after like an hour or so, the mouse pad will just turn red, and I have to restart the software for the LEDs on the mouse pad to start doing what the software is telling them to do. It's really weird, and it's only when the software is open. But I would just keep the software closed, but I use the macros on the K95 keyboard I have, and there's no memory on the actual keyboard for the macros, so I have to keep the software open for them to work. So, any suggestions?
  25. Hello Corsair Forum! So I am using lots of Corsairs RGB enviroment now. I had an hardware problem at first, which the Corsair Support fixed fast and without any problems. But now after a couple of days my software seems to have some error. I made my own profile for my fans which I control with my Commander Pro. As reference I used my GPU temperature. I had my CPU, GPU and RAM temps in my dashboard. And today when I started my PC those temps where all gone and iCue seems to can't recognize them anymore? I can't add them back to my dashboard, nor can I use them as curve reference. Thanks in advance
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