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Found 7 results

  1. My Corsair H100i Pro is not being detected in iCUE, I have installed the micro USB header to both USB headers on my Commander Pro and still no detection from iCUE. I even tried to connect the USB 2.0 to the spare connection on my motherboard and still no detection from iCUE. Is my cable faulty or do I need to replace the entire AIO? My device manager is detecting an unknown USB Drive as connected, is this the cooler?
  2. iCUE is unusable, I've been having this issue for weeks. At first it stopped detecting my headphones and then it stopped detecting my keyboard, I tried updating it to the latest version and now it wont even start. And my headphone stop working once the app is installed. At this point I have over $100 of peripherals. I can't fully utilized. Solutions?
  3. Hi, I bought about 1 year ago the Corsair Strafe Red (not RGB) keyboard. I used that for PS4, but 1 week ago i bought this PC. I downloaded iCue, but it recognises only RAM memories (Vengeance PRO) and not my keyboard. Is it compatible with iCue? How can i resolve? Thanks
  4. was using a really old version of ICUE today morning and decided to uninstall it and reinstall the newer version to play Blair Witch. After the install I started ICUE but nothing really happens, looking at task manager it seems to be running fine but the app won't open up. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and deleting old ICUE files with multiple restarts but still no progress or fixes. Anyone know whats up?
  5. First time here hoping someone can help me with my problems. I recently made a new build with a number of parts from Corsair. My build is: Corsair Obisidian 500d RGB SE case AMD Ryzen 3700X Gigabyte Aorus x570 Master Corsair H115i Platinum. Corsair RM750x The problems I have are with the Commander pro that came with the case and the H115i. These two are connected to the USB 2.0 ports on my MB but I cannot find them both in Device Manager or in iCue software. i have tried different setups both separately in a usb2.0 port. Also tried with the H115i in the commander pro and the Pro on the 1 of the 2.0 ports tried without success. All fans are connected to the commander pro excluding the fans of the H115i which I connected directly to the pump itself. All fans are running and so is the AIO. The RGB lighting also works on the standard rotation. I just can't find them in ICue, so I can't change them either I did read that there were problems with the USB 2.0. in combination with AMD and Corsair is this still playing is there any other way to get this working?
  6. Bonjour, Je viens de faire l'acquisition de 2 barrettes de RAM Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro. Je disposais déjà de 2 barrettes non Pro. Cependant après avoir installé les barrettes celles-ci démarrent avec l'effet arc en ciel. J'ai voulu donc en changer avec le logiciel iCue. Après installation du logiciel les barrettes apparaissent des les périphériques mais quand je tente de les configurer (en full contrôle logiciel) seulement la première barrette est mise à jour en terme d'effet et la second reste complètement éteinte. Après reboot du PC, au lancement du logiciel toutes barrettes sont non détectées et après redémarrage du service Corsair elle apparaissent parfois mais toujours impossible de régler plus qu'une seule barrette la seconde reste éteinte. J'ai tenté de mettre à jour le firmware des barrettes qui était déjà à la dernière version en vain. Je dispose d'une carte mère Gigabyte z270 Gaming K5 avec un Bios que je viens de mettre à jour à sa dernière version (F9c). Je disposais d'autre logiciel de configuration RGB dont RGB Fusion 2 et CAM (NZXT). Afin d'éviter un éventuel conflit j'ai désinstallé ces 2 logiciels en vain. J'attache les informations exportées par le logiciel iCue. Je précise ne pas avoir vu mention d'une quelconque option de SPD write dans les paramètres de mon BIOS (car j'ai vu qu'il était souvent mentionnée cette option dans ce genre de thread). SystemData.zip
  7. I noticed yesterday when I went in to iCUE that my H100i v2 was not showing up at all. I plugged it in to the MB directly ( I run it through a commander pro normally ) and it still did not show up. Did a quick google search and found that my drivers where the problem. So I remove them and windows reinstall them and after that my H100i v2 is back in iCUE. But now the fan RPM is showing 0RMP. So I reinstall iCUE. I remove all the old paths in the registry, and still nothing. After reinstalling, rebooting 2-3 times Im stuck. I did try installing link ( with iCUE not installed on my system ) but it's the same there. I can see the h100i v2 but the RPM is getting reported as 0. And yes, the fans are spinning and if I run them through the commander pro they report back there speed. I also have tried to change the RPM in iCUE on the H100i v2 it does not change the speed of the fans so it's not a UI bug. I have zero control over it. My Commander pro and Scimitar pro RGB works without problems in iCUE. Before I reinstall Windows to really exclude that it is a software problem. Do anyone know what more I can try or have a fix for this?
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