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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I just recently purchased the HS60 headset and while I love it, everything about it has been excellent thus far aside from two issues. For one, I'm confused as to why the headset lacks the sidetone feature in iCue. I know that the Void pros and HS70s have this option and the HS60, as far as I can tell, seems identical to the HS70, other than being wired rather than wireless. It seems odd that the HS60 would lack such a feature. I've used other headsets by other manufacturers and I've always bought wired versions because I don't need a wireless headset and it saves me money to grab wired versions. They never lacked any of the functionality of the wireless versions, other than not being wireless. I would love to keep this headset, as it's by far the most comfortable one I've ever owned and the sound quality is great, but lacking sidetone is kind of a dealbreaker. The second issue is a bit odd and one I've never experienced. The mic sensitivity seems to be crazy high on these, to the point that the people I talk to in Discord can not only hear my games, music or videos that are playing, but they can hear their own voices coming through my mic! I have to set my volume very low and move the mic as far away from my mouth as possible, and while this kinda fixes the issue, it does not seem like a tenable solution. I'd love to see mic sensitivity as an option for your line of headsets in the future, as after researching this problem, it seems I'm not the only one who has it, nor is it exclusive to just this model of yours. Overall, I'd like to see this functionality added to your software, because not only would it allow me to keep the headset I purchased, it would keep me loyal as I am a huge fan of it. I would like to recommend it to friends, but I know that they won't be keen on the softwares lack of features for this model. I hoping that someone could disclose whether there are plans to add sidetone and mic sensitivity for HS60s in the future or if it's even possible. Thanks in advance for any info.
  2. This is just a suggestion I'd hope they could integrate into the software. Currently my AX860i PSU is set to the default setting, It pulses up to speed for a brief second and then shuts off when under load. I did have a dabble at setting up a custom profile but it only seems to go off of temperature. My suggestion would be to go off of power supply load. If this is possible it would enable me to set the fan to kick it when it's drawing around 200 watts of power and keep the fan on whilst gaming or under a load. Currently mine only draws around 80-100 watts at idle so a custom curve would allow me to keep the fan off at idle and then stay on at a steady pace under load. Currently the only way to setup your own curve is via temperature, and as the fan would be cooling the PSU it will eventually get to a certain stage where the fan will kick in, cool off for a few moments, power down, heat up, repeat. I've also noticed that the lowest possible curve I can have is 40%, not 0%. Even if I wanted to setup a curve using the temperature the fan is going to be running constantly. Hopefully Corsair tweak the software and can implement something along those lines.
  3. The iCue Software is pretty good, but there are some things missing. We should compile a Feature wishlist so the devs something to aim for. Add your wanted features to this list, if what you want is already on the list reply with: "Example feature +1" --- Fan / RGB Strips Lighting Profile Saved to hardware - To Stop Rainbow lights when starting up or going to sleep. Or if not possible a "neutral" Profile Change Profiles outside of the GUI, Such as Via Command line, Shortcuts and (non-corsair) keyboard shortcuts (so we can set timed events etc..) Android / iOS App for monitoring temps and changing settings A "loading" light Profile, so the light matching the progress bar when downloading or installing something Integration with Steam (match colours, change when download finishes, ect..)
  4. So let me preface this by saying that I have a couple dozen RGB profiles set up in my ICUE, and I like to switch between them a lot. The problem is that there is an individual cooling profile for my h100 v2 synced with each individual RGB profile. Because of this, I would either have to designate a few RGB profiles for gaming and only use them, or manually change the cooling profile for each RGB profile when I want to game. My suggestion to fix this issue is to separate the RGB and Cooling functions of corsair devices into separate profiles, and then have an option to sync RGB and Cooling functions with each other. TLDR: let me manage RGB and Cooling functions separately in ICUE so they don't conflict with each other
  5. I would like to see some new options in iCUE in the future: -The iCUE Space on a secoundary screen and not only on the right side -The download feature of the CUE for the single devices -The option for disableing of the Far Cry5 Lighting Effects. -A SDK for the light effects like the Effects in FarCry5, in a game triggered state -The possiblity to controll the LEDs on e.g. GPUs
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