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Found 23 results

  1. Hi all, I have a full hydroX system all controlled by iCue. I have a 1240x600 7" LCD that I would like to use for my iCue controller & dashboard. The problem is I can't get it to resize to fit the monitor, it seems iCue have a minimum dimension? My system is wall mounted in a TT P5 and the LCD would fill the blank space perfectly. I am hoping I'm just doing something wrong. Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm sure someone has already suggested this, but I wanted to share it anyways!:p: So.. all computers have this setting where you can set a certain period of idling time, after which the monitor turns off. But all your peripherals' lights stays on, no matter how long you're not doing anything on your computer. So my idea is this; I think Corsair should add this option in iCUE as well, so if users want to, they can set their peripherals' lights to turn off after not using the computer for a certain period of time. Corsair could also add the option to set iCUE to detect when the OS tells the monitor to turn off, and turn all peripherals' lights off at the same time. I'd love to see this feature added in a future version.. what do you guys think?
  3. I have a b450m-a/csm, and icue is not showing it, I have followed all the instructions (aura is off) in the guide but nothing is working. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.
  4. I am going to pick up a k55 for myself, but first I want to know if it compatible with the ICUE software. Thanks.
  5. I've always thought that the ICUE Dashboards GPU monitoring lacked a percentage for GPU load and graph display, Windows Task manager has it so it would it be a fairly simple thing to include? Perhaps also even include information for separate gpu fans rpm instead of both if the card supports individually addressable fans? In oder to see if each is operating properly. Anyway thought I'd leave this here as its been bugging me for a while, I like to have all the info up on my right side monitor while gaming and running resource heavy programs and benchmarks, due to it not being a feature of ICue I'm using the task manager to keep an eye on it, which bothers me for some reason, likely as I would prefer to just have one item fullscreen, well either that or I'm starting to develop some form of ocd. :bigeyes:
  6. When i remap keys on side panel of Scimitar PRO RGB or any key of K70 RGB LUX to media functions (sound volume up and down) it changes sound volume to 4-6 points per button press. When iCUE is closed, it works correctly (2 points per button press). Bug does not depend on key.
  7. Hi All Apologies if this has been asked before and if I missed the thread. Have been searching the forums but no luck. I know you can download the SDK etc and integrate your own application to use the SDK to control the hardware lighting etc. But is there a way I can develop something using the SDK can be picked up by the dashboard in iCUE? My idea is to develop a component that can send data to the dashboard and be displayed on the dashboard as a floating panel there. I want to push my own data to the dashboard. Lets take the following example I would like to capture my clicks per second on the mouse and change colors based on that for a strategy game. Changing the colors are possible but can I send that data to be also displayed on the dashboard in iCUE? Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. Hello, I know we are not supposedto talk about other brands. But, heres my question. Are you planning on supporting the panels from nanoleaf on Icue? that way It would make people like me having all RGB integrated in one single app. and it would be excellent. Please make it possible!
  9. Hello, I just recently purchased the HS60 headset and while I love it, everything about it has been excellent thus far aside from two issues. For one, I'm confused as to why the headset lacks the sidetone feature in iCue. I know that the Void pros and HS70s have this option and the HS60, as far as I can tell, seems identical to the HS70, other than being wired rather than wireless. It seems odd that the HS60 would lack such a feature. I've used other headsets by other manufacturers and I've always bought wired versions because I don't need a wireless headset and it saves me money to grab wired versions. They never lacked any of the functionality of the wireless versions, other than not being wireless. I would love to keep this headset, as it's by far the most comfortable one I've ever owned and the sound quality is great, but lacking sidetone is kind of a dealbreaker. The second issue is a bit odd and one I've never experienced. The mic sensitivity seems to be crazy high on these, to the point that the people I talk to in Discord can not only hear my games, music or videos that are playing, but they can hear their own voices coming through my mic! I have to set my volume very low and move the mic as far away from my mouth as possible, and while this kinda fixes the issue, it does not seem like a tenable solution. I'd love to see mic sensitivity as an option for your line of headsets in the future, as after researching this problem, it seems I'm not the only one who has it, nor is it exclusive to just this model of yours. Overall, I'd like to see this functionality added to your software, because not only would it allow me to keep the headset I purchased, it would keep me loyal as I am a huge fan of it. I would like to recommend it to friends, but I know that they won't be keen on the softwares lack of features for this model. I hoping that someone could disclose whether there are plans to add sidetone and mic sensitivity for HS60s in the future or if it's even possible. Thanks in advance for any info.
  10. i am sure this is not the place to ask but i have a question on something in the iCue software. when creating a macro there is a "start settings" tab, of which has a sound option (which i understand and know how it works) and a lighting drop down which is what im asking my question of what is it? i click the drop down and it just says none, but i have lighting effects on the mouse and keyboard, and even tested saving lighting effects to the library of which none of that seemed to work. My goal is to set up a macro to where the key it is bound to (say G1, i have the K95 RGB) will change color on a toggle to indicate a continuous macro is on, like say a macro that just repeats the letter a over and over (my keyboard is green) so i would for example have it change to red but only on that one key while the "A" macro is running and when pressed again the macro will stop and it will go back to green. I have googled, scoured the forums, and the closest i get is a profile switch with 2 lighting set ups being exactly the same except the one key color difference (which i used before but the lighting drop down in the start settings got me curious and i cant find anything on the setting option). Again i apologize as im sure this isnt the place to ask but i didnt know where else go ask. This is my first time ever posting in any forums so again im sorry if this isnt the right way/place, any response is appreciated.
  11. Heya. Just got a K95 and Scimitar Pro. There's one thing I want to do but can't figure out yet. When I press a key, I want two of the light edge lights to come on. Basically it's a "recording" light to let me know I'm screen capturing. I've looked around all of the settings. I've looked at actions. I see there are ways to trigger a lighting effect after a timer starts or finishes, but that effect seems to only trigger once, and using a static color won't work at all. I thought about making a copy of my current profile with the exception that the two lights i want are on, then mapped a change profile action to a button. That *seems* cumbersome, since I would then need to maintain custom lighting for keymappings on two profiles. Any thoughts? Tricks I'm not thinking about?
  12. Hello, I have just bought a Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Rapidfire Mechanical Gaming Keyboard i had few question about its game detection while I'm ingame does the software detect what video games I'm playing and flash color's accordingly. I used have Razer Overwatch keyboard it would light the keys automatically of which games I'm currently playing like Overwatch, Diablo 3 i like my abilities and cooldowns. Also anyoes me it can't remember after rebooting my computer that locked the windows keys
  13. I just bought K70 RGB LUX keyboard and it's a great piece of hardware, but the controlling software (iCUE) was a disappointment :[pouts: There's a neat lighting effects in the SW, but when I am using computer (gaming, photo editing, video editing and so on) I don't wan't flashing lights to distract me. Instead it would be nice to make another profile with all the flashing lights and bling bling and set that profile active when there hasn't been user input for user defined time. Now there's that box where I can choose executable which changes the profile when it's running, so there could be selection for idle profile change and time from drop-down menu. That change shouldn't be hard to implement for iCUE because windows provides hooks and other ways to check user idle time. What do you think about this idea? If this idea gets enough support, then let's hope that corsair listens their customers and make iCUE better. ps. also it would be nice that after locking (win+l) the computer to password query state iCUE would continue to run those lighting effects.
  14. The iCue Software is pretty good, but there are some things missing. We should compile a Feature wishlist so the devs something to aim for. Add your wanted features to this list, if what you want is already on the list reply with: "Example feature +1" --- Fan / RGB Strips Lighting Profile Saved to hardware - To Stop Rainbow lights when starting up or going to sleep. Or if not possible a "neutral" Profile Change Profiles outside of the GUI, Such as Via Command line, Shortcuts and (non-corsair) keyboard shortcuts (so we can set timed events etc..) Android / iOS App for monitoring temps and changing settings A "loading" light Profile, so the light matching the progress bar when downloading or installing something Integration with Steam (match colours, change when download finishes, ect..)
  15. I have recently updated to the newest version of iCue and am now having issues. About a week ago I installed the H150i Liquid Cooler and while that has been great, iCue has not. I do not have the option to use Lighting Link in any of my RGB products anymore (Glaive RGB, ST100 RGB, the new Vengeance RGB and the Lighting Node Pro which has 3 LL fans connected to it and then 4 Corsair RGB Strips). Before installing cooler, Lighting Link was available but now it is gone. I have diabled USB Legacy in BIOS, Corsair USBxp is enabled in device manager and all connections seem to be just fine. All lights are working on all devices, I just can't take advantage of the Lighting Link feature to sync up all my lights. Any advice?
  16. Hey everyone. I don't know if anyone have already suggested these features, but I would like to be sure that these features have been suggested. So here we go. :) I think that the iCUE software is somewhat missing a few features, that shouldn't be to difficult to add (I'm not a programmer so they actually might be). 1. I would really love to see the Vengeance RGB RAM being added to the Lighting Link channel. Yes I know that you can't use all of the different lighting modes on the RAMs, but there is three mode that already are implemented, Rainbow, Color Pulse and Color Shift. Would be great if you could have just those three modes as Lighting Link modes. Personally I'm a Color Shift/Pulse kinda guy, so that's all I really need. And I don't really want to go out and buy the Vengeance RGB Pro RAM, just to have this. I mean, the RAM I have now works and looks great. 2. There is this lighting button on your keyboards, that by default changes the light levels/turn lights off, I would love to see that it could do the same, but for all lights connected in iCUE that used the Lighting Link. I have an older K70, and I'm not sure if this is possible or if this have been added on newer keyboards, but the button should be fully programmable so maybe it is. Personally I haven't been able to figure out a way to make this work within the software, or find anything or anyone on the internet that have done it. I'm not sure if any Corsair employees will see/respond to these kinds of forum posts, but I really hope that someone sees this, and thinks that these two ideas would be great additions to their already good software. And that it is actually possible to add them.
  17. So i recently bought 3 LL120 fans for the front of my case and a commander pro and this is where the problem started. After installing the three fans and the commander pro I opened icue to change light settings and noticed that my H100I V2 had vanished after not touching it, could this be because it still has the stock fans on it ? or because I haven't connected the fans to the commander pro ?
  18. I noticed that when I launch Diablo 3, my K68 RGB uses the native lighting settings and I can't get it to use the profile I made for it instead. My Glaive still uses my custom profile, but not my keyboard. With my Razer peripherals, there's an option to use the native game lighting "preset" profile or my own custom profile; is there an option to do this in iCUE that I'm somehow missing?
  19. For my Sabre RGB mouse, I have many profiles that have Remap Keystrokes bound to different mouse buttons. Whenever iCue starts, these actions initially do not work. I have to go into iCue and click on each action in the list before they'll work. However, this only seems to happen with Remap actions and not Action actions. Here's a sample profile I have hooked up to Google Chrome. You can see 3 key remaps: Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, and Ctrl+F5. If I start iCue and then go into Chrome, none of these actions will work. I have to go click on each one in the Actions list on the left. Then they'll start working. However, if I were to change these from Remap to something else like Macro, Text, Timer, or Launch Application, they would be functioning correctly as soon as iCue opens. Is this buggy behaviour, or am I missing something?
  20. So let me preface this by saying that I have a couple dozen RGB profiles set up in my ICUE, and I like to switch between them a lot. The problem is that there is an individual cooling profile for my h100 v2 synced with each individual RGB profile. Because of this, I would either have to designate a few RGB profiles for gaming and only use them, or manually change the cooling profile for each RGB profile when I want to game. My suggestion to fix this issue is to separate the RGB and Cooling functions of corsair devices into separate profiles, and then have an option to sync RGB and Cooling functions with each other. TLDR: let me manage RGB and Cooling functions separately in ICUE so they don't conflict with each other
  21. Hello. Recently i bought Pack of LL120 Fans. Before i use Thermaltake fans and NZXT fans they were ok but their software were not so advanced as ICUE. But their software have Music Sync which i woluld like to see in ICUE. But i have some ideas to make your software even more great. All folowing features applies to lightning controll of a fans and rgb led strips. 1. I would like to add delay before effect will be shown. something about sec before showing effects this would make more interesting actions. 2. Add playlist (timeline) for effects. SO you can drag them along time line and decide which one should be shown first, ovelap or not another effects. like on this picture. its taken from some fireworks software but i hope you understand the idea. 3. Ability to put effects to folders or pack effects into maybe groups so not to drag them from lighting library one by one and ability to put from one profile to another like a pack or group and maybe export and not to create profile for each. This features for me are very valuable. If it possible to implement them? at least timeline. Because f.e. i want what light will folow each other with some delay but its very difficult to make.
  22. i have a harpoon mouse i downloaded lastest version of icue when i try to lower the brightness it turn off the led the only thing i can do with brightness setting is turn led on/off is my mouse doesn't support it or the icue
  23. I would like to see some new options in iCUE in the future: -The iCUE Space on a secoundary screen and not only on the right side -The download feature of the CUE for the single devices -The option for disableing of the Far Cry5 Lighting Effects. -A SDK for the light effects like the Effects in FarCry5, in a game triggered state -The possiblity to controll the LEDs on e.g. GPUs
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