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Found 4 results

  1. So I've been playing around with the audio visualizer you can use with the ST100, and I've found an issue. No matter how I change my audio levels, I can't make the visualizer go more then like one bar. I feel like there should be a sensitivity slider to make you get greater spikes. Because right now, the only way I can see any movement is to burst my ear drums.
  2. Hi, Without a corsair keyboard, iCUE does not allow one to add ACTIONS to switch profiles. I have COMMANDER PRO & Lightning Node with 6 Corsair fans. For me to change profiles, I have to bring the application to the foreground, navigate to PROFILES and then choose the profile. Would it be possible to add ACTION options to COMMANDER PRO? Or just allow the user to right click on the iCUE system tray icon and choose a profile (this option existed in the latest version of LINK)?
  3. Hello So recently corsair announced and released a plugin that allows control of asus motherboard lighting combined with Aura. Everything is now synced except my old Vengeance RGB. I am wondering if Corsair is going allow to let that RAM be synced but I am afraid they will ditch it. I heard people saying its impossible to control the timings yet when iCue is closed but Aura is running alone with rainbow effect it works perfect, if iCue is running then it would interfere and crash the Aura service eventually. Can I make so that iCue doesn't detect my RAM or leaves it alone? I have seen the Vengeance Pro plugin that lets aura control the RAM but it does not support the normal Vengeance. I really hope they do something similar with removing the DRAM dll or something without crashing the software (tried it) because I really would not want to spend another 200€ on memory while I bought my RAM for 460€ back in the expensive RAM days... I also want to point out just a plugin for removing the Vengeance RGB from iCue would be great because I would be able to control everything true Aura with 3rd party software (JackNetRGB). Regards, Louis
  4. Dear developers, Writing to you is a humble bilingual typist whose poor vision does not allow him to detect in time that he is blind-typing in a wrong language, and so, in a search for a more intelligent keyboard bought himself a new all-flashy K68 rapidfire. And in the stylish and sophisticated iCUE software I could not find such a simple thing as connection to current status of NumLock, CapsLock, and, most important to me, system's input locale switches. Yes, I know that I can create multiple profiles that would be triggered by pressing of corresponding buttons, but each of the statuses can be changed programmatically, and for the input language change things are even more interesting: a) there is an option in windows settings that allows each program to remember its input settings independently from other apps b) language bar allows to switch keyboard languages via a couple of mouse clicks So, I came up with a suggestion that may benefit not only myself, but many others, and definitely will make your hardware behave more intellectually. As you already monitor quite a few things in the windows environment, it should not be too difficult to invoke a macro or switch to a profile based on the following events (for starters, I believe people will quickly add a few more): NumLock turns ON, OFF (not the key press, but on state change the system) CapsLock turns ON, OFF Input language changes to [dropdown list here▼] System locale changes to [dropdown list here▼] The system is inactive for [??] minutes (when the system is ready we go back to default profile). Or, maybe, sreensaver start/stop? [sensor▼] temperature reaches [??] degrees What do you think?
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