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Found 17 results

  1. Bonsoir, Je viens d'installer la toute nouvelle version d'iCUE (4.9.338). Cependant, depuis cette installation, ma souris n'est plus reconnue dans le logiciel alors qu'elle l'était dans l'ancienne version. Mes autres périphériques sont reconnus. J'ai redémarré mon pc et réinitialisé ma souris... Que puis-je faire ? Vous remerciant d'avance, Cordialement,
  2. So I read most of the things on how to uninstall iCUE 3, did it, deleted all files on the system, even on regedit. Still have the same error, now I cant even use my corsair headphones anymore, what else can I do? :!: btw, im trying to install version 4.11.274 Error said: https:// imgur.com/a/5QCLAbQ (delete space)
  3. Since the latest update, I can no longer control the Pump speed on my XD7. It shows and runs at the last setting, if I can disconnect it from my Commander Pro it runs at full speed as expected. All firmware is upto date. Anyone got any ideas?
  4. Hello, I have the HS60 headset and it's always been working fine and made good sound. however since last iCUE update, my mic sound has become so bad that I cannot use it anymore.. I believe it has something to do with the update of iCUE, because it came right efter, also when I boot up iCUE I get the sounds that microphone is enabled as always however I'm also getting a sound about something "microphone feedback" something something. And I do not see any settings where I can change that back or fix it. It happens both when I use the included USB dongle or my ST100. Both gives very bad sound from microphone and both are saying that new microphone feedback thing I hope someone can asset here.
  5. Hi. I recently bought a new PC and installed iCue 4. My Void RGB headset does not appear in the list of devices in iCue 4. I tried to install iCue 3 and it works perfectly, as it did in my previous PC. I would like to use iCue 4 as it's much easier to control the rest of my Corsair devices there, but it's even more important to control my headset, so I'm stuck with iCue 3. Does iCue 4 support the Void RGB headset? And if so, any idea what I may be doing wrong?
  6. Ok I've been using iCUE for years at this point to control my k70 lux, m65 pro, hx750i, lighting node pro, strips, fans, hub, and asus mb. Obviously I'm all in like so many others and much of it because the products are great but also because competing RGB s/w is total garbage. On top of that everyone tries as hard as possible to lock you into their ecosystem and you have to get super hacky just to get different brands to work together. I understand why but it's still a sucky situation. I just want to know why we can't get some little QOL improvements like the ability to natively import more than one profile/folder at a time, active/inactive hours, and persistent profile importing selections. Most if not all iCUE profiles come with lighting effects, assignments, eq, dpi, HID, cooling, and alert profiles. Sometimes I want some of the other things but mostly when I'm (and I assume others) importing a profile I just want the lighting effects so why EVERY TIME do I have to deselect 6 boxes instead of it just remembering the preference from last time? Sometimes you may want more so just select it and the next time if you don't deselect it again. This on top of single profile/folder importing is just so tedious and unnecessary and makes a fresh install (as opposed to restoring a backup) ridiculously over-involved. Why can't iCue turn the lights off at night and back on in the morning? For years I've thought "oh they'll get around to it" they're such common sense features that I can't be the only person to think about/ask for it. We have had several MAJOR design overhauls but can't get these simple things built into the app. There are 3rd party apps to do some of it but why not natively in the app?! I don't mean any of this in any derogatory way and i appreciate the development that has gone into it but I would just like iCUE usage to not be so tedious. I also know many people's gut response will be "dude, it's free software, give em a break" but that's not really true is it? It's a piece of SEVERAL VERY EXPENSIVE products that some have put as much or more money AND time into than the rest of their rigs. Just because it's the best doesn't mean there isn't room for improvements. Anyhow, thanks to any and all who read/consider this.
  7. I just recently installed ICUE 4 and have been trying to get everything set up, but am having issues with it picking up the fans on my commander pro. I have attached some screenshots (1-4 in chronological order as I couldn't upload a video), but what is happening is that the fans will show up for 1/2 a second, read a completely wrong rpm (11k+ rpm) then disappear from ICue again. The fans are running at a constant speed and I am able to control lighting ( ram, gpu & mobo through ICUE, but argb headers have to be done through armoury crate for some reason). I would like to reduce the fan speed as they are pretty loud, but running at a constant sounding rpm. I am unsure of what as I am unable to control them through ICUE and they are only connected through the commander pro. Thank you!
  8. Hello forum, For the people like me ddn't know why when they do the Icue update her H115i ddnt appear anymore, it's because corsair intentionnal delete the firmware from the new Icue 4. This is a answer from the official support who tell me littéraly : "Go ****** yourself and buy new product" :mad: https://ibb.co/f21tk6V Somebody have a bypass for fix this ? Thank you.
  9. I need help with my Virtuoso SE headset! Since the update to iCUE 4 (now at 4.11.274) it cannot be updated anymore. Same for the dongle. Both are stuck at 0.17.149 (headset) and 0.16.80 (dongle) respectivly. When pressing the "Check for Updates" button, iCUE does not show up-to-date. But it also does not update the firmware. I also cannot force update because that button is greyed out. (See Attachments) I have tried different ports (no hub), soft reseting the headset, uninstalling iCUE completely/fully and uninstalling the devices in device manager. I have read a few threads, where either the dongle or the headset is at a 0.x.x version but not both. I also know from these threads that the latest firmware is somewhere in the 5.x.x range. I am pretty sure that this can only be fixed with a manual firmware update. I would greatly appreciate if some Corsair employee could send me the latest firmware as .zip or .bin. The P/N of the headset and dongle is CA-9011180.
  10. Please ref to attachment ''Corsair Fault'' PNG file. I have been having issues with my iCue4 ecosystem as it keeps punching in and out (USB disconnect/reconnect sound goes off and I get major lag in game; keyboard/mouse/headset disconnect for a good 10 sec, as well as fans/pump/lights blinking on and off) and there seems to be a link with when iCue detects BY MISTAKE a ''Thermal Probe'' and prompts me if I want to start the Set-Up Wizard for Hydro X... Its all wrong. This can happen every 15-20min at its worst. I have the following iCue related equipment: - H115i RGB Platinum AIO w/280mm RAD w/2x ML140mm fans (connected on their own cables with the pump, however pump USB is in a Commander Pro) - 4x Pro RGB Strips Connected in a Lighting Node Pro (LED #2) - 2x RGB Fan LED Hub (1x for 1-3 Front SP120mm fans connected in NoPro LED #1 and fans 1-3 in Commander Pro; 1x for 2 Top ML140mm/1 Back ML120mm fans connected in Commander Pro LED #1 and fans 4-6 - 1x Commander Pro with connections already explained - 1x Lighting Node Pro with connections already explained - STRAFE RGB MK.2 Keyboard where Headset and Mouse connect with Virtuoso SE Dongle in Keyboard USB slot - IRONCLAW RGB WIRELESS Gaming Mouse - VIRTUOSO RGB WIRELESS SE High-Fidelity Headset I have tried numerous updates, and restarts but I need help from you guys. WHAT I WANT: For iCue to stop dropping in and out, so I can have a smooth gaming experience without losing games dues to my PC (always blame the parts, never the player HAHA!) Thanks in advance
  11. I was on the path to learning how to download and import new profiles in the last version of iCUE. I just installed the newest version. the included Scenes in iCUE 4 work just fine. I cant figure out how to change profiles. I created a key assignment, when I click the key I have assigned I see it being selected inside the iCUE software, but no lighting effects change. All of the custom profiles I'm using were downloaded from Corsair. Any ideas?
  12. I have my fan #6 port connected to the hydro x xd5 pump and it keep reverting back from the hydrox x series pump profile to the silent profile. The fans retain their hydrox x series fan profiles though. Maybe that is the way the new software works. I am unsure. I have already tried reinstalling the software. Thanks ahead for any suggestions.
  13. So i updated to ICUE 4 instead of ICUE 3. I saw the "Philips Hue" setting was there. I have a lot of Philips Hue so i tought i will try it. But when i enabled it and tried to use it, it just said "Device is not detected on LAN" I have the Hue app installeret on my pc with no problem. My PC have both cable to the router and wifi to the router. Anyone got an idea what i should do?
  14. Bonjour, j'ai depuis 9 mois une souris Corsair HARPOON RGB Wireless et, depuis que je suis sous ICUE 4, je reçois souvent une notification me demandant de mettre à jour le pilote de ma souris. Le problème est qu'à chaque fois que je regarde la version du nouveau pilote, j'y retrouve la même version que la mise à jour précédente. Ce qui me laisse penser qu'il y a un bug soit de mise à jour du pilote, soit de vérification de la version du pilote ou je ne sais quoi.
  15. Bonjour, J'ai un problème sur mon casque Virtuoso Wireless SE il ne se connecte plus à son dongle et ils font de la lumière rouge clignotant (micro, dongle, diode sur le coté gauche du casque) sauf le logo Corsair sur les côtés du casque qui est en bleu clair. Le casque fonctionne en mode USB avec micro. J'ai forcé la maj sur le dongle avec ICUE en v4 qui a marché mais sans succès, j'ai fait de même avec le casque mais avec ICUE en v3 car impossible de le faire en v4 car bouton grisé, Maj réussi mais sans succès. J'ai essayé de réappairer le dongle et le casque mais il reste bloqué sur la vérification du branchement du dongle, appairage testé depuis les paramètres du casque, car dongle bouton grisée. Le casque a commencé à clignoter rouge car je l'avais laissé en mode Wireless plusieurs heures sans l'étendre et dongle débranché, j'ai rechargé le casque toute la nuit et rien n'y fait. Merci d'avance.
  16. Hallo, ich habe seit dem ich iCue neu installiert habe ein kleines Problem. Die Beleuchtung der H100i Platinum RGB wird nämlich durch diese Software negativ beeinflusst. Sobald iCue 4 nämlich läuft, ist die Beleuchtung "Spiralregenbogen" nicht mehr sehr flüssig, sondern leicht abgehackt (betrifft Lüfter und Pumpe). Außerdem fängt die komplette Beleuchtung an zu flackern und "durchzudrehen" sobald die CPU sich etwas unter Last befindet (z.B. beim öffnen eines neuen Tabs). Diese Probleme verschwinden sobald ich die Software komplett geschlossen habe. Die Wasserkühlung hat bereits das neuste Update drauf und ich habe auch bereits mehrmals Updates auf die Wasserkühlung erzwungen, aber das hilft leider nicht. Außerdem höre ich manchmal, dass ein USB Gerät ausgesteckt wurde und dann geht die Beleuchtung kurz aus und wieder an. Die Lüfter stehen im BIOS auf PWM. Es muss ein Softwarefehler sein, oder? Denn wie gesagt sobald iCue 4 geschlossen ist, leuchtet sie ganz normal ohne Probleme. Ist das Problem bekannt und wie kann ich es lösen?
  17. Hallo, ich habe ein Problem beim Einstellen der LS, via Videobeleuchtung. Meine Config bei einem 28" Monitor ist: 350 - 350-250 - 350 - 250-350 iCUE lässt mich dieses Setting nicht auswählen. Es ist gefixt auf 250-450-450-250-450 (Einzel-UW-Monitor), was jedoch zu lange ist und die einzelnen LEDs entsprechend falsch beleuchtet. Wenn ich die einzelnen LEDs auswähle und als Schnellbeleuchtungszone fixe, rechnet die Videobeleuchtung weiterhin falsch aus. Wenn ich die LS als externe Strips Einstelle, kann ich zwar die Längen und Reihenfolgen selbst wählen, jedoch geht dann die Videobeleuchtung nicht! Gibt es dafür eine Lösung?? iCUE ist v4.9.350, also bis dato aktuell.
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