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  1. So I recently built a new PC for Win 11 and reused some parts from my old system. One of the parts I reused is my H100i V2 AIO cooler. I was still using iCUE 3 on the old system so I decided to switch to iCUE 4 on the new one. iCUE 4 detects it and it's all working as it should, but when I started creating more profiles I noticed that I can only customise hardware lighting which is the colour it displays when iCUE is not running and this is not linked to your profiles anymore. In iCUE 3 I could assign a different colour for each profile but not in iCUE 4. Fine it's only a small single colour rgb corsair logo, but still, what gives?
  2. Hi, The title pretty much sums up everything. Updated to 22h2, thumb buttons don't work anymore. Tried uninstalling Valorant/Vanguard yesterday as it was sometimes triggering the bug, but it just did it today. Everything works fine when ICUE is closed and I obviously already tried to uninstall/reinstall ICUE, to repair it, to change the mouse profile inside, nothing fixes it in the long term.
  3. Shows below error everytime I try to install Nvidia Broadcast Technologies. I clean reinstalled iCUE 4 3 times and it still does not work. (followed Corsair's own clean reinstall method) I have around 300gb of space left on my C drive, so guessing that my disk is not the problem. Anyone know how to fix this?
  4. I have a Virtuoso headset. I like quite a lot with two exceptions. One is that there is no hardware lighting profile. This is very annoying as when you charge the headset with the system off the headset blares WHITE all over my room. This can make it quite hard to sleep. I would like to be able to set this color. Or at the very least it needs to be made black. The other issue I have with the Virtuoso headset is the non replaceable battery. But I digress.
  5. PC was built and given back to me in March 2022 all was fine Armoury Crate and iCUE was all sync could see it on iCUE All good then my RGB on my Asus Motherboard, Asus ROG 3080 stop... All 9 Corsair fans, Keyboard sync just not the Asus stuff and not my Asus ROG 3080 doesn't show on iCUE anymore.... tried unstalling and reinstalling everything from what was said in this video: How To Enable Aura Sync Control For Your Corsair RGB Memory! not nothing still the same iCUE is: v. 4.25.155 Armoury Crate is: Anyway someone could help me please ?
  6. I recently connected all of my fans to the Commander Core that came with my H100i Elite Capellix and none of my fan speeds are able to be controlled with iCue. I have 5 fans, 2 are not PWM so I don't expect those to be controlled however 2 of my fans are the RGB ML120s that came with the AIO and one is a SP120. The RGB ML120s lighting is able to be controlled and all fans are reporting rpms to iCue including the non PWM ones which inaccurately show 60k to 61k rpm. The RGB ML120s idle around 1200 rpm and do ramp up to about 2350 rpm under load with the SP120 one topping out at 2000 rpm no matter what fan setting I use. I have tried setting custom fan curves in iCue, removing all other monitoring software (HWinfo/CPU-ID) and checked that my BiOS is not controlling them. If anymore info is needed let me know.
  7. First of all, Type Lighting does work. But only if it ISN'T set to lighting link, and is instead set to the type lighting preset. Its the latest version of ICue (4.24.193) and all of the hardware is up to date as well (Lighting Node, Vengeance RGB RS, K70 MkII, Glaive Pro). Is this just a bug or is my system broken? Pic 1: Type lighting preset working, pressing space bar at regular intervals. Pic 2: Type lighting lighting link not working, pressing space bar at regular intervals (you'll have to trust me I am).
  8. Hallo ich habe keine großes und nerviges Problem. Ich habe mir Peripherie von Corsair geholt ( Headset: Void Elite Wireless, Tastatur: K95 RGB Platinum, Maus Ironclaw RGB Wireless. ). Mein Problem ist, dass ich Gaming Profile in der Icue Software erstellt habe, damit sich meine Profile automatisch getauscht werden, was ja sehr gut klappt. Das Problem ist, wenn sich das Profil Wechselt ( z.B. von Standard Profil auf Apex Profil.), ist mein Sound im Headset weg z.B. höre ich meine Freunde in Discord nicht mehr oder wenn ich Musik im Hintergrund läuft, höre ich sie dann auch nicht mehr. Erst wenn ich z.B. aus dem ''Telefonat'' raus und wieder rein gehe kriege ich wieder Sound. Ich hab einiges versucht, ich habe alle unnötigen Audiogeräte Deaktiviert, Icue neu aufgesetzt, Icue v3 Installiert, da findet die Software meine Maus aber nicht mehr. Dann habe ich mein PC neu Aufgesetzt, hab die neuste Icue Version heruntergeladen (v4.24.193) und dann v4.23.137, auch da habe ich die selben Probleme.
  9. I have a Commander Core XT. I have all my fans connected to it. I have a fan curve that that uses 0 RMP mode for all said fans. When I lock my system my fans stop even if the CPU is under full load. Either iCue needs to be able to control the fans even with no user logged based on last cooling profile or a way to set a hardware profile needs to be made.
  10. Hello, Love the usefulness of iCue. But I have run into a roadblock. I often use iCue to fix what I think are bad game input designs. One such example is Halo Infinite Campaign where I have macros for swapping to and using equipment as one keystroke instead of having to swap to and then use equipment over two keystrokes. Fast forward to (or go back in time?) to The Division 2. I have found that I really want the grenade behavior to be that when I press and hold X to show the throw guide and then when I release X to then throw the grenade. Unfortunately the game does not allow for this behavior. Also unfortunately iCue does not allow me to add this behavior either. But if one could assign more than one action to a single key then it would be possible. I could have one macro be the pressing of the X button in game and have it trigger while the key is pressed and then have a second macro set to press left click on key release. I also have some DPI related stuff that I would like to do while changing profiles also bound to the same key. So when I press the M key to bring up the map I want it to change the DPI and the profile to change what some of the other keys do. All this could be fixed by allowing multiple actions per key.
  11. For whatever reason at random the "Enhanced Pointer Precision" toggle becomes on for random profiles. I have Enhanced Pointer Precision turned off in windows as well.
  12. So i updated to ICUE 4 instead of ICUE 3. I saw the "Philips Hue" setting was there. I have a lot of Philips Hue so i tought i will try it. But when i enabled it and tried to use it, it just said "Device is not detected on LAN" I have the Hue app installeret on my pc with no problem. My PC have both cable to the router and wifi to the router. Anyone got an idea what i should do?
  13. So I just installed the ICUE update and now there are 2 GPU Temps. when I am playing on is showing like 70-80°C and the other one is around 90°C at load. Is that bad or what is this second temp?
  14. I was on the path to learning how to download and import new profiles in the last version of iCUE. I just installed the newest version. the included Scenes in iCUE 4 work just fine. I cant figure out how to change profiles. I created a key assignment, when I click the key I have assigned I see it being selected inside the iCUE software, but no lighting effects change. All of the custom profiles I'm using were downloaded from Corsair. Any ideas?
  15. I just replaced my K100 that I got about 7 months ago from the keyboard lighting not dimming at times. I just connected my replacement K100 and was checking everything and found that the Mute key indicator light on the keyboard will not toggle. It shows it working on iCUE and the OSD toggling off and on, but the keyboard displaces muted. If I quit iCUE it goes out, or if it's toggled off and I reboot the PC it goes off. Any ideas? My K95 works fine, and the last K100 never had this problem.
  16. Hallo Forum, leider habe ich aktuell das Problem, dass ich an meiner M65 Elite die Sniper-Taste nicht mehr programmieren kann. Ich kann zwar eine Funktion auf die Taste legen (z.B. Profil wechseln), aber es gelingt mir nicht, hier einfach nur einen Tastaturbefehl zu programmieren. In Icue sieht alles fein aus, es funktioniert aber nicht. (Getestet in COD MW und COD Vanguard) Gestern ist mir der Fehler aufgefallen, nachdem vorher alles funktioniert hat wie gewünscht. Reset der Maus habe ich schon probiert (ausgesteckt, bei gedrückten Maustasten wieder eingesteckt) - leider ohne Erfolg. Hat hier jemand das gleiche Problem, oder vielleicht schon eine Lösung? Gibt es eigentlich eine Anleitung für Icue? Auf Youtube habe ich nur Tutorials zum Thema Beleuchtung gefunden. @Corsair Sorry, falls ich diese Funktion nicht gefunden habe. Aber falls nicht vorhanden, könnte man in Icue vielleicht eine Funktion einbauen, um die Programmierung zu testen? Es ist total lästig, wenn man beim Experimentieren immer wieder in ein Spiel wechseln muss, um zu probieren, ob alles klappt. Bei anderen programmierbaren Geräten kenne ich die Funktion "Profil testen". Im Voraus vielen Dank für die Hilfe.
  17. En el pasado, adquirí un sistema de refrigeración líquida h100i V2, y en su momento me daba problemas en cuanto a que el iCUE no era capaz de configurar la velocidad de la bomba, poniéndola al máximo desde que se daba el mínimo aumento de temperatura. Era molesto, así que recurrí al software Corsair LINK, con el que pude gestionar correctamente este problema. Sin embargo, recientemente adquirí un teclado Corsair K55 RGB Pro, y para configurar la iluminación y las teclas de Macros, he vuelto a descargar el iCUE. Según he instalado el iCUE v.4.18.209, el software ha tomando control directo tanto del teclado como de la refrigeración, volviendo a poner la velocidad de la bomba al máximo. Me gustaría saber si existe una manera de desactivar la gestión del dispositivo h100i V2 en el iCUE, para que este sea gestionado exclusivamente por el Corsair LINK o, en caso contrario, si existe algún software alternativo al iCUE que me permita gestionar el teclado sin causar interferencias con la bomba.
  18. Hey everybody, yesterday I bought a Corsair iCue 220T RGB Glass Case, 3x SP120 Pro fan and 2x LL120 fan. To control the fans and LEDs I use a Corsair Commander Core XT. My problem is iCue 4 can't control the fan speed. The SP120 are locked around 600-800 RPM and the LL120 are locked around 1400 RPM. (But the LED control works fine.) I've read many forum entries and tried a lot. For example, user-defined presets, restart, reinstallation, updates, delete settings from AppData, etc. Unfortunately, nothing helped... Maybe someone had the same problem and maybe they can help me. Thanks in advance! Greetings Critical My PC MB: ASUS Q87M-E PS: be Quite 550W 80Plus Platinum GC: NVIDIA RTX 3060 RAM: 16GB [4 x 4GB] Processor: Intel i7-4790K HD: 4TB [2x 500GB HDD(WD) ; 2x 500GB SSD (Samsung, WD)] Fan: 3x Corsair SP120 Pro 2x Corsair LL120 Controller: Corsair Commander Core XT
  19. Hello, I have been tryting to install iCUE 4 for several hours now. The error I am getting is "The Older Version of iCUE 4 Software Cannot Be Removed." This is weird because I never removed it in the first place... just was not there randomly. I have been using iCUE for several years now and have had no issues other than this. I have reassured all past files were deleted and registry keys were deleted as well, but no luck. The program does not show up in the Control Panel either. None of my Uninstaller tools will detect it either. I've attached the log files from the crash report. The error codes are consistant from every time. System Specs: Ryzen 7 2700x 32GB RAM msi gtx 1660 super msi b550 MAG motherboard If anyone can help that would be awesome! msi log.pdf
  20. Pretty straight forward, go to download the 4.17.244 update and it gets hung up on the setup configuration window. I've stopped and restarted the download two or three times and it did the same thing with the last three updates. However, after a few days each of the updates would disappear after not updating. I'm stuck on 4.14.179. Would rather not have to uninstall and reinstall the program
  21. Hi What is the most stable version of iCue that works for you? My problem is that iCue either a) Crashes randomly and irrecoverably needing a restart. b) Crashes randomly, is able to be restarted, crashes again rinse repeat ad nauseum. c) I have 5 peripherals. M65 mouse, K70 rgb mk2 lp keyboard, mm800 pad, lt100 & ls100 towers & lights. Any or all will disappear randomly. iCue says no devices found d) I have 7 profiles set up, assigned to different programs. Randomly they won't work, or don't change when switching programs. Is ther a version that you use that just works? Any help, suggestions would be appreciated. Things I have tried. - Reinstalling - Uninstalling and reinstalling. - Uninstalling. Restart. Removing all instances/drivers as per Corsair FAQ. Restarting. Installing. Restarting. - Removing individual peripherals and reinstalling after a reboot. - Installing iCue anc then adding peripherals individually. Thanks!
  22. Bonsoir, Je viens d'installer la toute nouvelle version d'iCUE (4.9.338). Cependant, depuis cette installation, ma souris n'est plus reconnue dans le logiciel alors qu'elle l'était dans l'ancienne version. Mes autres périphériques sont reconnus. J'ai redémarré mon pc et réinitialisé ma souris... Que puis-je faire ? Vous remerciant d'avance, Cordialement,
  23. So I read most of the things on how to uninstall iCUE 3, did it, deleted all files on the system, even on regedit. Still have the same error, now I cant even use my corsair headphones anymore, what else can I do? :!: btw, im trying to install version 4.11.274 Error said: https:// imgur.com/a/5QCLAbQ (delete space)
  24. Since the latest update, I can no longer control the Pump speed on my XD7. It shows and runs at the last setting, if I can disconnect it from my Commander Pro it runs at full speed as expected. All firmware is upto date. Anyone got any ideas?
  25. Hello, I have the HS60 headset and it's always been working fine and made good sound. however since last iCUE update, my mic sound has become so bad that I cannot use it anymore.. I believe it has something to do with the update of iCUE, because it came right efter, also when I boot up iCUE I get the sounds that microphone is enabled as always however I'm also getting a sound about something "microphone feedback" something something. And I do not see any settings where I can change that back or fix it. It happens both when I use the included USB dongle or my ST100. Both gives very bad sound from microphone and both are saying that new microphone feedback thing I hope someone can asset here.
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