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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, here are some quick guides for upgrading the memory and 2.5" storage of CORSAIR ONE i100/i200 Series systems. Note that PRO models are equipped with motherboards that feature slots for smaller form-factor SO-DIMM memory, so the modules will look different from traditional desktop modules as seen in non-PRO models. Final note, M.2 SSDs in current CORSAIR ONE models are underneath the motherboard and will require the motherboard to be removed in order to access the module. The M.2 drive contains your operating system and recovery partition, so an upgrade will require either you clone the drive using a USB M.2 NVMe adapter OR a fresh install of Windows 10 (you'll need to download drivers from the product page for your particular CORSAIR ONE model). Memory: [ame] [/ame] 2.5" Storage: [ame] [/ame] -CJ
  2. Hi forum goers, I just purchased a Corsair I165 and set it up out of the box, ran Windows Update until complete, and am having some licensing issues. Windows 10 Pro won't activate and Corsair Diagnostics is throwing a "This version of PC-Doctor is not licensed to run on this system." license failure message. Has anyone encountered this before and know how to address it? Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone else is having this issue. After I shut down from Windows, the keyboard, mouse and monitor all power off (LEDs turn off), but the Corsair itself just turns to its default blue lights (I have a different LED pattern running on it) and just sits there (fan quietly running). I've waited, thinking that maybe it is 'cooling off' after a long gaming session and needs to stay on for a bit to use its fan but no, it doesn't shut off even after about 30 minutes. I've called the help line and they suggested I restore it to a previous state which I did, but this hasn't solved the problem. Is this something I should worry about? I am ok with having to hold down the power button to turn it off... Thanks, Jake
  4. Hey guys, I'm wondering if any of you have found success with overclocking the i165. What I mean is if you've gotten significantly more performance out of it, because I tried and did not achieve more than some inconsistent 2% ish boosts in CPU speed and, perhaps, a few frames more per second from the GPU at the expense of a lot more fan noise (though still at full volume it wasn't a big deal - i just think that the tradeoff of silence for a few less frames is worth it). Jake
  5. Seems like I got unlucky but the experience so far has definitely put a damper on things. Just received my i165, excitement levels were through the roof. However, this quickly changed upon the initial boot as currently my new machine just continues to endlessly cycle through the boot sequence followed by a sudden restart. Also noticed that during the unboxing process the power adapter and antenna weren't in there own cardboard box but simply in their own plastic bags wedged in the gap between the foam padding at the bottom of the box (not sure if the packaging procedure has changed as unboxing videos I've seen prior to my purchase show the accessories within the box packaged differently). Definitely pretty sad that I just got a new machine and it had to fail on me straight out the box... Logically I know for every x number of machines sent out to customers I'm sure a small fraction of them make it through QC despite having issues. However, I can't help but feel very let down especially after spending a long time reading up on and researching the machine and hearing nothing but praise. Currently undecided whether to get a replacement or simply get a refund, safe to say my first time buying a prebuilt has sort of left a scar.
  6. Hi, I just received a Corsair One i165 two days ago (love it) and I was wondering if there might be a RTX 2080 Ti Super version in the near future. Basing everything on rumors at this point so its likely that Corsair doesn’t have an official position on this yet, but thought I’d get the conversation rolling. Exciting times, folks. https://wccftech.com/exclusive-nvidias-super-gpus-unleashing-monsters/
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