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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone, here are some quick guides for upgrading the memory and 2.5" storage of CORSAIR ONE i100/i200 Series systems. Note that PRO models are equipped with motherboards that feature slots for smaller form-factor SO-DIMM memory, so the modules will look different from traditional desktop modules as seen in non-PRO models. Final note, M.2 SSDs in current CORSAIR ONE models are underneath the motherboard and will require the motherboard to be removed in order to access the module. The M.2 drive contains your operating system and recovery partition, so an upgrade will require either you clone the drive using a USB M.2 NVMe adapter OR a fresh install of Windows 10 (you'll need to download drivers from the product page for your particular CORSAIR ONE model). Memory: [ame] [/ame] 2.5" Storage: [ame] [/ame] -CJ
  2. Just received word from FedEx that my i160s is stuck in customs and in need of a tariff number. I have no apparent way to resolve this on my end, so I'm concerned it's just going to stay there indefinitely. Has anyone else resolved an issue like this? If so, how can I expedite this? Never experienced this before with an order, even one coming from overseas. One would think a tariff number would have been assigned already, by someone in the process. The funny thing is I ordered from Corsair because they were close to me (Los Angeles), but I suppose the actual PC builds come from Taiwan.
  3. So I have a brand new corsair K95 RGB keyboard, currently being used with a brand new pro i160. Newest drivers installed, and using the iCUE software. Every few minutes the keyboard will become undetected (lights stay on, but it is completely unresponsive), requiring me to unplug and replug the USB. It will continue working for a few minutes, or sometimes just a matter of seconds. Inside of the iCUE software the keyboard either vanishes or shows a red "!" in a triangle, which is fixed briefly when I unplug/replug the keyboard. Also got a windows "The last USB device you connected to this computed malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it" error message x1. USB slots are all working fine with other devices. And I would assume corsair <=> corsair compatibility. Couldn't find anything specific on the forums addressing this. I tried some troubleshooting: -Reinstalled the drivers/rebooted with the keyboard plugged in -Disabled USB selective suspend in windows 10 power options -Found out I was using a USB 2 port, changed to USB 3 port (which oddly fixed the problem for a few hours before it returned?) Anything else I can do to troubleshoot this? Any idea if this is a hardware or a software issue? Will replacing the keyboard help, or I'll just get the same issues? Thanks to the community, Grayson
  4. Hello, I just purchased the new i160 and instantly bought a 970 evo plus 2tb to replace the 500gb ssd. Anyway, I didn't found out anyone doing the replacement, there are no articles or video of people doing the upgrade. Does anybody upgrade their ssd yet? Any video or suggestion?
  5. Corsair One i160, was working fine but today at morning when I booted it, right side cooler went too loud, it is impossible to sit around without noise cancelling headphones. Speccy shows motherboard temperature 107C. BIOS shows motherboard temperature 55C but fan speed at 3400RPM. All other CPU temperatures around 45C, GPU - 30C. CPU/GPU pumps are at ~1800RPM. iCUE logs shows this: - MB Temp #1: 104.0°C - MB Temp #2: 127.0°C - MB Temp #3: 104.0°C - MB Temp #4: 46.0°C - MB Fan: 3400RPM - GPU Fan: 3441RPM - CORSAIR ONE Fan: 413RPM Tried to play with fan curves in BIOS - didn't change anything, so I reverted it all to defaults. Any help/ideas?
  6. I ordered a Corsair ONE i160 a few days ago. Live in New York. The credit card was charged upon ordering. Anyone know when these units will ship? The website indicates they are not yet shipping. Is this true?
  7. Just a quick question - I noticed this listed on the new i140 & i160 - what is the difference between Windows 10 Home Advanced - and normal Windows 10 Home?
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