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Found 9 results

  1. Looking for some assistance. I have a 5000D case plus the XH5000i kit. My motherboard is a Asus ROG z790. When trying to fit the top radiator with the 90 degree fittings, it's hitting the top of the motherboard and I can't get it flush. Haven't seen anywhere else where someone is having this issue. I am hoping it's just something simple.
  2. I'm doing a hardline hydro x build in a o11xl. 3x360, pump/res, cpu and gpu, satin black pipes. All Corsair - for now. For the time being I run it with soft tubing. Kinda tricky getting the perfect bends/lines I want without adding a few fitting/extenders as I see it, but sadly Corsair do not sell any. Anyone knows if its planned? If not. Anyone tried combining Bitspower fittings with Corsairs? I'm doing a black build so will black bitspower extenders fit corsairs fittings nicely? I'm thinking look here. Bitspower matt black or carbon black vs Corsairs black end so on.
  3. Diese Frage richtet sich in erster Linie an die Corsair Mitarbeiter: Wie lange wird es dauern, bis ein HighEnd HydroX Wasserkühlblock für die Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090, oder wie auch immer die Karte dann im Endeffekt heißen mag, im Handel verfügbar ist? Ich bedanke mich bereits jetzt für jeden hilfreichen Beitrag.
  4. So what do you get the 1000d that has everything? A complete rebuild and a little brother to fit inside. Here is the first build post on my 1000d for those following along. Where that post left us was a 1000d with 2x420mm radiators configuration. Today's mission. 1. Add an ITX system with a 240mm radiator mounted in the rear of the case. The ITX is an ASUS B450 motherboard, Ryzen 3 2200G with integrated Vega Graphics. XC7 Waterblock and XD3 Pump-Reservoir Combination. 16GB Dominator RAM. 500GB M.2. 1TB SATA SSD. 2. Split the main loop into GPU and CPU loops by adding a second XD5. 3. Upgrade the CPU to Ryzen 9 3900x. 4. Switch the top Radiator from 1x420mm to 2x360mm radiator. Add 6xLL120 fans on top of the fan tray and 6xQL1200 fans below the radiators. 5. Use QL fans where possible on the internals of the case. 6. Create iCue profile that shows temperature tell-tales and controls RGB from the main system, while providing monitoring of the ITX. Buckle up it's a fun ride. 1. ITX system Prepped the ITX board external to the system as expected. Fit the CPU block, radiator in the rear of the case with no issues. The trick was the XD3 pump. The pump is bigger than it appears in the product shots. This pump is a 120mm square. You also need to allow for spacing of fittings on the board. The other interesting thing with this configuration is I wanted to mount it vertically behind the ITX motherboard on the 1000d PSU Shroud. The pump stand really didn't allow for this configuration, but some 3m double sided tape took care of it for now. If I stay in this configuration (not changing to a GPU for the ITX) then I will make some mounting holes in the PSU shroud. The second trip is that I needed two temperature sensors. I needed one to connect to the CoPro I mounted in the rear for the ITX to manage two fans and pump RPM. The other is a temp sensor for the CoPro on the main system to provide a RGB telltale for how hot the ITX is getting. Here is a shot of the ITX installed with the XD3 Pump Connections. Mission 2 and 3 were combined. I switch out the CPU when I took down the system to add the ITX build in. No issues other than driver installation. I rerouted the CPU block to the front 420mm radiator using the right XD5 pump. Went in easily like the original pump with no issue. Tubing is fairly straightforward. There is one long run that I am not completely happy with, but it will do until I make another change. Mission 4 was all about the GPU. I wanted to cool my EVGA 2070 so I could get both additional cooling and increase the OC on the GPU. I ordered a custom 1000d tray from coldzero.eu. They have recently started making custom trays for the 1000d out of plexiglass material. For my configuration (because I need the rear radiator in the case for the ITX) I had them center cut a tray with spots for 6x120mm fans. I mounted 6xLL120 fans on top of the tray and 2x360mm radiators connected below the tray with 6xQL120 fans. I connected these radiators to the left XD5 pump. Here are pictures of the tray and the radiators installed on the tray with fans. Mission 5 QL Fancy Adding QLs to all the internal radiators did not take a whole of brain power. Add QL fans to the radiators, rinse and repeat. The trick is in the connections to iCue device which come later in the story. Here are picture of the end result though. Mission 6 iCue Control The iCue setup was interesting. I have a CoPro for the main system and one for the ITX. I wanted to ensure that the ITX would always be in control of its own pump. Which means it must have a temp sensor from the XD3 and PWM control. In addition the ITX system has RGB control of the rear two fans on the case side of the 240mm radiator. That way I have a visual indicator from the front of the case that the ITX system is powered on. Summary: iCue from the ITX controls RGB for memory and two fans as well as pump RPM based on a temperature probe. There is also a shutdown temp at 45c that will turn everything red for 10s and then shutdown the ITX system. iCue on the main system is a little more interesting. It controls RGB for the main system as well as RGB for the remaining components of the ITX system (CPU block and XD3 pump). To do this, I ran a second temp sensor from the XD3 to main CoPro. There is also an ambient temp sensor, the GPU loop sensor, and the main loop sensor. There is a temp monitor set on both CPU blocks and all three pumps. You can see it in the pictures as the green light. This is a visual indicator of the temperatures of each of the loops. It goes from green to yellow to red as the temperature increases in the specific loops it is set to from the temperature probe. The color monitor is the first layer in all the device profiles and the LEDs that are assigned to it are removed from the layers below the temp sensor layer. There is also a main system shutdown set should the loop temperature exceed 45c, just like the ITX system. Devices in the Main Loop iCue Temperature Notification Setup ITX Notification Setup Feel free to ask any questions. I can respond here, but I also live on the Corsair Case Owner Club discord in the link in my signature.
  5. Hallo zusammen. Bin so langsam am verzweifeln... vielleicht kann mir einer Helfen. Habe meinen PC vor kurzem mit einer Hydro X Wasserkühlung umgebaut. Mit allem drum und dran CPU Kühler, GPU Kühler, Pumpe, 2x360 Radiotor, 6x LL120 Lüfter und ein LL140 Lüfter. Gesteuert wird alles über zwei Commander Pro´s. Angeschlossen ist es folgend: 1. Commander Pro auf Platz 1 der LL140 Lüfter und auf Platz zwei die Pumpe. LED Hub auf LED Steckplatz 1 und die Hydro X Komponenten auf LED Steckplatz 2. 2. Commander Pro 6x mal die LL120 Lüfter. RGB Hub auf LED Steckplatz 1 Alles Funktionierte ca.30 min dann war auf einmal die komplette Beleuchtung der Hydro X Komponenten aus. Die Pumpe läuft aber weiter. Der Lüfter leuchtet ganz normal weiter. Ok Rechner ausgeschaltet und mal die LED Steckplätze Lüfter und Hydro X getauscht. Danach ging alles wieder ca. 30 min. und dann wieder das gleiche Spiel das die Beleuchtung der Hydro X ausfällt. Habe dann versucht wieder zurück zu tauschen aber dann nicht zum Leuchten bekommen. Der Lüfter leuchtet jedoch auf beiden LED Steckplätzen. Somit schließe ich einen Fehler am Commander Pro aus. Da die Hydro X Beleuchtung aber wieder für 30min ging glaub ich auch nicht wirklich das ein defekt vorliegt. Kann es sein sich etwas aufhängt oder stört ??
  6. Greetings Corsair Team, I am loyal corsair buyer and fan who lives in Canada. I wanted to contact you and expecting your answer as soon as possible. The subject is about your Hydro X Series Custom Cooling. Do not misunderstand because you guys are completely In line with other premium cooling brands such as Alphacool / EKWB / Bitspower etc but the thing is many things are lacking and needs to be fixed asap or else you won't be able to truly compete and gain market share that fast. Here are some tips that have to be done and I hope you guys at least respond with even the slightest information. I will buy all of your Custom Cooling components once this is done and believe me it's not just about me it's about many of your customers around the world including me. 1) Cpu Blocks: Your XC7 and XC9 Cpu blocks are the same the only thing that distinguish them from each other's is the color which is super lame considering there are many platforms including the mainstream and the HPC ( which is becoming more popular than ever ) and each one of them consist a specific design to fully dissipate the heat effectively without any issue in the long-term user experience. Your HPC blocks need to be bigger and hide more surface than ever, for example, the Xeon W3175 or the Threadripper 3960X/3970X or the upcoming 3980X/3990X are huge chips and need a consistent surface area and a bigger CPU blog to make full contact with the chiplets and do its job effectively. Those chips truly consume a huge amount of power when pushed and things get pretty toasty if you push them way harder than expected. Your mainstream Cpu blocks are okay but not perfect. You need to change the design a little bit more and yes please keep the RGB it's the trend and the future portal to the next decade. Your Cpu blocks need a new design and a revision asap and make it fast. 2) Gpu blocks: You only have one type of GPU block which is the XG7 which is super beautiful but won't appeal to everyone at least add another type which is like the XG9 for the enthusiasts who are willing to overclock their GPUs and change the design a little bit don't make the edges rough and all black as it is at least make like the XG7/XG9 with the same aesthetics and color and like the XG7S/XG9S with a see-through design like EKWB or Bitspower does in their GPU blocks. Many people want to see their components. And for the love of god keep the flow meter there. It is the best choice you've ever made and maybe making your backplates RGB will add some flavor to some extent and everyone will be amazed at how far your products have come. 3) Pump-Reservoir combo: You only dispose of one pump reservoir combo which is the XD5 which is pretty good PRC overall BUT have its issues like a little bit of high pitched noise coming from the pump. Added to this the reservoir is not big enough especially for huge Builds like building in your magnificent 1000D case or for overclocking lovers the reservoir is not big enough. Make at least Pump-res combo like the XD7 and the ultimate XD9 which is double at least the size of the XD5 and the XD7 is in between. Oh and for the love of god fix the noise issue and we don't care if it's loud when pushed too far but at least make it reasonable. Make the flow higher and the RGB a little bit brighter. 4)Super important note: Your fittings are one of the best in the market if not the best overall. We are super impressed by those and we have nothing to complain about. Your collaboration with Bitspower on those had a huge positive impact when it comes to the design choice and reliability of those fittings. When it comes to the radiators we have the same opinion as to the fittings great design choices overall and very good performance and heat dissipation from those rads. 5) Your GPU blocks compatibility need to be better well rounded in the next-gen of GPUs either on Nvidia or AMD GPUs. Excellent choice of supporting several cards like the FE and the RTX Strix 2080Ti for example. Do the same strategy again and again. That's it overall I hope I get an answer very quickly from you guys and I hope or rather I wish and you have to make those changed in order the win the already crowded market. Corsair needs to shine 2020 will be your year so do not make your fans and customers disappointed Corsair. Yours truly.
  7. TL;DR: XC7 CPU block rgb suddenly started behaving erratically seemingly out of nowhere, instant lighting does not display colors correctly (Green illuminates as red for 95% of the LEDS), lighting animations cause strobing/flickering. I've done a fresh install of both windows and Icue, made sure all drivers and firmware are up to date, etc. I haven't messed with any of my cables and such before this started happening, so I'm thinking an Icue update might of messed something up along the way? Hey all, I'm writing here today because i've had a full hydrox loop set up for about 4 months now, and everything's been going great. Temperatures look good, the leak testing went well, i'm very happy with my system! However, about a week or so ago the RGB on my XC7 CPU block began to glitch and behave erratically, this was particularly obvious with animated lighting effects. This happens even with some of the colors under instant lighting only part of the block will change color, while the rest remains lit with an unexpected color. For example when I set the instant lighting to Green (particularly bright green, the darker shade works just fine for some reason), it seems only one LED changes to bright green while the other 15 LEDs in the CPU block are illuminated red for some reason. the same happens with the Red setting under instant lighting, one LED is red while the other 15 are blue. I've noticed that when i first boot my system up the default hardware profile for all my lighting devices is rainbow wave, and during the initial boot up the animation plays smoothly with no flickering, jittering, or lag UNTIL i log in to my desktop and it loads my default profile. When I manually set it to rainbow wave in the iCue software it starts flicking erratically and unpleasantly. I should note that the rest of my system's LEDs are behaving normally which consist of: 6 LL 120 fans, D5 Pump, and XG7 GPU block which are all connected to a CP and I have 4 lighting strips connected to a LNP as well. The rest of my components are illuminating fine and without issue. I should also add that I recently (this was after the problem began) got a new SSD to migrate my OS to and I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to do a fresh/clean install of windows, in hopes that a fresh install might fix this issue if it were a software issue. That apparently did not work even after having to install Icue again to the latest version. I'm wondering if this could potentially be a software issue, and is it a widespread/known issue? I'm really hoping it's not a hardware issue because it would suck to have to take my loop apart (even partially) just to RMA and replace a block for one with working RGB. It sounds silly, but I paid for all its features to work and I really want to get this fixed. I have no submitted a support ticket as I was hoping this could be an easy fix :). Here are links to the videos showing how the CPU block behaves before the Icue software kicks in and after: INITIAL BOOT [ame= ] [/ame] POST ICue starting up [ame= ] [/ame]
  8. I'm looking at finally updating my gpu from my old faithful Msi 980ti Golden Edition to the new 2080ti gaming x trio. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a Hydro X waterblock for it... Does anyone know if Corsair plan to add more blocks to the line up??
  9. Hi guys. I want to build a new pc and i am thinking of using the Hydro X. I visited the website but i am curious if the cooling system will be compatible with the cases i am thinking of buying, which are not made by Corsair. So, is the Hydro X cooling system made specifically for Corsair cases? And if no, is there something i should look for in order for the Hydro X to be compatible with the case i will end up choosing?
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