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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Guys, Sorry I have rather dumb question but I am completely new to PC Building. I managed to buy Asus TUF 4090 OC GPU and wanted to ask if you can actually use it with given corsair water cooling? Can you just remove the original case and put the Corsair water block on it instead? Or is this given Water block only compatible with 4090 Founders Edition? Many thanks for every answer
  2. I have my fan #6 port connected to the hydro x xd5 pump and it keep reverting back from the hydrox x series pump profile to the silent profile. The fans retain their hydrox x series fan profiles though. Maybe that is the way the new software works. I am unsure. I have already tried reinstalling the software. Thanks ahead for any suggestions.
  3. Hello to the community. My computer, equipped with a Corsair H115i RGB PLATINUM water cooling system, suffers from a recurring failure. Every other day, or twice a week, the lights are shortly turning off and on again. In the Windows Reliability Monitor, I have then this message (sorry, it's in french) : Any idea?
  4. Hi, I have an RTX 3080 and an I7-9700k. My GPU is currently air cooled and the CPU is using an AIO from Corsair. I have been planning on upgrading to a custom loop using Hydro X - both CPU and GPU. I wanted to know if it’s sufficient to be using 2 x 280mm radiators for cooling. The plan is to have one 280mm rad at the top as an exhaust. And another 280mm rad at the bottom as an intake. I have a Corsair 680x case, with 3 x QL120 intake fans at the front, and 1 x QL140 exhaust fan at the back.
  5. Hi all, Been looking to pick up a waterblock for my strix 3090 and have been leaning towards the xg7 over the ek vector. My only real concern is the lack of thermal pads over other areas when compared to the ek backplate, or even the stock cooler which has pads over the back positions of most of the power delivery components. From what I've googled it seems like on the previous generations the backplate has used either 0.5mm or 1mm pads. My plan would be to use the ekwb guide to determine the thickness for the other areas, and use the xg7 vram pads as a reference. So if the xg7 stock backplate thermal pads are 1mm, then using the ek backplate install guide, those vram pads are 1.5mm, then I could assume that taking the difference and applying it to all the other areas should give me an accurate thickness. 2mm thermal pads on the ek would then be 1.5mm on the xg7 and so on. If anyone can confirm the thickness it would be great, or if you have other suggestions I'm open to hear those too. Thanks!
  6. Hallo, Ich habe mir bei meinem neuen PC mal eine AIO gegönnt. Nachdem die erste zurück musste weil sie nach 3 Tagen ihren Dienst quittiert hatte. Habe ich nun die neue hier. Bei dieser ist die Pumpe unerträglich laut. Aber nicht wie man denkt auf den Intensivmode. Nein, im Silent. Danach habe ich das System hingelegt und laufen gelassen. Das brachte auch keine Abhilfe, nun steht das System aufm Kopf und macht die selben Geräusche. (Laut Corsair Support sollte die Pumpe: ("It seems like its still a bubble issue that's causing this. Kindly lie it down again for about an hour. Please make sure that the pump is more elevated than the radiator."). [ame=https://youtu.be/rknK0ZuWfs4]Video[/ame] Ist diese auch defekt oder was kann ich da machen? Habe geringe lust wieder das System auseinander zu reißen. Da ich beim "großen" Dark Base 900 das Mainbord demontieren muss um wieder den Radiator demontieren zu können.
  7. Hello everyone. I bough my new PC 2 weeks ago (Including Corsair Hydro H100x). The problem is that it does so much noise everytime and I don't know if I didnt plug it correctly or I have to change the speed. Where do I have to plug the pump and the fans? Can i change the fans speed? My motherboard is a MSI Z390-A PRO.
  8. Hello all, So after many hours of planning and research, I got everything hooked up this weekend. doing my 24 hour leak test went very well, with no condensation or dripping. During this time I had the commander pro hooked up as well, testing lights on the new fans and verifying they all run properly. everything seemed to go well, but about 2 hours in all the RGB shut off on the fans. At that point it was fine with me as it was pretty late. When I woke the next morning I began the excruciating task of cable management, already having a single commander pro and a lighting node pro, on top of doing push/pull on the new 420 rad. So, 6 fans in total for the new Cpro. Got everything wired up, and the fans are spinning (on very, very low speeds) and none of the RGB will work. So I think maybe its the fact i'm using a USB plug direct from my motherboard, and so i plug it into the commander pro I already have, to one of the USB headers. Windows throws a USB device not recognized error and icue wont see it. I move my lighting node pro to the supposedly working Commander Pro, and running from its USB header it wont show up in Icue either. Weird, huh? So my brand new commander is basically DoA, as well as the USB plugs on my (seemingly otherwise fine) Cpro not recognizing a lighting node pro or the other commander pro. I should note that I have replugged, checked all wiring, the lighting node pro works fine when direct to the motherboard, on the working Cpro. Also, the new (completely not working) cpro wont even allow its RGB hub to funciton when plugged into an LED port, but if i move it to the second commander pro with the janky USB headers, it works fine from its LED port. So, I have one "semi" working commander pro (USB headers not working?) and a brand new 800$ HydroX setup that I cant use (and on the default hardware setting wont even compete with the 240 AIO I replaced it with) because i cant control fan speed. I can only set pump speed, but it isnt recognized as a HydroX system (No HydroX Profiles appear available, and it doesnt list it in devices) and even then at 100% (4k RPM) it still wont beat my 240. I have a feeling this is solely due to lack of fancurve and pump settings in iCue not being available, and the fans being stuck at the lowest possible speed (once again I have 5 LL's in Push Pull) Please help. I put a ticket in last week with support, and haven't heard anything back. at the moment i feel like a fool having spent so much money and I cant even cool a 9900k at 5.0ghz without hitting 90 degrees, whereas my 240 AIO wouldn't even break 85ish.
  9. So, the configurator seemed to do great. took a couple of weeks for everything to come in, got the rig tore down yesterday and started laying out my parts to install. The configurator does not recommend a ball valve... or any way to setup a drain for that matter, Despite saying "everything you need for the loop will be included". This should, in my opinion, be just as important as the other components, because you cant really put one on retroactively until you have actually (dangerously) drained your loop "The hard way". I ordered mine, but thought you guys may want to consider taking a look at that, as it seems there may be a lot of issues in a few months when newbies begin realizing they cannot drain their systems easily. Also, was wanting your thoughts on flushing the radiator before use. I know in previous builds it has been recommended to always flush the rad before hooking it up in order to ensue there are not leftover particles that could gunk up the loop. If you do recommend this, how/ what do you recommend to use? Vinegar / Water? Mayhem Blitz Cleaner? Thanks ahead of time. Also psyched about getting everything in. Got my 420 rad with push pull LL140's and my pump mounted. Now im just waiting on my ball valve order so i can mount the cpu block. Kinda sucks I gotta wait another week for it, but whatever. ::pirate::
  10. Hello all. I am building a PC soon, and looking at the Carbide 275R. I will be using the Hydro H100i V2 cooler with the 240mm radiator. I have recently read (fortunately before ordering) that I won't be able to mount the radiator at the top of this case due to clearance issues with the RAM? I have just received the Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 3200 16GB. But this is quite tall for RAM, so I assuming I will definitely have a problem? I haven't opened the RAM so can return it no problem at all. Will the Vengeance LPX fit instead as this appears to be a lower profile? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  11. Hello community, i have a problem and i kinda wanna know if anyone experienced anything like this before. I bought the H115i Platinum RGB AIO for my new setup. I connected all the cables, the vans to the ones coming out of the Pumpheader and the 3-pin to the right connector on the motherboard. (CPU_Fan) And ofc the USB from the Pumpheader to the mobo. The first time turning the system on i realized that there was no light on the pumpheader but the vans were working fine and the RGB on them was working alright. I thought i have to install the ICUE and turn the RGBs on the pumpheader on, but the programm showed me it should already light up in rainbow colours. I updated the Software from the H115i, switched some cables arround to see if they were the problem, but it all ended in the same result. The Vans were working fine, the pumpheader did not light up what so ever .. Anybody that knows that problem or even a fix? I will get a replacement, but maybe there is an easy fix that i did not see atm. Thank you for your help! :)
  12. I just upgraded my power supply from a CXM 600w to an EVGA Gold 750w and ever since this has happened the corsair link portion of my H110i is not working. The pump and fans are working, just constantly at full speed. I have tried troubleshooting on a software side, I have tried all the regedit stuff, changing the usb header, unplugging it and plugging it back in in many different variations. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas with what could changing a powersupply have to do with this.
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