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  1. Does anyone have any pictures of what the Hydro X Satin tubing in Transparent, White, and Black looks like in real life? The only pictures I can find are CAD renders of them. I'm curious what the real looks of them are. I'm looking to build my first watercooling loop in a Lian-Li Dynamic EVO all black case, so trying to think of what color tubing I want. I don't want clear, as I'm planning to run clear fluid to keep maintenance down, and debating about what the other tubing colors will look like in my system.
  2. Hey all! I have another question. As of right now i'm finally finalizing my pc build, everything should be where it is.. one issue however. As of right now, I have the pump's PWN plugged into a Commander Core XT that I bought at Best Buy but when I go into iCue I'm not able to read it's speed or be able to customize it. It's plugged into port 6 of the fans header yet nothing is showing. Hope I can find an answer soon. Thank you so much!
  3. Hey all! Another question came to mind while I was plugging in all the plugs into my mobo. I noticed that the thermal sensor plug is not fitting into my Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-Fi) mobo’s T Sensor, which is a problem. Is there any where else I could plug in the pump’s thermal sensor? Maybe a W in or W out port? Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
  4. Hey all! It's Mango again! I had a quick question regarding plugging in my xd5 pump to my motherboard! I was wondering what specific port i should plug it into. My EK pump orignally was plugged into the AIO_PUMP even though it was a separate pump and reservoir, not a combo. So, my question is; where do I plug it? I have a ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (Wifi). Do I plug it back into the AIO_PUMP port or a different port?
  5. Hey all! I'm new to the whole Hydro X Series and I did have a few questions coming into it. 1. Will I be able to use the xd5 pump normally without using a commander pro? I've been taking a look into it and I just want to make sure of the idea. Will I be able to change fans speeds/pump speeds using my MoBo? (asus rog hero viii wifi). In addition, I picked up a commander core xt from Best Buy and if I do go the non mobo route, will this work? 2. if I use my mobo for everything instead of using a commander pro, where would I plug in the Temperature Sensor Plug on the mobo? And, since it won't be connected to a Commander Pro, what does it do? Since the temp sensor plug shows me the temperature of the water through icue, where would i be able to see the temps? Or will I even be able to see it at all? Mainly, I'm just wondering how the Temp Sensor Plug works without the Commander Pro, where I can see the temp and etc. If I download iCue, will it pop up on there even without the Commander Pro? Thank you to whoever sees this and helps out! It seriously would help alot since i'm transitioning into it. I've been using EK alot but seeing Corsair and their custom loop series.. i've been thinking of transitioning. Again, thank you and I can't wait to hear back!
  6. Just purchased and installed Commander Core XT. Brilliant as it removes 4 SATA powered devices from my system to 1! However, when it comes to connecting RGB, on the 3 PIN connector, why can I not daisy chain Hydro X products and LED strips. The hydro X allows pass through so why can I not connect multiple to this? Especially as the commander Core XT only has ONE 3-pin RGB connecter. I really dont want to have to connect a led hub in again. any help/explaination is welcome. Cheers,
  7. First attempt at custom water cooling loop. Intel i9 9900k cooled by Hydro XC7 MSI Geforce RTX3070 gaming X trio cooled by Alphacool Eisblock Aurora Acryl GPX-N Hydro XD5 Pump/Res Combo Hydro XR5 280mm Rad top Hydro XR5 360mm Rad front 4 x Corsair LL120mm RGB fans 2 x Corsair LL140mm RGB fans Clear Corsair XL5 coolant Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO SL 16GB (4x8GB) DDR4 3600MHz C18 All the fittings and PETG hard lines are Barrow, I likes the look of them The Corsair X stuff is really easy to use Temp wise while playing WarZone the GPU never goes above 60 degrees (was mid to high 60's air cooled) The CPU sits mid 60's, this is close to what it was previously with a Corsair Hydro X platinum AIO, show the great job the AIO's do now, they don't look anywhere near as nice though (in my opinion) I might change the top rad to a 280mm with 2 140mm fans at some point Also the GPU block is from Alphacool as Corsair don't make one yet, I might change it if they do (anyone know if there is one in the pipeline?), it would be nice to have iCue control all the RGB RGB on - not for everyone but I like it. RGB off - The blue/black GPU cables are on order, the yellow has to go! Any thoughts or suggestions on how I can improve are welcome
  8. Hello guys, I build a new custom watercooled Computer and i forgot to change the corsair Backplate of my Cpu-coolingsystem XC7. The sad think,I' m finished and also the watercooling system ist filled with water. How false/bad could be become this fault ? if i dont change it now ? Is the backplate important? And how i can change it without breaking my whole Computer ? Sorry for my English :) Would be nice if someone can help me out here. The Temperatures wasn t that bad so ? Lecrob96
  9. After a half year of collecting components for my new PC, the final part arrived a few days ago, the Ryzen 9 5900X. After the build, i went crazy, because the monitor showed nothing than black, so i dismantled the thing partially to foreclose a defect. A bit later, it shot in my mind, that maybe the bios is not ready for the Ryzen 5000 Series, and YESSS, that was the problem and was easy to solve :-D Short Facts about the System: Case: Lian Li "DER BAUER" O11 Dynamic XL white MB: Asus Crosshair VIII Formula (X570) CPU: Ryzen 9 5900X GPU: MSI Ventus 3X OC RTX 3090 Watercooling: all Corsair Hydro X with white Components when available. Softtubing. Fans: Corsair LL120 white. The orientation of the fans may prompt questions, i have thougt about it a long time. There is always a fight between optic and airflow. So i decided to make the side fans as intake and all others as outtake, this is probably not the best airflow, but it looks really nice. If the temps are too high, i can still flip the fans. Merry and healthy Christmas to everyone.
  10. Hallo Corsair Community Ich plane schon länger den Bau eines neuen Gaming Systems, angetrieben werden soll es einmal von den jeweiligen Nachfolgern von Nvidia RTX 2080 TI und AMD Ryzen 9 3900 X. Also Nvidia "Ampere" und AMD "Vermeer". Es könnte aber auch Intel werden, die Gamingleistung wird entscheiden. Das Ganze wird eingebaut in ein "Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL white" Gehäuse mit drei 360er Radiatoren und einem Hecklüfter. Was, in welche Richtung bläst, habe ich noch nicht genau ausgetüftelt, aber ich habe erstmal 10 Stück Corsair LL120 RGB white bestellt (3x3er und 1 zusätzlich für hinten.) Ich habe mir jetzt verschiedene Optionen für Wasserkühlungen angeschaut, zuerst war ich auf EK Waterblocks fixiert, aber das schöne Design und das Komplettangebot haben mich auf die Corsair Hydro X Serie neugierig gemacht. Nun zu meiner Frage: Was brauche ich zusätzlich, um 10 "LL 120 RGB", die Pumpe und eventuell den Grafikkartenkühlblock beleuchtungsmäßig steuern zu können? Ich bedanke mich schon einmal für jede Anregung. LG, Ghosty
  11. Just recently installed a fully custom water cooling loop (all corsair hydro x) and noticed my cpu temps were higher than with h100i aio. I have one 360mm raidiator that is 54mm thick. Thats what corsair recomended for my config (on corsair loop config thing). I have a 3700x and a 2080ti btw. I used the original paste first and it got up to 80c while gaming while my gpu staying 60 and under ( still had a few air bubbles so that might of been it). I then changed the termal paste and all the air bubbles are gone from what i can tell and now I hit 76 max on cpu with it dropping up and down beween 76 and 60C. I have read others having the same issue and beleve its bad contact but im not sure. Idk what to do about it. Also my water temp hit a max of 42 and a half C with the ambiant being around 23-25 C. I have my cpu overclocked to 4.4 Ghz on 1.325v I tried going back to stock but I get the around the same temps and and only 4.0 Ghz on about 1.25v or so. Any ideas? Heres a pic https://imgur.com/a/i7wa8tk.
  12. Moin Corsair Forum! Ich denke über eine Wasserkühlung für meine nächste GPU nach. Seit einiger Zeit habe ich einen AIO-Kühler (H100i) und würde diesen auch gerne behalten. Deshalb wäre bezüglich der Wasserkühlung die Frage, ob ich einen XR7-Radiator mit einer XD5 Pumpe in einem 500d RGB SE installieren kann, um die benötigte Kühlleistung sicher abzudecken. Grob geschätzt könnte es gerae so passen, aber wahrscheinlich recht knapp werden. Hat da jemand bereits Erfahrung oder weiß genau ob das passt/nicht passt? Schonmal danke für die Antworten im voraus!
  13. Hello, just a quick question, can I use my waterblock for my graphics card again? It's just 3 months old (the waterblock) and because my card got broken I ordered a new one.
  14. I just bought a full kit of Hydro X gear for my new case, but I was trying to find a shipping number or a way to track my package (given my work schedule I want to make sure no package pirates get it), but on the website I cannot seem to find any way to track it. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  15. Older players to the upgrade games here on the Corsair forums might have seen my previous build where I threw a Plex server in my 1000d. So after living with the changes for a few months, I noticed that having the Plex server inside my 1000d running all the time drove the temps in my GPU loop up 3+ degrees. While it wasn't too much of a change for the 1000d. That 3+ degrees push the ITX loop to 33->36c at load. I don't like running my liquid loops that hot, especially coming into the summer months. Additionally, I also didn't have a GPU on the Plex loop, and while the iGPU on the Ryzen 3 2200g is ok, a dedicated GPU would give the Plex transcoding a little more grunt. My solution to the problem was build a dedicated Plex box, reusing as many of the components I had sitting around on shelves as possible, but creating a system I feel comfortable leaving on 24x7x365. The Build: Gigabyte Aorus x470 Gaming WiFi 5 Ryzen 3 2200g Zotec RX-480 8 GB (I know it's old, but it's what I had....) EKWB RX-480 Waterblock (Also old, but an eBay steal when I found it NIB) 2xXR5 280mm Radiators XD3 Pump-Reservoir Combination 16 GB Corsair 3200 Dominator RAM Corsair HX850i PSU Crucial P1 500 GB M.2 3xLL120 Fans 5xLL140 Fans Commander Pro 2xRGB Hubs 1 Silverstone 8 PWM Hub Samsung 860 EVO 1 TB SSD 7 GB worth of assorted HD Drobo 16TD Array Fergus Approval of the New Case RX-480 with the new Waterblock Stripped out Ready for Building Radiators in PSU Installed Major Pieces Installed Loop Complete - Pressure Testing Final Result Final Result Part II Final Result with Glass
  16. So if you have been following along, in this post I added an ITX build to my 1000d. In my 680x post I mentioned some temperature concerns I had with it. Which led to my 680x. So that left me with an ITX hole in my 1000d build and a rethink on what I wanted in the build. My goals were to increase performance over what I had before, but add a little future proofing beyond the x470 chipset that was currently in it. I had an extra 420mm radiator that I used to run in the top of the build, but couldn't figure out how to get two, while still making use of the 2x360mm radiators I had from the last rebuild. Well a new concept was born in created in the Mad Scientist part of my brain. When I flipped the top tray in the 1000d, I had a little extra space vertically. What if I could stack the radiators? How to connect them though? It occured to me that the mounts on ML fans are open to access from the sides. With the right radiator screws, I could attach a radiator at the top and bottom with the right screws. Corsair gave me the correct screws in the pump accessory kits from the XD5 and XD3. Slightly longer radiator screws than the standard radiator to tray screws. With the extra length, a small screwdriver that had a 90 degree bend, and the Fanwich was born. 3xLL140 on top of the top tray, attached to a 420mm radiator with fittings to the aft of the case. 3xML140 fans in the middle (no need for RGB here). 420mm Radiator with connections forward, then finally 3xQL140mm fans. Build Part 3: Ryzen 9 3900x ASUS x570 Crosshair VIII Formula 64 GB Corsair Dominator 3466MHz 2xCrucial P1 1TB 1xSabrent 1TB Silverstone USB3.2 Internal Connection PCIe card 2xXD5 Pump 2xXR5 420mm Radiator 1xXR5 120mm Radiator 3xXR5 360mm Radiator 10xLL120 Fans 8xQL120 Fans 3xLL140MM Fans 3xML140mm Fans 3xQL140mm Fans 1 Phantek 550mm Neon Strip (with Pirate Dog Tech Corsair Adapter) 6x Corsair RGB Strips RTX 2070 with Waterblock 3xLighting Node Pros 1xLighting Core Pro NZXT Internal USB Hub 3xPWM Hubs The 120mm radiator was added to the CPU loop of 2x420mm radiators so that I would have decent connection points for the VRM watercooling access points on the ASUS motherboard. It was tricky to install it directly to the case because I kept hitting the hinge screws from the top hinge. I ended up replacing them with slightly shorter screws so that I could get the radiator installed high up in the back of the case to avoid blocking the motherboard OLED display. Getting the second fan under the radiator too some physical effort. Performance: CPU loop with 2x420mm and 1x120mm radiators operate within 2c of ambient at load at idle, less than 1c above ambient GPU Loop with 2x360mm radiators operates less than 2c above ambient and less than 4c above ambient at load. Significantly improved performance and no issues at all with temps on the Fanwich. Onto the pictures: The FANWICH [/url] Initial Front and Top Radiator Placement Final Radiator Placement and Loop Build Out Loop Filling Up and Running Fergus Approved
  17. Hello Corsair community. Currently I am in the process of building my pc in the Corsair 1000D case and I will be using the hydro x pump/res xc7 115x water block and xg7 ASUS strix you block. Also for my RADS I will be using 2 360mm and 2 480mm hydro x radiators all using soft line tubing. My concern and question is what is the easiest way to drain my loop as I will be flushing it with distilled water before putting in the Corsair coolant. The loop configuration is as follows. Pump res 1 to cpu, cpu to 480Mm radiator to 2nd 480mm radiator both next to each other on front of case back to pump res 1. Pump res 2 to gpu to 360mm radiator to 2nd 360mm radiator mounted on the top of the case back to pump res 2. Both pumps will have a drain port but I don’t want to tilt the case due to the weight and tempered glass. I was thinking of just opening the drain valve and letting as much distilled water flow out as possible then fill up with coolant would that work? Any and all draining suggestions for my loop would be much appreciated thankyou. (Forgot to mention the gpu will be vertically mounted in the case)
  18. I have a Commander Pro with Fan #3, #4, and #5 connected to radiator fans, Fan #6 connected to the XD5 pump, and Temp #1 connected to the XD5 temperature sensor. Under "Performance" I have set Fan #3, #4, and #5 to "Hydro X Series Fans", and Fan #6 to "Hydro X Series Pumps". Fan #4 and #5 change RPM with temperature and go to 0 RPM when the temperature is low, but Fan #3 is stuck at a fixed RPM. If set all the fans to a "Custom 1" performance setting with a custom curve based on "Commander Pro Temp", all the fans including Fan #3 respond to the curve. If I change the fans back to "Hydro X Series Fans", Fan #3 alone remains stuck at the last used RPM from the custom curve. I've force updated the firmware with no effect.
  19. I have every thing working except my temp sensors on the commander pro. I have tried resetting it and changing out the temp sensors. I have the pump/res sensor in #1 and three other temp sensors placed through out my pc case. None of the sensors are reporting. I have a 9900k/Asrock PG9 mobo. I figure for the loop to run the most efficiently I need these temps to be reporting. Oh and another questiong does anyone know what the max rpm is on the pump for the XD5? I don't want to run it too high. I may just have a bad commander pro. I noticed there are alot of issues being reported.
  20. I am cross posting this to the Corsair Forum as a view of experience working with the Hydro X Custom product line. I had received some messages on a few other platforms where I posted pictures of this cute little build talking about the Corsair Hydro X water Loop and the build process involved. I chose hard mode by not starting with a highly compatible case for the amount of gear I was stuffing in it, much like a chicken is great and stuffed with peppers and cheese is better, too much of a good thing can end up almost spilling out of the sides. But I digress, lets talk about the real experience of getting all of the parts to work together inside of the confines I chose to work with. The Radiators are exceptionally high build quality, only going with a fully copper radiator could have provided a higher quality experience. The fittings are exceptional quality both in fitment and manufacturing process. I nicked one of the internal O rings on a single fitting during a botched dry fit. I will find out if they will ship me, or if I can purchase, a replacement O ring from Corsair. Key take away always lube up the O rings before shoving a pipe in. The pump and reservoir combination is very quiet, and well-built with clear high quality plastic. The only downside on the pump would be the Molex power connector not a SATA connector, but this is minor. Fans are obviously grade A as the LL series are top of the line pulse width modulated control and hydraulic bearings making them functionally silent until fully ramped up. The Corsair iCUE software is extremely useful at tying the environment together with keeping the temperature, fan speed, lighting, and control all in sync with each other. I cannot emphasize enough that there are cheaper solutions, but this is the best solution to have all of the features you are actually going to use work together. This build required not one but two commander pro’s for all of the fans, pump, temperature probes, etc to play nice together. That is expensive, but they all work together and the software functions the way you want it to function not some massive work around. But lets get to the thing people really want to talk about, tube bending. This was my first attempt ever at bending the tubes, and I destroyed one length just figuring out how to do it. Once I understood to go slow, and work with it at the correct feeling temperature (it gets a little bendy with out touching it when hot) things went smooth. Key take away is that the inserts to hold the shape are mandatory, Corsair really needs to sell an insert kit, instead I ended up with a complicated home depot hack job insert of tubing to make this work. As for cutting the tubes I just used a 12” circular saw with ultra-fine tooth finishing blade because I didn’t want to screw around with a hacksaw. Overall I would recommend the experience of building a fully custom water loop at some point if you have the funds, the time, and the understanding that things could go real bad. Long story short it was a fun weekend project. Thank you Corsair for cultivating a product line that is exceptionally high quality with parts that I feel can be trusted. Thank you, Tim Benchmarks: https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/43094897 https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/23808910 Machine Details: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/vZkdnQ Forum Posts: https://builds.gg/builds/workstation-23902
  21. How do I attach the ball valve to them pump? Can I use just Corsair parts? Or do I need third party parts? This my first loop and I will later update with pictures. Cause man I’ll have question regarding paths. Thanks for the help in advance.
  22. Does the Hydro X Series XC7 RGB CPU Water Block (sTR4) have complete coverage of the heatspreader on the Gen 3 ThreadRippers? Or is it just a different bracket so it fits the socket but doesn't cover the heatspreader fully? Thank you. ;):
  23. Quick question: if I'm plugging the XD5 PWM cable into my motherboard (Asus Maximus XI Gene), rather than a Commander Pro, which fan header should I use? Choices are: AIO_PUMP, which is full speed, 1A Max Current, 12W Max Power W_PUMP+, which is full speed, 3A Max Current, 36W Max Power
  24. I'm planning out a Hydro X loop for the following build: Lian Li O11 XL 9900KF Asus Maximus XI Gene RTX 2080 2*8GB G.Skill 4000MHz CL17 I'm planning on getting the Hydro X CPU block, GPU block and pump/res. I'm currently planning on installing an XR7 360 rad on the bottom of the case as intake and XR5 360 rad on the top as exhaust, each with 3*120mm Noctua fans. I will be overclocking the CPU and GPU. My question is, will I see noticeably reduced temps and/or increased overclocking headroom by adding a further XR7 360 rad with 3*120mm Noctua fans as side intake?
  25. Hey! Can you guys please advise regarding the Hydro X Cooling and the 500D SE RGB case and its radiator support? Ok, I know that the case supports 120 radiator on the back, 280 up top and 360 in the front, but does it support all of them mounted at the same time? I'm planning to use hard tubes and cool both my GPU and CPU. GPU (2080 TI Strix OC) will be mounted vertically and the pump will be attached to the front 360 rad. Considering above I'm really wondering if all will fit? Thanks!
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