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Found 6 results

  1. Good evening everyone, I'm writing here because since 3 weeks, my Corsair Hydro H100i RGB PLATINUM pump and fans are going crazy... I put everything throught ICUE in silent mode (pump and fans), and when playing (even with non-demanding game) or sometimes even when desktoping, my fans start to go crazy (High RPM and really loudy) during 2-3 minutes then everything goes calm again and then it restarts etc. It starts to be calm again if i close ICUE (btw firmware is up-to-date). For information, CPU temp never goes higher than 40°C even when playing big games like Cyberpunk and co. When i try to change again the pump and fans to the balanced mode, fans are directly going crazy and loudy. Any idea how to solve those noisy roller coaster? Thanks in advance fellas
  2. Hey guys first post here. Having an issue with my H100i platinum SE after in put my new Ryzen 5800x in. One of the fans begins flickering to the default rainbow colour scheme after the computers been on for a few minutes. If I start playing a game the flickering becomes worse and eventually both fans start flickering. It gets to a point where it's so bad and I start hearing the usb connect and disconnect repeatedly as well. I also don't think it's doing its job cooling anymore as my CPU temps go well above what they should be. Finally, if I check the rpm on icue it's showing around 20k + which is obviously wrong. I tried everything. I changed the fans, I swapped the internal usb port it was using. I uninstalled hwinfo as well. Any suggestions? Does this sound like I need to take it back to my retailer? Ryzen 5800x Msi gaming trio 3080 Asus prime X570-p prime Corsair 3200 8x4
  3. Hi, I have recently bought a new case (220t RGB airflow) and mobo (strix b-450f) and would like to get another RGB fan for the back, some LED light strips and the hydro H100i AIO CPU cooler. The case came with 3 SP120 RGB PRO fans and a Lighting Node Core. I’m just unsure if I would need to get the NoPro or CoPro and if i would have to change the fans on the Hydro 100i to SP120 or change the fans in my case to ML120 RGB PRO fans since the compatibility with fan controllers. Any help is appreciated, thank you.
  4. Hello everyone my questions are if it is posable to fit QL fans 140mm on my corsair hydro H100i AIO cooler and if it is posable to fit those fans in my corsair 570X SE case this are some side questions if I,m looking on my cooler in the ICUE sofware I dont see the new QL fans is that normal because I can see all the other fans only the QL is the one I dont see I dont have the QL fans but the other fans types like the LL ML and HD those are the one I see If someone is going to give me some info and I didnt give them enough just say it so we can understand each other
  5. Guten Tag, Ich komme direkt zu meinem Problem. Ich habe wie oben beschrieben ein massives USB Problem mit der H100i . Die WK LED's bleiben ständig stehen und bewegen sich nicht mehr. Die Temperatur schwankt stark. Oftmals fällt sie auf 8-10°C und bleibt dort dann stehen. Zeitweise funktionierte die WK auch über mehrere Stunden. Habe das BIOS jetzt von F5 > F6 > F30 > F31 geflasht da, auf der offiziellen Seite USB kompatiblitätsverbesserungen Vorgeschlagen werden. Das Motherboard ist ein Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming. Die Wasserkühlung lief nur mit dem USB Port angeschlossen für 3 Stunden an einem anderen Rechner. Dies funktionierte sofern ich kleine Abstürze nicht bemerkt haben soll. Auf alten ICUE Versionen funktionierte das Produkt besser. Der Kundensupport von Corsair selbst Antwortet nicht mehr auf meine Anfrage. Falls noch irgendwas wissenswertes benötigt wird, einfach anfragen. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Broux
  6. Hello everyone, Im with this situation with my corsair H100i. It worked fine for about 4 years and now after a 2 months PC break with no powerup , im booting it up and im getting CPU fan error and CPU overtemperature error. Also the pump unit LED flashes through colors(white,blue,red). PC wont get to windows due to overtemperature. Inside BIOS, CPU temperature rises from 50°C and higher ´till the system shuts down itself. I ve always ran it with the CPU_FAN 3 to 4 pin port on the motherboard. Specs: ASUS P6T I7 920 (was running oc @3.6ghz ,tried default settings too) G.Skill 6gb XFX750W GTX780 bunch of WD and an EVO I cound´t find the FAN control on BIOS to set it to 12v, but for 4 years, the unit worked very well. Is the pump dead? Could it be that the 2 month break stucked the fluid or so? Thank in advance.
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