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Found 6 results

  1. Hello there people. 3 years ago a friend bought me a psu to start my PC MASTER RACE machine and all went well, until 6 months ago 2/2022 started making me some numbers of drawback of power and shut downs. So i sent it for RMA through the purchased store. Took one month to return the goods , it was fast, but corsair gave me a refubrished one. they told me that the guaranty will still be valid and so i accept it. A month later it started humming when i was gaming or i was video editing, my mind never went to the fact that a expensive psu from corsair whould do that, so i changed everything else. From ssd's and hdd's i went to full nvme, changed the 32gb ram , the AIO cooler, and then when i changed the pc case i just swap the psu and i was devastated that my beloved psu was the source of this problem. The company which the psu bought tells me that "if it works we cant get it for RMA, the noice you hear is the power going to the harware" what unswer is that? So i just dont know what to do? Corsair help? i have an expensive for me psu and i cant use it because i dont want to make a mess with the other expensive for me hardware. Sorry for the long post and excuse my english. Regards Nixx.
  2. Hi all, I recently replaced an ageing HX650W with a brand new HX750 (80+ Platinum). The former made next to no noise at idle but the latter has a constant loud fan. From what I've read it's supposed to kick in at 40% load which it feels like I shouldn't be hitting, especially since the old PSU was silent. Hopefully you can see my specs attached - I know the R9 390 is an old power-hungry card but is this normal? I've double-checked everything is wired up correctly. Thanks :sunglasse
  3. Hi Corsair Forums So I have a Corsair HX750 PSU and I noticed that the ATX 24 pin is solid on one end and split (20+4) on the other. I understand that typically, the split end of the cable goes into the motherboard, to allow for boards with 20pin sockets. However, with the HX750 it seems the other way round. The socket on the PSU looks like it's set up to take the 20+4 pin split. Why would this be and in what scenario would I need to only use one of the (20+4) split at the PSU end? See 3 pics here showing how I've connected the cable to both the motherboard and PSU as well as the empty ports on the PSU for reference. Many thanks for any expertise you're able to impart :) P.S I'm using a Maximus XI Hero motherboard.
  4. With the HX750 80 Plus Platinum, I was curious if this cable set is compatible. CORSAIR Premium Individually Sleeved PSU Cables Pro Kit Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07L6797JW I checked the compatibility sheet, but was a bit confused. Does the HX (Platinum) support both Type 3 and 4 for certain cables? It looks like the main thing it doesn't support is the Type 3 24-pin ATX? Figured I'd be best to double check before plugging things up and frying something :biggrin: Edit: My biggest concern is the CPU cables, as they don't list Type 4 on the original cables that came with the PSU.
  5. As stated in the title: This PSU is 1 day old and it began to make this noise from the beginning. Here is a link to the noise: [ame] [/ame] It does that noise at all times. When it boots up, idle, under load until my PC is shut down... (I mean the "cricket" sounding noise. Not the fans!!)
  6. I was disassembling the computer and my hard drive touched the floor. Spark. Boom. Small smoke. Slight smell. The motherboard still had its ambient LED glowing when I power cycled the PSU. And then a moment later, BOOM (louder) and more smoke! Now this is an HX750 gold that I was given as a replacement via a special case circumstances and was told it won't carry warranty (not that my original unit had much left on it) but has been used a total of maybe 700-800 hours. I don't mind it, since clearly I blew something, but is salvaging the PSU an option? I picked up an RM1000i and wonder if I should dive into the PSU with an electronics fanatic of a friend who's dying to rip open my unit. To satisfy my curiosity, what would one look for/ what are the usual suspects? Edit: I haven't tried turning on the computer as yet with the new PSU. I am currently going through all of my HDDs and SSDs externally with a USB SATA reader. Anything I should watch out for?
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