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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I would just like to know on how to fix the not charging HS70 Pro Wireless issue that I currently have. I tried the soft reset but the led lights are still not on. tried to use on 2 different computer and different cord as well. I'm from the Philippines so I'm not sure on nearest place where I could get this check or fix. Any ideas or other fix I could do?? Thanks,
  2. Hey there folks! 2 or 3 hours ago I did an firmware update (i don't know why I did that.. I honestly dont). I'm stupid. And since then, I have no audio on my headphones. Also, I've noticed that the USB stick is flashing instead or lightning. I tried unplugging it and plugging it back to another port - no success. Tried resetting it - holding mute for 15-20 seconds and then turning it on - no success. I've uninstalled the iCUE software like 10 times, same as my sound drivers - no success. I tried it on my dad's PC - no success. What's left to do? I bought in store in Serbia but they gave me 6 months warranty and It's been 9 months since I bought them. What should I do now? Have I destroyed them? I messaged Corsairs customer support. EDIT: FIXED!! " I fixed it. connect the USB cable and hold the power btn for 15 seconds then ur headset led bulb will blink as red(orange). then force update the software, after that red bulb and dongle bulb will of, then aging u have to press the power btn until its on , then they will be connect together " or " Hey guys. I know you said your headsets was faulty, but it wasn't. Windows just stop recognizing the headset (mainly the most recent windows updates), which causes the headset to lose its default settings which also supports its functionality. This may include it not connecting, you not hearing the standard "powering on" and "powering off" sounds or not hearing anything else plus the mic not working even though everything is set to default. Now the fix: 1. Take a paperclip and insert it into the wireless adapter and hold it down for a few seconds (until you see the white LED flashing rapidly) 2. After LED started flashing, press and hold the headset power button for at least 8 seconds. This will pair the adapter to the headset and restore the default settings. 3. If successful, the headset should flash green followed by red to indicate a successful pair. 4. I know this will 100% work, so enjoy and don't update windows. I wish AMD made a replacement for windows too XD. " - Thanks to SL Legend & henry ford from YouTube video- [ame] [/ame]
  3. Buenas noches , hace unas semanas me compro unos corsair hs 70 pro , pero e notado que se escuchan como chasquidos ,estática fuerte (cabe aclarar que no son del micrófono) , se siento muy incomodo estar con ese sonido cada cierto tiempo , hasta cuando se esta sin ningún música o sonido , se escucha ese chasquido . cosas probadas. -cambiar de posición el usb. -hard reset. -actualizar icue y audífonos. -cerrar el icue . -desactivar el micrófono. -en 3 pcs y una laptop. -mandar ticket y realizar lo indicado. y bueno , si alguien sabe como solucionar ese problema , ya que son unos audífonos muy bonitos cómodos con buen audio pero esos chasquidos me están volviendo loco. gracias.
  4. There's no battery indicator anywhere for my new HS70 Pro Wireless headphones. Even iCue settings is just blank next to "status / battery" Screenshot: https://share.getcloudapp.com/qGudqBKN I expected there to be some way to check the battery level such as pressing the power button to have it spoken which many other headsets do. Seems odd to have no battery level info on an otherwise seemingly high quality headset. There is also an issue where sometimes sidetone will remain on when the mic mute button is pressed. Then when the mic is unmuted sidetone will turn off. The only way to turn sidetone back on is to move the sidetone slider in iCue settings. This is a highly irritating bug! Firmware is also at v0.01 which seems suspicious, is that the latest version?
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