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Found 7 results

  1. Saludos. Recientemente he estado hablando con este micrófono y repentinamente la recepción de voz es tan baja que es imposible escuchar mi voz. He tosido infinidad de vez al microfono debido a que estoy enfermo. ¿Es posible reparar el microfono? Gracias
  2. Nach dem neuen Update welches ich installiert habe, geht mein Headset nichtmehr :mad: . Ich habe bereits versucht das Headset und den USB-Stick zu resetten, was beides nicht funktioniert hat. An anderen PCs geht es auch nicht. Auch eine ältere iCUE Version (3.20.80 und 4.12.214) hat nicht funktioniert, weshalb ich annehme, dass es an dem Headset bzw. an der Firmware liegt. Könnte man vielleicht ein ällteres Firmwareimage bekommen? :biggrin: Vielen Dank im vorraus!
  3. Hey there folks! 2 or 3 hours ago I did an firmware update (i don't know why I did that.. I honestly dont). I'm stupid. And since then, I have no audio on my headphones. Also, I've noticed that the USB stick is flashing instead or lightning. I tried unplugging it and plugging it back to another port - no success. Tried resetting it - holding mute for 15-20 seconds and then turning it on - no success. I've uninstalled the iCUE software like 10 times, same as my sound drivers - no success. I tried it on my dad's PC - no success. What's left to do? I bought in store in Serbia but they gave me 6 months warranty and It's been 9 months since I bought them. What should I do now? Have I destroyed them? I messaged Corsairs customer support. EDIT: FIXED!! " I fixed it. connect the USB cable and hold the power btn for 15 seconds then ur headset led bulb will blink as red(orange). then force update the software, after that red bulb and dongle bulb will of, then aging u have to press the power btn until its on , then they will be connect together " or " Hey guys. I know you said your headsets was faulty, but it wasn't. Windows just stop recognizing the headset (mainly the most recent windows updates), which causes the headset to lose its default settings which also supports its functionality. This may include it not connecting, you not hearing the standard "powering on" and "powering off" sounds or not hearing anything else plus the mic not working even though everything is set to default. Now the fix: 1. Take a paperclip and insert it into the wireless adapter and hold it down for a few seconds (until you see the white LED flashing rapidly) 2. After LED started flashing, press and hold the headset power button for at least 8 seconds. This will pair the adapter to the headset and restore the default settings. 3. If successful, the headset should flash green followed by red to indicate a successful pair. 4. I know this will 100% work, so enjoy and don't update windows. I wish AMD made a replacement for windows too XD. " - Thanks to SL Legend & henry ford from YouTube video- [ame] [/ame]
  4. Hey Guys, i have a HS70 Pro Wireless which i have really enjoyed using for the past 4.5 months. It has a little knob/wheel to adjust the audio volume on the left side. Today i woke up to notice that the wheel was not moving and it was pushed in. Then the thing just fell off and went inside the headset. Now i have no sound whatsoever and i have been browsing for ways to disassemble the headset or repair it but apparently you can only open it if you break it. Does anyone know a way to open it without breaking it or anything??? Thank you for your help
  5. In my headphones (Corsair HS70 PRO Wireless), the left speaker (where the mic is coming from) makes a soft but continuous noise. I changed it on Amazon twice and all three earphones they sent me made the same noise on the left speaker so I guess it's a factory defect. However, I have observed that when I enter the ICUE software, in the PANEL menu. I can see the bar to change the MICROPHONE VOLUME. If I lower the microphone volume, the noise from the left speaker of my headphones disappears. I inform you of this, since they are high quality headphones and it is a pity that because of this problem they are not perfect.
  6. I've had my HS70 Pro for about 7 months now, and this problem started about 3 months ago. Whenever my headset is low on battery, and I plug it in, it'll start repeatedly disconnecting and reconnecting. It stops after it charges for a while. I checked iCue while it was happening, and when its unplugged it shows the actual battery, then when i plug it in instead of saying charging like it should, the battery increases, all the way up to 90. When i unplug it it goes back down to 3%. I really can not stand this and would appreciate any help I can get.
  7. So I have a pair of HS70 pro wireless headphones and in certain situation the audio is crackly - e.g. during the title music of the office, but fine for the rest of the episode. I've tested this situation with other headphones and speakers and it definitely only happens with the hs70s. I saw a thread on here from ages ago that said it was iCue related so I uninstalled iCue and just ran the heaphones without it and lo and behold there's no crackle. However i've got 3 RGB devices that need iCue to control so I'd prefer to still have the software. This thread - https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=187654 - notes that he was able to uninstall the iCue drivers through device manager but I can't do that without disabling the headphones all together. Any ideas?
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