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  1. Hello, I purchased the HS70 headset and the mic had stopped working, so i returned it and got a replacement, with the same issue occurring six days after it had arrived, i was wondering if there is a fix or if I'm doing something wrong?
  2. i bought these hs70s from amazon, unfortunately i both lost the amazon email, and dont know whether these headphones have a warranty on them or not, but would like to check. is that possible?
  3. Received the headset a couple days ago and set it up today only to be bummed about it having a constant annoying noise. Tried a couple of things already such as power plan, soft resetting and uninstalling drivers and reinstalling them. Can anyone help me out, most likely will be returning them but I hate to have another pair which does the same. Thanks
  4. (HS70 PRO WIRELESS) Los audifonos no conectan con su receptor, el receptor al ser conectado, no es reconocido por windows, no se ilumina el led central del dongle, simplemente no funciona, los audifonos si prenden pero no sirve de nada, ya intente hacer el soft reset, conectar el dongle con los audifonos prendidos y nada ha funcionado, espero y me digan como solucionar este problema para poder conectar a la perfeccion los audifonos, comento que tambien los auriculares estan parpadeando con una luz verde-amarillenta, no se que signifique eso
  5. My HS70 Bluetooth headset connects via bluetooth to the PC, but in a few seconds it disconnects. I tested it on the iPhone and it doesn't disconnect.
  6. Hi there, Is there any problem with using this headset on linux (ubuntu)? I prefer to ask before buying :)
  7. Desde hace unas semanas tengo este problema y es que al usar mis cascos corsair hs70 no paran de apagarse y encenderse solos. He probado a intentar actualizarlos y a resetearlos pero no ha funcionado, no he visto ningun problema igual en el foro, no se que hacer, es demasiado incomodo que se esten apagando y encendiendo todo el rato y el boton de on/off apenas hace caso
  8. My headset has been working perfectly fine, until about 3 weeks ago. My headset wouldn't charge. I figured out that the input was kind of broken. I can charge the headset if I adjust the cable to a certain position. Today I realised that the headset won't even turn on. I've tried doing a soft reset as said on your support page, but that didn't work. And I charged the headset fully yesterday evening so I know that the battery isn't dead. One more thing, I've noticed that the battery drains very fast from 100-40% but then slow down. I payed about 150 euro for this headset, and to be honest im disappointed that they didn't even last a year..
  9. When I have the headset connected but no sounds playing i hear a slight static in the left ear only. If i play a video and pause it the static is quieter then a second or two later it gets louder and stays that way till i play the sounds/video again. I've tried different ports on the computer for the receiver. I've tried different computers all together. But its really bugging me and im not sure what to do.
  10. My headset was working fine all days, headset battery started beeping as it down when dying, plugged in the USB cable and the right ear/speaker has had a long beep/hum tried soft reset still beeping/hum
  11. Hallo in die Runde Ich hab das HS70 Bluetooth und folgendes Problem: Wenn ich es per Kabel anschließe, findet es die icue-Software und ich kann alles Einstellen. Wenn ich es allerdings per BT an den Pc anschließe, nicht. Sound und Mikro funktionieren aber bei beidem. Vielleicht kann mir ja jemand von euch helfen. Vielen Dank schon einmal. Lg Benny
  12. my HS70 wireless headset randomly powers itself off when charging, it works fine when unplugged. it does NOT power off due to inactivity, in fact i've found it powers off more often when playing audio. there's also sometimes a slight buzzing noise when it's plugged in, but it's barely noticable. as mentioned previously, the headset works fine when unplugged. a few things i've already tried: uninstall or reinstall iCue different operating systems: windows, mac, linux update firmware soft reset (hold mute button for 20 seconds) different usb ports: front panel, motherboard, 2.0, 3.0, external charger messing with settings in iCue: i clicked every button and switch i could find, nothing helped anything else i could try? is my headset broken or is this a common issue? should i try to get it replaced under warranty?
  13. I recently picked up the corsair HS50 Pro Wireless headset and installed the iCUE program and I cant for the life of me get it to sound like my other headset did for warzone, footsteps are getting blended in with the horrific sound of enemy gunfire and teammates too, it just sound like a cheap headset and I would really like to figure out how to fix it as it cost me a pretty penny, the only preset that i have had a little bit of success with was the default "pure direct" setting, but even then i don't even hear the footsteps until they are right beside me or I'm dead, also the static noise and hissing that this headset produces is awful, i will probably get another headset if this persists and i cant find a good balance for audio.
  14. So my headphones have an issue of the volume fluctuating. Like, I will scroll the volume knob to a certain level and it may stay that volume for a bit then it suddenly gets softer. Sometimes if I wait, it jumps back up to the volume I set it but often times I have to increases the volume so that it gets louder again and then scroll the knob back down to where I originally set it. I have thouroughly checked my windows settings and I know those aren't changing my headset volume. I've also tried on other devices and the same problem occurs. It's annoying and idk how to fix this. Any suggestions?
  15. Hello, I don't why but recently my headphone stopped working. I get some audio for a small period of time (1-2 seconds) and then I can't hear anything. The headphone are well charged and are ON. I tried to re-sync the connection but without luck. It keeps going quiet after those seconds. Any thoughts? Thanks
  16. The other day my headphones broke so I decided to treat myself to a nice pair of headphones that were wireless. As I have bad experiences with Wired headphones I decided to instead get a wireless pair and saw the HS70 Pro's advertised as crystal clear audio which was very visible when you listened through the iCUE sidetone. But after I took apart the box and logged into a Discord call with some friends they noted that my voice sounded very low quality, I did the test and true enough it sounded awful. At first I thought it was just discord (Which was the thing that was advertised to be crystal clear) so I tried it out on Teamspeak, it was still bad, so I moved onto Audacity, still bad, so I moved onto Windows Recorder, still bad. The only software I have tried so far that seems to output the audio decently is iCUE and Streamlabs OBS. What I'm getting at here is that for some reason the audio that is output by iCUE or Streamlabs OBS sounds better than the stuff the hardware was advertised for. I really want this thing to be fixed cause I love the quality of the output and the battery life, especially since when I tested it on iCUE, I assumed that my outputs for all other systems would sound similar and have therefor disposed of the box and cannot return if it doesn't work. #Note: I've already went from Sub-Reddit to Sub-Reddit, to different forum posts and have tried everything such as uninstalling the audio driver, setting the quality to DVD Quality or placing the connection into a different USB Port
  17. I have bought 2 pair of HS70 and both had the same problem, the battery is bad and after the warranty it starts to run out. Now my headphones are daing on 1 hr of use, i'm just lisening to some music and after a bit i just hear the sound of battery low, then i have to use them with a battery bank all day, the best wirless headphones :D
  18. Please... I beg you corsair. Make it so we can disable these beeping sounds indication low battery or whatever, I would genuinely rather it die than make a constant beeping sound every minute or so, it's the most annoying thing ever. The best way I could think this could be done is a firmware update wherein the iCue settings you can either fully disable them or set a threshold for how low you want your battery to go before you get any sort of warning, it's so annoying. I can't express how much I would love for something like this to be implemented, it's getting to a point where I regret getting these over my cheap-o £50 fake bose headphones since they never had an issue with too many warnings or whatever.
  19. Bonjour, Savez vous comment activer le son 7.1 sur iCue pour mon casque Hs70 Wireless ? Car au niveau du son gaming, j'entend pas les bruits de pas à l'endroit ou ils sont . Merci d'avance Cordialement
  20. Bonjour, je rencontre un problème avec mon Corsair HS70 Pro sans fil. En effet, lorsque j'allume le casque et que je branche le dongle sur mon pc, je ne peux pas avoir accès à l'audio de mon pc dans mon casque. De ce fait, mon casque ne me sert actuellement à rien car les musiques jouées sur youtube ou encore les sons de mes jeux sortent des haut-parleurs de mon pc.
  21. Hey guys, I'm currently experiencing an issue with my HS70 SE wireless Corsair headset which started today. Specifically the issue is that my wireless headset is turning itself on and off repeatedly without stopping which I'm not sure why is happening. The headset has not been damaged and its firmware and settings are up to date. If anyone has any suggestions or knows more or less what the issue could be, please do tell! Thanks!
  22. Last night i reinstalled my Windows and so my Software Icue, before restarting i was using a previous version than 3.37.140. When i reinstalled my windows and installed the last version of icue i had the problem with my headsets that i listen to myself through my HS70 headsets. I uninstalled my Icue and i dont have this problem anymore
  23. Servus, ich habe gestern ein Corsair HS70 Pro Headset Wireless bekommen. Leider habe ich andauernd Verbindungsverluste für ca 1 sekunde was leider sehr nervig ist. Danke schonmal für die Hilfe
  24. Is there a possibility to get the battery level in the SDK so I can drop it to a file? The usual going into iCue, settings, headset info and then look at the battery level is the only disadvantage of this headset and I'd like to write a program so I can show it in the tray.
  25. I am having some issues in Teamspeak 3, when profiles are switched in ICUE my HS70 headset will no longer broadcast audio to Teamspeak. The issue stops when I close ICUE and it only happens when profiles switch. Also will only resolve when profile is changed back to the one that it started on..
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