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Found 7 results

  1. I bought some HS70s recently and I find that when people talk on discord other applications like web browsers and games lower their volume when they speak. I have the windows settings like 'Exclusive Mode' and sound settings 'Communications' setting set to 'Do nothing' also. Within discord I have voice settings' Attenuation turned off also. I'm wondering if it's a setting somewhere else within windows/discord or if it maybe a setting in iCUE. Any ideas?
  2. Hello! I just acquire the HS70 wireless and updated the ICUE software. With that combination, i can't now change the windows volume directly using my headset (I could use that with my previous headset, the Void Wireless). Is this a windows problem or is it something related to the headset or software?
  3. Guten Tag, Ich habe bei meinem HS70 Wireless ein Firmensoftware update gemacht. Seitdem verbindet sich das Headset nicht mehr mit dem Computer. In der ICUE Software ist neben dem Headset sein gelbes Ausrufezeichen und bei "Status/Batterie" ist das Ausrufezechen und es steht "Nicht angeschlossen". Kann ich das Headset irgendwie auf die Standarteinstellungen zurücksetzten?
  4. Hello i set up fresh Windows 10 2004 and static noise appear. Before reinstalling Windows 10 2004 everything was ok. Ive tried Change USB port Uninstall drivers Reinstall iCU Turn off headphones and Turn on MIC is off (im not using it) Set DVD quality No matter 7.1 or stereo Any more tips or help?
  5. Hi, I receved a pair of HS70 Pro today and when i first used them there was a quiet buzzing sound on the left ear. I tried reinstalling the frameware multible times, but the sound is still here. It sounds like a 120Hz square wave. Is that normall? Can anyone help? edit: the sound is only there when there is a wireless connection. It change frequencies when i turn mic on and off and when i change the mic volume. It doesn't sound like a wireless backround noise and i don't think it is because it's only on the left ear. I found some other treads about similar problems on the Hs70 and Hs70SE. Thank you SK
  6. Hey guys, Just want to point out that iCue doesn't recognize my HS70 wireless headset. It's literally not working, I have no sound comming out the headsets. Already tried to reinstall the software, reconect the headset, bunch of computer restarts, still nothing. Thanks for listening :D
  7. Windows 7 my computer only detects my headphones a 2 channel stereo, not 8 channel. Despite iCUE saying that surround is on. Surround isn't actually working. 8 channel is neither selectable nor visible to select. Doing a sound test only simulates 2 speakers, left then right. Also EQ settings don't seem to have much difference. I have tried: 1. uninstalling iCUE and the hs70 driver in device manager 2. restart 3. reinstall iCUE but then only connect the headphones once icue was working (was not prompted to restart) 4. restart the computer again hoping that the 8 channel not being selectable. 5. uninstall the headphones only and get device manager to check for changes. same thing 6. uninstall iCUE and driver, restart, 7. reinstall ICUE 8. restart 9. plugged in device allowed to install when icue running 10. restarted again Still no go. if anyone knows how to fix this it would be greatly appreciated. Also this is a warranty replacement and my laptop broke recently and required a reformat so no longer have drivers that did actually work (worked prior to replacement and laptop breaking). Already running latest firmware image. Looks like it's not using correct driver despite my best attempts? Driver info says its using CORSAIR driver though...
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