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Found 5 results

  1. Earlier today I was watching youtube then my audio suddenly stopped, I went into the windows audio settings and could no longer find the HS60 Pro listed anywhere. The headset was plugged into the usb dongle provided. I unplugged everything and plugged it back in, still nothing. BUT if I plug the headset directly to a 3.5mm audio jack I can hear things fine (in stereo). Looking in iCUE shows me nothing, it doesn't even know that I have the headset plugged in, whether or not its plugged in thru the dongle or the jack. Assuming that this was a problem with the usb dongle I went to device manager, in the USB controllers section there is an "Unknown USB Device (Invalid Configuration Descriptor)" which I know to be the dongle because if I unplug it, the Unknown device goes away. I have tried reinstalling iCUE (both the v3 and v4) as well as repairing them via control panel, I have tried updating the drivers for the dongle but windows says the the best drivers have already been installed, I even updated my graphics drivers to see if that would help, still no audio from the USB dongle. If anyone knows of a fix that would be great, this is my first time posting on this forum so if I need to be in a different forum please let me know.
  2. When my HS60 Pro's USB adapter is plugged in the other USB port on the front of my case doesn't work. Is there a way to fix this?
  3. Hola. Compre mis hs60 pro hace dos días, recién el día de ayer instale icue para configurarlos para xbox, el problema es que icue no detecta el micrófono pues no me sale el controlador del volumen del audio que esta colocado del lado derecho. Ya revise mi pc y sí detecta el micrófono de los audífonos, además, tiene habilitado el que otras aplicaciones utilicen el micrófono. ¿Qué solución me dan? ya busque si no ocupa actualización tanto manual como automáticamente y no funciona nada.
  4. Guys, need a emergency help! I bought this headset maybe 5 month ago and since that I had problem with Windows. I always used the sound adaptor because my mother board do not have a P3 entrace. Always my device get disconnected for no reason, so I had to put it again to work. So yesterday, the problem happened, but not worked when I put it again. I got that error: "USB device not recognized device descriptor request failed code 43" So I tested the headset in a Phone and its working very well. I formated the windows to see if that will solve my problem and didnt worked. Please someone help. I need that to work every day ;-;
  5. Hello everyone, I bought the HS60 Pro Surround wired headphones a day ago, everything works perfectly but within the iCUE program the volume control of the microphone does not appear. What can I do to make it appear? I've already uninstalled and reinstalled it, rebooted and nothing.
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