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Found 20 results

  1. Recently I realized that I could only hear right channel audio. Both sides of my headset put out sound but they both put out the right channel sound. I can hear the right channel audio out of both sides. I do not know why this is happening and I haven't found another instance where this has happened. I've gone through all my settings and both channels are at the same volume (also moving the left channel slider doesn't affect any volume but the right channel slider affects both sides) and mono audio is also turned off. I do not have any clue what to do on how to fix this, and help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hey! I've bought the HS50 Pro's from my local shop in Estonia called ArvutiTark. I had no problem since today, where the left side of the headset is not working.. I've tried the following: - unplug and plug - balance settings - other devices (phone, other computer). None of the above worked. What could be the issue? I'm sure I can't get a replacement either because the receipt is lost. Thanks! Change.
  3. I just received my new Corsair HS50 Pro Headset. While the sound works fine.. The mic does not record my voice in either state of the headset mute button. My older headset works properly with no problems. My cheap clip-on microfone also works fine. The headset is properly connected with the y-Splitter. The microphone is clipped into the headset. When listening to audio through the headset the mic is able to record that. It works in both mute states. It even works without the mic being attached to the headset. It wont record the audio when the 3.5mm mic jack is not connected to the computer (obv). So i believe its not my computer's fault. In following thread the phenomen is described as "sidetone audio through the earcups" [https://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1774989]. The steps described did not fix my problem. Im running Win10 Version 20H2 (OS Build 19042.508). I will need the headset working properly for an online job interview next week. Maybe the problem can be fixed easily due to user error. Otherwise i will have to send it back. With best regards, User23112020
  4. I bought Corsair HS50 Pro Stereo 2 days ago.I am having an issue with my splitter. When I connect my headphones with the splitter to my PC, the headphones are detected but not the mic. Even after being detected, there is no audio from the headphones. The combined pin is working fine. Please help. Thank you in advance.
  5. Bonjour, je viens de recevoir aujourd'hui mon Corsair HS50 Pro et je l'ai essayé sur mon téléphone portable en premier et celui fonctionne parfaitement (le micro est vraiment dingue pour ce prix) mais une fois branché sur mon Acer Predator Helios 300 en jack simple (sans le splitter Y ), rien ne se passe, le micro reste en hibernation. Que faire ? Je ne possède qu'une entrée Jack 3.5 mm qui, comme illustrée sur le côté, accepte les micros-casques. Aidez-moi s'il vous plait, c'est mon premier micro-casque depuis que mes mains touchent un clavier :( Merci de votre aide, EDIT : J'ai trouvé une solution : Explorateur de fichier -> Disque (C:) -> Programmes -> Realtek -> Audio -> HDA -> Lancer le RAVCpl64.exe -> Double clique sur le point noir en dessous de "Analogique" -> Sélectionner "Micro-casque" et "Remember my selection and not show this dialogue next time" -> Cliquer sur "Ok". Et voilà ;) MAJst
  6. Bonjour, J'ai acheté un Casque HS50, Je viens de le brancher tout fonctionne à l'exception du micro, J'ai essayé d'autres ports jack, d'utiliser un adaptateur jack to USB, remettre par défaut le micro... etc... A ce jour rien le micro ne fonctionne toujours, pas En vous remerciant pour les réponses apportées :)
  7. Bonsoir, Tout à l'heure, j'ai reçu mon nouveau casque : Le HS50 Pro, mais en le connectant, je me suis rendu compte de quelques soucis que mon casque avait : Tout d'abord, le probleme majeur : Le micro ne fonctionne (casi pas), en le testant sur Audacity, je m'entends, mais d'extremement loin. Ensuite, le bouton du casque permettant de muter le micro ne fonctionne pas. J'appuye dessus mais le micro ne se coupe pas. Pensez vous que je dois le renvoyer ? Si non, avez vous une solution ? Merci. PS. Je précise que j'utilise l'adaptateur founis avec le casque permettant de brancher le casque sur une double prise jack.
  8. Purchased HS-50 about a year and everything was fine, but lately one ear pad went away. Corsair provide me new ones. There is solid rings, so I don't have any idea how to join them together.
  9. Hola, El micrófono de los cascos HS50 van muy mal, se escucha un petardeo, también la calidad es realmente mala y en Discord o Skype se escucha aún peor, he intentado arreglarlo de todas las maneras pero no consigo nada, no sé que hacer. Gracias.
  10. Max_Khaos

    HS50 Audio

    Hi, I need a 1 metre extension cable for my headphones. I have purchased several 4 pole 3.5mm audio cables but the microphone fails to work. Has anyone got a budget cable that works ? Regards
  11. Bonjour, Depuis peu, j'ai effectué une mise a jour de windows et depuis le micro du casque HS50 n'est absolument plus détecté par mon pc ni dans les périphériques d'enregistrement, ni dans le gestionnaire de périphériques... J'aimerai savoir comment pour a nouveau utilisé mon micro pour pouvoir jouer ...
  12. My Corsair HS50 makes static/buzzing noise when my Laptop is connected to Power Supply. I searched to fix this in many forums didn't get proper results. However I found some videos on Youtube which told me to use "Voicemeter" Software to get fix this. Voicemeter Fixes the problem but also makes my voice robotic/Non-Realistic. I record Gameplays mostly and I can hear the static noise in My Recordings. This Happens when I turn on the mic on the headset. Otherwise it's quite silence. Any way to fix this issue.?
  13. Hi, I purchased my Corsair HS50 few days back. The headphone is pretty good and I have no problems with it. But I could not try the Microphone of the HS50. I don't know how it works. I use the headphone on a laptop and it has only one 3.5mm Jack. I did not use the Y Cable. But without the Splitter the Microphone doesn't work. Now as I have one 3.5mm Port, I can't try the Y Cable. Then I decided to buy a cheap USB Sound Card. Using it, everything works fine, Except I get Static Electricity sound when I turn on the mic. When the Laptop is powered through battery, It doesn't make any sound but When I plug in power supply, It makes loud sound and there is no way to reduce the Static sound. Can anyone tell is if there is a way to use the headphone along with the microphone using the 3.5mm Jack? Or explain if It will work with the single 3.5mm Jack or not...! My laptop model is Dell Inspiron 5577. Thank You.
  14. GuciGubben


    I bought a pair of HS50 headphones about a week ago now the left ear has no sounds when i started my PC. It fixed it self
  15. Hello everyone, I use my HS50 for various things so often remove the mic. I’ve misplaced it and can’t find it anywhere, so annoying. Do you know if Corsair have replacements and if so where can I get one? I looked on their spare parts page and typically can’t see a mic. Help!
  16. Hello, I've recently bought my HS50 headset and so far very pleased with it, great quality and great audio. However I don't think my computer is using my headsets microphone. In discord when I manually mute the headset my voice is still heard. But I can still hear audio through my headset. Also, the headset doesn't show up in playback devices or recording devices. A solution will be appreciated.
  17. Hi, I am from India and i have recently purchased The corsair HS50 headset from Amazon India. The Product that i received is a china import done by an agency named Abacus Peripherals Pvt ltd. So regarding this i want to check two things 1. How and where to check the authenticity of the product? like serial check etc 2. Does corsair provide support for such products? if not, then thru whom do i get the product replaced if the need ever arises? BTW, this product is the third I've bought, as the previous two died after working flawlessly for so many years. Both were HS50 (aka h2100) models, but they were the ones with USB port, with the virtual surround sound emulation thru software. The product I've received is working flawlessly, thou i do miss the loud sound produce by the older models, this model does feel a bit weak in terms of pure loudness of sound produced. hope to hear from the seniors and the staff soon, Regards, Aps
  18. Hello, I just bought the HS50 and like for so many others, the mic doesn't work.:[pouts: I tried to just plug it with the Y-cable, it doesn't work. I tried using my USB adapter, it doesn't work. I tried plugging without Y-cable, it doesn't work. I tried plugging the mic in the headset sloth and the headset in the mic sloth... lo en behold, the mic IS working but NOT the headphones. :eek: I tried it without Y-cable in my Samsung phone and it was working. I tried plugging another headset w/ mic in my computer to see if it was my computer not working properly, but this headset (with a Y-cable as well) is working properly. If I plug that headset's mic cable with the headphones of my corsair, it works as well, so I really think it's a problem with the headphones' Y-cable. By that I mean, the splitting doesn't seem to work properly. OR, my settings, but I read at least 5 setting recs pages and they all say the same, and I tried it all...;): I just want to know if there is something else I could try before I return it? Thanks in advance for your help !
  19. Hi all, I bought a Crosair HS50 last week to connect it to my Xbox One S for some ultimate gaming experience. I’m very happy with the look & feel, comfort and audio quality of the headset. But sadly there seems to be a problem with the volume switch. Only when the volume switch is turned on to maximum I hear a good balanced sound between both ear cups. When I turn the switch lower, the volume in the right ear cup lowers frequently while the left ear cup doesn’t lower that much. When the switch is set too it lowest, the volume of the right ear cup is turned off (only turns on when switch is almost at max.) and the left ear cup is still quite loud. It is alright when I put the volume to the maximum and set the volume a bit lower at the Xbox settings, but when you accidently switch it you get an unbalanced sound of the both ear cups (left harder than right) which is very irritating. I was curious if you had this complaint before & if it indeed is a fabric fracture (and thus should return it for a new one). *BTW: I also tested it on my pc and phone but problems stays the same, so it has nothing to dowith my Xbox settings. Thanks in advance Maarten
  20. Bonjour, J'ai acheté récemment un casque hs50 carbone. Je l'ai branché, il n'y a eu aucun driver. J'ai recherché mon microphone dans gestionnaire de périphérique je ne l'ai pas trouvé. Cependant l'audio marche bien. Je voulais donc savoir si il y avait un moyen de connaître la raison de ce problème qui est que mon micro n'est pas détecté, Merci.
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