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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys, so basically, if I install iCUE the headset starts making a hissing/white noise like sound whenever there is sound playing. Sure I can drown out the hiss by pumping up the volume, but whenever I want to listen to something on a lower volume the hiss becomes really annoying. I can remove the hissing by uninstalling the iCUE app and the sound becomes crystal clear - hissing non-existant. Im fine being without the iCUE installed, but I wont be able to check the headsets battery life and I do like the lady voice that tells me whenever my mic is on/off, etc. Anybody got a solution for this? Thanks in advance.
  2. Received the headset a couple days ago and set it up today only to be bummed about it having a constant annoying noise. Tried a couple of things already such as power plan, soft resetting and uninstalling drivers and reinstalling them. Can anyone help me out, most likely will be returning them but I hate to have another pair which does the same. Thanks
  3. Hello everyone, let's cut to the chase: If I install iCUE, the headset starts making a hissing/white noise sound whenever there is sound playing. Of course I can try to lower my windows sound and pump up the program sound, but when listening to something quite the white noise is VERY persistent and annoying. Upon uninstalling iCUE the hissing is gone and nowhere to be found and cannot be replicated. I have found this post, but the help there did not work. I think the issue is the same though: iCUE does not uninstall the Windows driver and windows is using the faulty windows driver. In completion with iCUE it is doing the hissing sound. Another issue I am having with iCUE is the mic LED. Without iCUE installed the LED is white when unmuted and red when muted. Muting and unmuting changes the LED immediately. Upon installing iCUE the LED is green when unmuted and changes slowly to red when muting urself. But the delay is about 2 seconds. Can the delay be turned off somehow and how do I fix the white noise? Just so the question won't be asked: Sidetone is off. I have tried soft resetting my Virtuosos I hope somebody can help me, since I'd like to take use of the equalizer, since the virtuosos need the EQ for better sound. Thanks in advance
  4. As the title says, I've encountered at issue using the ST100 RGB, involving a background static/hissing noise. This noise only ever happens when there is foreground audio playing (music, game sounds etc.), but it remains the same volume, regardless of how loud the foreground noises are. So when I have quiet music playing, the hissing sound overpowers the music and drowns it out. I'm plugged in using the 3.5mm audio jack, with Audio Technica ATH-M50X headphones. The stand itself is plugged into my rear I/O with the provided USB A-microB cable. It's a strange issue, and I dont have much of an idea about what could be causing it. I've tried disabling the RGB, in case of any interference generated by the LED's or controller, but that hasn't changed anything. Altering windows audio settings doesn't do anything, and the iCue settings are the same deal. If anyone else has encountered the issue and solved it, any information would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello there, I got the HS70 PRO wireless headset 2 days ago as a gift .When i went home and used them, powered on and i was keep hearing a noise .Like someone is blowing wind in my ear.I think it's called hissing but not quite sure.I tried unistalling the corsair software but nothing happed.The problem keeps going. It's not annoying when i play music or a game.But if nothing else is playing in the background then it's really really annoying and it gives me headache. Is it a faulty item or there is a way to solve this? Thanx in advance
  6. I just bought a brand new HS60 Haptic, everything's fine however when I install iCue, I get static noise. I checked all the previously made threads about the issue but none of it helped. I hope there is a fix for this, I don't want to refund it since I really like it... I switched over from a Void Pro RGB USB which had the EXACT same issue, hoping it wouldn't happen with HS60, however the same issue persists with this model as well. - I tried uninstalling drivers, iCue, manually downloading drivers, switching USBs, nothing worked.
  7. Hello, I've got an HS60 and this headphone has many problems, but the one that bothers me the most is the hissing. I noticed that, when I formatted my computer, the headphone hissing got lower, almost unnoticeable. After installing iCUE the hissing got higher, and oh boy I mean higher. Question: Is there any way from preventing iCUE from installing any drivers? In addition, the sound goes trough the microphone. Before that, I had requested an RMA with the shop I bought it (i'm from Brazil), and they changed my headset for another one, but now I'm at the point of requesting a refund. Not using iCUE for me is a big paing, I have an RGB Corsair Keyboard and without iCUE the lightning effects don't work.
  8. Hey there, just got my HS70 wireless today, hooked it up and instantly noticed the hissing sound only (!) in the left ear. Following attempts at fixing have been made: > Microphone on/ off doesn't change a thing > Tried reinstalling the firmware via iCUE > Different slot for the USB receiver > Reverting any Equalizer effects back to default Notes: > Audio playing from my PC does not affect the static sound. > Static stops when the USB receiver is pulled out > No issues with my other headset or In-Ears (Headset is via USB, Cable; In-Ears are 3.5mm) > No difference between selecting 7.1 or Stereo in iCUE > Static level does not increase or decrease, no matter the combination of "loudness" from the headset or my PC settings > Static level is not affected by distance to receiver (does not matter whether I'm 50cm away, in the same room or two rooms over) > No matter how I balance left-right audio on my PC, left is always more pronounced (when listening to dialogue it always sounds like the conversation is way further left than it appears visually; same for gaming and music) Any help would be greatly appreciated. <3 Final note- if I can't fix this I'll be returning the headset and look for a new one, either wireless or with a wire. But this... I've been using it for a couple of hours now and when there's a permanent sound source (like a game, movie, etc.) it's fine, but when I'm sitting on voice comms, listening to music, or worst of all not doing anything it's getting unbearable. PC Specs: Win 10 i5 4670k GTX 1080 MSI B85-G43 16GB Corsair DDR3 RAM
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