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Found 4 results

  1. Previously many requested of adding DRAM support to my iCue profiles u have gotten around to buying a Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB kit of 4 x DIMMs. With that, I also updated all my profiles and I have added QL Fans, SP Pro Fans and ASUS Motherboard support(tested on a Hero XI). For those who do not frequent the subreddits I have posted my profiles and updates before but to make a shortlist of support Corsair devices. Commander Pro, Up to 6 peripherals per channel, RGB Strips, HD Fans, SP Fans, SP Pro Fans, LL Fans, ML Fans and, QL Fans. Lightning Node Pro, Up to 6 peripherals per channel, RGB Strips, HD Fans, SP Fans, SP Pro Fans, LL Fans, ML Fans and, QL Fans. H150i Pro closed liquid cooler. Dominator Platinum RGB 4 x DIMMs Corsair Strafe RGB Mk2 & Demo K95 RGB. MM800 RGB Polaris mouse pad. Demo Glaive RGB. Demo ST100 RGB. Demo Void Pro Wireless. Hydro X Support, All Channels. ASUS Motherboards. And to prevent double posting and spam you can visit my download section here: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb.html Enjoy!:bigeyes:
  2. My latest batch of Corsair iCue profiles including a Christmas iCue profile for the holidays. Enjoy the Holidays! Calm After the Storm: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/45-calm-after-the-storm-icue-profile.html SandStorm: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/46-sand-storm-icue-profile.html Retro Blood Dragon: Firestorm https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/47-retro-blood-dragon-firestorm-icue-profile.html Death Stranding: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/48-death-stranding-icue-profile.html Mito GMK Laser DSA Rush(Key cap sets): https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/50-mito-gmk-laser-dsa-rush-icue-profile-folder.html Tai-Hao Sunshine(Key cap set): https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/57-tai-hao-sunshine-pbt-doubleshot-icue-profile-folder.html Christmas 2019: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/58-christmas-2019-icue-profile.html As always enjoy and leave me some feedback or requests.
  3. Hello everyone part III of my iCue RGB profiles, as well as adding support for HydroX to all profiles and fixing some issues with residuals of other profiles that were found on some channels. With fixing all iCue RGB profiles now comes support HydroX, HD Fans, SP Fans, LL Fans, ML Fans, and RGB strips on all channels with Commander Pro and the Node Pro. Showcase can be found for each link where the first portion is each profile in action in a PC case with a range of Corsair peripherals and the final portion is a view in iCue of each profile. Storm: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/37-storm-icue-profile.html Retro Blood Dragon: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/38-retro-blood-dragon-icue-profile.html Veil Nebula: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/39-veil-nebula-icue-profile.html Arctic Aurora O2/N7: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/40-arctic-aurora-o2-n7-icue-profile.html Retro Blood Dragon Spike: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/41-retro-blood-dragon-spike-icue-profile.html Witch Head Nebula: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/42-witch-head-nebula-icue-profile.html Arctic Aurora N7/1H/2He: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/43-arctic-aurora-n7-1h-2he-icue-profile.html Star Citizen Arial: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/44-star-citizen-arial-icue-profile.html Enjoy!, Cheers,
  4. Thought I drop a link in here for some of my profiles. All download are single files and have MD5/SHA1 signatures and only iCue extension using https so are well protected and are read-only. The whole growing gallery can be found here: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/category/7-corsair-icue-profiles.html A Nvidia and Intel branded profile: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/13-nvidia-intel-icue-profile.html The Division 2 Rogue profile: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/14-the-division-2-rogue-icue-profile.html Star Citizen Concierge profile: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/16-star-citizen-icue-profile.html Fornite profile: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/17-fortnite-icue-profile.html Warframe profile: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/18-warframe-icue-profile.html Metro Exodus profile: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/19-metro-exodus-icue-profile.html Green Posion profile: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/20-green-poison-icue-profile.html Apex Legends profile: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/21-apex-legends-icue-profile.html Cyberpunk 2077 profile: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/22-cyberpunk-2077-icue-profile.html Finished the Rainbows Six Siege iCue profile if you previously used the profile consider the update. Rainbow Six Siege: Hibana profile https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/15-rainbow-six-siege-hibana-icue-profile.html Enjoy!
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