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Found 4 results

  1. Hello , i have a h115i cooler with a core i7 9700k. it is currently at stock with a vcore of 1.15. Load under the cores get to about 82 degrees with prime 95 v26.6. The coolant tempreture goes to about 32 max. The pump is on performance mode 3000rpm . I have re seated the pump a couple of times using arctic silver 5. the paste spreads and covers the hole cpu. Is it normal for the core temperature to be this high vs the coolant temperature ?
  2. Hi, I have a H100iGTX cooling a lightly overclocked i7 4790k (4.6 gHz, no overvolting). Recently I've been noticing temperatures are increasingly high under normal usage - I've dusted out my computer with no real effect. To contextualise 'high', if I run the Intel Extreme Tuning stress test we hit 90 degrees within 30 seconds, and intermittent thermal throttling within a couple of minutes. Coolant temperature will quickly hit about 48 degrees. I'm using some expensive aftermarket noctua fans on the heatsink instead of the Corsair ones (ones designed for static pressure), and with them set to 100% and the pump set to high performance the temperatures are as described above. Pump speed is particularly crucial - if I set the pump to performance things get a lot hotter a lot quicker. I was going to swap back to stock fans as a last resort, but I've noticed that when I stress test the temperature of the radiator is massively uneven. It's fairly cool everwhere but the part of the grille near the pipe entry points, where it's very warm to the touch. Even when the system is idling the temperature differential can still be felt. Is this indicative of some kind of blockage in the radiator? Is a support ticket in order?
  3. Just did a new build specs will be listed below. I'm having an issue with temperature spikes. I'm using Aida64 for stress testing and on stock speeds I'm getting 62 degree averages but spikes/max temps of 80 degrees at about 1.26v. From about 45mins of stress testing. I bought this with OCing in mind so I did a small OC of 4.6ghz with averages of 69 and max of 89 at around 1.28v. These spikes are a bit concerning. I haven't seen these kind of large spikes before on mine or friends builds. Real time temps sometimes have jumps of 25+ degrees. Is this normal? Should I be concerned? I can post Aida64 test pics later if needed. I'm aware the cooler Corsair software doesn't support Kaby Lake right now but that would seem crazy to be causing this. Specs: Intel 7700k H100i V2 w/ Artic Silver5 Asus z270 Prime-AR 32gb Corsair vengeance DDR4 960 Evo 250gb m.2 MSI Gaming X GTX 1070 EVGA SuperNova 650W Corsair 500r w/ 6-ML 120 PRO's 4x on case 2x on Rad
  4. Hi there, I installed a H80i v2 on my PC, but I think that the temperatures are too high: Idle: 36ºC - 40ºC Full Load: 70ºC -78ºC Even using the corsai Link in performance mode did not solve the problem. I am using a stock configs (including disabling the Intel TurboBoost). I also tried to reinstall H80i v2, tighten the screws and clean and apply thermal paste. Here is my specs: Gigabyte G1 Gaming 7 - Z170X Intel i7 6700k 16GB RAM DDR4 2133 (OC 3200MHz) HDD 1TB Seagate SSD 240GB Kingston Asus Strix GTX 1070 OC PSU Thermaltake DPS G RGB 650W Could some one help me? :[pouts:
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