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  1. So since im kinda dumb on this i just turned on my first pc, prebuilt corsair, (VENGEANCE i7300 Gaming PC, i5-12600K, RTX 3070, 1TB M.2, 16GB DDR4-3200) and im not too sure if these fans turn on under load but the front three fans just arent turning on. The worst part about it that made me worry is the fact my ram is running 44c which im pretty sure is bad... thanks for the help and dumb it down for me 😄 the rgb works on the fans aswell if that helps...
  2. I need help with my Virtuoso SE headset! Since the update to iCUE 4 (now at 4.11.274) it cannot be updated anymore. Same for the dongle. Both are stuck at 0.17.149 (headset) and 0.16.80 (dongle) respectivly. When pressing the "Check for Updates" button, iCUE does not show up-to-date. But it also does not update the firmware. I also cannot force update because that button is greyed out. (See Attachments) I have tried different ports (no hub), soft reseting the headset, uninstalling iCUE completely/fully and uninstalling the devices in device manager. I have read a few threads, where either the dongle or the headset is at a 0.x.x version but not both. I also know from these threads that the latest firmware is somewhere in the 5.x.x range. I am pretty sure that this can only be fixed with a manual firmware update. I would greatly appreciate if some Corsair employee could send me the latest firmware as .zip or .bin. The P/N of the headset and dongle is CA-9011180.
  3. I installed 4 QL 120 fans last night, 2 on the case and 2 to replace the fans of my H100i Pro cooler and at first everything seemed fine. They were spinning and they were partially lighted up by default. I downloaded and installed the ICUE software, launched it and my H100i Pro and the Lightning Node Core were both detected. I configured the Lighting Setup and started to customize the lights on the Lightning Node Core but nothing was applying to the fans. Note : When I activate instant lightning it only applies to the rgb part of the H100i Pro but doesn't apply to any of the fans. Is there something I could do to fix this ? Are my fans defectuous ? Is the lightning node core the issue ? Please help.
  4. So i just got done installing a set of ll120 fans, they work and look great, just one problem, icue is not detecting the lighting node pro or the rgb hub. i had this same problem a few months back with my h115i platinum aio, i figured i couldn't control the rgb due to the lack of the node pro or the rgb hub, keep in mind the fans are lit up in rainbow and they work but i would like to set them to a single color but i cant because icue wouldn't detect it. So i purchase these ll120 fans for some more rgb goodness, i thought it would allow me to change the lighting once i installed the node pro and the rgb hub, due keep in mind iv'e got the fans that are on the h115i connected to the rgb hub now too. What do i do to fix this? i checked the wiring, everything is connected and its all solid but the icue wont detect any devices, i just wanna change my lighting, Help me out please?
  5. Hello! I am brand new to this forum, so I hope this is the right section. I am about to upgrade from my current case to a Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic, which means I'll be adding fans and getting an AIO. I need help understanding what I need to get for my setup to work. - I want to get 9x SP120 RGB PRO fans to fill the case with fans - I also want to get an iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT cooler Since the Lighting Node Core has 6 fan ports, does that mean I need to get 2 three packs of fans so I have 2 Lighting Node Cores? Does iCUE support having 2 Lighting node cores plugged into different USB headers? Or do I need to do something else that I'm missing? Also, how would I set up the fans on the AIO? Would they plug into their Lighting Node Core? I have no idea how they connect and change speed based on coolant temperature. TL;DR, what do I need to purchase so 3 fans mounted on a radiator and 6 fans mounted around the case (9 total fans) along with an AIO work well? I'm sorry how little I know about this and any help is appreciated!
  6. So I've almost got all the parts to build my spouse's PC (waiting on that 3300x chip to come into stock!) I built mine about a month ago in a 680x and it was my first venture into PC building. I've loved my Corsair products and wanted to give building in another Corsair case a shot. I've got a Noctua NH-D15 for the CPU cooler, and between me and my friend who both built in the Crystal Series 680x we have two extra 120mm fans from the rear exhaust on the cases. I was wondering if I should add either or both to this Carbide Air 540? I don't know a whole lot about these fans or whether or not it would benefit to throw them in there for extra exhaust out the top. I've considered replacing all of the fans in it for pwm fans but I don't really know how much of a difference it'll make in terms of noise reduction or cooling. We have two cats so dust accumulation is a little bit of an issue and I wanna try and do whatever I can to minimize dust and give the case good airflow. I do plan to dust it regularly ofc, but I hear the open layout can cause quite a lot of dust accumulation since there's only one dust filter. Any suggestions on the cooling ecosystem of the case or minimizing dust/extra dust filters etc would be greatly appreciated guys.
  7. Hey guys, so I'm doing my first ever build here in about twelve hours from now, and needless to say I'm a little intimidated. My knowledge of computers is mostly limited to what I've researched over the last two weeks pulling my build together. I've been trying to look through diagrams and whatnot to try and get an idea of how I need to set it up, but I didn't really find one that pertained exactly to my situation, and got totally lost when I saw the "PWM repeater" or whatever it was. I don't wanna accidentally plug stuff into the wrong place or overload the channel or anything like that. Can anyone help me get an idea of where I need to connect everything? I'll be using: Crystal Series 680X case 6x LL120 RGB fans (3 front intake, 2 bottom exhaust, 1 rear exhaust) H115i Platinum RGB AIO Cooler (top) 4 Pro LED Strips 1x Commander Pro 1x Lighting Node Pro I believe that's everything? I've also got the LS100 and two expansion kits but I understand those have their own external power source. I think i get the gist of it, fans go in the RGB fan hub, as well as the Commander Pro, LED strips go in the second channel? I don't know where the AIO goes or where I'm supposed to be inserting the Node Pro for all of this though, or whether all of this set up like this will sync up. Any help would be appreciated, I'm really looking forward to getting this together, I've got a friend who has some mild experience in this helping me out it together since he's got tools and an anti-static mat, but he's never worked with Corsair stuff and we're on a limited schedule, I'd hate to have him trying to figure it out for me. Thank you folks so much
  8. Hello. Recently I notice that some of the LEDs on my keyboard are dimmer than the rest, specifically the E and F9 keys. Does anybody know if this can be fixed or not? Thanks.
  9. Hi all! I ran into this issue after i swapped where my radiator and my case fans were. I have 2 LL 140 case fans as an exhaust, now on the top. I have pictures to try and show whats going on, with the fans turned at full white. Troubleshooting steps I have taken are: 1) check and double check all connections within the Corsair lighting system (swapping fan led plugs, swapping lighting node plugs, etc) 2) update firmware on corsair lighting node, and update corsair iCUE 3) test outside of windows/with iCUE off to see if the issue persists. Attached are the pictures I've taken, enriched with text explanation. Thank you for your help!
  10. Hey guys, Can anyone help me find a seller with this part in stock? One with shipping to South America? https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/PC-Components/Cases/Carbide-275R-Top-Fan-Dust-Filter%2C-Black/p/CC-8900214 I didn't knew the case was sold without the top filter and they don't sell the part separately here. I've been searching for days with no luck Thanks.
  11. So I've bought this headset 2 days ago, and ever since i plugged it in i keep getting told that I'm very quiet. I've read multiple threads already, but nothing that was recommended seemed to help, the only thing i havent tried is installing a software to boost the mic, but I'm not really a fan of that, since i dont want to rely on 3rd party software. My other problem is, that whenever i activate the 7.1 Surround sound, after a while it will randomly cut out and back in. I've read that having the sound quality above 44.1khz makes windows 10 mess everything up, yet i cant seem to change the sound quality. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  12. Hey guys. So I bought the 1000D used off a friend (It was $300, and honestly that's why I decided to do it). I have some pretty clear cut questions because with everything being so modular, I haven't been able to find clear answers online. Just suggestions. For starters I have: 1x Commander Pro 2x Lightning Node Pro. 8x LL120 RGB Fans (Front) 1x LL140 (Top) 2x HD140 (Top) +H115i Platinum RGB So RGB: 2x Rear 3x Top 8xFront What corsair utilities would I need to wire all of these and have them fully customizable in iCUE? I saw diagrams of similar setups but I am just too stupid to figure out how many commander pros or rgb hubs I would need. Secondly, I am also upgrading my processor to the Ryzen 3900x, which means a motherboard change. I was looking at the Asus X570-E and would like to know if it's compatible with a 13 fan RGB setup, or is there another one I should go for. I wish I could understand this better :/
  13. Of the side buttons only 1 4 5 and 7 are working. I have soft reseted the mouse, reinstalled ICue but it did nothing. after that i moved my keypad back and forward also nothing. does anyone know a solution?
  14. I have been using the ironclaw RGB mouse for about a week now and i have only just noticed the scroll wheel button (mouse button 3) doesn't work at all. This is a major inconvenience for me and I was wondering how to fix it, or will i have to replace it? I have already done a soft reset and reinstalled the ICUE software.
  15. I purchased my Void Pro Wireless today, and I was confronted with a really good mic in the app, but when listening on other software like discord, audacity or the feedback option in the windows options, it sounds really bad. I already have it on a high bitrate in the options (48000 Hz, DVD Quality) and I'm kinda out of options and can't find anything anywhere else. Can someone help me out? Would be incredible if so! -Tobi
  16. Hello, I've ordered a Corsair RBG fan hub controller online and received it on the 5th November, after installing it on the same day, following the instructions, I've plugged my PC back in and as soon as I turned it on, a load of black smoke came out from behind the panel which made me turn it off immediately. After removing the panel more smoke came out which sounded the fire alarm and I've noticed that the SATA power cable from the controller has fully burnt down damaging my other cable components. (H150i pro hydro series cooler). If I return the product, do I get compensation for the damage the faulty product has caused? And what are my options. I've reported it to the corsair support members but they've not explained it clearly on what happens. I've shopped with corsair multiple times and never experienced a single problem until now.
  17. Today my corsair scimitar macros stopped working after the latest windows update. I saw the program wasn't up to date, so i decided to update, (I was still on CUE, didn't even know ICUE was a thing). It proceeded to uninstall my graphics drivers crashing the wow game I had open, and stopping display on 1 of my 2 monitors. I didn't realize it had done that at the time, so i restarted my pc, and disconnected my devices to no avail. Only upon updating my display adapter drivers did i get my monitor back, and only after seeing my Nvidia Gefore experience program gone some time later did i notice my graphics drivers were reset to the version they were when i purchased my pc. It appears im not the only one with this issue: I have since performed over a dozen clean installs, pc restarts, and various driver updates, and ICUE still has not opened once. Whenever I select it, it loads briefly, and I can see the program open in my task manager, but it is nowhere to be found. Anyone have this issue, or know a fix?
  18. I recently bought a nice pair of Bluetooth headphones, and I really wanted to use them with my PC since I don't want to buy another pair, and it's unlikely I'm ever going to leave the house wearing this pair anyways. So, I bought a very cheap Bluetooth PC adapter and at first everything worked fine. However, every time I open up the Corsair iCue software (this includes it running in the background) all audio going to my headphones cut out. They still appear as "connected" in Windows and show up as an audio output in sound settings, and as soon as I quit out of iCue and repair the headphones, the audio returns to normal. At first I thought it was my Corsair Dark Core RGB wireless mouse messing with the cheap Bluetooth adapter, but even after unplugging and powering off the mouse it still happened. I honestly have no idea where to start with solving this issue, so any help is appreciated.
  19. Hello, I'm hoping someone can educate me on a few things and help me figure out what's going on with my 2 PCs. I built a PC 1-2 yrs ago with an H55 120mm AIO cooler on it; runs quiet, cpu temps have always been fine. I recently built a brand new gaming PC (current one will become streaming PC) but this new build is VERY loud. I've never touched fan speeds or BIOS settings but this time I decided to take a look. I'm hoping you can see below and help me out! New Build: Gaming PC w H100x 240mm AIO cooler BIOS DEFAULT FAN SPEEDS CPU_FAN = 4000 RPM PUMP_FAN = 1700 RPM SYS_FAN 1 = 1000 RPM (assuming this is case fan) SYS_FAN 2 = 1000 RPM (assuming this is case fan) Total of 7700 RPM for this PC *while idle*. I haven't tested gaming yet because this was immediately apparent with how loud the PC is. STREAM PC (used for 1-2 yrs, 120mm H55 AIO): BIOS CPU_FAN = 1800 RPM PUMP_FAN = 0/undetected SYS_FAN 1 = 0/undetected (odd b/c I have 2 case fans) SYS_FAN 2 = 0/undetected (odd b/c I have 2 case fans) Total of 1800 RPM while idle. 1. What is "CPU Fan" vs "Pump Fan" ? Which one is the AIO? 2. Both PCs have an AIO, so why would my current stream PC not recognize a Pump Fan? 3. Similarly, why would my current PC not recognize the case fans? 4. My new PC has CPU Fan on "PWM" and "Smart Control ON" running at 4000 RPM while idle. This seems crazy no? 5. New PC has Pump Fan on "PWM" and "Smart Control OFF" - I've read online that Pump fans need to be 100%, so should I switch it to DC instead of PWM? 6. When I switch my SYS Fans to "Smart Control ON" they go down from 1000 to about 900. That should be fine right? Anyways, thanks to anyone who goes through this, I really appreciate your time and consideration. Castle
  20. Hi All, So 2 weeks ago I took on the task of building a new pc (last one built was in 2014) so I purchased everything in my CP profile and put it all together. Once I had everything built as everyone can appreciate your overly ecstatic. I took photos to share on social media and with friends and family who also have an interest in the computer scene. Everything was good until one person mentioned that one of the sticks of ram was not lighting up on the photo i had sent. So this is my dilema. I have moved the ram from one slot to another and still no change. I have looked at icue and it is registered as being lit up on there and my mobo is seeing it as well i have full funcitonality of the ram itself just not the rgb lighting. The ram stick in question is just flashing red every now and then and its at the top and bottom of the sticks. :( I have sent a support query to corsair to see what they have to say, but what are your thoughts ? I have attached photos for your to review also.
  21. i'm getting an issue with my headphones lately. Whenever there's a rather loud sound,my headphones will saturate like crazy. has it happened to any of you guys ?
  22. I just recently RMA'd my second Commander Pro because it stopped working. I have posted this same question/thought to Corsair support and i'm waiting for a response. I have Noctua fans that were working fine with the commander pro till recently. I really like the commander pro as I can fine tune case performance to the application. As I haven't found anything similar in the sector. NF-14 IPPC 300 pwm My fan specs: 3 phase motor max input power: 6.6W max input current: .55A As with these specs I should be able to run 3 within the threshold of the commander pro, right? Also I wonder of getting the NA-FC1 fan controller from Noctua to act as middle man and send the pwm/rpm to the commander pro(if I read the features right) so I can theoretically control the fans in ICUE. https://noctua.at/en/na-fc1
  23. i am sure this is not the place to ask but i have a question on something in the iCue software. when creating a macro there is a "start settings" tab, of which has a sound option (which i understand and know how it works) and a lighting drop down which is what im asking my question of what is it? i click the drop down and it just says none, but i have lighting effects on the mouse and keyboard, and even tested saving lighting effects to the library of which none of that seemed to work. My goal is to set up a macro to where the key it is bound to (say G1, i have the K95 RGB) will change color on a toggle to indicate a continuous macro is on, like say a macro that just repeats the letter a over and over (my keyboard is green) so i would for example have it change to red but only on that one key while the "A" macro is running and when pressed again the macro will stop and it will go back to green. I have googled, scoured the forums, and the closest i get is a profile switch with 2 lighting set ups being exactly the same except the one key color difference (which i used before but the lighting drop down in the start settings got me curious and i cant find anything on the setting option). Again i apologize as im sure this isnt the place to ask but i didnt know where else go ask. This is my first time ever posting in any forums so again im sorry if this isnt the right way/place, any response is appreciated.
  24. Hi there Since last night, when using my Void Pro, the volume became really low, I have to put everything on 100% to even hear something, and when I do that, I hear a relatively loud static noise from both ears. I have both updated CUE and checked if my firmware was up-to-date. I also tried re-installing CUE. Any suggestions?
  25. So i recently bought 3 LL120 fans for the front of my case and a commander pro and this is where the problem started. After installing the three fans and the commander pro I opened icue to change light settings and noticed that my H100I V2 had vanished after not touching it, could this be because it still has the stock fans on it ? or because I haven't connected the fans to the commander pro ?
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