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Found 22 results

  1. hello everyone am whilling to by a new gaming pc am i wanna now if this combination of the case water cooler on the top side n ram gonna fit perfectly or their is no space,
  2. Hello, apologies for any improper spelling or punctuation, im currently using my on screen keyboard to type this. About 30 minutes ago my K95 platinum began acting as if something was laying on it, pressing f5, f1, shift f, escape and other various keys/combinations. this increased in severity until i was unable to operate my computer thus causing me to force shutdown (after a failed restart attempt when the escape key was acting as if it were held down) afterwards my keyboard would not light up nor register my keystrokes (although it was also no longer siezing). after attempting an icue software update followed by trying to update drivers for my keyboard (within icue the keyboard would disappear at random although it had a red triangle in the bottom left) and the keyboard driver update, and the memory wipe both failing, the keyboard then lit up but still did not register my key inputs. i then unplugged the keyboard, held the escape key and have been waiting for it to blink for the past 15 minutes. the keyboard is currently lit up red with white across the top and has not changed. when i first did this the keyboard no longer lit up when i released the escape key. i am unsure what else to do. please help. i have attached the most recent export of my system logs and info which i took right before typing this. thank you in advance for any help provided
  3. Hello ladies and lads, I am having some issues with my LL120 fans, I currently have six on my build (Brand new build). Whenever I do any mundane task or even on idle, my fans randomly spike and kick on so loud. I unfortunately do not have Commander Pro in this build just the LNP. Is there anyway at all to control my fan curve or something to stop this issue, as the fans are great, it's just this random kick in spike that's doing my head in. Thank you in advance guys! -Ryder
  4. I recently purchased the Corsair HS60 Pro Surround and it comes with a 7.1 USB Adapter for PC. The headset works fine on console when I only use the 3.5mm plug into the controller but once I try using it on PC with the usb adapter it decides not to work on the right side anymore. I checked the balance on my pc and its 100&100 for the L&R. Any solutions?
  5. I am very new to this so If I make a mistake about where I'm posting or whether or not i'm just being a dumbass about the fan problem, please take it easy on me lol. So I've been having this issue ever since I had gotten my Corsair One I160 but always thought it was just how a fan normally sounded, (again don't laugh at me, im really not educated AT ALL when it comes to pc gaming). The issue doesn't affect the performance of the pc at all, it just gets very loud whenever I play any games and lately even when I would just be on youtube or twitch. I posted two videos on youtube, one for when I was playing Fall Guys: [ame] [/ame] and then one where I only used my finger to move the same fan making the noise: [ame] [/ame] If I could get help on this I'd appreciate it massively, as I've been going crazy with this noise, and it sounds a lot louder than It does in the video.
  6. When adjusting the fan speeds in the commander pro, they don't go below 1700rpm? They're really loud all the time because I cannot turn them down. Even when making a custom fan curve at 0RPM fixed, they stay at 1700RPM, what do I do?
  7. I don't know if I can post my case and motherboard info again here, I think it's against rules or something. Guess you all can see it as it's in my profile. The question I have is... I want to put one AF120 exhaust fan on the back of my case, two AF140 exhaust fans on the top of my case and six AF140 intake fans on my AIO. With the motherboard that I have, do I need to buy splitters, the commander pro or will I just have to plug into my motherboard? I'm a noob at this and this is my first PC build. Thanks in advance.
  8. I know how to set the keyboard to switch to a profile when an application is open (such as google chrome, iTunes, etc.) but when I try to set the keyboard to minecraft, the Corsair Utility Engine will only let me select .exe files. Minecraft comes with a launcher that is closed as soon as the game starts up. Here are the steps I am taking. I click "edit Profile", check "Link file to Program", Then browse for minecraft.exe (which is the launcher). When I open minecraft.exe, the profile switches on as it should. then the game starts, the launcher Closes, and my profile is set to default. I am using the Corsair k70 RGB. Please help me fix this problem. I am only using minecraft as an example and want the problem fixed for ALL games or programs with launchers P.S: I am also having this problem with steam games because they aren't showing up in my files, only my steam library, therefore I cannot select them
  9. Alright, so I'm working on a new build and I'm really excited about it, but I'm not sure if all the parts will fit into this case, which is the Corsair 280x. So I recently acquired an AsRock x570m pro4 motherboard, and I'm currently looking at a really good deal on an all white RTX 2070 OC from gigabyte. I know that the 30cm/12 inch GPU will fit if I only put 2 fans in the front, and put the radiator on the top. However, I'm not entirely sure if the motherboard will block my radiator (Corsair h100i Platinum SE) from being mounted up there. My brother recently ran into this problem with his build, so I'm curious to find out what you guys have to say about it. Is it something that may be an issue? Or do you guys think the radiator will fit fine on top?
  10. hello i recently updated my ICUE and now the launcher will not pop up on my screen even if it is running in the task manager. im on windows 10 so all the old ways to get to things are gone for me i cant use the run for the appdata folder and i cant get my search feature to work with me. that being said i dont know what the most recent version was because i mistakenly just clicked update. i have used this program for years and this is the first time this gave me a issue with it. i have the "Corsair Gaming VOID Surround Hybrid Stereo Gaming Headset with Dolby 7.1 USB Adapter" back in 8/18/2017 and have had no issues with it until now. but sense i updated the program to the newest version i have lost the Dolby surround sound and all i hear is just the flat mono sound i have done a complete uninstall and reinstall and i have the same issues can anyone possibly offer any assistance?
  11. This might not be in the right section, but I wanted to buy a spec alpha case. The black/gray was the only one in stock, and I was like, "that's ok, black/red was cool too, but I don't really want to wait," (signed in as guest) so I went ahead and ordered it, but when I clicked "PLACE ORDER" on payment, it logged me out, no thank you or anything, it just said "items to be delivered - spec alpha." No email, no tracking number, nothing. Did I do something wrong? Did it even go through? Did me being in guest mode affect anything? picture below shows what popped up after i confirmed order:
  12. Hi, i just created a macro on the iCUE softwere, but I have no clue on how to activate it. Anyone can help me?
  13. win 10 64 i7 7700k msi z270 gaming m5. on lastest update and when i force updated my commander pro my lightning node pro decided to vanish from this earth... changing plugs dindt work... [ame= ] [/ame] this method dindt either... fans are just cycling rainbows but not like the software would... also, after i tried replug the intern USB cables some funky stuff happened. :laughing: Im not running dual PSU's but software seems to think I do now. Help :(
  14. hello i have the k70 mk2 and I want to press f3 so i can open my console on a game but its set to turning up volume how do i make it be f3 and not a media key
  15. My keyboard just died and when i plug it on the pc it gives me a file called crp disabld and i can't use the keyboard, pls help me sending the right firmware
  16. Please help me! My keyboard doesn't work and when i plug it into the pc it gives me a file called "crd disabld" and even icue can't find the keyboard. I need help
  17. Hello, since the glorious days of Corsair Cue I wanted to be able to do something like Strg + Shift + F2 to open a program or something else. Back then there was an option to only activate an Activity when holding the button, but this was not working that well and now even that functionality is gone. My question is: is there an option for hotkeys in ICue? I really need this feature! Pls help. Greetings
  18. Is there anyway to make some sound like guns in CSGO or Rust less louder? These things are much much louder than other game sounds.
  19. I currently have the following code: colors[j].ledId = static_cast<CorsairLedId>(200+j); which I later use to if (CorsairSetLedsColorsBufferByDeviceIndex(i, leds, colors)) { std::cout << "Should be BLUE rgb(0,0,255)?"; } else { const CorsairError error = CorsairGetLastError(); std::cout << "It didn't work see " << toString(error) << ";"; } full code: https://hastebin.com/jazezuvemo.cpp But it wont work, yes the SDK is fully initialized (hopefully), my guess is the CorsairLedId are wrong? There is little documentation of the ids, im guessing CLD_C1_1 = 200 is the "starting point"? Anyone know the ledIds for the Lighting Node Pro (preferably channel 1)? Here is my output of the code: https://hastebin.com/olexesoyiz.cs
  20. Megatera5


    Hello, I have been using this headset just fine for about a year or so and then yesterday I had ran into a problem. The CPU on WAGDI (Windows Audio Graph Device Isolation) has spiked causing whatever game I am playing to crash. I clicked on sounds and it said "Audio Enhancements for Corsair Void RGB Wireless have been disabled due to a problem with them" and then after this happened I am not able to enable them back. I have tried re-installing the drivers, I updated from CUE1 to iCue and it still isnt fixing. My concern is that if I do end up figuring out a way to enable the enhancements again that I will be unable to play games. But I just need help with being able to turn on enhancements so thank you in advance for help.
  21. I just got my new Strafe RGB and downloaded iCue, but I can't figure out how to set keys to modify the volume. The media keys seem to be missing. Is it because they are combined with the f keys? Also, macros don't seem to be able to record the fn button. How can I fix this?
  22. Hi i'm from Argentina aprox 1 year i buy the wc, but, yesterday the pump stop working, everything works well except the pump, Corsair link marks 0 rpm and the temperature is 80 celcius, any advice? Everything is well connected, the problem is the pump apparently
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