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Found 24 results

  1. Hello! Sorry if this have been asked before, or if I have just missed the answers from the software itself. My issue is that I have 7 LL120 LED fans from corsair in my case. And because all fans aren't visible from the front, but through the glass side panel (bottom of the case as intake). This causes issues with the LED lights, because they spin the opposite direction. Basically I see the front fans normally, but the ones in the bottom of the case I see from the opposite side, because they are horizontally placed. I am just using the standard Rainbow Wave, but I have found no way to actually flip the LED so the lighting spins the same direction on all fans. Is this something that has to be done physically by detaching the LED lights and flipping them around, or can it be done within the software? All I've found when setting up the fans is to orient which LED the software lights up on the fan.
  2. I have 3 RGB fans that came with my H150i Elite Capellix, as well as the commander core. Now all ports are powered. Now fans 1, 2, and 3 are plugged into the respective RGB hub ports, 1, 2 and 3. For whatever reason, whatever port fan 2 is plugged into, does not let it light up, and the other 3 ports not being used do not light up as well. Here is where it gets tricky... If I plug fan 2 into an already lit up port (Fan 1 or Fan 3's RGB port), the fan lights up just fine, but ICUE still doesnt recognize it. Now if I force update the Capellix on ICUE the ports change and whatever is not used as well as whatver Fan 2 is plugged into bricks. To be clear, I am strictly talking about the RGB hub on the commander core. Can anyone help me out here? Edit: I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling numerous times. The commander core is plugged directly into my motherboard( I have already switched around the USB ports it is in, to no avail). Before yesterday I have had this issue. Yesterday evening I had messed around with the fans, and all 3 were working fine. I then tried to download an audio responsive wallpaper on wallpaper engine and it started having this issue again.
  3. I have the virtuosos Se. The fact that the mic is green when on an red when muted bothered me since I am color blind and can't really tell the difference between them. Turns out there is no way to change the color of the mic even though when booting up it changes many colors, which means the led is capable of color changing. I bit the bullet there. I also have a corsair keyboard so I have different profiles for different lighting effects. The problem arouse when ever I changed profiles to have a different lighting effect for my keyboard. The headset started to say mic feedback on and off, which never happened under my other profile. I mess around in settings and find out there isn't anything I can do about that except to turn off voice prompts. I bite the bullet there. Now however my mic has no color for on and red for off. This was only for 1 profile for a bit, but now its for all of them. Is there any fix to any of these things???? I will stick to green and red if need be, but I want to see that my mic is actually on. Edit:Still lost on how to disable mic feedback off/on, this is profile specific even though I made that profile before having the headset and didn't change any headset settings. So I have figured out how to solve this so I will take this time to rant about how bad corsair software is. Whenever I saw that the email verification for this website was case sensitive, that should have told me all I need to know, emails are not case sensitive there for any coder worth their salt would not make the verification case sensitive. The lack of options for something that genially makes me struggle every time I use the product makes it clear that they do not care about customers. Color blindness isn't even that uncommon. It affects 1 in 12 men, and Red green color blindness is the most common. That's a significant portion of their customers that they just disregard. I say this because it would not be that difficult to add the option to customize the color of the mic. I know for a fact that color can change to multiple other colors to. It flows from blue to purple on boot up and has red a green, it is clearly a LED capable off at least 0 -255 RGB. This would make it capable of making hundreds of thousands of colors. Plus they already have the software to change the color so they just make a UI to access it, It could probably be done in a day by 2-3 people on the safe side, 1 guy 1 day is still generous. This website also looks like its straight from 2006. Thinking about that makes me think they treat my data they same, So I googled corsair data breach and turns out they have the same mentality when it comes to cyber security. Scuf gaming (owned by Corsair) was hacked a little less than a year ago. I would not be surprised if their passwords were still admin, or what ever default values it has. This realization really makes me never want to buy corsair anything again. I value keeping my data secure but its quite clear corsair does not care. If this is the mask they put on, I don't even want to imagine how bad the internal software is. This website is so UN-intuitive that I actually couldn't find this post, I had to go back to the forum and find it from the wild, instead of from my profile as ANY OTHER WEBSITE WOULD HAVE. The customer support is also just as bad, I send in a request about the mic color changing and never heard anything about. If anyone read this far, this has been an adventure of me releasing steam and realizing that is in my best interest to never buy anything corsair again. I'd be much happier spending twice as much on the same exact product just so I don't have to deal with how bad the software is and worrying about my data security. I hopefully will never buy another corsair product. I doubt this will change anyone's mine, let alone the corporation. Buyers be ware.
  4. So recently I started having issues with the side (back/forward) buttons not working my my M65 pro and the mapping for my sniper button stopped working too (i use l shift to run with the sniper button since I dont really play sniper builds). I have a backup m65 pro I just opened and still causes the same issue. I tried both on a different laptop and they both work fine. I can get everything to work if I uninstall iCUE, remove corsair from regedit and from appdata. But after restarting my PC the issue starts up again. I can map the back/forward button to their macros with use original input or whatever but I cant remap the sniper button. Any way I can take the drivers from the laptop (where mice are working) and transfer them to the non working setup? or any advice for this?
  5. Hello! So I've had my Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB ram for little over a year now and have had no problems with the rgb. Today I decided to mess around with the rgb for a bit and realized my DIMM setup was wrong, I proceeded to fix it and now my rgb is all sorts of messed up. Best way to put it, it's out of sync. When I go to change the color/effects it only stays for about 5 seconds and reverts back to the rainbow. This applies for all lighting effects and colors. When I attempt to change it to the "rain" lighting effect, the rgb between both ram sticks isn't sync'd. One moves faster than the other in either direction. Even when I change it to a static color is does the same thing, stay for 5 seconds and reverts back to the default rainbow effect. Only thing I've done different is change the DIMM slot's and direction in which my ram is facing and "unchained" it from Mystic light because before every time my pc would turn on or open a game, my lighting profile for the ram wouldn't stay, it would revert back to rainbow and I'd have to go and change it again. (This was before I changed anything and the lighting effects would actually stay before I opened a game). While attempting to fix this I've updated the software and firmware of iCUE, uninstalled and reinstalled iCUE, and attempted to repair the application through windows settings. Not sure what else I should do. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated Thank you for your time, - Nick
  6. Hey guys! Sorry, but I didn't quite no where to post this (it's my first post on the forum), but so basically I recently updated ICue to the latest version, 3.35.152, and since then it has been completely broken. For a while it would just crash every time I opened it, now after several computer restarts and reinstalls, I have managed to get it to stay open but it always says no devices detected, no matter what I do. I have tried restarting my computer, performing several reinstalls, and a clean reinstall, but nothing has worked. I reached out to customer support and told them this, and they got back to me and told me to do a clean reinstall even though I said I already did one and I told them that, and am now waiting for a second reply. Ticket (2003778460). I have also tried rearanging my fan setup, and updating windows. Also, for some reason the fans and ram won't even show the standard RGB, whereas my case, and keyboard will for some reason. I'm really sorry to bother everyone, but I was wondering if anyone had any similar experiences and knew of any solutions or anything I could do to solve this? I would really appreciate it! :D (Also side note, I used USBDeview and it says everything is connected, but for some reason when I open ICue it makes a USB disconnect sound, but it doesn't show anything disconnecting in device manager or USBDeview)
  7. Hello! I just acquire the HS70 wireless and updated the ICUE software. With that combination, i can't now change the windows volume directly using my headset (I could use that with my previous headset, the Void Wireless). Is this a windows problem or is it something related to the headset or software?
  8. So about 3 hours ago my motherboard (ASUS ROG Strix B450f Gaming) was working and detected in ICUE, then out of the blue it was no longer there. I have tried the following fixes after researching: -Restarting the pc -Restarting ICUE -Ensuring the "ASUS" plugin was in the correct spot for ICUE -Uninstalling both AURA and ICUE and reinstalling them -Attempting to activate Aura without ICUE running (gives me an error saying "Please close Aura and check if AuraService is installed and started properly" It is installed and I'm not sure where to start it from) I believe the last part has something to do with my problem, I just can't quite figure it out. Any help is appreciated! UPDATE: everything resolved, had to do with Aura not properly installing/launching.
  9. My corsair void pro headset and my corsair m800 polaris mousemat keep randomly disconnecting, this happens very frequently and used to be solved by restarting my computer but doesnt anymore. Ive tried reinstalling Icue, tried deleting all the drivers, tried pretty much everything and nothing seems to work. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated as it is now more restrictive than ever
  10. How do I force iCUE to let me have rainbow wave and static color simultaneously on K95? (on separate keys) Side note: saying 'you can't' doesn't help, people tend to do that
  11. I recently installed a Commander Pro since I wanted to have easy control over my fan settings. It works fine so far, and iCue allows me to change any speeds how I like. Since I installed it however, I can't seem to control the lighting on my fans. They stay completely white, and nothing seems to get them to change color. They are all powered through the CoPro, and also connected to the six slots on the Corsair RGB Fan hub, yet no setting in iCue can seem to get them to change color from white. Any ideas? Any help is appreciated!
  12. Apologies if this is a duplicate thread, I tried searching through several threads but couldn't find any definitive information. The Problem: I have built my rig in the Cooler Master Master Case H500M which included two front mounted 200mm fans (MASTERFAN MF200R ARGB) which have individually addressable RGB Leds. I am very fond of these fans, but all the other fans I have (5 of them) are corsair ML140 pro rgb fans, which I am controlling with a lighting node pro with an attached hub. I would like to use the second channel of the lighting node pro to control the two 200mm fans on the front. I bought an adapter (The one here: https://www.amazon.com/EZDIY-FAB-Adapter-Corsair-Lighting-Commander/dp/B07XNZLZWM) so that I can connect the fans to the lighting node pro. For those unfamiliar, this case has an integrated led controller with a passthrough connector so that for example the motherboard can take direct control of the LED fans. I am connecting this passthrough connector to lighting node pro so that I can control both fans using only one channel. After setting this all up I went into the iCue software to try to configure the fans LED's and this is where the problems started. I knew going into this that I wouldn't be able to control the fan LED's "natively" but I figured I could just configure them as if they were e.g. LED strips, but when I tried that I just got odd flickering behavior, regardless of how I configured the LED strips. So I tried playing around with selecting different fans for the channel, and I found that by selecting SP RGB Series fans I could control 1 led per fan I put in the channel reliably (although blue and green colors are flipped, and I can't control each fan individually). Possible Solutions? Is there some way I could force iCue to accept more than 6 fans in a single channel of the lighting node pro? (My fans have 8 LED's and I have 2 of them, making 16 total) THE FAN LED's ARE NOT BEING POWERED OFF THE LIGHTING NODE PRO, I have them separately powered by the controller provided by Cooler Master, so I don't need to worry about drawing too much power. Is there some other software I could use to individually address the LED's? It seems that different products require different control schemes for their LED's (Perhaps Naively I assumed they would all work similarly, so except for order I thought I could just choose any product as standins for my fans, but that didn't work) Has anybody had any success controlling non-corsair fans with the lighting node pro or icue? I have a decent amount of programming experience, so I would be open to using the iCue SDK if it could solve this issue. I attempted to read up on the SDK and as far as I can tell the SDK can only be using for basically turning LED's off and on and setting different levels, but not actually configuring how they are addressed and configured, please correct me if I am wrong. Sorry if this is a bit rambling, I just wanted to make sure I had as much info here as I could provide. Let me know if any more information is needed. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  13. the name of my headphones is filled with 1s (see attachment below) Ive run out of ideas on how to fix it can someone help?
  14. Hello! I’m having an issue after the most recent update to ICue. I have only 1 profile on ICue how i like my RBG on my fans cooler and ram. After the update every time i turn my Pc on i need to go to ICue and click on the profile that i have. After that any game i play the fans then switch back to rainbow wave but my ram and cooler stay the same color i have them set too. I don’t know how to fix this ive tried everything. Any help would be great. Again everything is up to date i didn’t have this problem until the most recent update. If you need pictures of exactly what it’s doing let me know i can send on discord.
  15. Is it possible to use both QL and LL fans together? I have x4 LL fans and x3 QL fans. I have three of each of the fans plugged into a Lighting Node Core at the moment. All the fans light up normally except the sixth fan which is an LL...it only lights up partially. When in iCue under "Lighting Node Core" I only get one "Lighting Channel" option. That being the case, I have to choose the "QL" option for all six fans. Should the Lighting Node Core provide two "Lighting channels"? Like ports 1-3 would be CH1 and 4-6 would be CH2? If they aren't compatible together using one Lighting Node Core. Is there any way to use a Lighting Node Pro or Corsair RGB Fan Hub along side the Lighting Node Core? The other Issue is with the Commander Pro. I have two brand new Commander Pros. The first one doesn't show up at all in iCue. The second Commander Pro is recognized in iCue however, Fan port #3 doesn't seem to work. Also, as soon as I plug any fans of any type into the Commander Pro all the RGBs on the fans turn off. They don't even light up at boot but they're still displayed as being on in iCue and the fans are spinning but that's it. I'm only trying to run the three QL fans off the Commander Pro. The three LL fans are plugged into the H150i Pro RGB AIO. On my main system I run x6 LL fans with a Corsair RGB Fan Hub and Commander Pro..Ive never had any problems. I could really use some guidance. Ive tried so many different configurations and nothing works. Thank you System Specs> Gigabyte Aorus B450 Pro WiFi (BIOS F50) AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 8x8GB 3200Mhz Corsair H150i Pro RGB 360mm AIO Corsair CX650w MSI RTX 2070 Win 10 Pro 64bit Corsair iCue v.3.25.60 Commander Pro FW v.0.9.212 Lighting Node Core FW v.0.9.16
  16. Hello, my problem is that my three LL-fans doesn't shine. I have a 680x were these were already instaled with a lighting node pro. Icue knows the node pro but not the fans... Thanks
  17. Hello. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm new here. I got a Harpoon and I like it a lot, but I have no need for a DPI button. I see you can reassign stuff using ICue, but all the posts I see about it confuse me. Could someone explain to me, preferably step by step, how to reassign the DPI button below middle mouse to act like an additional mouse button? Thank you in advance
  18. I have recently bought a brand new Virtuoso SE headset, and I love the design and build quality. It’s excellent. Only issue is that when I tested the surround sound on a quick game of Apex Legends, it was extremely muddy and sounded like I was in a cave. I don’t know if this is supposed to be happening or not, but it’s not at all the quality I would have expected. It works fine in stereo mode. I am using the FPS EQ preset and the headset is in wired mode with all drivers up to date. Is there a fix for this? Any answers greatly appreciated, thank you all!
  19. Hi, I've got a Corsair Vengeance M65 for several years now, and just a few days ago, it stops working properly. It's blinking and only the mouse wheel, left and right buttons works. Also the DPI it's set in minimum without oportunity to change it. Also the iCue don't recognizes it like a M65, it only appears in windows like a generic mouse. It still works, but the slow DPI it's horrible. I've been searching and I think that I need to do a hard reset. So I wanted to know more information about it. Thanks!
  20. Hello guys. I just bought Corsair Ironclaw Wireless Mouse. Was using Logitech G502 I was searching one setting but cannot found the setting in iCUE. On my old mouse i was able to setup any setting to any DPI. For example; DPI 1 - 500 DPI - Color Red and one of the extra button is Volume Up. DPI 2 - 1000 DPI - Color Blue and same extra button is Volume Down this time. So whenever i pressed DPI Swich Button on my mouse it's swiching DPI and all of my settings. Did i miss something or this options are not avaliable on iCUE? Thanks.
  21. Okay to start i have this pc, i got it from cyberpower. i chose the parts, also i chose the lighting node pro. when i first got it i installed the icue software to control strips,fans, etc. but i couldnt so i checked behind the pc then i happen to see the usb to the lighting node pro wasnt there. that usb is for controlling the colors if im sure. and i tried to look for a mini usb to 9pin connector which i cant. im just wondering if theres a way to control it without the usb or a link to the usb. because im not paying 50 dollars just for a usb. Anyways please help
  22. Hallo zusammen, ich habe mir gestern die Corsair K70 Mk.2 Low Profile Rapidfire gegönnt und micvh mal etwas kundig gemacht. Im Netz bin ich relativ schnell auf RGB Profile gestoßen und habe auch etliche ausprobiert, dazu habe ich eine Frage. Wenn ich das RGB Profil meines vertrauens importiere werden auch immer meine kompletten Lüfterkurven zurückgesetzt da diese im "Standard" Profil gespeichert sind, gibt es irgendwie eine Möglichkeit diese zum neuen Profil mitzunehmen? EDIT: Die vorhandenen Lüfterprofile müssen lediglich wieder aktiviert werden, ich war wohl einfach nur zu doof richtig zu schauen.
  23. Hi, So i currently have an Aorus B450 M Mobo with 1 x CPU fan header 2 x system fan headers. The case has 3 fans at the front (the iCUE 220T) (https://www.corsair.com/uk/en/Categories/Products/Cases/Mid-Tower-ATX-Cases/iCUE-220T-RGB-Airflow-Tempered-Glass-Mid-Tower-Smart-Case/p/CC-9011173-WW) Will i be able to get a PWM splitter and still use the RGB fans included with the case and the Lighting Node CORE which comes with the case. I dont see an issue myself but thought i would ask. Thanks in advance :)
  24. Hey, so before stating anything I would just like to say that I’m not an expert in any way so please bear with me on this one. So ever since I built my new computer and installed the iCue software to control my 3 LL120 rgb fans and 3 ML120 that I have noticed something weird. Whenever I launched the app the computer started to throttle, the screen would start dimming and returning to normal, and the refresh rate also seemed affected, with the frame rate dropping from 144hz to what seemed like 20. There wasn’t even any other app running, nor game, but the performance hit was very noticeable. But I assumed it wasn’t really a problem and moved on from it since once I closed iCue the computer would return to its normal state. However yesterday I bought and installed 4 RGB strips (all connected together and plugged in to commander) and the performance hit when using iCue increased even more. I then started to get many BSOD with the error message “WATCHDOG VIOLATION”. Removing and unninstaling iCue has seemed to solve the problem has I have not gotten any single BSOD since then. I have tried unninstaling iCue multiple times and nothing seems to be working, I would very much like to have this software since it enables me to control all the RGB functionalities I have paid for aswell as controlling the fan speeds, which are now running almost max speed constantly. Any help is appreciated and I can surely give any information if needed! Thanks and sorry for any case of bad english or bad pronounciation :)
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