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Found 6 results

  1. I just bought a Graphite 760T. Mostly because I needed a case that would hold 6 x 3.5" HDDs for my new build. The case comes with two bays (cages) of 3 x 3.5" trays for the HDDs. These bays (cages) are mounted to the bottom of the case. Do I remove one of them and stack it on the other so that I have the 6 HDDs stacked one on top of the other or just leave them both on the bottom of the case? I guess the pro of stacking them is that all the drives will have great air flow across them to keep them all cool vs one bay of 3 being blocked by the other if I leave them on the bottom of the case. I guess the con would be some blocking of the front case fans for blowing air into the case. Does anyone have experience with this? Also I'm not sure how to embed images in the post so I have just attached them. The Bays (Cages) at the bottom looks like: Bays (Cages) Stacked looks like:
  2. So I've had this case a few years, and I'm wanting to put a fan on the one HDD cage I'm using, but the holes are... tiny. The standard screws for mounting fans won't fit. I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this. Am I using the wrong screws? Is this a QA issue? Do I need to buy a new cage? I see for sale direct from Corsair for about $10 CAD.
  3. Hi all On Corsair's website it says that the 750D has 4 locations for mounting the hard drive cages. I have only been able to find 3 which are the two on the bottom next to the PSU and the slide on mount underneath the 5.25 drive bays. Does anyone know where the 4th one is?
  4. Do HDD trays (part number CC-8930103) come with the purchase of a 900D HDD Drive Cage (part number CC-8930108)? Its not specified and I only find pictures of the cage with drive trays installed. But the cost of one tray is $19.99 and the cage is only $29.99. Is a set of 3 trays and a cage $90? Thanks
  5. Hey everyone, Just finished my first ever build, feeling very proud of myself. However, a slight problem - I can only connect my HDD/SSD drives one way, otherwise I cannot close the case. I could flip the SSD around easy, but the HDDs will not budge. I have attached a photo to illustrate the issue I am having and what the HDD cage looks like. Is there any way of getting the HDDs out and remounting them? Or am I stuck with 2 useless disks in an otherwise awesome system?
  6. Hello, I'm looking for a HDD cage for my Corsair 650D case, but I can't find that accessory on the Corsair's website. Do you know if where I can get one? Should a contact the Corsair Support? I'm living in France just to let you guys know. Thank you!
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