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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys, dumb one here! I couldn't understand Zotty's FAQ so I'll post it here: My parts just got here, and I didn't paid attetion before choosing them, so turns out I can't turn the SP120 RGB on without a Corsair hub, therefore, I'm about to buy the HD140 Twin kit with the RGB hub, will I be able to make it work? If so, will it be recognized by the iCUE software? I don't really care about software implemantation since I'll set it to static colors, mainly one being yellow to match my KB, and black, gray yellow Batman theme. I also am using the stock fan that comes with the case, only exhaust setup, and with the HD140, either I'll give the stock fan to a friend or either I'll place it back in the front, where it came pre-installed.
  2. I recently finished my computer build with Corsair RGB Ram, a Spec omega RGB case, and 5 Corsair RGB fans. I have 2 HD120 fans and 3 HD140 fans hooked up to the RGB hub that came with the case. The hub is connected to a port on a lighting node pro, while the other slot is taken by my case lights. When I first powered on my computer, everything lit up and turned on. Once I opened Icue, the fan lights completely turned off, but my case lights that are on the same lighting node pro stayed on. I tried swapping the case and the fans on the node pro, and 3/5 of the fans turned on while my case did not turn on. With the fans finally on, Icue still did not detect the fans. I've also tried everything to do with icue and have tried moving the USB to another port but still nothing. Could this be a faulty lighting node pro?
  3. Hi all. I am in UK and need help. Hi. I bought Corsair HD140 fans thinking they will just connect to the motherboard directly. After receiving it i can see that although one wire will connect to my Msi mpg x570 gaming edge wifi motherboard but that won't allow the motherboard to control the led lights in the fan. I now bought the coursair rgb hub seeing an youtub video where the other rgb wire from the fan will connect to this hun and from the hub another wire can connect directly to the motherboard jcoursair pins on the motherboard. Now that i have received the coursair rgb controller it didn't come with the wire that connect to motherboard. Can you please tell me how and where i get this from?
  4. Hallo ich bin neu hier und bin verunsichert. Ich möchte mit die HD140er im 2er Pack mit Controller kaufen. Nun ist da natürlich nicht der Commander Pro drin um das ganze ding mit dem PC zu steuern. Sonder "nur" diese Knopf Bedienung. Nun zu der eigentlichen Frage. Auf youtube und co konnte ich nirgends den Rainbow effekt sehen wenn eben dieser Controller verwendet wird. Und den will ich unbedingt dabei haben. Gibt es ihn nun im normalen Controller oder nicht. Liebe Grüße xSKYY
  5. Hey i wanna buy the HD140 Fans with a controller. But in every video i saw there is no rainbow rgb effect with just the controller but i want especially that one. So the question is: is there no rainbow wave rgb effect however you call it on the controller with just the buttons? This is the kit i wanna buy no ref. link! https://www.alternate.de/Corsair/HD140-RGB-LED-High-Performance-140-mm-PWM-Fan-Geh%C3%A4usel%C3%BCfter/html/product/1343836? This standard effect i wanna achieve [ame] [/ame]
  6. Hello All. I just built a new computer, specs seen in my profile. I am using the Corsair H150i Pro AIO for my CPU. I replaced the rear 140mm fan that came with my case with a Corsair HD140. I plugged the AIO into the AIO header on my mobo, and the HD140 into the CPU Fan header so I wouldn't get the error. I couldn't use the RGB on the HD140 yet because I didn't have the controller. So, I ended up buying 3xHD120s to replace the stock fans on the H150i, and these came with a controller. So I set up the hub/controller (120s slots 1-3 and 140 slot 4). The RGB on the 3 120s works, but the 140 does not. I am in contact with Corsair to hopefully get this replaced. Now to the point of my post. I decided to get the commander pro so I could have some more control over the fans and LEDs. Right now, the 3 hd120 radiator fans are plugged into the H150. The H150 is plugged into the mobo via usb2 and aio. When the commander gets to me on Friday, I have no idea where I should move all of the cables. Do I plug the AIO fans into the commander? And the HD140? And what about the USB2 from the H150i that's going to the mobo? Do I plug that into the commander? And when I take the HD140 out of the CPU Fan header, should I take the H150i cable from the AIO header and put it in the CPU fan header so I don't get the error? Thanks in advance for your assistance!
  7. Bonjour, J'ai donc décider de changer mon Carbide Air 540 par le 570X dans lequel j'ai réinstaller mes ventilateurs Corsair HD (4x120 et 2x140). Vu le design du boitier je me suis dit pourquoi pas ajouter le commander PRO avec les LED Lighting PRO. Mais c'est la que le problème arrive! J'ai brancher les ventilateurs sur le boitier de commande des ventilateur de 1 a 6 puis relié au commander Pro sur le LED 1 et mes bande RGB sur le LED 2 . Je met en route mon PC sur Corsair link et la il n'y a que un seul ventilateur qui réagit les autres sont soit blanc ou soit éteint. Je décide alors de changer l'ordre des ventilateurs et je m’aperçois qu'il fonctionnent bien mais uniquement sur la prise 1!! j'en déduit a un problème de boitier, je change celui ci et c'est exactement la même chose !!! Peut être problème d'alimentation alors j'utilise une seconde alimentation de 850w pour le faire tourné et toujours pareil !!! J'ai tout essayé, j'ai énormément investi pour avoir 1 seul ventilateur en service ... Si quelqu'un a une solution je suis preneur. Merci.
  8. Hi, I have right now 8 HD140s, and 4 RGB Light Strips. The Lighting node controller only have 2 channels, So is there away i either can connect the light strips to the HD140 controller. Or can i use 2 Lighting nodes in one system or 2 Commander pro? Thank you for the help!
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