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Found 17 results

  1. Hello everyone, so I am considering purchasing the "Hydro Series™ H100i RGB PLATINUM 240mm Liquid CPU Cooler" I have some questions. First, my current fans in my case are Corsair HD120 fans, will the fans that come with the new CPU cooler work along with my HD120 fans or will I have to have all my fans matching? Next, my current RGB connections are all connected to my Commander pro can the new fans that come with the cooler connect to the commander pro or do they need to connect directly to the motherboard? Next, What does the Liquid mean? Do I need to have a full liquid cooling set up for this to work? also, will this cooler work along with my current CPU? which is an Intel I7 7700 Thank you for your help!
  2. Hello everyone, so I am considering purchasing the "Hydro Series™ H100i RGB PLATINUM 240mm Liquid CPU Cooler" I have some questions. First, my current fans in my case are Corsair HD120 fans, will the fans that come with the new CPU cooler work along with my HD120 fans or will I have to have all my fans matching? Next, my current RGB connections are all connected to my Commander pro can the new fans that come with the cooler connect to the commander pro or do they need to connect directly to the motherboard? Next, What does the Liquid mean? Do I need to have a full liquid cooling set up for this to work? also, will this cooler work along with my current CPU? which is an Intel I7 7700 Thank you for your help!
  3. Having searched an read much of what has gone before I think this warrants a new thread due to the setup: Issue: I can only get RGB lighting from Fan 1 (of 3) when connected to the RGB hub. I have tried all 3 fans in port 1 and they all get RGB in that pot but only that fan. ALL FANS SPIN UP. I have connected the following: 3 HD120 fans into the RGB hub with 3 pin cables and 4 pin cables on the CoPro RGB hub into LED 2 on CoPro CoPro detected in iCue and I setup 3 HD120s on Lighting Channel 2 with raindow effect CoPro did a firmware update too so i completed this before setting up the fans in iCue. Both RGB Hub and CoPro are on their own single sata cable from the brand new corsair 750w PSU Testing: All fans spin All fans RGB work in port 1 on the RGB hub (no RGB from other fans I have re ordered the fans on the RGB hub connecting in ports 1 2 3 but only port 1 will work for RGB. Prior to the CoPro introduction, fans all worked correctly using the RGB hub and the HD lighting controller. iCue up to date CoPro Firmware up to date What have I done wrong? All fans work (if in port 1 on the RGB hub) so it must be a connection or software issue. I note that in icue all 3 fans display but only one is achieving 12v the rest are much lower.
  4. Hi there! Is there a way to have the RGB of a third ML120 fan synchronize with the other 2 fans from the H100i Platinum AIO CPU cooler? The Situation: I have a new setup in a Spec-Omega RGB case. I'm using an H100i Platinum cooler and have bought an addition HD120 fan and a ML120 fan. I am using iCUE to synch all the RGB The Plan: have three HD120 fans in the rear and top of the case on the same RGB channel have the two ML120 fans that come with the H100i cooler on the front of the case with a third additional fan below them all on the same channel The Problem: The case only comes with one hub and lightning node pro This means there is only one spare channel in iCUE for ALL the fans which aren't associated with a peripheral (the other channel is used by the spec omega's front LEDs) Having two types of fans on one channel means I have to set them ALL to HD120s in iCUE which makes the third ML120 look strange next to the two from the cooler. What's the most cost-efficient way to just get the front three fans to match each other? I don't really want to splurge on a commander pro. I was wondering if it was possible to get a splitter for the RGB channels of the H100i platinum fans and just slap the third ML120 into so it becomes part of the H100i RGB channel (almost like an H150i but with a shorter radiator). Or perhaps a hub can be used for them?
  5. Hello All. I just built a new computer, specs seen in my profile. I am using the Corsair H150i Pro AIO for my CPU. I replaced the rear 140mm fan that came with my case with a Corsair HD140. I plugged the AIO into the AIO header on my mobo, and the HD140 into the CPU Fan header so I wouldn't get the error. I couldn't use the RGB on the HD140 yet because I didn't have the controller. So, I ended up buying 3xHD120s to replace the stock fans on the H150i, and these came with a controller. So I set up the hub/controller (120s slots 1-3 and 140 slot 4). The RGB on the 3 120s works, but the 140 does not. I am in contact with Corsair to hopefully get this replaced. Now to the point of my post. I decided to get the commander pro so I could have some more control over the fans and LEDs. Right now, the 3 hd120 radiator fans are plugged into the H150. The H150 is plugged into the mobo via usb2 and aio. When the commander gets to me on Friday, I have no idea where I should move all of the cables. Do I plug the AIO fans into the commander? And the HD140? And what about the USB2 from the H150i that's going to the mobo? Do I plug that into the commander? And when I take the HD140 out of the CPU Fan header, should I take the H150i cable from the AIO header and put it in the CPU fan header so I don't get the error? Thanks in advance for your assistance!
  6. I've installed 8 HD120 fans in my case. (with commander pro) BUT I am having very hard time with some LED Errors. I can't control the LEDs with iCUE because when I use iCUE, the fans' LEDs get error. They SO OFTEN STOP, and i cant fix it with iCUE. Such symptoms still remain after reboot or format. (Sometimes, only the HALF of the fan LEDs have effects and the other half are just stopped.) I also used LINK but there are not any problems. It is just problem of iCUE. But I can't uninstall iCUE bacause there are so many fucntion and effects that are not included in LINK or MSI Mystic Light. I attached log file of iCUE. PLEASE HELP ME QUICKLY
  7. Bonjour, Voilà j'ai acheté un commander pro ainsi que 5 fan HD120 et le hub pour le RGB. J'ai tout connecté dans le bon ordre. Mais le corsair ICUE n'allume q'un ventilateur et laisse les autres éteint. Pourtant je les est bien branché des port 1 à 5, et je lui est dit qu'il y en avait 5 et que cela était des HD120. J'ai testé et tout les ventilateurs fonctionnent individuellement mais uniquement sur le port 1. J'ai tout essayé ! Est-ce possible que le hub pour fan soit défectueux ?:(: Merci de votre aide
  8. Flufsi

    High Fan Speeds

    So uh I built my pc a while back and have always had this issue but when my CPU usage goes up to like 60% or more (i7-8700k) my case fans (3 hd120's) start spinning to high speeds and I was wondering if there's a way to make them speed up on high cpu heat, not usage %?. To cool my CPU I use an H150i Pro but thats not the issue it's the case fans (not connected to the H150i)
  9. I have recently built a new computer, I purchased two HD-120 three packs, and a commander pro. So here's the issue; I have all six of the fans powered by the CP and the LEDs of course plugged into the lighting controller hub(which is connected to the CP LED 1 port), but only one fan is actually lighting. All of the fans are running. All Fans LEDs work when I try them in port one on the hub. All fans show up in link and yes I've added them with the "+" button in Link. Here is what I've tried to resolve the issue: -Moving the LED connections around (I've tried every order) -Moving the LED hub to port 2 on the CP -Tried different LED hubs since the case I have came with one, and each 3-pack of fans came with one. I also purchased another one directly from corsair. (total of 4) -Uninstalling and reinstalling Corsair Link -Downgrading the CP firmware -Re upgrading the CP firmware -Multiple restarts both cold on/off and normal restart -I returned and got a new Commander Pro ALL of these did not work, I end up with the same result each time, only port 1 on the hub seems to light the fans, and like I said before all of the LEDs on the fans work when plugged into port 1. I've scoured the internet and these forums looking for an answer and I've come across people with the same issue but it's never resolved. I'm no IT pro but this isn't my first build, it seems to me like the CP is "bricking" the LED hubs if that's even possible? Any suggestions would help! I attached a snip of the Link software showing all my fans added and CP firmware.
  10. i am planning on getting 3 hd120 rgb fans for my next pc, and understand they come with a small hub and lighting controller. i was wondering if i were to get this (Corsair CL-8930002 RGB LED Lighting PRO Expansion Kit - Black) would it work with the hd120's lighting controller or would i need to get this (Corsair CL-9011109-WW Lighting Node Pro RGB Lighting Controller with 4 Individually Addressable RGB LED Strips) ,which comes with its own controller.
  11. Hi all, I've been having a problem the past few weeks with my HD120 fans and I'm at my wits end. I have 3x HD120 RGB fans and a commander pro, but only the fan in slot 1 on the RGB hub that came with the fans will light up. Originally, my RGB hub was faulty anyway and fried my Commander Pro, so I assumed that the problem started and ended there, but I just got my replacement RGB hub and Commander Pro and I still have the same issue. All the RGBs in all 3 fans work fine; I've tried each of them in the first slot and they all work. Setting them up in Corsair Link didn't work, nor did iCue, and I've also tried both RGB headers on the Commander Pro. The fans themselves work fine and the only issue is with the lighting. I really love the RGB effect on these fans, but I have absolutely no idea what could be wrong. Any help would really be appreciated, I'm losing my mind troubleshooting this.
  12. Hallo zusammen, Ich habe mir das Corsair Omega-Spec rgb case geholt in dem bereits ein hub und eine lüfternabe installiert sind mit zwei hd120rgb lüftern. Diese funktionieren und leuchten auch. Jetzt habe ich mit jedoch 2 neue lüfter geholt und ich schaffe es nicht diese zum leuchten zu bringen. Es leuchten immer nur die lüfter die bei der lüfternabe auf position 1 + 2 sind und der lüfter auf 3 oder sogar position 4 leuchten nicht. Dabei habe ich die Reihenfolge eingehalten und jede erdenkliche Kombination schon ausprobiert. Hat jemand einen Tipp für mich? Vielen Dank schon einmal P.s. bei den neuen lüftern handelt es sich ebenfalls um hd120 rgb lüfter.
  13. I have 3 of each fan in my 570x, into my hub, into my Lighting Node Pro. The Lighting Node has 2 Channels and I have 2 fan hubs, but the Lighting Node only came with one cable to connect the hubs.... Will iCUE control all 6 even though they're different styles, or do I have to find out how to get another of those cables?
  14. Hello! I have 6 HD120 fans and 4 lighting strips plugged into the node pro. When adjusting presets through iCue one of the fans will get locked up and stuck on one setting (typically rainbow). If I wake the pc from sleep it gets locked up again. I have updated all of my firmware on the devices as well as uninstalling and reinstalling iCue. The issue started occurring the same day I setup my K70 Mk2, not sure if that has anything to do with the issue. I've replaced the fan hub with my spare, and the same thing happens. Not sure what else to try (if anything). I'm thinking my leds might be messed up. I attached a picture of the fan with all red instant lighting to show whats up. I've got a video too, but not sure how to post it here. Thanks for any help!
  15. I've submitted a support ticket, but was hoping the community might also help as I'm very new to this... I recently built a new computer from the ground up and chose to include a corsair lighting system for my case. This included a commander pro, which operated fantastically when first connected. It has been roughly a week since building my computer, but I've noticed some troubling inconsistencies. First, a friend noted that one of my fans was not spinning. I checked iCue and saw that Fan #1 was not listed (2-6 were listed without issue). I assumed I had a bad connection and shut down my computer, unplugging and re-plugging the Fan #1 position on the commander pro. Upon startup, everything operated within expectations. The next day, I turned my computer on and everything was normal, all 6 fans (and 4 lighting strips) spinning and lighting up as expected. Later however, I noticed Fan #1 had fallen off my fan list in iCue. The fan still spun/lit up, but I apparently had lost control/connection. I powered down, unplugged, and re-plugged in the fan. Upon startup, Fan #1 was not spinning. I powered down immediately and repeated the unplug/re-plug process. This time, upon startup all fans spun properly and appeared in iCue. Is this a known issue? I do NOT want to keep opening my case to mess with my fans, and am very disappointed in the quality of this $250+ lighting system that doesn't seem to work well. my Rig: CPU: Intel i7-8700k MOBO: ASUS Maximus X Hero (with wifi) GPU: MSI 1070 GTX 8gig RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO (x2 8gb sticks, 16gb total) CPU cooler: Corsair H100i Pro - fans controlled by Commander PRO PSU: Corsair RM850x Case: Corsair Crystal 570x OS: W10 SSD: Samsung 860 evo (both 250gb (OS) and 1tb(data/gaming) Lighting: Commander Pro - controlling x6 hd120 fans (including x2 CPU heatsink fans) - controls x4 light strips from the lighting node pro bundle - fans connected to LED Hub (which then connects to Commander) for fan lighting effects - USB connected to MOBO
  16. Can't find a solution anywhere on these forums or else where. The fans themselves run fine, the problem is with the LED'S. I cannot for the life of me figure out why they aren't working and its driving me insane. i have tried shifting around the order of the cables to no avail, different sata ports still nothing.
  17. Hello, This is my first build and especially first time dealing with RGB hardware. I purchased the Corsair Commander Pro, 3 HD120 RGB Fans, and the Corsair Lighting Node Pro. Starting with the Corsair Commander Pro it is hooked into the USB1 header on my motherboard and the power is connected to a sata connection that is also powering a hard drive on the same cable (cable has multiple sata power connectors on it.) The Lighting Node LED Strips are all connected to each other ending at being connected to the LED1 header on the Commander Pro. The 3 fans are connected to ports 1-3 on the Commander Pro and the power for each are connected to the PUMP_FAN1, SYS_FAN3, and SYS_FAN4 ports on the motherboard. All the fans are spinning and the speed is controllable in Corsair Link. So to sum it all up i've got 3 fans, and 4 daisy chained LED strips connected to the commander pro (which is being detected in the software, just updated the firmware) but the LED strips aren't working at all and the RGB for the fans aren't working. Please help a first time builder! Thank you!
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