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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys, i've been using my Harpoon RGB wireless mouse and yesterday i saw an firmware update to my usb wireless receiver it was v.5.4.99 so i installed it but now mouse just working with BT and doesn't work with 2.4g ,and i tried all ways (try to reset mouse or pair with manuel) but it didn't help. What Should i do? Can't i take back the last update..
  2. Hey! I recently updated my mouse, but since that time I can no longer use it with the dongle. It only works with the bluetooth now. I tried to force a dongle update ( now on v.5.4.99), but it didn't change anything. I also did a mouse reset ( several time) , but still nothing. On the ICUE side, I uninstalled and reinstalled it (now on v. 4.17.244), but when I connect my mouse with a wire, it no longer appears in ICUE. So, I can't force a mouse update. Can you help me ? HArpoon RBG wireless: S/N:081120281154
  3. I have a Corsair Harpoon Wireless mouse, and when I start my computer I must reconnect it for it to work... (Doesn't matter if I use the cable or the wireless receiver) I have checked the drivers via the iCUE software, I have tried starting in safe mode, the problem persists. I haven't tried another mouse yet...
  4. I just got a Harpoon wireless mouse. The left mouse button clicks are a LOT softer than right click . I don't mind too much, since it makes the mouse quieter, but my left click is noticeably softer than my right click. So much so that if I need to hold down the right click (say, to charge a shot in lol) I will frequently release the charge unintentionally, and without feeling anything. Are the mouse switches just low quality, or is there something wrong with my mouse? Should I exchange it? Does anyone else have this mouse? Left click almost has no click sound at all. What should i do ?
  5. Hey, ich habe im forum gesehen, dass bei der Harpoon wireless sehr viele Benutzer das problem hatten, dass bei einem klick manchmal 2 ausgeführt werden. Es wurde damals mit einem treiber für die maus gellöst. Dabei wurde die Debounce time einfach hoch gestellt. Es gibt spiele, in denen man aber viel clicks braucht. Leider hatte man nach diesem treiber keine möglichkeit über 10 clicks fair ohne autoklicker zu kommen. Deswegen hätte ich mir einen schieberegler in der ique software gewünscht, von dem man die debounce time einstellen kann. Dabei sollte minimal mindestens 4 ms betragen. So ist es auch bei der glorious model o und noch ein paar anderen mäusen. Der regler würde perfekt in die einstellungen passen und könnte standwardmäsig auf dem jetztigen wert stehen. So könnte man wenn man mehr clicks braucht es einfach hochstellen :D Bitte baut dieses Feature ein Mfg. Lukas
  6. Title says most. When I plug in the USB I get a notification saying that it isn't working properly. I've tried so many things and nothing has worked. :mad: I've tried updating iCUE and even reinstalling it to no avail. Any known fixes???
  7. i just bough my corsair harpoon wireless for like 2 month ago when this mice release, there is no problem with my mice till 2 days ago, my mice accidentally not detected on my laptop even via wire, bluetooth and 2.4 dongle, my mice still on when i connect a cables, still on when i switch to dongle or bluetooth mode but not detected, i try on another pc/ laptop but nothing happen, i assume my mice firmware was stuck, i wanna hard reset this mice but i didn't know ho to do it, does anyone got this problem ? please help me to solve it.:biggrin: PS: i let my mice on for 2 days till battery runs out hoping mice reset itself when its empty lol
  8. I've got a Harpoon RGB to go with my K63. It's a mild annoyance that I need two dongles. My Bluetooth is oddly flaky with the Corsair products, so I use the dongles. I'd be willing to upgrade to a bigger, badder mouse if there's one that shares the K63 dongle. If not, then the gods did not deem it so. But I'd like to find out - if anyone knows. Thanks!
  9. Never touch a running system strikes again... So what should I do to get back my two thumb buttons? I cant even choose them in the iCUE as macros or anything. Did iCUe again did some fail update? I just get a bad firmware update on my K63 and it was a pain in the *** to get it back working. Why the hell do I need auto updates when they wont work? Give me the firmware that I can do it my self Corsair, thx... Harpoon 0.6.70 Dongle 0.5.49 iCUE is 3.17.49 Windows 10 64bit Pro is also up to date and two days old.
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