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Found 12 results

  1. Bonjour, j'ai depuis 9 mois une souris Corsair HARPOON RGB Wireless et, depuis que je suis sous ICUE 4, je reçois souvent une notification me demandant de mettre à jour le pilote de ma souris. Le problème est qu'à chaque fois que je regarde la version du nouveau pilote, j'y retrouve la même version que la mise à jour précédente. Ce qui me laisse penser qu'il y a un bug soit de mise à jour du pilote, soit de vérification de la version du pilote ou je ne sais quoi.
  2. Hi, everyone. I am asking if it is possible to replace battery for HARPOON RGB WIRELESS? What kind of battery it use? How long is actually the lifespan of the battery? Really curious here.
  3. Hello, first time here. So, i bought my Harpoon mice 2 months ago. Works like a char until recently the right click gave out on me. Once tried to re-update the mouse and worked. Tried to do it again when it died again but no luck. Searched in the internet to search what caused this, my biggest worry that it's already collected dust that can tamper the inside of the mouse. Tbh with y'all i've been using it in my not so clean room that i rarely cleaned (but not a dumpster room yet) and i've been sleeping sometimes waking up the mouse was below me yet at the time it worked just fine. Can anybody help what caused this and it's solutions while i will try to clean the inside if it can solve the issue? Thx.
  4. Hey all, new here. I bought this Harpoon only about a year ago or less. It's not that old and I don't think it has reached the end of its life or that the buttons have finally died. But for some reason the side button (labelled as 4 in the ICUE driver software) has stopped working/is very glitchy. It sometimes works if I press it very hard but not always. Programs and games also no longer recognise when I click it. Is there a way to tell if the button has died (run out of presses) or if it's the driver/software issue? I have tried reinstalling ICUE so far and it has not worked. Thanks for any suggestions or comments about this issue.
  5. Ich habe jetzt ca seit einer Woche das Problem, dass meine Maus immer mal wieder einen Doppelklick ausführt. Also zum Beispiel ich will nur einmal schießen aber es schießt dann 2x. Ich hoffen ihr könnt mir bei diesem Problem einen Rat oder noch besser eine Lösung geben. Schon mal vielen Dank im voraus.
  6. I am using the mouse in Windows 10 as a wireless mouse withn the 2.4g connection and the mouse's USB wireless receiver plugged into a USB port. This works fine. If I then plug in the mouse to a USB connection using the charging cable in order to charge it while I am also using it wirelessly, everything is still OK. But if I then unplug the mouse's charging cable once I have charged it enough, the mouse stops working using the wireless connection. Am I doing something wrong or is this just the way the mouse works or is this a bug in the mouse ?
  7. All attempts to update the Firmware on my Harpoon mouse with the latest iCUE always fails. Is there some workaround to this problem ?
  8. Is there any documentation for the Harpoon RGB Wireless mouse other than the llittle 2-page foldout in setting up the mouse ? I like the mouse but the lack of any documentation I can find about the buttons on it and how to use it I find disappointing.
  9. With the Harpoon wireless mouse I can treat the mouse as wired by attaching the cord to the mouse and a USB connection and changing the position of the button in the back to Off, so that the neither of the wireless settings are chosen. In this wired mode is the mouse always charging ? Is there any difference between the mouse always charging and the mouse being used as a wired mouse ?
  10. So, as the double-clicking (Harpoon RGB wireless) has been a truly monumentally disastrous feature of, apparently, the iCue software, I've installed all updates as soon as they have been available in the hopes of stopping this double-clicking nonsense. However, the new 3.31.81 version is unable to install and bluescreens the computer at about 75% into the installation. Now I have a corrupted iCue installation that doesn't work. I've tried the installer about 5 times. Crashes the computer every time. Any ideas? If there's something positive about this, it seems that the double-clicking is gone with iCue out of the picture due to the corrupt installation. Edit: Double-clicking is back even without iCue installed...
  11. Bonjour, Bonsoir à tous, J'ai des problèmes très énervant avec ce logiciel. Sur ma Corsair Harpoon RGB WIRELESS, j'ai remplacé la touche pour le DPI par une "frappe" dans l'application. Et ce matin par exemple, quand j'ai démarré le PC etc.. pas de problème vu que je n'utilise pas cette touche et les autres latérales. Mais j'arrive en jeu, les trois touches ne fonctionne pas(hors jeu aussi bien évidemment). Et ça me le fait avec ma M65 RGB Elite. Je suis obligé de redémarrer mon PC en espérant que ça refonctionne car ce n'est pas le cas à chaque fois. Ma M65 est à jour, la Harpoon aussi et iCUE me propose pas d'update. HELP ! :mad:
  12. Hi there, when I'm using my Harpoon RGB wireless via cable everything works fine. When I try to use it with USB it isn't working. I read forums and found that I need a Mouse Firmware update. (please see attachment) The problem is that I cannot do this because ICUE says: "Plug in the USB wireless receiver to start the update". It is plugged in. I tried different USB ports. Also I tried the same thing on laptops extra - still the same. My dongle firmware is "Dongle Firmware v. ?" I checked if this USB adapter is the one for my mouse - the same S/N. I have the newest software version of ICUE 3.28.70 also I don't have any problem with my other Corsair devices (I have also Harpoon - cable version). I already create a ticked but I wonder if U guys can help me out in more simple way? Thanks in advance. Best regards Maciej Kowalczyk
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