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Found 6 results

  1. Hi. I recently bought the harpoon rgb wireless mouse and I immediately ran into problems! Suddenly the mouse (occasionally) stutter for a few seconds and then "stabilizes" shortly after. At first I thought that maybe it could be a defective item ... so I asked for a return and I had another one sent ... but this too has the exact same problem! With the wire all this does not happen. Since win 10 I have disabled all energy savings (for each usb hub) ... I have also set the performance mode, I have "unparked" also the processors but nothing, this problem continues to persist. With the old mouse (the one I sent back) I updated the mouse to the latest firmware version available through ICUE .... and nothing has changed ... on the contrary, I think it has made the situation even worse. Before using the new mouse, I also formatted the PC and tried it without ICUE. In short, I really think that this line of mouse is, most likely, defective and that the 1000hz polling is just marketing! The fact is that I also find myself with this mouse, the problems I had with the first one. I exclude the software a priori! My configuration is: i7-6700k (NO OC), RTX2080S OC gigabyte, 16gb DDR4, ssd 1TB, Win7/Win10 PS: Ah .. I forgot. I also tried the mouse on win 7 and it has the exact same problem!!!!! Also I see that many people have the same problem as me! Has anyone found the solution? Because otherwise I ask for the return of the product directly! Thanks and sorry for my English
  2. Hi, I've recently just bought the Harpoon RGB Pro and I like it a lot However, when I play PUBG my mouse has a 1 second delay around 10 aecond after i land. Any ideas why?
  3. Hello, I am wondering if there is any way to disable the debounce on my corsair harpoon (wired) so that i can double and drag click for higher CPS. I dont care if it sometimes doubleclicks and i have another mouse I can use when not Gaming. I have Icue and can use that but I have not found anything on it. :biggrin:
  4. I purchased a corsair harpoon mouse a few months ago and out of the blue it started acting buggy. The mouse will move, completely disconnect for a second, then reconnect and start acting buggy. Ive tried switching usb ports, but that did nothing.
  5. Okay, so when I plugged in my K55 into the PS4, it didn't work. Then I had to turn on BIOS settings or whatever. Which is fine. But when it came to my mouse. It also didn't work which I found strange and couldn't find any solution to fix it. Although, a regular microsoft mouse works fine, which I find strange. I don't really know if this is the right place to post my problem here. But I also wanna know if anyone else is having problems and maybe a solution to this.
  6. Bonjour, J'ai téléchargé le Corsair Utility Engine sur mon PC pour pouvoir gérer mes produits Corsair (Corsair K55 RGB, Corsair Harpoon Gaming RGB et Corsair Void Pro USB 7.1). Cependant, à part mon casque, l'éclairage RGB de mon clavier et de ma souris ne s'éclaire pas selon ce que j'ai prédéfini, alors que j'ai bien coché la case "lancer automatiquement Corsair Utility Engine au démarrage de Windows". L'éclairage tel que je l'ai prédéfini ne s'affiche que lorsque je lance manuellement le logiciel. J'ai essayé de le désinstaller et de le réinstaller mais sans succès. Pouvez-vous me dire d'où vient ce problème ? Cordialement.
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