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Found 16 results

  1. We take inspiration from everything around us and on the web 🌐. In that sense, what has inspired your PC builds over time? Did you get inspired by either a movie/show 🎟️ or maybe even someone else's build? How long did it take for you to actually be satisfied with how your build looks like 👀? I was definitely mesmerized by all the beautiful all-white builds and I tried to buy all-white hardware for my current PC ☁️ Let us know down below! Halo 🔫 inspired build 📸: BeautifulAd5310 via r/CORSAIR
  2. I recently rebuilt my PC replacing the motherboard, CPU, CPU cooler power supply, and fans. However when I booted up my PC iCUE was not detecting my h100i Elite Capellix cooler. The h100i was just showing as Unkown device. The h100i pump runs and functions but the LED lights dim in reythmic increments (about every 1 to 2 seconds then brightens for the same amount of time). My Commander CORE shows up on my PCs Device Manger but the h100i does not. I followed the steps listed in the "What to do when your Elite Capellix liquid CPU cooler is not detected by iCUE" Help Section. Some of the troubleshooting I have tried is: -Plugging the USB into a different header on my motherboard and making sure it was fully inserted. -I made sure that the cable from my Elite Capellix is fully and correctly plugged in to my Commander Core -I have Uninstalled and reinstalled iCUE -I have triple checked to make sure all cables are plugged in It is possible that I may have missed some software incompatibilities however I am pretty sure I tried all the ones listed in the Corsair Help section. If anyone has other suggestions I would love to hear them. I am currently running iCUE version v4.18.209 I believe. The following is a list of my PC components: -iCUE h100I Elite Capellix liquid cooler -MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Carbon WiFi Gaming Motherboard -i7-11700k intel CPU -Corsair RMX Series, RM750x, 750 Watt, 80+ Gold Certified, Fully Modular Power Supply -Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB RAM - 4x Corsair LL Series LL120 RGB fans
  3. Hello friends, I am having an issue with my K68 RGB Keyboard and my Harpoon RGB Pro. The color setup for my keyboard/mouse is static white when I login. However, when I window lock my screen (windows key+L), it changes to static green. I have been searching and searching through countless posts/videos and none seems to work. I have tried everything in the hardware lightning and none is working... Has someone experienced this issue?
  4. Hey everyone, NVIDIA's RTX 30 Series, AMD's Ryzen 5000 Series, and Intel's 11th Generation have come to our CORSAIR ONE systems! The tradition continues with immense power in a quiet, minimally sized system. Here’s a few quick highlights: Built with our own CORSAIR components - our CORSAIR ONE systems are highly reliable and backed by a two-year warranty with lifetime tech support service. Maintains its cool with patented convection-assisted liquid cooling, achieving maximum performance with silence by voiding excessive fan noise. Your choice of flavor between AMD Ryzen™ 5000 Series and 11th Gen Intel® Core™, the latest CPUs capable of seamlessly powering through your games and tasks. Click the following for more information: i200, a200. We’ve provided a FAQ and quick spec sheet below. Q: What PCIe generation is the m.2 SSD? A: Both systems are equipped with PCIe 4.0 m.2 SSDs. Q: Are these larger than the previous generation? A: Nope! While the RTX 30 Series did pose some challenge, our systems engineering team was able to achieve the same dimensions of 200mm x 172.5mm x 380mm. Let us know if you guys have any questions or thoughts!
  5. Hey everyone, I recently purchased a refurbished Corsair AX1200i. Everything works fine but, unfortunately, it did not come with a Corsair Link cable which is the primary reason I purchased it in the first place (instead of just purchasing a new PSU). Is it possible for me to purchase a link cable from somewhere or is Corsair able to send me one? I live in Australia and I sent in a support ticket but its been over a week with no response. I still have my RM750i with all cables and accessories (including the two link cables that came with it) but the RMi has a miniUSB port with an optional analogue port. The AXi only has a analogue port for Corsair Link which the RMi analogue cable cannot directly connect to the internal USB header through. I understand this is what I need but have no way of purchasing it even if it was in stock: AX 1200i/860i/760i USB to i2C adapter (corsair.com) This is my first time posting to the forums so please let me know if there are any issues or require more information.
  6. Hey all, I was trying to figure out how to remotely activate macros with ICUE. I can't seem to figure it out at all. Is there a way to trigger a macro from my phone or do i have to physically press a button on my PC computer each and every single time? My keyboard is a K95 RGB Platinum and its using 3.21.28 firmware (up to date). I'm using ICUE software version 3.31.81 I'm also using Google Remote Desktop software from my phone. That is also updated I believe. Windows 10 64bit PC as well
  7. Hey, so, I am here to vent out my frustration a bit and also give some feedback along the way, so without any further ado let's get into it. 1. Void visualizer So, I'm really into gimmicks like this but I'll be honest, being a bit of an audiophile as well, I can't agree with having to buy one of your headsets only to have to use this feature and the fact that it's not available otherwise only with some 3rd party software is really annoying. I don't like having to constantly switch between software when listening to music or playing a game. I see this as a scheme more or less to force people to buy your products and it's a bit of an.. well you know what kind of move it is no need to state it. Secondly I think you could get more people to buy your products if this feature would work without a corsair headset. Due to the fact that it's limited to only working with your products I'm actually considering selling my keyboard and mouse and getting something else, it's that big of a deterrent for me personally. 2. Hopes and expectations So, I was holding out on upgrading my pc for the past 3 years cause I wanted to do a full on Corsair build well for all of the parts where you guys manufacture something in hopes that this issue will be addressed. Sadly you never changed the policy here so I am now inclined to just getting other brands that have any sort of RGB effects that are more on the cheaper side of things. I never mind having to pay a premium for something, but if I do, I have higher expectations, seeing as nothing really changed even if there are plenty of complaints about this out there is a bit sad if you ask me. All those voices out there, crying out for a change, but, in the end, just being ignored. 3. Backups Being someone who invests quite a bit of time into making all sorts of profiles with specific actions/lighting effects a feature to sync everything to the cloud would be really awesome. I'm not even asking you to have things stored on your end, like some sort of sync to any type of drive would be great. Or even an option to export and import all of your profiles at once would be nice. It's one of those quality of like type of things that you could do, again, never implemented for whatever reason. 4. Product quality For something that is a bit more on the expensive side of things you would expect everything to be better working, sadly I am among the very few who got the K button light issue 1 week into owning the keyboard. And yes I did read the forums and tried all sorts of solutions mentioned there, and no I did not spill anything on it as that seems to be the reason why this might happen. I tend to take care of things as much as possible. That's about it, I don't think I will be entering the forum anymore, but please feel free to leave any comments you like. These are my thoughts and opinions based on my experience using your products, I do know they might vary from what others think, but I didn't come here to have any sort of debate. Also, your forum emoticons are really out of date, an update here might also be nice. Cheers!
  8. As the title says, could a program tell your actions have come from Icue and not your keyboard? Or do they act exactly like Hardware inputs?
  9. Hi everyone. Looking to buy Corsair Vengeance LPX 32 GB (2x16 GB) 3200MHz, and I have a couple of questions: 1. Is this enough for an i5 9400F + 2070 setup? 2. I use a lot of software for work (Skype, Trello, WorkTime, PS, Chrome, Blender), so do I need to buy 4x16 GB instead of 2x16 GB?
  10. Why is it not possible to select from the list of profiles and then just write that profile to one of the hardware slots? Having to modify the hardware slot profile seems like a LOT of extra work when a copy-into functionality should just be available. Moreover, when I deleted all my hardware profiles, I could not create/assign any new ones. This all seems very counter-intuitive to me.
  11. Hi all, I recently got the Virtuoso SE RGB headset, about 2.5 months ago. So far, it's worked fantastic, but recently the swivels for the ear cups have become quite loose. When I first recieved the headset, the swivels were nice and firm, but now they spin almost freely. Is there a way to tighten the swivels back to the way they were out of the box? Thanks!
  12. Hello all, today for the first time ever I got a red blinking light from the right side of my pc! I immediately quit the game and it cooled down a little but after I checked on corsair link my motherboard temperature is so high over 100 celsius!! and it won't get any cooler! help please, below attached pictures of different softwares from speedfan ( https://imgur.com/IuQ8j4D ) from corsair link ( https://imgur.com/P3fNTxa) from speecy ( https://imgur.com/CVbDNp8 )
  13. Vorweg: die Problematik ist für mich "Neuland" und ich habe diesbezüglich all mein Wissen aus mehr oder minder vertrauenswürdigen Forenbeiträgen quer durch das Internet angehäuft, da ich kein Elektriker bin. Zum Problem: mein Netzteil, besagtes Corsair CX 750, gibt neuerdings, vor allem bei höherer Belastung, ein nerviges und lautes Spulenfiepen von sich. Bis heute wusste ich noch nicht einmal, dass es die Spule ist und hatte einen kleinen Riss in einem Rotorblatt in Vermutung, bis ich mir ein Youtube Video von einer Grafikkarte mit selbem Problem angeschaut habe und feststellen durfte, dass das die gleichen Töne sind. Ich habe das Case aufgemacht und genau reingehört, so dass ich hier zu 100% versichern kann, dass das Geräusch im Netzteil lokalisiert ist, nicht in der GraKa oder dem Mainboard! Da ich nicht viel über die Hintergründe weiß, wie so etwas (plötzlich) auftreten kann, hier ein paar Geschehnisse der letzten Tage/Wochen: - Ich habe einige Komponenten vor kurzem etwa zwei Stunden mit dem Auto transportiert, darunter auch das NT. Es ist aber nichts passiert oder heruntergefallen. - Ich habe eine neue GraKa verbaut (die RX 480 Nitro+ in meinen Specs, alte GraKa: Sapphire HD 7850 1GB) - Ich habe eine neue CPU verbaut (die i5 6600k in meinen Specs, alte CPU: i5 3350p) Könnte das Fiepen mit einem dieser Umstände zusammenhängen, oder ist das halt schlichtweg plötzlich aufgetreten? Beim Zusammen-/Einbau habe ich keine Fehler gemacht. Ich kann mir wirklich nicht erklären, woran das liegen kann, könnte das Netzteil zu "stark" für mein System sein? Oder hat sich die Spule beim Transport gelockert? Ich habe null Ahnung diesbezüglich... Aber falls es eurer Meinung nach ein Produktfehler seitens Corsair ist: Ich habe theoretisch noch Garantie, müsste nur über die Feiertage mal die Rechnung ausgraben. PS: Falls es helfen würde, könnte ich natürlich auch eine Videoaufnahme mit Ton vom Netzteil/PC machen und auf YT hochladen.
  14. When I try to save a macro from the library into a hardware profile, it gives me an error: "Macro actions in hardware profiles can only contain keyboard events and delays." The macro in question has only key-press and key-release events, and a 2ms delay between all events. This seems like a bug to me.
  15. I'm about to build a new system (after 9 years, yay!) but I have some questions about hardware RGB compatibility that I'm not sure of. I'm planning to get some 4x16GB Vengeance RGB RAM. Am I correct in my understanding that the RGB for this RAM is controllable through the software without any additional hardware lighting components/modules? I also want to get the H115i Pro RGB cooler. The page says it comes with "USB cable for Corsair LINK™ Integration". What I'm not sure of is if I also need any extra hardware components (like Commander Pro/Mini or Lighting Node Pro) to make this work. While I am considering getting the Carbide SPEC-OMEGA case, there are some non-Corsair cases I like better. So what all would I need to make this setup work with a non-Corsair case? Or (functionally speaking) does it just make more sense to go with the SPEC-OMEGA case? Appreciate any input!
  16. CORSAIR iCUE software brings CORSAIR LINK components into the fold, providing a new and exciting unified software experience for current and future CORSAIR products. For those that have already picked up CORSAIR hardware, check out our compatibility page HERE for the most up to date compatibility info. If your CORSAIR LINK device isn't listed, please make sure to upgrade to at least version of CORSAIR LINK before installing iCUE. iCUE Version 3.3.103 Keyboards: K55 RGB K63 K63 Wireless K65 LUX RGB K65 RGB K65 RGB RAPIDFIRE K66 K68 K68 RGB K70 LUX K70 RAPIDFIRE K70 RGB K70 LUX RGB K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE K70 RGB SE RAPIDFIRE K95 RGB PLATINUM K95 RGB STRAFE STRAFE RGB Mice: Dark Core RGB Dark Core RGB SE GLAIVE RGB HARPOON RGB KATAR M65 PRO RGB M65 RGB SABRE RGB SCIMITAR SCIMITAR PRO RGB Audio: HS70 Wireless HS60 Surround ST100 VOID SURROUND VOID USB VOID Wireless VOID PRO SURROUND VOID PRO USB VOID PRO Wireless Hydro Series Coolers: H80i GT H100i GTX H110i GTX H80i v2 H100i v2 H110i H115i H115i PRO H150i PRO Note: We're aware that certain coolers aren't applying cooling modes properly for some users. Power Supplies: AX760i AX860i AX1200i AX1500i HX750i HX850i HX1000i HX1200i RM650i RM750i RM850i RM1000i DRAM: VENGEANCE LED VENGEANCE RGB - Note: Lighting Link is not supported. VENGEANCE PRO RGB LINK Devices: Commander PRO Lighting Node PRO CORSAIR RGB Fans: SP RGB 120/140 HD RGB 120/140 ML RGB 120/140 LL RGB 120/140 Note: CORSAIR RGB fans will require either a Lighting Node PRO or Commander PRO in order to work with iCUE. CORSAIR iCUE-Compatible Cases: SPEC-OMEGA RGB Obsidian Series 1000D Crystal Series 280X (Lighting Node PRO w/2 LL RGB fans) Obsidian Series 500D SE (Commander PRO w/3 LL RGB fans)
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