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Found 7 results

  1. So I want to create a Hardware Profile for my K70 RGB MK.2. I created the Profile, added 4 Solid Color effects under "Hardware Lightning" and mapped the Keys to it. Then went to "Onboard Profiles" selected Slot1 and Save. But However, the Keyboard stays dark. Have I forgot something?? 😳
  2. Hello, all. I have a Strafe RGB MK.2 (Brazilian layout) and iCUE 3.31.81. What exactly will happen if I delete a profile stored in hardware? Will there only be two saved profiles, but still an available slot? Or will I permanently lose a hw slot (hopefully, no :))? Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, still struggling with iCUE. I upgraded the software to version 3.23.66 and allowed it to update the firmware in my K70 RGB MK 2 to the latest version, 3.24. I currently have two issues. First, it is very counter-intuitive that importing a profile you exported creates a NEW profile, rather than importing the settings into the one you have selected. This means there is no way (that I can figure out) to save something from the hardware and copy it to the default profile, other than switching back and forth and laboriously setting it all up by hand. This wouldn't matter, except when you exit the iCUE program, it always (ALWAYS) switches to the "Default" profile, regardless of which one was active before. Problem #2 is that in the iCUE software, I have 4 profiles for the keyboard. The Default (software) profile, and 3 distinct hardware profiles. The hardware itself has 3 profile slots. I have made sure I saved each of the hardware profiles, labeled K70P HW1, K70P HW2, and K70P HW3 to their corresponding hardware slots on the keyboard, and that each has been written to the actual hardware memory (according to the software anyways). The problem is, the switch profile key on the keyboard no longer cycles through all 3 profiles, but merely switches back and forth between the software Default and Hardware slot 1. I know this, because I gave each of the 4 profiles a distinct color for the profile key light itself (yellow, red, green, blue). How can I restore the original functionality of the key so I can freely cycle between my 3 hardware profile slots? It seems silly that I'd have to totally uninstall the software to be able to use all 3 hardware slots, and re-install it to be able to edit them. There has to be a better solution. I'm trying to get this sorted out before tackling the issue of the wireless Ironclaw mouse that I failed to get profiles to stick to entirely, but that's another story for another day. :) EDIT: I think I see what's going on with the profile switching. Watching the iCUE software window, it appears that when you have a hardware profile selected, hitting the hardware profile select key flips between the hardware profiles (in my case, 3 choices). If you have a SOFTWARE profile selected (Default), it flips back and forth between the two software profiles (which are the default for the KEYBOARD, and the default for the MOUSE). I find this confusing, because hardware profiles are distinct to a single hardware device, but software profiles appear to be shared. It gets extra confusing because, as I mentioned above, when you exit the iCUE software window, it instantly switches to the default SOFTWARE profile, and then flips back and forth between those software profiles, ignoring the hardware ones entirely. I would rather it not change profiles when I close the software and stay in whichever state I was in.
  4. I recently purchased a K95 Platinum RGB keyboard. I defined three profiles and saved them to the three hardware profile slots. When I either (A) disable iCUE; or (B) move the keyboard to a computer that doesn't have iCUE installed, the profile change button at the upper-left of the keyboard does not do anything. Whichever profile is active when iCUE gets disabled juts stays in place. Pressing the profile button does nothing unless iCUE is running in the background. Is there any fix for this, or other things I should try? Thanks. Note: I need this functionality because I use the keyboard on a work computer occasionally, and I am not allowed to install iCUE on that machine.
  5. Hi, I've edited one of the existing hardware profiles to my liking. Now when trying to save this profile it shows that all 3 slots are empty. The save button is also (presumably) grayed out. Has anyone got a clue what I could try next? I've already tried resetting the keyboard/updating fw and unplugging the second usb cable. I like the backlit keys but really can't stand the rainbow effect each time the pc is booting or when using linux. My fw version is (latest) 3.24 and iCue version 3.26.95
  6. I can't seem to change profiles from Software to Hardware on my Corsair Scimitar, my ICUE software does not look like the tutorial [ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goZ6Vhy8mJw]here[/ame]. Clicking the '+' button at the top of the window produces another profile but with no option to change between hardware or software.
  7. Over the past couple posts I've made, I've slowly gained information I've wanted for a setup I've been trying to make for myself. As it stands, I've managed to have macros separated per keyboard (using Autohotkey to override regular function) and I've managed to save different lighting profiles to each keyboard (one lighting profile for my typing board and a different one for my macro board). However, now I have an issue. Since I have to close iCue to let the profiles read from hardware (otherwise both boards inherit the same profile because iCue for some reason can't apply profiles separately through software)... closing iCue leaves my Lighting Node set on the default rainbow effect. In iCue, I don't see an option for saving profiles to the device like the keyboards offer. Is there any way to get simple lighting onto the Lighting Node without iCue being open? This also serves as future information since I am getting a set of Vengeance Pro RBG soon and don't want my memory sticks to be vegetating due to profile issues.
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