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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I just got the Harpoon RGB Wireless and in the website says it has on board memory. It is my understanding that I can save a profile in it so my keybinds work without having iCURE 4 running in the background, but I don´t find the option to create a hardware profile were the documentation shows its supposed to be (Device settings). Could you tell me were do I find this option? or if there is an issue with my iCURE installation? Thank you.
  2. Hi, I've been given an old keyboard from my partner to use with my new build, a Vengeance K70 RGB. I've got no trouble with it being detected in iCue, and setting up lighting effects while the computer is on, but I've got no option to create hardware lighting for the keyboard, for when the PC is locked or powering on, which I've been able to do for my other products (LL120 fans and Vengeance RGB Pro RAM). There's simply no tab on iCue to allow me to do this, the options I have for customisation of the keyboard are "Key Assignments", "Lighting Effects", "Performance", and "Device Settings". I believe it has the functionality to do this - when my other products default to their hardware lighting, the keyboard was switching to an old profile my partner had been using with an older software version (it's been sitting in storage for a couple of years before I started using it) and I've done a reset by holding the escape key while plugging the keyboard in and it now uses a default profile where most of the keys are red, except the wasd keys which are lit up white. Is there any way that I can set a hardware profile for the keyboard? It would be nice if my RGB matched over everything when my PC isn't connected to iCue. I'm using iCue version 4.10.273, and the firmware for the keyboard is up to date, version 3.08
  3. So I am having this well known issue where USB ports (mostly my h100i RGB cooler) gets randomly DC/RC due to unknow iCue issue. And I read somewhere online that you could set a HW profile and then exit the application and things would stop randomly DC/RC. BUT it is not working for my CPU cooler and my RAM. Could someone, for the love of god, PLEASE HELP ME. been stuck with this issue for about a month now and its driving me crazy.
  4. I recently bought Scimitar Elite RGB and I have a major issue with hardware profiles. I would like to be able to rebind the profile switch button in hardware mode so that while it is pressed it activates profile #2 and when it's not profile #1 is active. It's super useful since it essentially doubles the number of buttons available on the mouse. This will probably sound familiar to people with G600 and Nagas since it's essentially like G-shift/Hypershift. With iCUE installed this can be easily achieved through software, but for hardware modes "Profile switcher button" is greyed out. Additionally, I can't assign the "profile switching" action to any other button which is somewhat annoying. Sadly there is no version of this software for Linux and that's where I have my work environment and would like to use this mouse for productivity. So hardware profiles are my only option. I tried tinkering around with .cueprofile files and was able to successfully assign keystrokes to this button but the "profile switching" action under hardware actions tag crashes iCUE on startup. Has someone figured it out, if so essential instruction for editing a profile or a snippet would satisfy me. I tried to add another value to a tag with the name HardwareActionsProperty::Proxy under the Mouse section of this file, where I found other actions that I assigned. This is really important to me since is annoying that this button can only be a toggle in HW mode. If iCUE doesn't let it be any other action than profile switching, allow us to configure it like a software action so "while pressed" is an option! Thanks for the help in advance :biggrin:
  5. Hello, I am having trouble making a hardware profile for my Scimitar mouse. Currently, when I go to create a new profile, there is no option to select a hardware version of a profile. I'm not sure if this is because my current hardware is too old and thus can't have it installed, or if I'm missing something else. Assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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