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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to see my H80i v2 cooler in iCUE, but it's not showing. It was working once, and after that I just cannot seem to make it work again. I didn't do any change to the configurations. It just stopped working. Things I already tried: Uninstalling and Re-installing iCUE. Removing Registry Keys Disabling and Enabling device in Device Management I can see the device in Corsair Link (, but it says "controlled by iCUE". Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, this is my first post, it will be a big one. I have the H80i V2 AIO cooler. It is a thick 120mm that features a stock push-pull configuration. I tested two setups: One as the default, using 1.) Corsair stock fans (~3000 max RPM) under the push-pull configuration. The second setup, using 1 single 2.) Noctua pull (~3000RPM fan). As you can see from the data, there is no temperature change: Here is a picture of the Corsair Link im talking about. First off, I do not know even what sensor I am looking at. Whether it is the pump temp, or the liquid temp. Never the less, the problem is that the pump itself gets obscenely hot, it exceeds the 45C warning in the Link program and the Pump itself turns to RED :mad:, yet while everything else is fine in temps. I have tried different push-pull configurations but it does not seem to change. Is it defective? 1.) Corsair stock fans 2.) Noctua config Can anybody think of why this is causing this? For anyone curious my GPU runs "cool" at max 76C at load. Here is a pic of my pc (excuse the bad cables management): Here is my PC 3 in-take, 3 out-take. Currently the pic has only the 1 Noctua fan because I like the quieter setup since the fan temps are almost identical as seen in the data pastebins.
  3. I did not seem to have an issue with installing and running the software. I do have a question about what the different temp numbers refer to. Also, Temp #11 runs from 70c to 94c at any given time. This is why I would like to know about the Representation of the widgets. Thank you. EDIT: My fan for the GPU does run all the time. It does not appear to show on this display unless there is an increase from the base idle speed which is unknown.
  4. I am contemplating buying the ML120 fans to replace the stock SP120L fans on my H80i v2 cooler for better cooling performance at lower noise levels, since I came to know about the great performance of ML series fans from various sources. But after checking the specs of both these fans in official products pages I doubt whether there will be any benefit to the cooling/noise as the ML fans have almost same specs as the SPL's. Below is a comparison of max specs of both set of fans. Stock SP120L specs:- 2435 rpm, 70.69 CFM, 4.65 mm-H2O @ 37.7 dBA ML120 specs:- 2400 rpm, 75 CFM, 4.2 mm-H2O @ 37 dBA From the above comparison it can be seen that -- SPL has +35 rpm over ML; ML has +4.31 CFM over SPL; SPL has +0.45 mm-H2O over ML; ML has -0.7 dBA over SPL From a pure specs perspective, ML has better CFM but SPL has better static pressure at almost same speeds and noise levels. But since specs may not necessarily translate into real-world performance so I am a bit confused whether the ML's are worth it to upgrade. I have searched but couldn't find any user/reviewer stats comparing the two sets' performance on the H80i v2 specifically. So I am seeking info and advice from any fan experts and those users who have the H80i v2 stock replaced with ML fans and tested the performance difference before/after such an upgrade.
  5. I have had this system for probably 4-5 years and I haven't been watching the temperatures, but the other day I was. At idle the CPU is running around 22C and the H80i around 27C (I assume that is the temperature of the water). Reported using Corsair Link 4. See my profile for info. Running stock speed. Yes, the water is hotter... at idle! When I push the CPU with Prime95 (max heat) the CPU goes up to 90C but the water temperature (well what Corsair Link outputs) only goes up to about 34C. For tests like this I have the fan on max (about 1500rpm) and the pump on performance (about 3000rpm) just to be the best cooling. I was confused how the water could be so COOL but the CPU so HOT! Since the water temperature changes and the fan speed and pump speed changes (using Corsair Link) I assume those are working. Well, I can clearly see the fan spinning. One tube is warmer than the other so I assume there is some water circulation. Perhaps not ideally working, but nothing obvious... My only conclusion was that the water pump cooler wasn't mounted well on the CPU. Got some Artic MX-4 and removed and replaced it. Temps pretty much the same. When replacing the cooler I noticed some sloshing of water and was concerned, but I'm assuming (?) this is standard. The pump is quiet so I don't believe it's pumping some air or cavitating. While perhaps not a top of the line water cooler, I'd expect it to do better than this and when I built the system I assume I had much better temps because I do remember testing it! Any insights would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  6. Hi, I don't know if this has been posted before or if there is already an answer. So I have a i7 6700K, with the Corsair H80i v2 liquid cooler. I upgraded my motherboard to a MSI z270 gaming M7 (from a MSI z170 gaming m3) very recently and since then my Corsair Link always reads that the H80i v2 fan's sit at 0 rpm. I have read a lot of different websites and many posts suggesting fixing this in the BIOS. Since I know next to nothing about any BIOS, this is quite difficult. As well as my BIOS does have a clear "Disable fan" option. I am using MSI click BIOS 5. Can anyone help me, give me a run down on what I should be doing to fix this? Thank you.
  7. Hello, I have a Corsair h80i v2 for around 2 years now and it worked great. About two weeks ago it became very loud. Fan speeds are stuck at 1560 rpm. I can change as much as I want in iCUE but speeds do not change. I tried to reinstalling software but to no help. Any ideas on what can I do?
  8. Hello good forum people! Haven't posted much lately, but constantly visiting forums and reading super useful stuff. I just purchased H80i V2 kit, and installed it yesterday. Super, super happy with everything. I have one question and I wasn't able to find any answers for this specific model (H80i V2). I've read somewhere that it could have something to do with Asetek hardware, but I am not even sure how to check if mine falls into this category. What I wonder... is there any way to have Corsair logo on the pump cycling RGB colors, or is it only possible to have one color enabled at the time, solid color? Thanks in advance for all the help! QR
  9. Hi all, looking for suggestion on my current build. I'm running 2700X stock with zotac RTX 2080 inside Fractal Design Define Mini C TG with two Noctua NFA14 as intake and H80i as exhaust with LL120 pushing and stock H80i fan as pull. http://www.plikimage.com/images/2018/10/10/6432d01d-f2d4-4584-985a-a0a2b8e261e31466df068d0e19a1.md.jpg I just read around here and realized I was in the wrong setting my H80i fan target towards the CPU. However now I'm in new grounds here on how to setup my fan curve and what's the optimal coolant temperature for my setup. I live in SE Asia, with high humidity and 30 degrees C ambient room temp. I do have aircon but I seldom use it since I don't like cold air. My usage scenario is for office document creation/browsing/gaming about 33% every day since I work from home. Testing my "heaviest" load scenario is GTA V online, my coolant temp peaks at 49 degrees C while my CPU peaks at 65 degrees C. All the while, the RTX 2080 blowing 75 degrees C of hot air inside the case. The noise from the fan at the moment bothers me a bit. Curently the fan spins about 70% which is quite loud. I'm still targeting the CPU temp since, hey it works... But I wonder if I can lower it by targeting the coolant temp, but I didn't know what's the "safe" temp zone for coolant temp. Care to share some insight on how to improve my setup?
  10. Hello! I've a problem with a 2011-v3 socket on asus x99ws-ipmi mainboard. My previous mb was a 1151 socket and for that socket I'd bought a Enermax AIO kit that it had to be compatible also with 2011 sockets but, if I install this kit on new 2011-v3 socket, cpu goes to 85 Celsius in about 3 minutes..! This bacause the mounting system doesn't hold and keep squeezed the pump on the cpu/compound surface... seems there is about a millimetre between the pump plate and the cpu surface... Are the hydro h80i v2 really compatible with 2011-v3 sockets? Is the best single radiator cooler choice for this socket? Anyone had tried this combo? Many thanks, Roberto
  11. Hello you wonderful forum members! I am sure this question was answered numerous times here in these forums, but I found some contradictory results all over the internet, so I thought it's better to ask you wonderful forum members and finally get definite answer. I am not home at the moment, so can't really remember the exact shape of the AMD mount I've got inside the box, but I've read somewhere that's not the one I will need for installation with Ryzen. Anyway, I currently have it installed on my LGA 1155 socket Motherboard from Gigabyte, on my trusty i5 3570K (I know it's old, but it serves me well). Motherboard finally started to give up after 5 years of constant use, USB ports randomly shut down, temperatures on Motherboard start to increase etc. Instead of trying to revive it and search for LGA1155 motherboard (almost impossible here where I live), I was thinking of upgrading to Ryzen 5 1600 and new MB and DDR4 memory. All other components I already have. I am just thinking what should I do to make my beloved H80i v2 work with this new setup. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you all in advance!
  12. hi people, recently i acquired a corsair h80i v2 water cooling and have things to ask you, because i have some problems with it 1) What is the best way to connect the cables regarding the motherboard, PSU, Pump, usb port. Motherboard(Asus Z97a Usb 3.1)cpu connectors: cpu_fan, cpu_opt motherboard fans connectors: CHA_FAN 1, 2, 3 and 4 Usb 2.0 internal connectors: usb1314, usb1112, usb910 Do I connect the radiator's fans to the pump, to the motherboard or to the PSU? do i connect cpu fan cable, to cpu_fan or cpu_opt connector? which usb 2.0 would best be to use? in what connectors put fans case? What should I choose in the bios? dcmode/pwm/automatic/disable 2) As for the problem, corsair link 4 does not work, i have already installed and uninstalled many times and nothing happens. the radiator's fan spin very fast and thereforce noisy. I can not control them in bios or in operating system (windows 7 x64) well i hope you help see you
  13. Hello guys. I have a little problem , so i what you to help me if you can. I get H80i V2 , and Case NZXT s340. ofc i can place cooling on the top back place, but i have micro ATX motherboard so i think ill have some troubles cause radiator is too big and not fits here. Because my 1060ti is to close to the top. only solution is to mount cooling on the front top or bot panel. and when i set it to pull and 1 front top vent on pull, its good idea? as result ill have 1 front vent on pull, h80i v2 on push, and 2 back vent on push too. is this good idea? Please help me i dont know what to do. Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad engl)
  14. When booting my PC from a shutoff or restarting, my cooler is recognized by the Link software and the color is changed and accurate data is displayed. However, after waking my PC from sleep, the data freezes and the LED switches to white. I have the cooler's usb plugged into an internal usb 2.0 header hub. Functionality isn't impaired and my Cpu still maintains good temps, but I can't check that through Link and I can't change LED color.
  15. Hello guys. I using an H80i V2 on a Intel 7700k Kaby Lake and an Asus ROG Strix Z270E Gaming mobo. The problem is that the mobo program conflicts a lot with Corsair Link. To resolve the conflict, and as I trust more in the BIOS than in the pump to control the fans, I've been thinking of linking the fans on CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT and the bomb on AIO_PUMP. So, I would uninstall the Corsair Link and let the BIOS do all the work without conflicts. What do you think? Thanks
  16. Servus zusammen, nachdem ich einige Zeit damit verbracht habe, mich durch viele der Threads zu wühlen und keiner so richtig mein Problem aufgreift, eröffne ich jetzt selbst einen. Auch wenn ich befürchte, die Antwort schon zu kennen :(: Gestern wollte ich die Basisinstallation meines neuen Rechners durchführen. MB: Asus Strix Z270F Cpu: Intel i7 7700K Als Kühlung soll die im Titel genannte H80i v2 dienen. Hierzu sei gesagt, dass ich zum ersten Mal mit einer AiO Wasserkühlung arbeite, bisher habe ich nur Luftkühlungen verbaut. Installiert habe ich wie vorgegeben und die Schrauben angezogen, wie ich es sonst auch tun würde. Die Pumpe sitzt fest und gerade auf der CPU. Die Lüfterkabel sind über das Y-Kabel mit der Pumpe verbunden, diese mit dem 3-Pin-Anschluss über 'CPU Fan' ans MB angeschlossen. Beim ersten Start wurde die CPU und auch die neue m.2 SSD erkannt und ab ging's ins Bios. Begleitet allerdings von einer akustischen Fehlermeldung, die auf ein Hardwareproblem hinwies. Ab da stieg die CPU Temperatur kontinuierlich an bis über 70°, weshalb ich das System herunterfuhr. Im Bios wird kein CPU Fan erkannt: N/A Die Lüfter auf dem Radiator drehen sich, aber offensichtlich funktioniert die Pumpe nicht. Ich kann jedenfalls keine nennenswerte Vibration oder ähnliches spüren. Die beiden Schläuche sind in dem ja immer nur kurz möglichen Betrieb eigentlich recht kühl, erst nach dem Abschalten meine ich, dass der obere ein wenig wärmer ist als der untere. Ich habe in der Folge auch den CPU OPT Anschluss probiert, an dem ebenso nichts erkannt wird (CPU OPT N/A). Die beiden Lüfter werden hingegen von den beiden Anschlüssen CPU Fan und CPU OPT erkannt und sind dann regelbar, auch die Umschaltung zwischen PWM und AC ist dann möglich. Die Pumpe wird auch am AiO Pump Anschluss des MB nicht erkannt. Lange Rede, kurzer Sinn: Die Lüfter funktionieren. Und meine Befürchtung ist schlicht, dass die Pumpe defekt ist. Falls jemand eine Idee hat oder irgendeinen Tipp, ich bin für alles dankbar :biggrin: Grüße vom Zorn
  17. Hi there, I installed a H80i v2 on my PC, but I think that the temperatures are too high: Idle: 36ºC - 40ºC Full Load: 70ºC -78ºC Even using the corsai Link in performance mode did not solve the problem. I am using a stock configs (including disabling the Intel TurboBoost). I also tried to reinstall H80i v2, tighten the screws and clean and apply thermal paste. Here is my specs: Gigabyte G1 Gaming 7 - Z170X Intel i7 6700k 16GB RAM DDR4 2133 (OC 3200MHz) HDD 1TB Seagate SSD 240GB Kingston Asus Strix GTX 1070 OC PSU Thermaltake DPS G RGB 650W Could some one help me? :[pouts:
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