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Found 14 results

  1. I've got a cpu cooler I bought in december 2018, H60. Now this morning, the bios reports that the CPU FAN SPEED is 0, and after being on a few minutes, the CPU temps rises > 80 deg c. The SATA cable is connected, and the LED of the pump is on, I can't tell if there is coolant circulation or not. Is my pump dead ? What can I do ?
  2. I just installed the H60 liquid cooling system and now my cpu runs super hot, around 98 degrees. I noticed my games now all have horrible frame rates and will not start as well. Any ideas what could be the issue? My PC: AS ROCK z68 Extreme Gen3 Intel i7 (not over clocked) Nvidia GTX 1070 32G Ram 1TB SSD
  3. Hello. I have purchased a H60 hydro cooler a month ago and the pump has this constant buzzing, louder than my 3 fans in the system. I am aware of the fact that it has an operating noise, i just don't know if this buzzing is normal, it quite annoys me. I have tried to move the radiator but it doesn't help. If this noise is normal i'll just accept is, it is my first. With no fans operating, i measure the noise at around 40dB. Here's a video i took: [ame]https://youtu.be/RcW9N4yxl4k[/ame] Thank you for your answers.
  4. Hello, My Corsair H50 died so I need to replace it so I bought a Corsair H60. Can I use the backplate from the H50 so I don't have to remove the motherboard to install it. It socket 1366 x58 chipset. Thsnk you.
  5. happy holidays! I got the Corsair H60 as a gift and I just installed it. But I can't tell if it's working or not--this is my first AIO. Here are the temps after browsing online for roughly 20-30 minutes. Does it seem to be working? A few details: I plugged the pump into the CPU Fan pin of my mother board. The H60 pump connection is only a 3-pin connector. I plugged it into a 4-pin port. The H60 I got doesn't appear to have any LEDs or RGBs. So I can't tell if it's actually getting power. Here are my temps. Do you think it's working? https://ibb.co/QD61HY2
  6. Hi everyone, I've been having a little problem this weekend when I went up with friends to play on lan. It would seem I have some temperature issue and I am wondering about the whole H60 System. This computer is a computer I've bought from the company I worked for when they switched their fleet, so I don't think I could have any warranty of sort on parts really, which is why I have some issue finding support right now. I've been reading on and off on H60 right now, and I understand how hard it will be to try and find the culprit, but let me start with this picture, this one is worrysome to me but could make sense to you. https://i.imgur.com/b1ndnN7.jpg The most left tube is getting hot, the other one is literally room temperature. If I dare to touch the actual H60 module I dont seem to feel any vibration at all. Here's a rundown of temperatures at idle : https://i.imgur.com/xuSU2ka.png If I open a game my "Package" temp and cores go up from 85 to 100 in matters of seconds as the game splash screen loads up. But my idle right now seems to be around 65° to 75°. I've seen some post where they were suggested they should be seeing the pump activity through monitor softwares but I can't seem to find what or where should that be ? Thanks for any ideas / input you could share with me.
  7. Hello there, I installed a new H60 (2018 edition) into my system (MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard, i7 6700K is the CPU). The unit is installed in the normal orientation, with two Noctua fans in push/pull, exhausting warm air out of the back of the case. Picture: https://imgur.com/WxgegpJ. The reason I'm going for a 120 mm AIO is because the case itself is quite cramped. Thermally, everything seemed okay. My temperature peaks stay below 80C, even after running the most demanding stress tests (Prime95, Realbench, ...). The pump block, however had been making a sound I can only describe like an old HDD. A non-rhythmic rattle, like you're reading data off an old drive. It's not a continuous monotonous buzz, it's more ... sparkly? My English language knowledge fails me here :) I double checked the connections, wiggled the tubes a bit, tried different SATA power headers, ... The RPM reported for the pump is 4050-4100, which seems desirable. There's no way to adjust RPM speed for the pump on this new H60 model anyway (probably for good reason). Since I thought this noise wasn't normal and I must have gotten a defective product, I sent the unit in for replacement with my retailer, and got a new one the next day. After installing the newly arrived unit, in the same way, I get the same noise. To be 100% sure it's not from another source, I went into BIOS and manually stopped all my fans - it's definitely the pump. Tilting my case to the right at about 45 degrees gets rid of the problem, which increases my suspicion it's air bubble related. Anyone with similar experiences? Should I just wait and let it "settle"? I've read things about getting the unit out and shaking it all about? Letting the case run on it's side (isn't that ... dangerous?))? I know the H60 isn't exactly the flagship cooler, but I still paid good money for it - would like to have it running silently/
  8. Hey, I have a ticket regarding the H50 and H60 AIOs and what TDP they're rated for, if anyone could point me in the right direction that'd be greatly appreciated ticket id is 2000771658
  9. Hallo. Habe die H60 auf 1155 laufen und werde demnächst auf 2011 umziehen. Meine H60 ist vom Jahr 2011 und der Karton besagt nichts von Sockel 2011. Die neuen H60 unterstützen den Sockel 2011 aber. Gibt es ein Nachrüstsatz und wenn ja, wo bekomme ich den her ? Gruß Homer
  10. Hi everybody, I have a Core i7 8700 and I decided to install the H60. My case has fan that was installed in the back, the same spot I am going to install the h60. So I did the installation. With the air cooler, while gaming I got about 80 Celsius and now with the H60 I have about 70 Celsius. I was expecting to be around 60s, am I crazy or not? Lol. The installation was done right exactly the manual suggests. Rad facing the case and the fan following, side to the proc. Well, I was wondering to use that fan was in my case, like Fan-Rad-Fan. Is that a good idea? If yes, how should be the fan positions for better performance? Thanks!
  11. Greetings fellow members of the corsair forums, today i wanted to request some time from you all to answer some questions about the Corsair H60 water cooler. So, about it, mine have been doing noises since the day i built my pc, it is worth mentioning that this is not my first build using the H60, i had a previous one wich unfortunately was burned by an adapter i try to used. Anyways, i will link a video i uploaded a few days ago so you can listen the noises and know which version of the H60 i have (i believe is the 2013 version) [ame= ] [/ame] I'm pretty sure the PUMP is guilty of the noises, not the rad fan. So, after some insight (once again) into how to properly set the H60, i came across some post around here saying that the PUMP should actually be wired to any SYS_FAN header on the motherboard to allow the PUMP to work at full 12v at all times by configuring the BIOS fan settings, and the rad fan on the CPU_FAN header, same thing i was told on the Tom's Hardware forums. The thing is that, i had the H60 wired on the opposite way, having the PUMP on the CPU_FAN header and the rad fan to the SYS_FAN 1 header, and even after changing it, noise won't go away. Temperatures are perfectly fine and stable, i don't have any complains about that So, i'm starting to be annoyed by all of this, and i beg for some help into how to set this thing properly so i can fix the noise (since apparently, the noise is cause by not having it well installed and configured) or at the very least, know why it makes such noises. I have a Gigabyte motherboard, the H370 HD3 and i have been warned that this is not a good Mobo for water cooling solutions, but i needed this Mobo in particular because of the amount of PCI-e connectors it has. Anyways, the BIOS Smart Fan 5 configs needed to be set by myself to make the H60 work well, and it has a lot of options in the configurations that i don't understand, so if you people need to know how i configured it as of now, i will provided it, but i hope the information i provided is enough for you to help me with all of this. To finish with this, i hope i have explained myself good enough and gaved you some insight into all of this, i really wish to understand this for once. Thank you for your time and pacience.
  12. I'm going to switch my current Corsair H60 with an H115 for my current build, and as I'm planning to use the H60 for an old build (i7 2600k) I would like to know which thermal paste should I use for it. Is there any specific recommendation? Thank you in advance.
  13. I replaced the AMD Wraith cooler that came with my FX-8370 with a Corsair H60 (original) due to my CPU hitting T-Junction sometime into running games or heating up my already warm room. After installing the H60, I now have the problem of my PC powering off (no shutdown) for undetermined reasons. CPU temp can be @40 degrees Celsius in Windows and it will just power off and reboot. And in Debian (Jessie) the behavior gets worse: the PC will power off and reset at a random time within the first 10 minutes of powering on, and the issue happens when attempting a shutdown: at the last phase of the shutdown the PC will instead reset. I've gone into the BIOS and overrode the automatic fan settings so that both the pump (on CPU_FAN) and its fan (on CPU_OPT) should be always running at 100%.
  14. First of all: I wanted to register to the Corsair Support but everytime I try to log in I obtain: "message 005". I read sommmewhere that I have to activate my new account before i can log in, but i did't get an email wich would allow me to activate my account. But maybe you can help me in this case directly: I need a new retention Bracket for socket 115x for the Corsair Hydro Series H60 120mm (CWCH60). I know that it's a little old but I still want to use it on my new system and I lost the original bracket that came in package. Best regards Hinrich Janssen
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