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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I have bougt H2100 recently - all is fine, I love them, but I have a problem with the volume wheel - it just does random volume up-down thing. I try to put volume up - it goes down, try again and one 'click' up takes volume from 6 to 60, another "click" up takes it down to 20. It just does random things - and sometimes it works as i should... for a second or two. Any ideas?
  2. Hi. My h2100 has been working OK for a couple of weeks now, it has dropped connection like 1-5 times a day, which was annoying, but still managable. Since yesterday, the headset has lost connection atleast 50 times, ive restarted my PC, changed USB-port on the dongle, restarted the headset, drained the headset and recharged it, and also tried it on another computer. It'll work flawless sometimes for 10-15 minutes, and then struggle to stay connected for 10-15 minutes, this goes in waves, more or less. I havent added or removed ANY wireless devices, or other electronical devices, everything in my apartment is exactly the same as when it worked fine, but now it's just toying with me. I'm really disappointed, im leaving to go to USA for 3 weeks tomorrow, and i dont have time to turn it in to the store before i leave. Any tips, workarounds, or things i can try to fix this? It's reaaally annoying :( Thanks!
  3. Hi, the last few months i have been having this issue. Whenever im playing a game, every now and then my auido cuts and after a couple of seconds it comes back up again. It looks like the headset is turning itself off and on again because when the audio comes back on i can see the volume sign on the top left of my screen poping up. This only happens when im playing games cause when i listen to music the headset works just fine. Any help? Thx.
  4. So I was using the H2100 headset normally but I oppened G-mod and it seems it stopped working. I've tried to update the drivers through the device manager, I restarted my PC, I turned the headset off and on again and I have no idea why isn't it working. The thing is that I can listen to music and stuff, but is the recording that seems to be failing. Anyone knows how to fix it?
  5. About a year and 1/2 ago i purchased the corsair H2100 Headset and it worked perfectly until about a month ago when the audio started getting really choppy and eventually cut out all together. But when I look at the headset it is connected to the dongle the light is on. Its fully charged also when I scroll the volume wheel on the Headset, it adjusts the volume on the computer. I have tried everything to uninstalling the drivers to taking the headset apart and unplugging the battery, nothing has helped me so far.
  6. I've owned the h2100 for little over a year and it's worked fantastically until recently. After receiving the message "Not enough USB controller resources" on several occasions the headset audio would cut, this prompted me to fix the issue by switching USB ports. This time, the issue did not fix and I restarted my PC. When I restarted my PC the audio was restored but now the headset sounds like it only plays 2.0 audio. I switched to several different USB ports, uninstalled the driver via the Corsair gaming headset setup and removed completely with device manager and reinstalled and still the headset will only play audio as if it was in 2.0. Switching to 7.1, 5.1 and hitting the power button by the dolby emblem changed little. The speaker symbols in the Corsair gaming headset control panel only show two speakers infront of me out 6 lighting up when I hear sound on anything other than video games. Listening to music via youtube OR itunes for example is only in 2.0 and sounds TERRIBLE compared to how it used to sound. When I launch a game, the game will be in surround and sounds fine. Is there anyway to restore 7.1 surround to my other applications?:confused:
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