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  1. Hi i went on my pc tonight to find I have a red triangle with a exclamation mark in the middle so I began trouble shooting the issues things I tried resetting lcd screen unplugging cable that runs to commander core and plugging back in checking to ensure power was going to commander pro check to make sure usb lead from lcd screen and commander core was connected reinstalled icue (LCD screen still not showing in icue and still with red triangle and exclamation mark cpu 7700x I had to stop 99c as clearly the pump was not running At this point I was really upset with the whole situation as I spent thousands building my Corsair ddr5 system a few months ago and for this to happen already My last thing to try was putting on my default h150 rgb cover and removing the lcd upgrade kit and to my surprise there was no rgb display on my pump head nore was it showing in icue 😞 still temps hitting 99c I decented to stop not risking any of my other parts so I don’t know what to do or who to contact
  2. Hey all. as stated above building new 5000X RGB, Asus Z690-F Mobo, iCUE H1501: Question: how to deal with Commander Core and the 5000X build in fan/rgb controllers. A little confused as to which controllers to use or do they connect and work together? Obviously the Commander Core is needed for AIO H150i,.....| Thanks in advance
  3. I've already contacted customer support and have an open ticket (2004094175) who have told me that I should try reinstalling iCUE, but that didn't work. So I'd read that reflashing my H150i PRO RGB firmware might help with some disconnection issues I've been having, I click the "Update firmware" button in iCUE and wait for half an hour as the "Updating" button spins on the screen. Eventually I get frustrated with waiting and hit "Abort," true to the warning message that came along with clicking the "Abort" button when I restarted and logged back into Windows my H150i PRO RGB wasn't there. Since then I've tried: Uninstalling and reinstalling iCUE (didn't work) Shutting down my PC and clearing CMOS (didn't work) Attaching my H150i PRO RGB to a different USB (didn't work) Reflashing using a firmware I found on the Corsair forums (didn't work) The firmware I found on the Corsair forums was for the H150i PRO XT, and I've got the H150i PRO RGB, which may be why the manual flash didn't take. (I get an "Unhandled exception" warning when I try to use XmcBootloader.exe with the H150_Pro_XT_V1.1.31 firmware.) Customer support has told me that they DO NOT have firmware for the H150i PRO RGB, so I was hoping that maybe somebody here in the user forums might have an old copy of their firmware lying around? Or maybe some other good suggestions on how to un-brick my cooler? I don't have a backup cooler lying around, so an RMA is kind of the last resort for me. Anyway, thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you can offer!
  4. Hallo Liebe Corsair Community, ich habe gestern eine H150i Elite Capellix eingebaut. Die Pumpe blinkt anfangs in Regenbogenfarben und geht dann in ein blinkendes Rot über. In der Corsair iCue Software steht "Pumpenfehler bitte wenden Sie sich an den Support", das Update v. 2.11.211 habe ich installiert und dies hat nichts geändert. Ich habe ein kostenfreien CPU Benchmark gemacht, die CPU ging einmal auf 80 Grad hoch ist dann aber konstant bei 35-40 Grad gewesen. Die Pumpe funktioniert, ich habe den PC 4 Stunden am Stück angehabt die Temperatur war irgendwo zwischen 30-35 Grad. Ich habe sämtliche Programme gedownloaded. Mehrere Tabs im Browser offen gehabt und so weiter. Die Temperatur war nie über 40 Grad. Das Kabel steckt auf "CPU_OPT" Ich weiß nicht was ich machen soll. Bitte kein Kommentar zum Adapter Kabel der Graka..... es nervt mich selber Bitte helft mir 😪 Z790 Aero Mainboard Corsair DDR5 6200mhz Ram Corsair H150i Elite Capellix White Geforce RTX 4070ti Aero
  5. Hoping someone here can help a liquid-newb with a question: My new build is an i7-13700 with a 360mm H150i top-mounted in a NZXT H7 Flow. Everything went together fine and the system has been running perfectly. CoreTemp and iCUE show the CPU package temperature going up and down pretty rapidly when the system is under minor load (like downloading/installing a bunch of stuff). At idle the CPU hovers around 30-35C (coolant temp 27-30). But during these modest loads the CPU goes up and stays around 55-63C, while the liquid temperature stays at 30. The CPU is not overclocked right now. I know 60C is perfectly safe, but I'm wondering if I should be worried that it's hitting those temps when it's not really doing heavy lifting beyond downloading and installing a mountain of software. I cleaned off the stock thermal pad using Arctic cleaning solution and replaced it with Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut paste, and as far as I know the block is correctly installed on the CPU, but as I noted above this is my first time using an AIO. What do you all think? Thanks in advance!
  6. I am using this with a ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Hero LGA 1700 board and ran into some problems that people might need to be aware of if they decided to use this combo. The bracket for the LGA 1700 that the offsets screw into sticks out too far off the motherboard to be able to tighten the offset's down properly. See pic: To fix this I had to go to a hardware store and find a plastic washer that was just slightly thicker than the default black one that comes with the bracket. This fixed the issue, however this needs to be fixed. Just wanted to give a heads up in case someone decided to use this combo.
  7. Hi, Around 1 month ago I brought H150i Elite Cappelix. I run it on stock thermal paste and it was quiet, but after changing it for Thermal grizzly one, I got this sound, This been 2 weeks ago, and still no change.Temps are excellent, it's just a noise (less then 50C in games/25-30 Idle/65 in Cinebench R23 multi-core after 10 minutes) * ALL on BALANCED settings on iCUE* I've tried pin point the problem and it's definitely pump. Thinks I've done: -Tilted PC in all directions -Run AIO on extream on it's side for more then 1 hour -Turning ON AIO without attached to socket ( same sound) -Using washers on Fans screws. Video: https://imgur.com/a/qqcuXKN *On idle pump is QUITE quiet so,it's hard to hear it on video, When you can hear the pump it's when I open up a random game ( It happens in every game/CPU intensive tasks) The only fix I found was limiting fps in games to 60-90 fps and noise is reduced by like 50% and sound just like on desktop* Also the noise you hear I can hear it, with side panels ON and 2 meters from me at around 70% of what you hear. Also the "liquid moving" sound you hear only happens when you start a game for around 20-45 sec then it's disappear. My Amazon return window is ending in 2 days. Is that noise a sign of something bigger ? I really want to avoid Returning it because I would not be able to use PC until new one arrive.
  8. Dear reader(s), since a week I'm experiencing a strange issue came after last update of iCue last week (I assume). But that was not there before. After every login, when iCue startup, I hear USB disconnected sound. Any advise to solve that? I tried to repair/reinstall, but the problem is still there. Thankful for your help. Regards, Aghyad
  9. So just updated my brand new 1 week old H150i Elite with the LCD upgrade to the v2.10.219 firmware update and it seems to have failed my pump, getting the flashing red ring and pump logo with the exclamation point on it, I don't think the pump is actually done since there's no audible noise and can feel movement on the tubes, plus it was working fine for the past 3 hours before I decided to open iCUE and get the notification that there was a firmware update for the cooler. Is there a fix possibly for this?
  10. So I purchased a corsair H150i capellix after returning one the previous day (it had a broken pump but was brand new) and have spent the last day troubleshooting the thing. When booting up the leds on the CPU block turn on to a orange/reddish color and the fans plugged into the com core turn on. My bios (msi’s click 5) is showing an rpm reading from the CPU_FAN header where the pump is plugged in but i noticed that the rpm will constantly rise to 1600rpm and then fall to 0 then rise back up and the CPU temp reads around 40-50C in bios. After booting into windows and launching ICUE, i get an error on the dashboard saying there is an unknown device snd pump failure. I can see that ICUE knows that there is a cooler as the icon for the unknown device is the CPU block but it will throw the pump failure warning when trying to select anything regarding it. The CPU temp reading in ICUE will show it sitting at around 100C even if checking it right after booting from BIOS where is was around 40-50. I have tried everything I could find regarding the issue, force updating the usb device drivers, reinstalling ICUE after deleting every corsair folder i could find include inside of regedit, trying an older version of ICUE, unplugging and replugging in the 24pin connector to the commander core (which shows up inside of my bluetooth device list) and force updating the firmware on the pump from ICUE. Im not sure what else to try and would hate to have to return it as i just had to return the other new one I bought because of the pump. If anyone has any ideas on what else could be tried I would love to hear!
  11. Hi All, I hope this is in the right place and that someone is able to help me. I have had my H150i AIO cooler around 6 months, it installed fine and for around 4-5 months worked perfectly. One day I turned on my PC and after around 45 mins the pump light changed itself to red. I quickly took my headphones out to listen to see if the fans had accelerated their RPM, no.. So I looked on iCUE and the pump was working as normal, CPU temp was cool, pump was working at it's regular rate and so were the fans. I know the constant red light usually means pump failure but there is no failure here? The PC continues to work fine and every so often the red light goes to the default rainbow wave and then switches back to the red. One thing that may be useful is that when it is red I can change the colour to either blue or green but nothing in between such as cyan. The BIOS also looks as I would expect. I tried forcing updates on the AIO and it didn't fix it. I also uninstalled and reinstalled iCUE which fixed the issue for maybe a week and then it started again. Hopefully someone is able to assist me with this. I have attached a picture of the pump and iCUE at the time of writing this. Thanks :)
  12. I recently upgraded my Cpu from R5 5600x to R9 5900. After changing it my H150i Elite capellix LCD Aio is shown as Comander Core in Ique and i cant change anything. I did unplug and try to reseat all cables connected with no success. I also had the previous cooler head b4 upgading to Lcd . When i did install it it had the same error. Also did a full uninstall and reinstall of Icue also didnt solve the problem. Can the core be defect ? Anyone did face a similar problem ?
  13. I am on my second brand new unit of this AIO and have had the exact same issue. A persistent loud buzzing noise almost like a chainsaw. When I tap the cooler it stops momentarily. My first unit went a month before it started making this sound, this one lasted a day. Does anyone know what the cause of this is and how to remedy it? I really would prefer not dismantling my system again and getting another replacement. Here's a link to the Reddit thread I started when the first unit went
  14. So my ICUE software is version 4.18.209 H150I Elite LCD is 2.6.201 I updated the lcd cooler as well as my keyboard. But after the update there was an issue some red warning symbol appearing every few on the lcd screen and eventually it went away to my normal gif. Great I thought, until I realized I couldn't change it to anything else because "Screen Setup" and "Hardware Screen" options were GONE from Icue. Also as you can see in the image, (I get this screen when i select "Ring" , it shows that the lcd screen should be displaying the temps of the pump and cpu BUT instead I see the gif when I look at it. Anyone have any suggestions/ideas to fix this?
  15. Hi, Can someone help me out with understand these parts and finding out what else is needed? I am building on 5000D Airflow case. I want 3 (120mm) fans in front, 3 on side, and the H150i comes with 3 so I will mount it on top, and lastly the last exhaust fan in the back. Here is what I have gathered so far in the image attached. So 9 fans plug into the Commander Core and that connects to my mobo for power and control? What about RGB control? Does the Commander Core allow this? What about the last fan in the back (the one that comes with the case) - where does it plug into? Thanks for your time! Looking forward to spending money on Corsair products 🤑
  16. my pc specs: asus rog stix b450f gaming mobo ryzen 7 3700x nvidia gtx 1060 3gb corsair vengace 16gb ram When i first started up the machine everything seemed to be working fine, fans spinning, rgb lighting and the pump itself was working perfectly. The pc booted up as normal and i installed icue. I ran a firmware update on the device to ensure everything was up to date, but afterwards the device was appearing as "unknown device" with all 6 of my fans flashing red, including the pump. As you can see in the picture below the pump is working just fine and I can also hear it when I turn the system on and off. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing icue, repairing the program itself, removing the core from Bluetooth settings and scanning for any hardware changes, still nothing. Also swapping usb cables from the mobo and checking everything is connected to individual SATA cables, i cant seem to find a solution. The last thing I have done is update the BIOS system and try unplugging the power from the pump. If anyone can help me out here it would be much appreciated !! Daekon.
  17. I have two AIOs and dont know which to choose. The AIO will be topmounted in a Corsair 5000D Airflow case. Corsair iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT 3, 120 mm fans (ML120, no RGB) Only pumphead RGB 9 months old Corsair iCUE H115i ELITE CAPELLIX 2, 140 mm fans (ML140, RGB) RGB all over 1 month old My priorities are evenly split among: 33% Cooling performance 33% Noise 33% RGB Which AIO should i use and why? My setup is as follows: House: Corsair 5000D Airflow MoBo: Asus Rog Strix Z490-f gaming CPU: I9 10900K RAM: 4x8gb Corsair Dominator GPU: RTX 2060 (will be upgraded asap after the GPU shortage) PSU: Corsair RM1000i
  18. Guten Tag, Ich habe mir nun folgendes Bestellt die iCUE H150i ELITE CAPELLIX White und die den LL120 RGB Triple Pack White, Ich Habe erlesen das ich ja die ML Lüfter von der AIO und die LL Lüfter an verschiedene RGB Kanale angeschlossen werden müssen, aber kann ich die PWM Anschlüsse(also der Stromanschluss meine Ich) alle an der iCUE Commander CORE die Bei der AIO bei liegt anschließen, oder Brauch ich quasi noch eine Zweite Lüftersteuerung. Ich hab auf diese Frage leider nix gefunden , vielleicht ist die auch zu einfach das dass niemand fragt. :D Mit freundlichen Grüßen Andre
  19. Hello there, I've now started my new system and wanted to check my plan for adding the 360mm radiator and ML fan at the front of the case was OK before I go any further. For those that don't know me I'm registered blind so doing this by feel and logic, and whereas I've built systems before the hardest part is getting to know a new product without benefit of being able to see the diagrams in instruction manuals. Given the glass front of the case, My plan was to have the mounting bracket at the front, then the 3 ML fans drawing air in and then the radiator on the inside closest to the motherboard. I was going to use the long screws provided with the H150i to hold the whole assembly together. Does this sound OK? It may sound silly as I can only see a little light but I wanted to have the fans visible through the front so the lights show up in the dark. Hoping someone can just confirm I'm on the right track before I go on. Thanks in advance.
  20. Hallo zusammen, ich habe eine Frage zur `corsair icue h150i elite capellix´ und habe leider weder hier im Forum, noch im restlichen Internet etwas eindeutiges dazu gefunden. Kann man den CPU-/Pumpkopf auch mit den Schläuchen auf der linken Seite montieren? Auf allen Bildern/Videos und im Handbuch (was ich auf der Corsair-Homepage gefunden hatte) sind die Schläuche rechts, also zum RAM hin, ausgerichtet. Ist das Zufall oder hat das technische Hintergründe? Gruß Sven
  21. Good evening, I bought a new build and trying to get it running but I've ran into some errors, I have 6 case fans and the 3 on the radiator all the power is bluffed into the core I have 3 splitters on it. But the fans on the radiator do not spin unless I plug them into the motherboard. When I power the tower on I get the error cpu fan not detected. I plugged the 24 pin or whatever it is from the pump to the core and the 3 pin to my cpu fan header. Also no rgb is on. ( is that a software thing?) Any help is appreciated. Build info: Case: MetallicGear NEO Qube Motherboard: Asus rog Z490E LGA 1200 Cooler: iCUE H150i elite capellix Case Fans: 6- iCUE SP120 Rgb Pro Processor: Intel I9 10900 PSU: Corsair 850w GPU: Asus Rog RTX 3080 Ram: 32gb G.Skill Trident Royal Storage: 4 TB
  22. I'm running the following; i9-10900k at 4900 across all cores h150i elite capellix - top mounted exhaust 3 140mm fans on front as intake 1 140mm fan rear exhaust The computer was always running at a good temp never going above 60c but in the last few days the cpu at load will climb to 90c and the temps on the h150 quickly climb to 45c or higher where as before it never got over 38c. I've tried to change the profile on my cooler to extreme with no help. The pump and fans are all working, what could be the issue? The entire system is only 4 months old. I've never had a problem like this with corsair before so I have no idea where to start. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  23. So im having this weird problem with the RGB on the block that it is always displaying the rainbow effect even when changing it to another. The only way im not seeing it when im using any kind of static color that isnt moving.
  24. Like in the title said, my H150i is flickering, when I turn on my PC. Sometimes only one LED is response for the whole LED-Block (When I apply an effect to the pump head or the single LED, the whole pump head is lighted like this one LED / When I apply an effect to every LED, except this one, none of them lights up). The only thing which helps me, is the "Restart iCUE Service"-Button. I have tried another USB-Port (on the motherboard and on the Commander Pro), I have tried to start iCUE manually, I have installed the Driver update for the H150i multiple times, nothing changed. Please help me.
  25. So i recently finished my build without the extra fans and without the commander pro, and there all worked well and good. Though i have since bought the commander pro and 3 QL120mm fans and installed them. Worked fine for about a day or 2. Then i installed MSI dragon center, and the second it finished downloading keyboard turned red and the following problems began RGB on pump + QL fans freeze/buffer when the "disconnect" sound occurs in windows. Also the liquid temperatures reset, and slowly climb to real value from 0. Sometimes static/wrong RPM (i hope) readings of pump and fans. This ONLY happends when iCUE is open, when terminated it goes through the cycle once and then stops doing it (but ofc with default settings & lightning) The disconnect / cycle comes in everything from 3 times per 10 seconds to once per 2 minuttes, even sometimes 1 dc, 2 "plug in" sound followed by 1 dc so very intrusive and annoying. Following fan/cooling/corsair setup im using 1 x commander pro 1 x lightning core 1 x NZXT internal USB hub (followed advice from other threads) 3 x QL 120 mm 1 x H150i pro XT 1 x k100 keyboard After i have: 1. Installed a NZXT internal usb hub and plugged the corsair commander into it. (heard x570 chipset has problems with commander pro) - (installed so that motherboard header goes in the white, then commander pro, and then RGB hub into 3rd slot) 2. Clean uninstalled MSI dragon center and iCUE (following this guide https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025166712-Perform-a-clean-reinstallation-of-the-Corsair-Utility-Engine-iCUE- ) and only reinstalled iCUE 3. Reset BIOS settings 4. Tried setting PCI to gen 3.0 5. Reset windows (keep personal files) no dc's until i installed iCUE Problems occurs as seen in this video (imgur link https://imgur.com/a/pAL0OUi ). The disconnect audio happends slightly after the RGB freeze but otherwise at the same time. Does anybody know how to fix this?? Edit 1: SATA power daisy chain is only connected to lighting core and Commander pro, and separate cable for NZXT hub from PSU, incase it's relevant.
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